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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven
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Chapter Seven

Ron had decided he needed to find Hermione and at least find out why she had suddenly become so visibly upset. He still didn’t understand why she had suddenly run out of his room. He decided he would start by looking around the house, she was probably in the sitting room he thought, no doubt curled up with A History of Hogwarts. He walked into the room and found that Hermione wasn’t there, or not to be found anywhere in the house. He decided he would check the garden next, to see if she had decided to take a walk and there he saw her, sitting under a tree, looking deep in thought. As he walked closer towards her, he saw that she had again been crying. He felt extremely nervous just being near Hermione, let alone talking to her or even comforting her. He still felt butterflies in his stomach each time he saw her. However, he decided he would at least ask her if she was ok. She noticed him walking towards her and quickly wiped away the tears that had been running down her face. She was just thinking about who this girl was that had captured Ron’s heart.
‘Hi Hermione, are you ok?’ he asked tentatively. He looked at her and thought how beautiful she looked. He thought about all the things that he loved about her and how everything in his eyes was perfect about her.
‘Oh hi Ron, yeah I’m ok,’ she replied, feeling butterflies in her stomach for the hundredth time since she had arrived at the Burrow, when Ron sat down next to her. She didn’t feel she had the courage to look him in the eyes though she desperately wanted to.
‘So, ummm Hermione, how comes you walked out from my room crying?’ he asked cautiously, noticing she had turned her face away from him as soon as he had asked her this. He couldn’t understand why she was being like this. He needed to know why she was being like this. He was waiting for a reply but when none came, he decided he would press her for an answer. He found that it upset himself when he saw Hermione this upset.
‘Hermione, what’s the matter?’ he asked again, but she was starting to get up.
He pulled her down by grabbing her hand, and she was sat next to him again. She wanted to leave, she wanted to be anywhere but here, she wanted to do anything but to tell Ron what the matter was.
‘Hermione, why won’t you look at me? I mean, is it me? Have I done something to upset you?’ he pleaded, desperate to know what the matter was.
She tried to look at him, but that made her feel even more upset. She could hardly believe the situation she had put herself in. She suddenly noticed that Ron hadn’t let go of her hand and he must have also noticed at the same time, causing him to let go immediately. She looked at him and he looked red and embarrassed. She couldn’t understand his reaction, surely he thought of her just as a friend. Why would he get embarrassed by holding her hand?
‘Ron, look its nothing OK,’ she quietly said, and just looked straight ahead towards the Weasley’s house.
‘Well it must be something, seeing as you get so upset,’ he countered back, smiling at her.
‘Well its nothing to do with you anyway, I mean, why do you always have to interfere in everything to do with my life?’ she said spitefully, immediately regretting saying that last sentence as she saw Ron’s face crumple. He suddenly looked very upset and hurt. She thought how normally he would say something in return, hurl some sort of abuse at her. But this time he just walked away without saying another word. She wanted to apologise to him, wanted to stop him and tell him she hadn’t meant that last sentence. But she found herself unable to follow him. She saw him look at her one last time before he entered the house.

****************************( Earlier On)*********************************

The silence between them for the past five minute had been extremely awkward for both of them since Hermione had left the room. Each wanted to say a hundred things at the same time but found that neither had the courage to say one of those things. Harry thought about how he had fantasised about saying so many things to Ginny, how he had thought of the perfect way of telling her his deepest secret, yet now that the time had come his mind had gone blank. Harry couldn’t believe he was going to tell Ginny how he felt about her. He looked at her again and found her eyes were on him. He locked his eyes on hers and felt so wonderful just looking at her. She suddenly looked away, her face almost as red as her head.
‘Ginny, I just…’ Harry started.
‘Harry…’ Ginny began.
They both laughed, having both tried to end the silence at the same time.
‘Sorry, you go first,’ Ginny said, smiling at Harry.
Great he thought, why couldn’t I have said that before her. He didn’t know quite what to say. He was unsure of where to look, what to do but felt within himself he had to at least tell her what he felt for her.
‘Ummm, well the thing is, I don’t know quite how to say this,’ he said, unable to look Ginny in the face but somehow finding the nerve to slip his hand in hers, and entwine his fingers with hers. She now had the courage to look him straight in the face, causing him to feel even more dread.
‘Harry, just say what you want to say,’ Ginny pleaded, trying desperately not to scream with delight at knowing that Harry Potter was going to confess his undying love for her, well something close nevertheless.
‘The thing is Ginny, well what I’m trying to say is, I think I’m falling…’ Harry had began nervously when suddenly just at that moment Ron walked into the room, looking slightly worried.
‘Hey guys, you haven’t seen Hermione by any chance, have you?’ Ron asked totally ignorant of the situation with Ginny looking at Ron with total disgust.
She quickly let Harry’s hand go. She couldn’t believe that Ron had chosen to walk in at that precise moment, a moment she had been waiting for over four years ruined by her brother. Ron looked at both Harry and Ginny, suddenly realising that they were both alone in the room, with a hundred different thoughts and feelings going through his head. It suddenly dawned on him that perhaps Hermione had been right and that Harry, his best friend, had a crush on his baby sister.
‘Hey, what you guys doing?’ he asked thinking the worst. ‘You weren’t doing anything, were you?’
‘No Ron, what does that mean? We were just talking,’ Harry replied hot-headedly, mentally cursing his best friend for ruining his chance with Ginny. He thought that this was perhaps payback for all the times that he had relentlessly teased Ron and Hermione about their love lives.
‘Oh just go away Ron,’ Ginny yelled suddenly, taking both Harry and Ron by surprise.
‘Why, what’s going on between you and Harry?’ Ron shouted back, his face going red.
‘How the hell is it any of your business?’ Ginny shrieked, raising her voice once again.
‘You know, I’m not stupid. I can see what’s going on. You better leave Ginny alone Harry, otherwise there’s gonna be trouble,’ Ron said, looking angry.
‘Look I’m going outside. I’ve had enough of this. Ginny I’ll speak to you later,’ he said with his best smile possible, with Ron glaring at him. ‘And Ron, grow up,’ he added before leaving the room.
‘Great, you big prat, you made leave him leave the room. Why can’t you just get lost? Go on, just leave the room,’ Ginny said with tears forming in her eyes, her voice fading.
‘Fine,’ he said as he left the room, feeling slightly guilty that he’d upset his sister so much. He couldn’t understand why Harry had to fall for his younger sister when there were so many girls out there dying to go out with him. He suddenly felt lonely, realising that Harry and Ginny were not happy with him and that Hermione was upset over something he didn’t have a clue about. He carried on looking for her. This day was turning out to be a nightmare for him and for reasons he didn’t fully even understand.


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