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The Silver Stone II (The Dark Lords' Revenge) by Amaramia
Chapter 1 : The Silver Stone II (The Dark Lords' Revenge)
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The Silver Stone II
The Dark Lords' Revenge
By Amaramia Cortez


Thunder crashed in the distant and lightening struck in the sky. Death Eaters all around were laughing gleefully. Calabar's blue eyes darted at them. "SILENCE!" he roared. Everyone did and all you could hear was the wind blowing , and thunder, then finally flashes of lightening. "Our plan! MY plan , has failed me! Over you cowards who didn't do a thing to stop Granger!" said Calabar.
"Does this include me Calabar?'' Chang asked. "Cho, even how you charm me, you have still failed." said Calabar. "Calabar I know I could have done more. But there was no way to get the stone. Granger could never give it up. She'd rather die. None of us could even kill her." said Chang. "True, very true, but you could have made her loose contact with her spell." said Calabar.
"CALABAR!!!" Roared a voice. "Father. I-I'm sorry. My plan was spoiled by these worthless Death Eaters." said Calabar bowing. "If you would have followed my plan we would have never ended up this way. Koli has confurmed a plan, but it's still not complete." said The Dark Lord. "You're - you're joining sides with Koli?" Calabar asked. "Yes, in a matter of fact she's after both Potters' and Granger all of them. Now as I say there is a Quidditch World Cup next week?" The Dark Lord asked. "Yes, father and a Quidditch School Tournament Gryffindor is playing against." said Calabar. "Yes, I see. well let the fun begin!!!!!!" The Dark Lord Exclaimed.
All is going to be lost in the magical world and Maybe those 6 people will be reveled as their destiny awaits them..........

Chapter One

Harry and Lily Potter were excited. Both were twins in their last year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Of course it was no surprise that the were called hero's from last years events. They had faced Calabar Thomas Riddle. A Dark Sorcerer who planned to get the Silver Stone. A legendary Stone that made you live forever and give you your desires. Harry gave it to Hermione Granger, an very pretty girl that admitted that she liked him in their 6th year at Hogwarts a month ago.
"I can't believe it we're going to the Quidditch World cup!" Lily exclaimed. "Yeah, not to mention we play against Bexbottons, Groganny, and Drumstrang next term also." said Harry. "You have a point there. But this is the best part!" said Lily. "Then I see that your a big fan of the Crystal Comets." mummured Harry. "Yes, it's a American Female occupied team!" exclaimed Lily.
Sirius came through the door just then along with Celine Karrie who was soon going to get married to Sirius. "You guys ready to go?" Celine asked. "You bet!" said Lily. "Lily, could you read over the 2 letters again. I'm making sure we're meeting at the same place." said sirius.
Lily took out Hermione's 1st.

Lily and Harry,
How are you doing? You better not have forgotten about the Quidditch World Cup! Crystal Comets Vs. Chudley Cannons! Oh this is such a good laugh! LOL! Well Ron just sent me a letter saying that he would meet me at the Entrace of The Camp Grounds where we did in our 4th year. Well see you then. Send all my love to Harry also.

