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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Thank you to everybody who has reviewed so far. It means a lot. Please continue to read and review, with any suggestionS most welcome. Would you like the seventh chapter?

Chapter Six

‘Hi Ron, what are you doing?’ she asked as she spotted him writing a letter. She couldn’t believe how nervous she felt being alone with Ron in his bedroom. She had almost not walked in, feeling scared and finding it hard to control her breathing.
‘Ummm, uuhhhh, nothing just writing a letter,’ Ron mumbled as he shoved the letter in the nearest drawer he could find. The last thing he needed was for Hermione to see the letter he’d been struggling to write for the past hour. He found it hard to look her in face, but also wanting to desperately, he thought about how much he wanted to kiss her.
‘Oh, who to?’ she asked as she noticed him quickly slipping the letter away.
‘Oh, just this girl I like,’ Ron mumbled finding that he was unable to lie to Hermione, but immediately regretting saying that as he saw Hermione’s face fall.
‘This girl you like? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Do I know her?’ Hermione asked, now feeling thoroughly depressed and badly wanting to cry. Ron liked another girl, whoever she was, and she had hoped, even felt that Ron was in love with her. How could she have been so wrong, she thought.
‘I can’t tell you now, but you’ll know when I’m giving the letter,’ Ron said with a smile as he told her this, hoping she would work out that it was her he was so desperately in love with. He noticed how sad she looked, how it looked as if tears were welling up in her eyes and began wondering why she was so upset.
‘I’ll see you later Ron,’ Hermione said suddenly, not wanting Ron to see her cry, to see how much it was hurting her that the person she was so in love with was in love with someone but her.
‘Wait Hermione, what’s wrong? You look really upset. Has something happened?’ Ron asked now utterly confused why she could be so sad, when he had just hinted to her he was in love with her.
‘Nothings wrong with me,’ Hermione whispered, but the tear rolling down her cheek betraying her, how so badly she hadn’t wanted to break down in front of Ron, her Ron, not some girls she didn’t know.
‘Hermione, why are you crying. Please tell me what’s wrong?’ Ron pleaded, sounding distressed, but unsure whether to hug Hermione or not.
‘Honestly Ron there’s absolutely nothing wrong, look I better go. I’ll see you later,’ Hermione said, running out of Ron’s room. Ron just sat at his desk, still trying to work out what had just happened.


She regretted walking into Ron’s room when her head had told her not to, but for once she had decided to follow her heart. She thought about how stupid she had been, how she had looked into things so deeply that had happened between them. How she had spent hours analysing everything that had occurred between them and used it as evidence in her own mind to convince herself that Ron was indeed in love with her. She ran into Ginny’s room and was grateful the room was empty. She threw herself onto the bed and just cried and cried into the pillow. She beat the mattress with her hands, with the tears rolling down her cheeks, seemingly endless. She felt pain inside her, she found it hard to breathe, found it hard to live. How could she have been so foolish? Suddenly she heard a knock on her door, and felt it was best to pretend that the room was empty. But the knocking continued and she recognised the voice as Harry’s when he was asking for Ginny to open the door. She quickly wiped her tears away and tried to smile.
‘Hey Harry, come in,’ Hermione said, trying to speak in her normal voice, but finding her voice was faltering ever more with every word she said.
‘Hi Hermione, where’s Ginny?’ he asked, but noticing suddenly she had been crying, added ‘Hermione, what’s the matter?’
‘Nothing Harry, what would be wrong with me?’ she asked in reply, hoping he would drop the subject.
‘Hermione, why have you been crying?’ Harry asked with real concern in his voice.
‘Harry I’ve already told you there’s nothing wrong. First Ron and now you. Anyway why were you looking for Ginny?’ Hermione asked, hoping to change the subject to something less sensitive.
‘I’ll tell you if you promise to tell me why you’ve been crying,’ Harry said.
She thought about this and decided that in the end Harry would find out one way or another why she had been crying.
‘Ok then, but you first,’ she said, trying to smile.
Harry wasn’t sure if he should tell Hermione something he had only worked out for himself a few days ago, but felt he had to tell someone. Also he thought he could ask her for advice on how to tell Ginny that he thought he was falling in love with her.
‘I’ll tell you but you have to promise me you won’t tell Ron, he would absolutely kill me if he knew,’ Harry said.
‘Ok, ok I promise but I think I know what your going to say,’ she said.
‘Well I was looking for Ginny because I wanted to speak to her. Hermione I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t stop staring at her.’
‘Yeah I noticed,’ Hermione said laughing.
‘I mean she’s Ron’s younger sister. I can’t fall in love with her. He would kill me if he ever found out. But I find I can’t help myself. So I came to speak to her, to see how she feels about me. I mean I know she used to have a crush on me, but I don’t how she feels about me now,’ Harry said, looking down at the carpet, feeling his cheeks heat up.
‘I kind of worked out you liked Ginny, with the constant staring and smiling. But it’s good Harry that your willing to admit your feelings for the girl you like,’ she said bitterly.
‘Yeah well, suddenly I don’t feel so confident. I don’t think I could speak to her about all this,’ he said. ‘Anyway now you have to tell me why you were crying.’
‘It was nothing really, nothing important anyway.’
‘Hermione you promised, so out with it. I’ve kept my half of the bargain, now tell me why you were crying,’ Harry demanded.
‘Ok then. The reason I was crying was because I walked in on Ron writing a love letter to this girl he likes. I mean he won’t even tell me who she is,’ Hermione said, with tears again welling in her eyes. ‘Harry, I really thought he was in love with me. I can’t believe I was being so stupid. I can’t believe I thought he thought of me as more than a friend, when all along he’s falling in love with this other girl.’ she whispered, finding her voice was failing her again.
Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing but at the same time finding it hard not to laugh. He thought how Hermione had no doubt misunderstood the whole situation and was getting distressed over nothing. He was just about to tell her that perhaps the letter by Ron was being written to her, but at that moment Ginny walked in looking as beautiful as ever in Harry’s eyes. Hermione was smiling when she saw how flustered and embarrassed both Ginny and Harry had become as soon as their eyes had met.
‘Hi Harry,’ Ginny mumbled, feeling Harry’s eyes on her.
‘Hi Ginny,’ Harry said, finding he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He looked at her face intently, now knowing that indeed she was the girl who had captured his heart. He felt he had her face memorised, knowing every detail. But suddenly he felt very nervous. He knew Hermione would leave them alone, but he wasn’t sure he could handle the situation.
‘Anyways I’m going off for a walk. I’ve got a lot to think about. I would ask if you two want to come along, but for some reason I’ve got this feeling you’d rather be alone,’ Hermione said as she began walking towards the door.
When she reached Ginny she whispered into her ear the words, ‘All your dreams are about to come true.’
She walked out the room, singing out ‘Harry and Ginny, sitting up a tree, K I S S I N G……’ causing both of them not to know where to look.


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