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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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Sorry about the excess delay. Have been on holiday for the past two months. Most enjoyable. Anyways please read and review if you got the time. Thanks. J
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfiction. All characters and others included in the story are owned by J.K. Rowling.

Chapter Five.

Dinner at the Weasleys was its usual noisy affair. Ginny feeling extremely uncomfortable with Harry constantly staring at her, forcing her to ask to be excused early, much to Harry’s disappointment, whilst literally running up the stairs. Hermione had once again decided to sit next to Ron, causing him to be even more uneasy than Ginny. Her hand accidentally once even brushed with his, causing him to look extremely red and flustered. This made her think that perhaps he did love her the way her heart ached for. She thought about how stupid it was that the way they were so embarrassed around each other and that perhaps it was time for her to let him know how she felt.
‘You know I think that Azkaban might be liberated by the end of the month by You-Know-Who,’ said Mr Weasley bringing Hermione back to attention. She couldn’t quite believe what Mr Weasley was telling them.
‘Well, it’d hardly be a surprise the way Cornelius Fudge is acting, blatantly ignoring the obvious,’ added Mr Weasley.
‘Well I mean who knows which way the Dementors will turn. But don’t look so worried there’s still a few of us good wizards left to try and stop him,’ added Mr Weasley seeing the look of horror on everybody’s face.
Dinner had finished and the three of them were heading up the stairs towards Ron’s room to talk about what they had just heard from the Weasleys. They were just passing Ginny’s room when Harry looked towards Ron and Hermione and told them that he had something to discuss with Ginny. Hermione finally had the chance to tease Harry and decided to take it with both hands.
‘Well its good to hear that instead of constantly staring at our innocent Ginny, you going to finally tell her how much you love her,’ Hermione said, laughing seeing the look of horror on Harry’s face.
‘Wha, wha, what are you talking about Hermione?’ Ron asked looking thoroughly shocked.
‘Well its pretty obvious with the way Harry’s constantly staring at her, not even letting her walk up the stairs in peace!,’ said Hermione teasing Harry constantly. Harry looked ready now to hex Hermione.
‘Don’t be stupid Hermione, I don’t like Ginny in that way,’ was the only thing Harry could muster in reply.
‘Well you better not mate, otherwise you’d be answering to me. But what did you want to discuss with her anyway?’ Ron asked, still feeling sick at the idea of Harry being in love with his younger sister.
‘Well I was gonna, gonna umm, oh yeah ask her to help me try and get you two together!’ Harry said, happy that he had managed to get Hermione back even if it was at Ron’s expense.
‘Oh shut up Harry, its not even funny anymore,’ Hermione said, not even able to look Ron in the face.
‘Well the way you two are so awkward around each other, getting so nervous around each other. Slyly looking at each other when you think no one will notice. I mean it’s been obvious from the Yule Ball. Why don’t you two just admit your in love with each other?’
By the time Harry had finished his little speech, both Hermione and Ron were looking at Harry as if he’d gone mad.
‘Just shut up Harry,’ Hermione said as she headed towards Ginny’s room, not believing just how much Harry had embarrassed the pair of them.
‘Why do you have to go and tease us so much. Look I’ll tell her when I’m ready,’ Ron said as he walked towards his room.
Harry felt that maybe he’d gone too far this time but he didn’t really care. It was all good fun.


