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The Summer Fling by demongurl
Chapter 1 : The Summer Fling
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This story is more commonly known as a Challenge fic. I love writing them but rarely have a challenge. This story is following the criteria set by the Quill To Parchment Writing Challenge (the link can be found on my writer's page).

Here are the criteria set:
Things to include:
-A Beach
-Someone has to spill an ice cream on someone else
-Sirius topless
-"Do you mind putting Lotion on my back" - Lily (Or she has to say something like that)
-Lily and JAmes have to share a kiss

I would suggest going to check out the website if you want some writing challenges though there won't be a new challenge till sept

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing but Vanessa. JKRowling owns everything Harry Potter Related


“HEY! LILY!” shouted a girl with long brown hair from a little way off. Lily Evans turned around away from the ice cream stall. She had long auburn hair and sparkling green eyes. She smiled at her friend Vanessa Benton, the girl with long brown hair and rather comforting brown eyes.

“Yes Van?” Lily said with a grin. Vanessa and Lily had come down to a muggle beach with Lily’s family. Lily was thoroughly enjoying herself though she really wanted to use some magic but there were too many Muggles around.

“Guess who I just saw on the beach?” Vanessa said. Her voice was quite sweet and happy.

“Who?” Lily said.

“Come on.” Vanessa said grabbing Lily’s hand and pulling her out of the queue.

“Vanessa!” Lily snapped. She pulled her hand away and took the ice cream that the slightly confused Ice cream man was handing her. Lily took it then followed Vanessa down the beach. It was fairly crowded near the top of the beach with sunbathers but near the water there weren’t as many people. Lily and Vanessa walked along the water front. Lily licked the ice cream as Vanessa and her watched a few kids running around the beach. They were in their holiday between their sixth and seventh year. This trip out had been in celebration of Lily making head girl at Hogwarts. Her parent’s couldn’t have been prouder. Petunia, Lily’s sister, nearly refused to come at all, and Lily wouldn’t have prevented it but their parents literally forced Petunia to come.

“Where are they?” Vanessa asked as she looked around.

“Who have you seen Vanessa, why can’t you just tell me?” Lily asked.

“It’s a surprise.” Vanessa said with a grin. Lily rolled her eyes and looked around. Was there anyone she recognised? No. Lily was about to turn to Vanessa to talk to her when someone collided with her back. Lily fell to the floor with the person who’d bumped into her.

“Oh sh-” Lily started to say as she tried to get up. She felt something cold on her and swore silently. She’d dropped her ice cream and fallen on it.

“Oh, Sorry Evans.” Came an all too familiar voice. Lily froze for a moment before turning around. Sitting next to Lily was James Potter. The most annoying boy in Hogwarts, but one of the cutest boys Lily had ever seen. In the past Lily and James Potter had hated each other, well no, Lily hated James, James loved Lily but Lily was starting to warm up to James slightly. He appeared to be more serious about his studies and actually making an effort to be a respectable boy.

“Potter!” She said in surprise. Lily looked at Vanessa who was casually talking to Sirius. Sirius had a wide grin on his face. Both James and Sirius were only in Muggle swimming trunks. Both had rather nice bodies but Lily wouldn’t think about that. No. Lily stood up slowly and glanced at her stomach, where her ice cream was dripping onto her new bikini.

“Potter!” Lily said slightly annoyed. James winced slightly and got up.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I hadn’t meant to bump into you or anything.” James said anxiously. “Sirius and I were playing with a…what was it…a football.” He said. Lily glanced at Sirius. Sirius nodded.

“Um, yeah, sorry. My bad, my aim’s a bit rubbish.” Sirius said.

“No it’s not.” Vanessa said. “You’re a beater” Sirius nudged her and Vanessa nodded. “Yeah right, I mean, your aim is censored.” Lily looked at her rather amused.

“Never mind.” Lily said, “I mean, people bump into each other all the time.” She said. James grinned and looked at Lily. “What are you two doing here anyway?” She asked as she wiped the ice cream off her.

“Oh, James made head boy and his house is just down the road.” Sirius said proudly. He went to James and got him in a head lock. “I’m so proud of you Jamie, so proud.” Sirius gave James a noogie.

“Oi, get off.” James said trying to get Sirius off him. Lily tried not to laugh and Vanessa turned to Lily, also trying not to laugh.

“Well done James.” Vanessa said. “Looks like Lily’s going to HAVE to get along with you now.”

“And time all alone.” Sirius added as he let go of James. James pushed him and Sirius stumbled and fell over and landed in the water as a fresh wave came up the beach.

“Hey, you guys want to come swimming with us?” James asked.

“Not really.” Lily said.

“Yeah, she would love to.” Vanessa said. Lily looked at her with a warning look. Vanessa smiled sweetly.

“I have to sort out this mess.” Lily said pointing to where the ice cream was becoming sticky. “And I have to put more suntan lotion on. I burn easily.” Lily said.