Lily had skipped the last sentence Harry reading over Lily's shoulder Dreamily. "Snap out of it will you!" Lily exclaimed laughing a bit. By the way Harry was acting it sure was funny. As he was always the stubborn self of his. Not that he still was. Lily had thought about this to herself.
"okay from what Hermione has told us. We meet at the entrance right?" Sirius asked. "Right." said the twins at the same time. "Jinx! You owe me a soda!" Lily exclaimed. "I never win that jinx thing you and hermione do!" Harry exclaimed. "We , unlike you have had years of practice." said Lily. Harry rolled his eyes annoyed. They got into the Car that Sirius had gotten when he was free as the ministry owed him so much for thinking that he was the murder of Peter Pettigrew and 13 other people.
Finally after 4 long boring hours they were finally there at the camp grounds. "Sirius, how are you!!" exclaimed a voice. It was no other than Remus Lupin a fomer Dark Arts Teacher in Harry's 3rd year at Hogwarts. "Remus, you made it!" Sirius exclaimed gleefully. "Lets just hope there is no full moon tonight." said Remus. "Is Karren coming?" Celine asked.
"She's supposed to come. Though it may be the mayhem at the ministry. Cornlius Fudge just came believe anyone that the Voldemort is back to power. No crazy mainiacs could do those sort of crimes." said Remus shaking his head in stress. "I heard they are getting a new headmaster." said Sirius. "Yes, I think the youngest yet. Just got out of Groganny just a couple months ago. Matt Drews I head is the name." said Remus. "Hello Lily, Harry. I see you're doing well." said Karren. "Yes, how are you two? I see Gryffindor is playing the School Wide Tournament. Ah-wonderful memories." said Remus. "Yes, wonderful." said Sirius.
"HARRY,LILY!!" exclaimed two voices. It was Hermione and Ron along with the rest of the Weasleys and another girl that looked alot like Hermione though older. "Hermione! How are you?" Lily asked. "Fine. Oh, yes this is Rachel. You remeber her right?" Hermione asked."Yes, she was in her 2nd year when we were in our 1st year." said Lily. Harry and Ron's jaws dropped in amazment.
"How many things will you keep from us?" Harry asked Hermione. "More than any of you will know." said Hermione. "Oh this must be Harry, and Ron for how much you talk about them." said Rachel. Her blue eyes sparkled which went with her brown hair. "Yes, that Harry and Ron alright." said Hermione grinning. They walked along the walk way where they met two wizards. "Ah-Marmill how are you?" Mr.Wealsey asked. "Fine, just fine. This place soon got abanded after what happened with the Dark Mark 3 years ago." said Marmill. "Well, we still must be aware of muggles." said Mrs.Weasley. "Molly you made it." said the other wizard who Harry quickly notice as Amos Diggory. "Yes, 1st Quidditch game I've saw in years. I'm glad I finally get to go." said Mrs.Weasley. "Your grounds are right next to Meadesome's.' said Amos. They walked through the familliar grounds hearing forgin accents, or different languages.
"Here is the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team!" exclaimed a very cheerful voice. It was Ludo Bagman. With Lavender Brown,Nick Meadesome, and Matt Morris. "We get front row top box!" Lavender squealed in excitement. "YES!" Lily and Hermione said together but they were so excited they forgot to say, You owe me a soda. "Crystal Comets Vs. Chudley Cannons. Isn't that a mix. Though the Comets have out numbered the other Quidditch Teams for years." said Bagman.
"They will keep they're winning streak!" exclaimed Hermione with confendence. Harry gave his girlfriend an annoyed look but she didn't notice as she just saw one of the Crystal Comet players. " Emily Carrigan." Lily whispered though she had never saw a Quiddtch player before. "Oh please Lily I bet she can't even tell a Bludger from a Quaffle if it it hit her in the head!" Harry exclaimed. "EXCUSE ME!" Lily roared , her green eyes blazing. "That is one of my best friends who made the Quidditch Team. She was prefect when I was in my 5th year. Well, we were in the same year and all." said Rachel.