Hermione walked into Ginny’s room to find Ginny lying on her bed, deep in thought. She looked up to see Hermione looking extremely annoyed.
‘Hermione, what’s the matter?’ Ginny asked.
‘Nothing, its just your boyfriend constantly teasing me and Ron about liking each other. I mean that is if he likes me at all,’ Hermione replied.
‘What do you mean my boyfriend. There’s nothing going on between me and Harry.’
‘Yeah right like I didn’t notice the way Harry was staring at you all the way through dinner. I mean you had to excuse yourself because of it,’ Hermione said.
Ginny found that she couldn’t deny this and also that she didn’t want to. She began to think that maybe the famous Harry Potter was finally liking her back after four years on her part. She thought about the way he stared at her intently, studying her face, smiling when he noticed that she had noticed he was doing so.
‘I just wish I could find out for certain whether or not Ron likes me the way I like him. Sometimes I feel like going up to him and asking him but then I think that he would laugh in my face and I don’t think I could take the humiliation,’ Hermione trailed off as she was once again in deep thought about Ron.
‘I know what you mean. I mean sometimes I think that maybe Harry likes me, what with the way he stares at me but then I think that maybe I’m looking into things too much,’ Ginny said.
‘Maybe I could ask Harry and you could ask Ron,’ Hermione said hopefully before remembering that she wasn’t exactly fond of Harry at this moment in time.
‘Yeah right Hermione, I mean me and Ron are close but we’re not that close.’
Hermione decided to continue with her extra homework after failing to engage Ginny in further conversation, who was no doubt fantasising about Harry kissing her in places he shouldn’t be even be looking at.


Ron was sitting on his desk, with a quill in his hand, trying his hardest to write a love letter to Hermione. He had decided that with the present he was going to give to her, he would also give this letter explaining how he felt. He thought about how beautiful she looked and then began convincing himself that she could never fall in love with someone like himself. Tall, skinny, freckly, poor, stupid, the list went on his head all that was wrong with him. But what was really intriguing him was the way that Hermione for once had not denied she liked him when Harry had teased them. He had felt so much better knowing that there was at least a chance that she liked him the way he liked her. He just wished she would at least give him a hint showing she was at least interested. Just at that moment Harry walked in, with a big grin on his face.
‘What you so happy about?’ Ron asked spotting Harry great big Cheshire grin.
‘Oh nothing, just thinking about how much fun it is to tease you and Hermione about lurvvve,’ Harry replied.
‘Yeah well I’m real glad your finding my love life such a bloody laugh cos its beginning to get on my bloody nerves the way you tease us so much,’ Ron said.
‘Well its your own fault, maybe if you did what you had to, I wouldn’t have to tease you anymore.’
‘I mean its not even funny anymore,’ Ron said.
‘Aaahhh how romantic, they even say the same things,’ Harry said in a mock girly voice referring to the fact they had both said it wasn’t funny anymore.
‘Just wait until you fall for a girl, I’m gonna make your life a living hell.’
‘Maybe I already have fallen for a girl,’ Harry said with a twinkle in his eye.
‘Well you better have otherwise we’ll all think your gay and that your beginning to like Draco Malfoy in an unnatural way,’ Ron said laughing as Harry pretended to be outraged by Ron’s statement.
‘No but seriously you should tell Hermione how you feel. I mean I know that she likes you as well,’ Harry said.
‘Yeah right she likes me, like she’s blind or something. But I already told you I’m gonna give her the present and this letter to let her know I like her and just hope for the best. And before you say anything, I know I’m a coward,’ Ron said.
‘Well you do what you think is best, just hurry up cos its getting a bit annoying the way you two are so uncomfortable around each other,’ Harry said.
Harry and Ron began starting their homework, Ron deciding to write his letter to Hermione later when Harry wasn’t around. They soon began to get bored and Harry was thinking about telling Ron that he was beginning to have a crush on Ginny, but then thought better of it when he remembered the way Ron had acted when Hermione had even bought up the idea. He decided that he would go and talk to Ginny, see how things went.
‘I’m just going downstairs. See ya later.’ Harry said as he got up and left the room.
‘Yeah well don’t go near my sister you prat, otherwise you’ll answer to me boy,’ Ron yelled back.
He was secretly happy that Harry had left the room as it meant that he could finish off his letter to Hermione. He wasn’t sure whether he should give her a letter telling her his biggest secret, let alone what he should write in the letter. He began writing but then stopped when he heard someone coming towards his room. He looked up to see Hermione standing at the door and a wave of panic came over him.


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