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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven - The Last Chapter
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Chapter Eleven - The Last Chapter.

Hermione looked down at her hands, at the letter and present Ron had just given her, her hands still shaking. She finally knew that Ron was in love with her. She was feeling such a mix of emotions. It now seemed so obvious to her, almost like the most natural thing in the world. She suddenly realised how much of a fool she had made of herself, completely misunderstanding the situation when she had walked in on Ron writing that love letter. It must have been to her. Then she remembered Harry and Ginny hinting to her that they were laughing at her because of a misunderstanding. They must have known. She was going to get them back. She thought about all those hints, about how deep down she knew that they were destined to be together. She began by opening the present. Carefully unwrapping the paper that it was wrapped in, she was astonished to see what was inside. A necklace of pure silver was gleaming inside the box. She opened the heart shaped pendant, which had the words ‘I Love You Forever, Always In My Heart. Love Ron,’ engraved in them. Tears were rolling down her cheek. She felt so happy. She felt almost as if she couldn’t breathe. Ron was in love with her. She decided to put the necklace on. She found herself unable to open the letter, her breathing irregular, her hands shaking even more, more tears rolling down both cheeks. She opened the letter, written on beautiful parchment in red ink. She began reading the letter trying to calm down:

Dear Hermione,

I don’t know quite how to begin this letter but I know what exactly I want to write in it. Hermione, to me your are the most beautiful girl in the world. I think about you all the time, I dream about you. I’m falling in love with you. Your more than my best friend, you’re my everything. I know that the chances are you don’t feel the same way, but I’m hoping that you do and that you’ll be my girlfriend. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love from,

As soon as Hermione finished the letter, she wanted to run to Ron’s room and tell him that she felt exactly the same way. She wiped away the tears from her face, looked at herself in the mirror and tried to make herself look better. She couldn’t believe that the moment had finally had come when Ron and herself were finally going to become a couple. She had been waiting for so long for this moment, and now that it was about to become reality she felt extremely nervous. But she found that she wanted to go to Ron and admit her feelings for him. She headed to his bedroom, the letter he had given her still with her, the necklace around her neck, she knocked on his door. She heard Ron call out ‘Come in,’ and started to open the door.


Ron walked back to his room with a feeling of both dread and hope, having just handed the letter and present to Hermione. A million thoughts were entering his head as he walked back the short distance. He opened his door to find something he had been dreading to see, and had hoped never to see. He had decided in advance that he would be calm and rational if he had to confront the situation. He walked in to find Harry and Ginny in quite a passionate embrace, kissing passionately, Harry’s hands on Ginny’s waist and Ginny’s hands around Harry’s neck. In the moment of passion they had not noticed Ron walk in and he had to cough quite loudly to make them notice him. Immediately Harry and Ginny bolted away from each other, Ginny smiling but also blushing, whilst Harry looked extremely apprehensive.
‘What the hell are you doing with Ginny?’ Ron yelled at Harry, who moved even further way from Ginny, as Ron started to walk towards Harry in a menacing way.
‘Butt out Ron, its none of your business, but if your interested that was called kissing, something you might wanna try with Hermione soon, before Victor beats you to it!’ Ginny replied back, looking ready for a fight.
‘Shut up, Ginny, what I meant was why was Harry kissing you?’ Ron said furiously, now completely forgetting that he had decided beforehand to be calm and rational.
‘Well we’ve decided to become a couple,’ Harry replied quietly, but sounding quite confident.
‘What do you mean become a couple? She’s my younger sister Harry, in case you had forgotten. That annoying little brat, not your girlfriend. Out of all the girls in the world, why do you have to pick her?’ Ron asked, sounding more calm.
‘Well because I’m falling in love with her and I want to be with her. And quite frankly I don’t care what you think,’ Harry said, his voice becoming louder and more threatening, as he went on, moving closer to Ginny again.
‘Look Ron there’s nothing you can do to stop us, so you might as well accept it,’ Ginny said in a calm voice as she moved closer to Harry once again, almost sitting in his lap, causing Ron to flinch, but resisting the urge to hex both Harry and Ginny.
Ron knew that at the end of the day he was in the wrong, and that he was just being protective of his younger sister. He knew he had to accept them as a couple and that there wasn’t anything he could really do to stop them.
‘Fine, but just one rule. No kissing in front of me, oh yeah and one more thing Harry, you better not hurt her otherwise I’ll kill you. Well not kill you, but hurt you. Well you know what I mean,’ Ron finished off smiling, with both Harry and Ginny smiling back at him.
‘Thank Ron, it means a lot,’ Ginny said as she began to get up.
‘No but seriously Harry, I thought you had better taste,’ Ron said, laughing out loud. Harry started to laugh but quickly shut up when he saw Ginny looking at him. She punched Ron in the arm but was smiling.
At that moment there was a knock on the door and Ron knew instantly that it was Hermione knocking.
‘Come in,’ Ron said, dreading this moment and what was about to come.
Hermione walked in holding the letter in her hand, the necklace on her neck Ron noticed. He smiled at her, feeling his cheeks heat up and found that Hermione was smiling at him.
‘Hey Harry, Ginny,’ Hermione said, suddenly feeling even more nervous, having not expected to find Harry and Ginny in the room.
‘Hey Hermione, what’s that you got in your hand?’ Ginny asked, knowing full well that it must be the letter from Ron. She felt happy that they were finally going to admit their feelings for each other, after so much and so long. She decided that it would be best if Harry and herself left them alone.
‘Come on, Harry, let’s go for a walk,’ Ginny said, as she pulled Harry from up his bed. Holding hands, they began to head for the door.
‘Good luck, and just get it together,’ Harry said to both of them, laughing as he and Ginny left the room and shut the door behind them.
There was an awkward silence between them as they both sat on the bed, Ron purposefully sitting right next to Hermione.
‘So, I read your letter,’ Hermione said, her heart beating extremely fast, beginning to sweat.
‘Look Hermione, everything I said in that letter I meant and I still do. I’m in love with you,’ Ron said extremely quickly, slipping his hand in her, entwining their fingers, forcing himself to look into her eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes, eyes he was in love with.
‘Ron I love you as well. I’ve been in love with you for so long,’ Hermione said as she looked into Ron’s eyes intently.
Ron leaned his head towards Hermione’s, his lips inches away from hers, wanting this for so long, he saw that her eyes were closed, she was looking expectantly, with a small smile on her face, he lowered his lips on hers. As soon as their lips touched they both felt a surge of electricity within themselves. Hermione was now moving her lips against Ron’s passionately, with a hunger inside her. They kissed with such passion, with such hunger, having both waited for this moment for so long, they wanted it to last as long as possible. Hermione’s lips parted and Ron started to explore her mouth with his tongue. They pulled apart, not because they wanted but because they had to breathe. They looked at each other, now holding hands, smiling at each other.
‘Wow,’ was all Hermione could say.
‘So, I take it you’ll be my girlfriend?’ Ron asked, feeling the happiest he had ever done in his whole life.
‘Well I might need more convincing,’ Hermione teased, ‘how about another kiss and I’ll be convinced,’ Hermione said, as Ron lowered his lips on hers again, both feeling total ecstasy.

***********************~THE END~***********************

Thank you for all the kind reviews. It was really nice to read them. Please read and reivew this last chapter if you have time.

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