“I’ll help you with that.” James said a bit too quickly. Lily looked at him with a raised eyebrow. James was about to say something else when a ball of sand hit James smack in the side of the head. James stumbled sideways and turned to look at the origin of the sand. Sirius was laughing and picking up more sand. James narrowed his eyes. He bent over and picked up some sand and launched it at Sirius. Lily’s smile faltered slightly and she turned to head back to where her parents were sitting. Vanessa followed and noticed Lily’s change in mood

“What’s wrong?” Vanessa asked.

“He’s not going to change is he?” Lily asked Vanessa slightly disappointed. Vanessa looked at Lily slightly sympathetically.

“He has changed, but you can’t change him entirely.” Vanessa said. They approached Mr and Mrs. Evans.

“Mum, have you got a tissue or anything?” Lily asked Mrs. Evans as she sat on a towel next to Vanessa. Petunia was settled on the other side of their parents.

“Here you go darling, what happened?” Mrs. Evans asked.

“Some friends from school literally bumped into Lily.” Vanessa said with a smile. Petunia flinched slightly but no one noticed though Lily noticed she was going slightly red and smirked. Petunia was going to get sunburn!

“Oh, where are they?” Mr. Evans asked, “Why didn’t you bring them over to say hello?”

“Oh, um, I don’t think you’d like them.” Lily said quickly.

“Why not?” He asked. Lily opened her mouth to say something when-

“HEY EVANS! VANESSA!” came James’ voice. Lily and Vanessa turned around to see James and Sirius running over to them, Sirius was covered in sand.

“Are these your friends then?” Mrs. Evans said with slight smile.

“Hi.” Lily said slightly awkwardly. She glanced her dad who seemed to have tensed slightly. He was quite protective over Lily.

“So who’s this?” Mr. Evans said as James and Sirius sat down with Lily and Vanessa. James next to Lily and Sirius next to James.

“James Potter and this is Sirius Black.” James said holding out a sandy hand. Vanessa smirked at Mr. Evans’ expression. Lily cringed slightly she put a hand on James’ arm and made him lower it. James looked at her with a fond smile.

“Sorry.” Sirius said. “We fell over by the water.” He said. Lily’s parents glanced at each other. “Anyway, Evans, Vanessa, you want to come swimming with us?” Sirius asked. Lily glanced at her parents feeling slightly awkward. Her parents appeared to have not heard, or they weren’t that bothered, which was unusual.

“Um, hang on. Can someone put some lotion on my back? I can’t really reach.” Lily said as she got a bottle of the sun tan lotion.


“I’ll do it.” Sirius said quickly, cutting James off. Lily looked at Vanessa who shrugged. Sirius poured some of the lotion on Lily’s back and began to rub it in, careful not to let the lotion get onto Lily’s bikini. Normally Lily would have been a bit bothered by it but the look of annoyance and jealousy on James’ face was priceless. Lily would have sent a remark at him but with her parent’s around she wasn’t going to risk it.

“So James, are you in Lily’s year?” Asked Mr. Evans. James looked at Mr. Evans slightly surprised.

“Um, yes. I’ve just been made head boy.” He said. Lily’s parents looked at him rather impressed.

“Congratulations.” Mrs. Evans said. “You wouldn’t be the James Potter that Lily’s always talking about are you?” She asked with a smile.

“Mum.” Lily hissed at her. Vanessa started laughing and James looked at Lily.

“I don’t know. What kind of things does she say?” James asked, a small smile on his face.

“Oh, nothing really. I was just curious.” Mrs. Evans said. She looked at Mr. Evans. Oh, this trip was not going well in Lily’s opinion.

“Ok, I’m done.” Sirius said. “You have nice skin Evans.” He said. That made Mr. Evans look at Sirius sharply. “Don’t worry sir, I’m not going to try anything with your daughter.” He said holding his hands up.

“Oh, lets just go.” Lily said anxiously. James got up and offered a hand to Lily. Lily looked at him and took it with a smile. James pulled her to her feet and head down to the water. Sirius and Vanessa following a few paces behind.

“So what kind of things have you told your parents then?” James asked, bringing his head nearer Lily’s.

“Nothing that would be of interest to you Potter. Why did you have to do that anyway, you two were so embarrassing.” Lily said.

“Oh, I embarrassed Lily Evans?” James said gleefully. Lily glared at him.

“Well I made you jealous, so you can be quiet.” Sirius said from behind. Lily and James turned to look at Sirius and Vanessa who were laughing. Soon they were at the water and about waist deep in it. Well for James and Sirius anyway. Lily and Vanessa were slightly smaller then them. James glanced at Sirius before disappearing under the water. Sirius smirked.

“Hey, Sirius.” Vanessa said. “Do you and James- where’s James?” she asked. He question was answered as Lily let out a scream.

“JAMES!” She screamed at him. “Don’t do that!” She said. Vanessa and Sirius turned to look at Lily and James. James was laughing while Lily was splashing some water at him.

“What happened?” Vanessa asked while laughing.

“He scared me.” Lily snapped. “And you wonder why I won’t go out with you.” She said to James. James stopped laughing and grinned widely at her. Lily had to admit, he looked so good when he was wet.

