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Love Against My Will by LonelyGer
Chapter 6 : Queen of my Heart
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Hermione's POV

Harry, Ron and I shuffled our feet towards the exit of the dungeons. "Snape sure is unfair. I wasn't the only one who talked..." Ron complained.

Just then, Malfoy stopped in front of me and dumped all his books in my arms. "Thanks, Granger," he said, walking out with his pals after giving me a half-wave.

"What was that about? Hey Mal- " Harry shouted.

"Harry!" I interrupted.

Both Harry and Ron stared at me as if I had 3 heads like Fluffy. I blushed.

"I kind of made an agreement with him. I'll be nice if he doesn't call me... you know," I said. "Give me a hand."

Harry took some books from me, while Ron gaped. "B-but he's treating you like a house elf!" He sputtered.

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks a lot, Ron. I didn't know I looked like one."

"You know what I mean," he muttered.

I shrugged. "I'll just pass it to him in the prefects' common room, okay? I'm going there anyway."

"I can't believe you let him bully you around," Ron grumbled. Isn't he sweet? I thought, smiling inwardly.

"Come on Ron. I'm sure Hermione has her reasons," Harry tried reasoning with him. I mouth a 'thanks' to him.

Ron went mumbling about "strangling Malfoy the Muggle way".

Draco's POV

"See guys? That's how you do it," I said, dribbling the basketball.

I invited Crabbe and Goyle to the prefects' common room to show off my new talent.

"Wow," Crabbe muttered, his eyes widdening.

"Did you cast a spell on it? How come it bounces back?" Goyle asked curiously.

I smirked, remembering how Granger tried to control her laughter when I asked her that. "No magic," I repeated her exact words.

Just then, I sense a new presence. "Got my books, Granger?" I asked before turning back.

Granger looked at me, scowling before dropping my books onto the floor.

"Careful with those," I warned, throwing the basketball at her.

She caught it and smirked at me. She ran towards us at jaguar speed, dribbling the ball. She was so fast, all we saw was a blur.

"Wow," I heard Goyle whisper.

How dare she humiliate me in front of my housemates...

She skidded to a halt in front of Crabbe and Goyle. "Why don't you two try it?"

Both at them looked at me for an 'ok' sign. I shrugged. Crabbe took the basketball uncertainly and threw it with the same strength I used when I first tried it. Not bad, I thought. They do resemble me a little, those lucky fellas.

The basketball hit Crabbe on the stomach. He threw it back as hard as he could, exclaiming words that are not printable.

"... ... Mudblood! "

Granger reeled back, not from the pain her shoulder was giving after that throw from Crabbe, but from the remark.

I could tell she was trying hard not to cry as she spun around and ran back to her room, slamming the door of her bedroom.

I raised an eyebrow at them.

"She was trying to kill me," Crabbe defended himself.

"With a ball?" I said, smirking. "You guys better leave."

Goyle nodded and pulled a protesting Crabbe out of the prefects' common room.

I shook my head at them and sauntered up to Granger's room, thinking of what I would say to her. I turned the knob of her bedroom door, not bothering to knock.

A shriek was heard and I was just about to rush in when Granger yelled at me. "OUT!"

I took a step back. "What's wrong?" I asked, mystified and worried.

"I'm changing, pervert!"

I rolled my eyes and stepped inside. Immediately, I was jabbed on the chest. "What's was that for?" I exclaimed, clutching my chest.

"For *poke* being *poke* a *poke* pervert *poke*!"

"Hey, stop that!" I yelled, jabbing her back.

Somehow, sometime, we had fallen back onto her bedroom couch. I was vaguely aware that her face was very, very close to mine.

Without thinking, I leaned forward and kissed her lightly. I saw her close her eyes and was about to encircle her waist when she pulled back.

"We can't do this," she whispered.

"Don't you like me?" I asked. Before she could answer, I quickly waved my wand and casted a truth spell on her. "Veritaserum!"

"Of course I do," she replied, then glared at me.

I grinned. I removed the spell and looked into her eyes. "Hermione..." I murmured.

She turned away, steaming.

"Don't get mad, Hermione. I only wanted to know the truth," I pleaded, encircling her waist.

She fell back into my arms, sighing. "Imagine what kind of curses I would hear from Ron and Harry when they find out..."

"So we'll keep this a secret," I answered as if it was no big deal.

She gazed at me and nodded.

We stayed like that the whole night, falling asleep in each other's arms.

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