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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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Chapter Eight

However Harry had decided he would wait just around the corner from Ginny’s room and try again to talk to her as soon as he saw Ron leave the room. He had decided he would not let Ron come in the way of Ginny and himself. He thought how Ron must be feeling lonely, with Hermione angry at him over a misunderstanding that still made him laugh, and Ginny and himself over something that wasn’t any of his business. He saw Ron leave the room with deep concern rooted on his face. He looked extremely worried, almost close to tears. Harry instinctively wanted to ask Ron what the matter was, but decided to wait after he had talked to Ginny. He rationalised that he may not get another chance with Ginny and that Ron would always be there. He knocked on her door, feeling extremely nervous and half tempted to run away and pretend that the feelings inside him weren’t really there.
‘Ron, just get lost, you’ve done enough damage for today,’ Ginny screamed angrily.
‘Hey Ginny, its me Harry. Can I come in?’ he asked, just loudly enough for her to hear.
The door slowly opened with a sheepish grin spread over Ginny’s face.
‘Sorry, I thought you were my brother, that great prat Ron,’ she said as she lead him inside to her room.
She was so happy that Harry had come again to talk to her, especially after the way Ron had just behaved. She so wanted to kiss him, to tell him how much she loved him and had loved him for the past four years. It was beginning to get too much for her. She looked at Harry and noticed that he was looking directly at her, causing her to feel butterflies in her stomach for the thousandth time since she had first laid eyes on him. However the silence was beginning to get awkward, something she wanted to avoid but found that she couldn’t think of anything to say.
‘Crazy the way Ron reacted, right?’ Harry asked trying to break the silence. He found himself unable to stop looking at her. He adored the way her red hair was a thousand shades of red, the way her eyes sparkled and those famous Weasley freckles.
‘Yeah, but he’s always been dumb so its hardly a surprise,’ Ginny said, finding it hard to get words out her mouth. She sat on her bed and Harry sat next to her, the closest they had ever been to each other. She just wanted Harry to say he loved her or something to that extent and to say it now. Not to make small talk but she could feel how nervous he was.
‘He’s just really stressed with the whole Hermione situation, trying to tell her how he feels about her. Do you know why Hermione was crying?’ asked Harry.
‘Hermione was crying? I thought she looked a bit upset when I came into the room. Why was she crying?’ Ginny asked trying to stay interested but urging Harry to tell her what was really on his mind.
‘Well, Ron was writing a letter to Hermione to tell her how he feels about her, when Hermione walked in on him. I guess that Ron said he was writing a letter to a girl he likes, no doubt hinting to her he likes her,’ Harry said, feeling annoyed at himself that he was avoiding the reason why he had returned to see Ginny.
‘So why would Hermione be crying about that? Surely she would be over the moon, I mean after all this time she’s liked him,’ Ginny asked a bit confused.
‘Well Hermione never quite worked out that the letter was for her, and jumped to the conclusion that Ron likes this other girl, and she’s kinda heartbroken for no good reason. I was just gonna explain it to her when you walked in,’ Harry finished, edging ever so closer to Ginny, something Ginny did not fail to see.
‘Well at least Hermione’s gonna be really happy soon. I mean the guy she loves is in love with her as well. I doubt I’d ever get so lucky. I mean, the guy I like hardly notices I even exist,’ Ginny said, looking towards the back garden.
Harry panicked for a second thinking that perhaps she wasn’t interested in him anymore but thought that it was just best to tell her how he felt.
‘So, erm, who is it, then?’ Harry asked slightly anxious, his voice betraying him.
‘Who is it? What, who is it I like?’ Ginny said teasingly.
‘Yeah, who is it you like?’ Harry asked, hoping she would somehow tell him or even at least hint that it was him.
‘Well that would be telling. How comes your so interested suddenly?’ Ginny asked, as she saw Harry get more and more uncomfortable as the conversation progressed.