"Interesting........" said a voice. It was that annoying Rita Skeeter who was a reporter for the Daily Prophet. "Oh no.." Harry groaned. "So tell me dear, was there a real strong friendship between you and Emily Carrigan?" Rita asked quickly getting out her Quick Quotes quill. Rachel rolled her eyes annoyed in the subject. "I thought you were banned to do any reporting. It was by Mayor Margie Cortez herself." said Rachel. "Well, I'm doing this for the Magical London News Paper called The Daily Prophet. Of course I haven't got fired yet. Silly girl I don't listen to your Mayor Margie Cortez. Quite a foolish young woman running your magical community." said Rita.
She walked off the parchment and quill floating after her. "Don't pay attention to old Rita Skeeter. She just a pest, writting lies about people." said Rachel. "No need to tell them that Rachel we've already had to deal with her. I already found out how she really got those reports without really being there." said Hermione. "I know Hermione you've told Mom and I a million times." said Rachel.
"Sweet revenge for the evil reporter." said Sirius. Harry and Ron snorted while Hermione and Lily gave them annoyed looks. "Not funny." said Lily. They set up camp grounds with some help from Hermione, Lily, and Rachel who seriousily thought that they were doing all the work. "Honestly I had to do this for them the last time I went campiong with them." mummered Hermione annoyed.
"Thanks." said Harry kissing Hermione softly on the neck. "Yeah but next time don't make us do all the work." said Hermione.
"Well, why don't you 7 look around." said Mr.Weasley. "I think that's a good idea." said Rachel grinning looking at the campgrounds. "Yeah." said Fred. All of them were looking around. They had just then bumped into Lee Jordan a former Hogwartts student. "Lee! Good to see ya!" George exclaimed grinning. "Fred George! How is the Weasleys' Wizards Wheezes going?" Lee asked. "Well, Lee good fellow.....Mum has forbidden us to do any experiments.....until further notice. We hexed Percy....and well, Mum almost whomped us with her frying pan. That would have left us in a grave yard." said Fred. Lee snorted. "Well, we can always try to see if we can hex good old Monwickson Mockamoreson." said Lee. "Oh yes....and Marcus Flint if he's even here." said George. "Oh don't even remind me......." said Fred laughing.
"Reminders are very.......helpful aren't they Weasley?" asked a voice. All 8 of them turned around to see that remonder of Marcus Flint. "Oh,yes that reminder.....wonderful you showed up." said Lee stiffly. "Well, and it seems here I have a good keeper." said Flint grinning at Rachel. "Back off now, unless you want your face twisted into a ball. I'll make you into a Quaffle in less than a second." said Rachel.
"Woah! Really now. Let's not go too far now!" said Flint. "Seriousily, I wouldn't mess with her....she a bit-" "No one asked you mudblood!" interuppted Flint. "You are so asking for trouble aren't you?" Lily asked. All 7 of them made furious moves but Rachel got there 1st, beating the crap out of Flint. "You mess with my cousin again I WILL make you into a Quaffle." Rachel snarled.
Fred and George just stood there flabbergasted. "She is a good keeper." mummured Fred. "No bro she is mine." said George. Hermione and Lily were laughing cheering Rachel on. "That was so my cousin. Black Belt in fighting lessons. So I wouldn't mess with her folks!" exclaimed Hermione. Ron and Harry just looked at Flint who scurried off scared silly.
They walked along the way seeing Feiona Feliu along with The Hogwarts potions master Professor Snape. "What?! I thought she was an aurror." exclaimed Ron. "Hello Professor!" Lily called. "Oh, hi Lily,Ron,Hermione, Harry how are you?" she replied walking over to them. "Oh, fine though must we ask what are you doing here?" Hermione asked. "We'll for one Severus over here had an extra ticket for the match and I was glad enough to go since I haven't saw a Quidditch Game in so long. For Two I'm only a half time aurror." said Fei.
"Oh, well who are you going for Professor?" Ron asked. "Crystal Comets of course. Though Severus over here is going for the Cannons. I have a bet with him...." said Fei. "Two teachers betting now that's a first." said Harry snickering. "Let's just hope The Comets win." Fei mummured to the girls. "Oh yes and by the way you will see me at Hogwarts this year. I'll hosting the School Tournament this term. I played in it so I may give Gryffindor a few stratigies." said Fei grinning. "Well we'll she you two later I guess." said Lily all of them walking off.

