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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine
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Chapter Nine

Hermione finally started to get up and walk towards the house. She had been sitting there for a while, thinking about what had happened in the past few hours and how hurt and upset she felt. She couldn’t believe what she had managed to say to Ron, how harsh she had been. But then she remembered how hurt she was still feeling. Pain like this was something she thought she would never feel. She dreaded facing Ron, considering the fact that it wasn’t his fault he liked some other girl, a girl she had desperately wanted to be. But she felt Ron had lead her on. Saying how he had really missed her. But then again maybe he did mean it like a friend. Maybe, well of course he meant it like a friend, now that he’s with another girl, she thought. She thought about he had been so awkward around her, how he had said something about buying her a present from Diagon Alley. She felt confused, still not fully coming to terms with the situation. As she was walking back towards the house, she noticed Harry and Ginny walking out of the house, hand in hand. They saw her, changed direction and headed towards her. She felt happy that Harry had finally found someone in his life after what he had been through all these years. She was happy that Harry had something to be truly happy about.
‘Hey Harry, Ginny, hand in hand I see, finally become a couple? About time as well!’ Hermione said, as the new couple walked close by.
‘Well at least we’ve managed to become a couple. What’s taking you and Ron so long?’ Ginny asked, laughing as she thought about how Hermione had completely misunderstood the letter situation.
‘Maybe because he’s in love with this other girl who I know nothing about,’ Hermione replied with tears beginning to form in her eyes and her voice beginning to croak.
However both Harry and Ginny both burst out laughing, almost in hysterics, unable to contain the laughter within themselves for a second longer. Hermione was shocked at the response of her two friends, laughing at her when she had felt the most hurt. Laughing at her when someone so precious to her she had lost, someone who she was in love with, who was not in love with her. She couldn’t understand their reaction, she had expected them to comfort her, reassure her, help her through this, not laugh at her.
‘What is the matter with you two? Didn’t you just hear what I said? Why are you laughing at me?’ she asked, beginning to feel angry.
‘Sorry, its just, if you knew, the reason, you would be, laughing as well,’ Harry replied, finally managing to control his laughter.
‘Well why don’t you tell me the reason?’ Hermione asked again, her voice becoming angrier, her face getting redder.
‘Well it’s all to do with a misunderstanding,’ Ginny replied this time, smiling at Hermione.
Hermione decided she had had enough of this and started again walking towards the house, after giving both Harry and Ginny evil looks, infuriating her even more when they both just smiled at her. She walked into the kitchen and found that nobody was there, peered into the lounge to find Mr and Mrs Weasley talking and decided to go to Ginny’s bedroom and sleep. She walked in to the bedroom and threw herself on her bed, her face falling on the pillow with tears escaping her eyes immediately and endlessly. Surely love wasn’t supposed to be this painful?

Ron couldn’t believe what Hermione had just said to him. ‘Well its nothing to do with you anyway, I mean, why do you always have to interfere in everything to do with my life?’ He thought about how she had looked so spiteful when she had said those words to him. He felt so hurt and upset, even more so when he thought about how he had planned to give her the letter and present he had spent so much time on. His head was spinning with everything that had happened today. So many theories where racing through his head about why Hermione had become suddenly so visibly upset in his room earlier in the day.
He felt tears form in his eyes and he battled desperately for them not to fall, but he felt the tears roll down his cheeks. He loved Hermione so much and would do anything to be with her. He began to think rationally. He thought about how they had been in fights before and always made up soon afterwards. He was pretty sure it wasn’t himself that had upset Hermione so much in the first place. His mood began to improve as he hoped that Hermione would apologise, not even apologise, just talk to him normally and then he would give her the letter and present and hope for the best. He took out the parchment that he had been writing the letter on before he had been interrupted and began writing again. The words came to him and before long he was blowing the red ink dry.


Hermione decided that she had to apologise to Ron for being so rude earlier in the garden. She needed to be calm and collective in front of him, not get emotional. She had no reason to have a go at him for something that wasn’t really his fault. She headed towards his bedroom, feelin extremely nervous and almost tempted to run away at the last second. She knocked on the door, her hand shaking, her throat feeling dry.
‘Who is it?’ Ron shouted.
‘It’s me Hermione. Can I come in please?’ she asked almost in a low whisper. She felt ashamed of herself for having been so rude to him. The door opened with Ron, expressionless inside the room.
‘Hey Hermione, come in. You know you didn’t have to knock,’ he said as he walked into his room, as Hermione shut the door, leading her to the bed where they both sat. Ron felt uncomfortable alone in a room with Hermione so close by, unable to take his eyes off her. He felt extremely nervous. He looked into her eyes, admired how beautiful she looked and he knew that he would always love Hermione with all his heart.
‘Erm, Ron, I’m so sorry for what I said in the garden. I didn’t mean it. I was just so upset that I didn’t know what I was saying. Not that that’s any excuse in the first place,’ she said quickly, feeling confused as she noticed that Ron was staring at her with a dreamy expression on his face.
‘That’s ok,’ was all he was able to say, as he felt his face go red as he noticed Hermione notice his staring at her.
‘It’s just you looked really upset,’ Hermione said, as she forced herself to look Ron in the face. Theirs eyes locked on one another and both felt something inside each other.
‘No really, its ok,’ Ron replied, as he shifted ever so closer to Hermione on the bed, something Hermione did not fail to notice.
Hermione was not understanding what Ron was doing. She felt confused, almost angry that Ron seemed to be playing with her feelings. She decided she needed to get out of the room before anything else happened.
‘Anyways Ron, I’m to bed,’ she said suddenly, as she finally managed to take her eyes off Ron, causing him to look away as well.
‘Ok, see you tomorrow morning,’ Ron said, feeling slightly disappointed that Hermione was leaving so soon, but so happy that they were friends again. He looked at her as she left the room, deciding that he would give her the letter and present the very next morning come what may.


A/N: Ok, everybody calm down, they’ll get together real soon, hopefully in the next chapter. Also can someone please tell me how to get a beta-reader because it’s really annoying doing it myself, causing me to take even longer to write the next chapter. Ok that’s it, oh no hold on. One last thing: PLEASE READ AND REVIEW.

And thanks to the following people for reviewing:

Kweasley, Joel, Harry Potter, Melissa Tufte, Elvina, Alyshia, Griffindorgirl, StRaWbErRiEs AnD BlUeBeRrIeS, Stevie, Carlene Starr, Sarah Riverhill, Minka, Melissa, Vera, Know-It-All 268, Beatriz, Eve, Isabelle, LukasM, Gillian, James, Alex, Hayley, Chloe, Kelly, MioneWeasley, Karolyn, Emma, Erin, GinnyWeasley, Draco-the-Dragon, Flo, Kagome, Reader X, Lily, Mel, Tasha, Hawaii Canuck, Lils, Potterbabe, Jeremy, Muriel, Ashley, SexyMalfoysMine, Spicey, Zoe, Tephys, Angel With Attitude, Sunshine Stargirl, KittyKid943, Al89, Lilmuchkin426, Lotr Dork, Wiccan-one 114, Frengeorgegirl, Muykiay, Megtlarts and anyone else who has reviewed. Please read and review because its really nice to read them. Pretty please???

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