Harry decided he would play along with her mind games. ‘Well I know this guy who likes you and I’m just checking to see if you like him as well. I just think it would be nice if you liked a guy who likes you back,’ Harry said, suddenly sounding confident.
‘This guy who likes me. What does he look like?’ Ginny asked, beginning to understand that Harry was talking about himself, but deciding instead to pretend she didn’t know.
‘Well I’m not gay or anything but I’d have to say he was the best looking student Hogwarts has ever known,’ Harry replied, smiling at Ginny.
‘So he’s at Hogwarts, well that narrows it down. I mean he’d be in the fourth year or above and I can discount three Hogwarts students immediately. So is he Gryffindor?’ Ginny asked.
‘Yeah he’s Gryffindor,’ Harry responded, looking into Ginny’s eyes once again. He thought about how he so wanted to kiss her, how beautiful she looked.
‘Ok, so he’s Gryffindor so that really does narrow it down. So is it Neville? Ginny asked, laughing at seeing Harry’s reaction, who immediately looked absolutely horrified.
‘No its not Neville. I mean no offence to him but I did say this guy was the best looking student Hogwarts has ever known,’ Harry said regaining his composure.
‘Ok I give up. Tell me who this guy is that supposedly likes me,’ Ginny said, beginning to get tired of these mind games but enjoying them nonetheless.
‘I can’t tell you who they are. But I’m sure he’ll tell you soon if he’s got any brains,’ Harry said smiling at Ginny.
An awkward silence was threatening to engulf them, when both of them wanted to so desperately continue the conversation between them. This was the longest that they had ever talked alone, and it felt so right. Ginny decided that she was going to force Harry to tell her one way or the other whether or not he liked her.
‘Hey Harry, what were you going to tell me before Ron interrupted us?’ Ginny asked, noticing that Harry was sitting even more closer to her and that he was looking into her eyes.
‘Erm, something really important,’ Harry just about managed to say, rattled that Ginny was being this daring.
‘Well you might as well tell me now before we get interrupted again by someone,’ Ginny said breathlessly.
Harry decided that now was as good a time as ever to tell Ginny how he truly felt about her. He knew deep down inside that the only girl for him was Ginny Weasley, his Ginny Weasley.
‘The reason I came in before was because I wanted to tell you something, before I got interrupted by Ron,’ Harry said, hesitantly, not knowing quite where to look. The situation was becoming unbearable and the tension within the room was intolerable.
‘Yes?’ Ginny urged, hoping that what she had been dreaming for so long was about to happen.
‘I think you’re a really special person,’ he said as he slipped his hand in hers and entwined their fingers. He looked into her eyes and felt such wonderful feelings within himself. ‘Ginny I think you’re a wonderful person, the most beautiful girl in the world to me and I think I’m falling in love with you,’ he said breathlessly, finding his head was spinning, not quite believing what he’d just told Ginny but relieved at the same time that he had.
She felt so happy inside that Harry was falling in love with her. She just looked into his eyes and felt so warm and wonderful.
‘Harry, you don’t know how happy I feel at this moment. I can’t believe you just said that,’ Ginny said.
‘I love you Ginny,’ was all Harry could say at this moment in time. It felt so right to be here with Ginny, to be this close to her, to fall in love with her.
‘I love you too. I’ve been in love with you for over four years now. I love you more than anything in this world,’ she said.
She noticed that Harry was leaning his head towards her, and she nearly panicked for a moment, but then relaxed as she knew she wanted this so badly and had been waiting and dreaming for so long. As he leaned closer to her, their lips touched and both felt a wonderful feeling inside them, almost like a surge of electricity. It felt so right to both of them, neither wanting to part but having to.As they pulled away their eyes kind of lingered on one another.
‘Wow,’ was all Ginny was able to say.
‘Yeah wow,’ Harry replied.
‘And you were right, that guy who likes me, he is the best looking student Hogwarts has ever known,’ she said smiling at him
Harry laughed as they both headed towards the door, hand in hand, deciding that they both wanted to go for a walk.


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