Chapter Two

"Who would have thought a teacher that we dislike likes the same team as us?" Ron asked. Lily and Hermione glared at Ron. Then rolled their eyes. "WHAT?" Harry exclaimed. "Boys." Rachel,Hermione and Lily said together not using a jinx you owe me a soda. "Well now we know where Hermione gets that from." murmured Ron. "I heard that." said Hermione. Lily and Hermione just then ran into one of their friends from Groganny Acadamy. "Crystal Adams! No! Not the person that had a crush on Jacob Reeds!" Hermione exclaimed.
"And that is not Hermione Amara Granger that used to tease me about that!" Crystal exclaimed . "Think again. It's me. That's my name and don't wear it out." said Hermione. Crystal had golden wavey blonde hair that went past her shoulders that went perfectly with her green eyes. Which made Ron stare at her though he had never seen a girl before.
That made Lily step on his foot a couple good times. "As I was saying Crystal this is Ron Weasley and this is Harry my long lost twin." said Lily through gritted teeth. This made Harry laugh how the way Ron snapped back to earth and was scowling for Lily's remark that she had said after she introduced Crystal to everyone.
"So how Alley,Stefany,Chelsa,and Mallory?" Hermione asked. "Oh fine annoyed Hannha Brenns a couple good times.....deserves it for calling Mallory a mudblood." said Crystal. "Ooh I swear If I have to mess with her one more time it is not gong to be pretty." said Lily. "Oh, don't even think she won't be at Hogwarts this year it's the team that takes over if we can't play." said Crystal. "You guys are playing against us?" Hermione exclaimed. "Yep, You are playing against us???" Crystal asked.
"Yeah, we sure showed Slytherin. They really thought they had us." said Lily laughing. "Yeah Hannha Brenns and Miniel Moreeco thought they had us. Well the whole Bojune Team though that they could win a aganist the Corsavios." said Crystal. "Have you guys found another good captain for the team??" Lily asked. "Professor Trex and Xavier let Cortia Bernette be captain. Though she's too much of a priss to even try to block a Quaffle without saying 'Oh no I broke a nail' that's her speach." said Crystal.
"You guys are winning??? Though aren't you?" Hermione asked. "Well, Hermione yes you always were the best chaser though. Johnathan Innso, got the position." said Crystal. "Oh the one I had a crush on....before I met Harry of course!!" Hermione said quickly looking at Harry who scowled. "Well, I guess we will see you at Hogwarts!" said Lily cheerfully. "Yes, maybe you'll get to see some people from Groganny." said Crystal walking off.
The rest of the day went smooth though Lily had almost strangled Ron. "Exactly Ron how many girls have you fell in love with??" Lily asked in a annoyed tone. This made Fred and George burst out laughing. "Oh do not remind me. Let's see here. Fleur Delcore,Professor Feliu, Crystal Adams and You, Lily." said George. "I hope you have nine lives Ron because when I'm finished with you, you either will be dead or half way dead." said Lily.
Hermione,Fred, George, and Harry went off somewhere else. It was too ugly to get in the middle of. Soon it was 7:00 it was time for the game. "Ah-you'll be with me." said Ludo tracking the Gryffindor team down with their families. They went up to the top box it was completely emepty. "Alright top box and front row!" Ron exclaimed. "Our luck!" Hermione said her brittish accent changing into her American.
It took at least 5 minutes for some people to get to the top box. "Well,well, the perfect Gryffindor team earns the victory.....well think again." said a drawling voice. It was no other the whole Slytherin Quiditch Team with their families. "At least we earned our way into free tickets." said Lily. "Father, over here of course is a very rich man and could do this anyday." said Malfoy.
"Then good for you. Comets are so totally going to win this one. So if your betting anyone be prepared to loose." said Hermione. "Go Hermione." Lily said in a voice like she was alot better than everyone else. "Why don't you just take your seats and leave us alone for once if your life." said Harry. "Wonder where he got that from?" Fred asked.
Lily rolled her eyes. The Slytherin team left scowling as Harry ,Hermione, and Lily had obviousily won the comeback match. "About time they learned to quit." said Ron. After 20 whole minutes the whole stadium was filled. "Hello out there and welcome to the 2nd Quidditch match in at least 3 years! Today's game is Crystal Comets VS. Chudley Cannons. And now the Magical American Singer Loremi!" Ludo Bagman exclaimed. "Oh my god. The best singer in the magical world Loremi! Perfect choice." exclaimed Hermione.
Harry had to admit on this one Loremi was a very good singer and a perfect choice for a Quidditch game. Though he didn't mention this to anyone. After that there was the game. "Now For the Crystal Comets I give You Emily Carrigan, Penny Packson, Breanna Moris, Kristen Lykins, Kelly Inmo. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the captain Anna Curt!!!!!" Exclaimed Ludo.
There was a roar of appause. "Now I give to you from the Chudley Cannons, Brett Monns,Jimmy Klarkson, John Alls, Cody Kikes,Devin Dikes, Robert Hinso, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd The Captain Joe Linns!!!!!!!!" Ludo exclaimed. Cheering sound through out the stadium. "Alright and now we have referee Madam Kins!" More cheering filled the stadium. Both teams faced eachother. Anna Curt and Joe Linns shook hands both of their expresstions serious.
"Which player is that,Lily?" Fred asked. "Oh, that's Breanna Moris. Good keeper?" Lily asked. "Er-no,no, just wondering." said Fred quickly. "Whatever." said Lily. "Brett Monns throws the Quaffle and YES! Kristen Morris blocks it!" said Ludo. "You better start paying up to whoever you're betting Malfoy." Lily said. That made everyone have a laugh at that sort of remark.
After 10 minutes Crystal Comets were really showing The Chudley Cannons what Quidditch acctually meant. "See I told you ,they are so totally whipping Cannons." said Lily grinning. "Don't be too sure , the games not over yet." said George. Hermione rolled her eyes though didn't make a antic. At the end of the game The Crystal Comets had won fair and square.
"I told you." said Lily jumping up and down sceaming cheerfully with Hermione. "Ooh if Malfoy had a bet he's so going to loose his money." said Hermione smiling gleefully. Harry,Ron,Fred, and George were highly annoyed. Though that didn't matter to Lily and Hermione at all since it was their team that won the match.

