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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten
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Chapter Ten

The next morning Ron woke up extremely early by his standards, feeling even more nervous than he had ever done in his whole life. He couldn’t believe that he thought he could let Hermione know about his true feelings for her, but he was determined to do it, come what may. Having washed and dressed himself, he decided to head towards the kitchen for breakfast. Food was always going to be the first priority in his life. He heard noise within the room and walked in, his mother already having started breakfast.
‘Hi Ron. Why are you up so early?’ his mother asked him, sounding surprised.
‘Hi mum, I don’t know, I just woke up really early,’ he answered back, sitting down.
‘Well have some breakfast,’ she said, with his plate being filled.
He didn’t need a second telling and within a few minutes the plate was empty.
‘Ron, are you ok?’ his mother asked with concern in her voice.
‘Yeah I’m fine,’ he mumbled.
‘Well you’ve been really quiet all this week, has something happened?’ his mother asked, persisting with her line of questioning.
‘No, I’m ok. Nothing’s the matter with me,’ he replied as he started heading towards the door.
‘Ron, are you sure your ok? This has something to do with Hermione hasn’t it?’ she asked.
Immediately he felt his cheeks heat up just at the mention of her name. He looked back at his mother who was smiling at him, no doubt feeling proud of herself for hitting the nail on the head.
‘No, it’s nothing to do with her. Why would you say that?’ he said, feeling extremely embarrassed that his mother was trying to find out about his love life.
‘Well for one you became as red as a Weasley as soon as I said her name, you’ve been extremely nervous around her since she got here and it has been obvious Ron for a long time,’ she finished off, smiling at Ron.
He thought to himself that seeing as she had worked out his feelings for Hermione he might as well try to get her advice as to what to do.
‘Ok so I like Hermione,’ he mumbled looking down at the floor. He couldn’t believe he had been that obvious if his mother had worked it out. He felt extremely embarrassed.
‘Well, that has been obvious Ron. Have you told her?’ she asked, the excitement seeping into her voice.
‘No I’m not sure if she likes me or not in that way. But I’ve decided to tell her,’ he managed to say, still looking at the floor.
‘Well about time Ron. The poor girls been waiting long enough. How are you going to tell her?’ she asked, her voice sounding ever more excited with each question.
‘What do you mean she’s been waiting long enough? Do you think she likes me?’ he asked.
‘Well she’s only been just a little less obvious than you Ron. So how are you going to tell her,’ asked Mrs Weasley once again, desperate to know.
‘Oh ok. Well I’ve bought her a present and I’ve written her letter which I’m gonna give to her today. Mum, do you think I’m doing the right thing?’ he asked still feeling nervous just at the thought of what he was going to do.
‘Ron, just do what you think is right,’ she said as Hermione walked into the room, causing Ron to blush and Mrs Weasley to smile as she saw Ron blush.
‘Good morning dear. What would you like for breakfast?’ Mrs Weasley asked, already throwing several sausages into the frying pan.
‘Good morning. Just some toast will do please,’ Hermione replied, looking at Ron, noticing that he was blushing. Why he was, she could not understand.
‘Ron, are you ok? Your face is all red. Has something happened?’ Hermione asked, as she sat herself down, with toast already on her plate, Mrs Weasley having put at least five pieces on her plate.
‘Yeah I’m fine,’ he mumbled, still unable to look her in the face.
‘Ron was just telling me about this girl he likes, and how he’s going to tell her today by giving her a letter and present. That’s so romantic, don’t you think Hermione?’ Mrs Weasley added in, unable to resist teasing her youngest son, who did not seemed pleased with her efforts, whilst frying even more sausages.
‘I’m going upstairs to wake up Harry,’ Ron said, as he ran out of the room, in case his mother said anything else embarrassing, giving her a look of total disbelief as he left the room.
‘Hermione dear, are you ok?’ Mrs Weasley asked, determined to find out how much Hermione cared about her youngest son.
‘I’m fine thank you,’ Hermione replied.
‘Well you’ve been really quiet all this week dear, has something happened?’ Mrs Weasley asked again, whilst frying a few eggs.
‘I’m ok, just a little under the weather,’ Hermione replied, anxious to leave the room having finished her toast, uncomfortable with Mrs Weasley’s continued question.
‘Hermione, are you sure your ok? This has something to do with Ron, hasn’t it?, she asked, smiling when she saw Hermione’s blush as soon as she had said Ron’s name.
‘Erm, no, why would it have something to do with him?’ she asked, trying to calm herself down.
‘Well for one you became as red as a Weasley as soon as I said his name, you’ve been extremely nervous around him since you got here and it has been obvious Hermione for a long time,’ she said, smiling that Ron had finally found a girl worthy of himself she thought.
Hermione decided she might as well tell Mrs Weasley.
‘Well, I like Ron a lot. But I know he doesn’t like me. He likes this other girl. I walked in on him when he was writing this letter to her,’ she said, becoming slightly upset, with a tear escaping her eye.
‘Hermione, don’t get upset dear, everything will work out the way you want it. I know it,’ Mrs Weasley said, as she gave Hermione a hug.
‘I doubt that very much but there’s nothing I can do about it now. I had my chance and I blew it,’ Hermione said as she began to leave the room.
As Hermione walked out the room, Mrs Weasley smiled and thought to herself, ‘That’s Charlie, Bill, Percy, Fred, George and Ron, all falling for that old trick and telling me who they have their heart set on. Just Ginny to tackle now. I think I’ll ask her how she is and ask if it has anything to do with Harry, see if she blushes, then I’ll tackle Harry if she still likes Harry.’
She busied herself with more cooking, still smiling and feeling proud of herself, as Fred, George, Ginny and Harry all waked in demanding breakfast.


As Hermione walked into her room, she immediately saw Ron sitting on her bed, with a letter and present in his hands, smiling at her and looking extremely nervous. She was confused as to what exactly she was seeing. What was Ron doing on her bed?
‘Hi Ron, what are you doing in here?’ she asked in a shaky voice, beginning to think the impossible, surely not, this couldn’t be happening she thought.
‘Hi Hermione, I’ve just come to give you something,’ he said in an even shakier voice.
‘What?’ she asked, as she sat next to Ron, causing him to look extremely uncomfortable.
‘This letter and present,’ he said as he handed her the letter and present, his hands shaking, his breathing extremely uneven, his heart racing, not knowing where to look
She couldn’t believe what was happening. A million thoughts entered her head. She looked at her hands, shaking with the letter and present in her hands, her insides almost melting when their hands had touched when he had handed the present over.
She looked to see Ron walking out the room, looking back at her and smiling, looking so adorable she thought.
‘Wait Ron, where are you going?’ she asked, tears beginning to form in her eyes, feeling the happiest she had in her entire life, also thinking how everything was happening too fast.
‘I’m going to my room. Let me know what you think when you’ve read the letter and opened the present,’ he replied, as he smiled at her once again, leaving the room.
Hermione looked at the letter and present and began opening the present.


Please read and review. Thanks for all the kind reviews. What does everybody think about the fifth book? I thought it was a shame that there was hardly any Ron and Hermione action. The next chapter should be the last, the one I reckon you’ve been all waiting for. Perhaps their first KISS???

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