“Well, I know why you won’t go out with me.” He said. He moved a bit closer, circling Lily slightly.

“Lets leave them alone for a moment shall we?” Sirius whispered to Vanessa.

“Ok” She turned to Lily. “Sirius and I are going for a swim, see you in a bit.” She called but Lily didn’t seem to hear.

“What are you doing?” Lily asked with a smile as James circled her. Lily turned with James so that she could see him, she didn’t trust him not to do something to her.

“You look amazing.” James said with a smile. Lily smiled slightly and went slightly red. James’ smile widened slightly, he’s made Lily blush slightly.

“I always look go to you.” Lily said.

“Yeah, but you look even better in a bikini.” James said getting closer to Lily.

“Only because you get to see my body.” Lily said. James smiled and risked putting his arms around Lily. She tensed slightly and kept looking into James’ eyes. His glasses had beads of water hanging off them.

“There’s that.” James said. “And…” Why did Lily have to like James Potter? Why did he have to be so cute?

“And what?” Lily breathed. James leant down and gently put his lips against Lily’s lips. It was so gentle Lily barely felt it. She put her arms around James’ neck and pulled him closer so that he couldn’t move away. James smiled slightly and they kissed again. They were so caught up in their kiss they didn’t hear the kids shouting slightly as a particularly large wave washed over them. The two were knocked into the water, James arms tightened around Lily’s waist. When they re-emerged from under the water they were by Vanessa and Sirius. They looked at Lily and James curiously.

“And what have you two been up to while we were swimming?” Vanessa asked cheekily. Lily felt James’ arms tighten around her waist. She pulled herself free.

“You guys are so annoying sometimes.” Lily said flipping her sodden hair behind her back and walked out of the water. Vanessa frowned and followed Lily.

“Lily, I’m sorry. Are you ok?” Vanessa asked. Lily ignored her, a slightly angered expression on her face. Lily turned around to see James looking rather bewildered and disappointed and Sirius looking confused.

“Urgh!” Lily said rather frustrated.

“Lily” Vanessa said, “Sorry, it’s all my fault.” Lily and Vanessa were half way to where their stuff was by now. Lily’s face suddenly broke into a grin. Vanessa looked at her confused.

“Oh my god.” She said. “We kissed.” She said, grinning like an idiot. Vanessa finally understood and hugged Lily tightly. Lily hugged Vanessa back.

“Finally!” Vanessa said. “So does that mean you two are dating?” She asked.

“What? No.” Lily said. “I’d never date James Potter. He’s an arrogant, big headed boy who’s driven mostly by his dick.” Lily said, though she didn’t say it with as much anger as usual. Something that Vanessa hadn’t failed to notice.

* * * * *

“Lily we’re leaving now, do you want to stay longer?” Mrs. Evans asked Lily and Vanessa.

“We’ll apparate home later.” Lily said.

“Ok Darling. Here’s some money and we want you home before midnight.” Mrs. Evans said before handing Lily some muggle money then following Petunia and Mr. Evans up the beach.

“Ok, so what made you kiss James?” Vanessa asked, turning to Lily. Lily grinned and giggled slightly. “Oh my god, Lily you’re blushing.”

“I’m not.” Lily said. “It’s just that…I want to savour it.” Lily said.

“Yeah, ok.” Vanessa said, she was so happy for her friend.

“Hello girls.” Said Sirius happily. “Hey, Evans, where the parents gone?” Sirius and James stood above the sunbathing girls licking ice creams in cones.

“Home.” Lily said.

“And they left you?” James asked

“I’m apparating home” Lily said.

“Wow you passed?” James asked. Lily nodded.

“I know, she’s a first time passer. It took me three goes.” Vanessa said.

“Twice.” Sirius said.

“First time passer as well.” James said with a smirk.

“So if the parents are gone you won’t mind if we join you then?” Sirius asked.

“Nah, it’s fine.” Vanessa said. They smiled and sat down next to them. James sat down next to Lily and gave her a nervous smile.

“Did I do anything to annoy you earlier?” James asked anxiously and quietly. “You looked kind of angry” Lily laughed.

“No, I was just messing around.” She said. James burst out into a grin. Lily propped herself up on her elbows. Before she could sit up properly James bent down and kissed her again. Lily gasped slightly, not expecting the kiss but returned the kiss after the initial shock. Sirius and Vanessa looked at each other with a smile on each of their faces. None of them noticed James’ ice cream slipping off the top of his cone until Lily gave a scream during mid kiss.

censored! It’s cold.” She screamed as she sat up. She looked down at her chest, where the blob of semi melted ice cream was slipping down her chest. The other three there burst out laughing. Lily hit James slightly annoyed as he laughed.

“Here, let me help.” James said. His head went to her chest and he licked the ice cream off.

“Urgh, James!” Lily snapped while laughing.


Ok, well that was my challenge entry. I hope you enjoyed it. You can see more stories for this challenge at the website and vote for the one you like most

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