Chapter Three

"I'm glad that their team has won and all but they are acting like complete idiots." said Ron. "And if your team won you'd be doing the same." said Lily. After the nights events everyone was worn out (The includes Lily and Hermione). Every fell asleep. Harry was having the worst nightmare that he had ever had in his whole life.
Voldemort and Calabar were standing side by side. They had just killed Hermione and had gotten The Silver Stone. Lily and Ron just stood there frozen. Harry was the only one that could move but some how his heart was too broken to go anywhere. "Ah-we have the Silver Stone and now too get rid of the mudbloods and the muggle lovers!' exclaimed Voldemort.
The sky was redish purple and there was nothing that anyone could do. Thunder had strucken in te sky. Harry heard himself say what was the meaning of this. "It was all set up by the person who Lily and Hermione trusted as a friend." said Calabar. "The destiny the awaits the 6 people are finished Potter now time to get rid of the last 3 that have gotten their glory for 16 years. You glory ends now!" Voldemort exclaimed. "Time to die!" Calabar roared. There was a flash of white light and then Harry woke up by hearing screaming.
"Harry,Ron, wake up now! Death Eaters get into the forest and stay!" Sirius exclaimed. "Oh great not again!" Ron exclaimed. they met Lily and Hermione who were looking at the camp grounds alert. "Hello you two, where not supposed to gawking at the place were supposed to be running into the forest!" Ron exclaimed. Hermione and Lily ran over to Harry and Ron's side. "It's Calabar's doings he threatening me again." said Hermione her eyes wide. "Then come on we'll get you away from here." said Harry.
They ran into the forest along with other people who were panicing. "He's obviousily after the Silver Stone." said Lily. "I won't let him get it. He can try all he wants. He can't kill me or anything. He might as well quit. Though some people don't know the meaning of the word." said Hermione. Just then they had bumped into Crystal. "Cessationers. Oh man this is bad." she said. "No Crystal, Koli is gone. We got rid of him. This is Lord Voldemort and Calabar Riddle's doings." said Lily. "But why? Why did they come here to attack us?" Crystal asked. "The large population. They're after Hermione." said Harry.

"Fei we have to act this out. I have to go on their side. We will fight against eachother." said Severus. "Okay, we will act." said Fei. They fought hating it. But if Severus turned on Voldemort he'd face death. "Snape you handle Weasley over here I'll take care of miss pretty flower over here." said Lucius Malfoy's voice. Severus obeyed Malfoy's comand and then Fei just then had the pleasure to fight.

"Ow- you stepped on my foot Ron!" Crystal hissed. "Sorry." murmured Ron. All the sudden they heard a roar of a spell. "Idicamthermopis!" Just then white light flashed inthe sky. Then a snake with a knife on it's back came up into the sky. Hermione, Lily, and Crystal's eyes went wide. "Koli's mark. The Seperrial Mark." whispered Hermione. "What?" Harry asked. "We'll explain later." said Lily. Bill and Charile along with Percy apperated right where they were. "The Seperrial mark. Who conjured it?" Bill asked quicky.
"W-we don't know. We just saw it up in the sky. It's Koli's mark." said Lily. Fred,George,Mr and Mrs. Weasley apperated. "Oh your alright! Do anyone know what that is up in the sky?" Mrs.Weasley asked hugging Ron. "Mother you're strangling me." Ron said gasping for breath.
"It's the Seperrial Mark. Ever heard of Cessationers? They are American Death Eaters. Along with Koli." said Lily. "Cessationers I see are back and I bet anyone that one of those Cessationers were Hannha Brenns parents." said Crystal. "And who is this?" Percy asked. "Crytsal Adams. You must be Ron's elder brother." said Crystal. "How did you know?'' Percy asked. "You and Ron look alike. And you are?" Crystal asked. "Percy, Percy Weasley." said Percy. Just then Rachel apperated. "Cessationers. They're here. Koli I though we got rid of him." said Rachel. Percy looked at Rachel just then. "But Death Eaters were there too." he said. "They could have joined forces. Lord Voldemort and Koli. I heard they went to school together and they were rivals. Maybe, Hermione you mentioned something about the necklace you have on!" Rachel exclaimed. Hermione looked at the the necklace which was only the Silver Stone. "The Silver Stone how could Koli know I have it?" Hermione asked. "Koli has Cessationers. Duh- they can get the 411." said Crystal.
Just then Celine and Mindy had apperated with Mr. and Mrs. Adams. "It's safe to come to the grounds. The Death Eaters and Cessationers apperated before we could get them." said Celine. "Not to mention we have some distroyed property Though it was the Malfoys' so it don't make such a big deal." said Mindy. Lily snorted. "It seems they lost all their money with it." she said.
"Yep, thought the cannons were going to beat the comets for sure." said Mr.Adams. "Hermione,Lily I didn't know you were here." said Mrs.Adams. "Well, Hermione and I transfered to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." said Lily. "Oh, so the School Quidditch Tournament is hosting there. So I see that you'll be watching the game?" Mr.Adams asked. "Not watching the game. We're being in the game." said Lily grinning. ''Oh really?" Mrs.Adams asked. "Yes, we beat Slytherin. Oh a wonderful moment for us all." said Harry.
"You have a twin Lily?" Mr.Adams asked. "Yes, long lost twin brother to be exact." said Lily. "And these must be your friends." said Mrs.Adams. "Yes. They have been my brother's friends for 6 years." said Lily. "Oh, good thing Ginny didn't want to come , because tonights events would just crash her.'' said Mrs.Weasley. "Mum, she is 16 surely can't have nightmares about the Dark Lord and K-K- what was it? Oh Yeah! Koli." said Fred. "I think we should get back to the camp grounds before more extreme difficulties come this way." said Hermione.
They met Sirius on the way. "I bet one of those death eaters was Malfoy and Snape." said Sirius through gritted teeth. "Yeah I think Fei Feliu fought him off. Then Malfoy traded places with Snape." said Mr.Weasley. ''Well the bad part is that we have no proof of that." said Celine. "Well, we will be leaving tomorrow so I think we should get some sleep." said Sirius. They headed for the camp grounds.

"You Fei Feliu are a good actress." said Severus. "It's a gift. Did you see Calabar or Lord Voldemort?" Fei asked. "No but Koli. The Dark Lord has told us about Koli quite a few times." said Severus. "The evil American Sorceress?" Fei asked. "Yes, how'd you know?" Severus asked. "Hello? Were you There when I said I was an AURROR?????" Fei excliamed. "Yes I was there when you said that you were an aurror. I guess that was a bit of a stupid question to ask." said Severus. "Yeah, that was a very stupid question. Well did you see any Cessationers?" Fei asked. "Cess- What?'' Severus asked. Fei rolled her eyes. "Koli's servants?" she asked.
"A couple." said Severus. "What I heard is that Voldemort and Koli were rivals. Hated eachother. They couldn't even speak to eachother without having to plan a duel." said Fei. "Reminds me of Sirius and I." said Severus. "Yeah. You two couldn't get along even if you got a million Gallons just to get along." said Fei.

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