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Next Time by FAHIM
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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Next Time

Chapter Four

They arrived back at the Burrow, each having bought what they needed. Ron seemed to be smiling more than usual, causing Hermione to be ever more nervous. Harry desperately wanted to see what Ron had bought for Hermione, but was willing to bet Ron wouldn’t show him after having heard Ron mutter something along the lines of ‘going too far this time.’ All three of them were in Ron’s room, with Harry and Ron continuing their homework under Hermione‘s watchful eye, who had finished her homework a long time ago.
‘Hey Hermione, what’s the answer to question five,’ Ron asked after finding he was stuck once again.
‘Ron I can’t tell you the answer, that would be like cheating! Maybe if you weren’t so busy looking at those posters of those witches on your bedroom wall, you’d have finished your homework by now!’ Hermione said with a look of disbelief on her face.
‘Why Hermione, are you jealous?’ Harry asked, sniggering.
‘Jealous of what?’ Hermione asked, not quite understanding the question.
‘That Ron spends all his time looking at those fit witches, when he should be looking at you and admiring the view,’ Harry just about said, laughing whilst finishing the sentence off. ‘You know he really should replace them with posters of you instead of imaging them as you,’ Harry added as he saw Ron and Hermione look absolutely petrified.
‘Oh shut up Harry, and get on with your homework,’ said Hermione feeling her cheeks blushing. She gave Harry a long angry stare before leaving the room.
‘Thanks a lot mate, like things aren’t awkward enough between me and Hermione as it is.’
‘I don’t know why you don’t just hand over whatever you got her at Diagon Alley. By the way, what did you get her?’ Harry asked hoping Ron would at least show him.
‘Like I’m going to show you! No doubt you’d find a hundred things to embarrass me and Hermione,’ Ron alleged.
‘Don’t be dumb Ron, I wouldn’t go that far. It’s just really funny the way you two won’t admit your feeling for each other, when it’s so blatantly so obvious to everybody you two like each other. Just get on with it Ron otherwise I’m going to tease both of you relentlessly,’ Harry said with an evil smile on his face.
‘Why, has Hermione told you that she likes me?’ Ron asked hopefully.
‘I don’t know but what does that matter? You should just tell her.’
‘What, like you’ve told Cho that your in love with her? Ron snapped back, but smiling as he saw Harry go a deep shade of red just at the mention of Cho’s name.
‘I’ve just tasted my own medicine and it is bitter.’ Harry said making a mental note not to tease Ron anymore. ‘Anyways I’m going downstairs, you coming?’
‘No I’m just gonna finish this off,’ Ron said not even bothering to look up from his parchment.
‘Alright then, I’ll see you downstairs.’ Harry said as he walked out of the room.
Ron shut the door and locked it as soon as he saw Harry leave the room. He opened his trunk and pulled out a bag containing the present he had bought for Hermione. He still couldn’t believe he was going to actually let Hermione know what he felt about her, he felt nervous just thinking about how he was going to do this. He lay on his bed staring at the poster a very attractive witch, in rather revealing robes and did in fact picture Hermione’s face. He thought about how beautiful her brown eyes were, how he loved the way she twirled a few strands of hair with her fingers when she was concentrating and how much he loved her. He was going to give her the present tonight come what may he decided.

Harry was walking down the stairs and noticed Ginny waiting at the bottom, presumably waiting to go up them. He looked at her, causing her to look the other way. He thought that she did in fact look beautiful, how much she had grown, how her hair was a thousand shades or red, how alluring her eyes were and when had she looked so gorgeous?
‘Hi Ginny, what you been up to?’ he asked, noticing how he suddenly felt nervous around her, feeling butterflies and that she had gone scarlet.
‘Ummm, nothing,’ she answered breathlessly. She braved looking into his eyes, but quickly looked away again as she noticed Harry was staring at her. Surely Harry Potter wasn’t staring at her?
‘So errr, what have you been up to all summer,’ Harry said unable to take his eyes off Ginny. This was Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley’s younger sister, his best friends younger sister! He thought how he shouldn’t be looking at her in this way but still couldn’t take his eyes off her, much to the intense discomfort of Ginny.
‘Nothing much,’ Ginny answered heading up the stairs unable to take this for much longer. She dared not look back at Harry, feeling Harry’s eyes on her as she started running up the stairs. She raced into her room to find Hermione looking not very happy, sitting on her bed with her head in a book. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw that she was still scarlet and that she was finding it hard to breathe.
‘Hey Ginny, are you ok?’ Hermione asked, having finally pulled her head out from book.
‘Yeah I’m fine,’ Ginny replied, now managing to calm down.
‘Well how comes you look all flustered? Happen to bump into Harry did you?’ Hermione teased.
Ginny looked at Hermione and smiled thinking as to whether or not to tell Hermione what had just happened downstairs. In the end she knew she couldn’t keep it inside herself any longer.
‘Actually I just saw him downstairs and he kept staring at me,’ Ginny whispered, still finding it embarrassing to talk about Harry.
Hermione looked up from her book again, hoping for some good ammunition to use against Harry the next time he decided to tease her. ‘What, what happened?’ she asked.
‘Well I saw him walking down the stairs as I was heading up to my room, so I waited at the bottom to let him pass, but he just kept staring at me, and staring and staring so I ran up the stairs,’ Ginny squealed.
‘Do you think he likes you?’ Hermione asked.
‘Don’t be ridiculous Hermione, this is Harry Potter, not just some ordinary wizard. Why would he like ordinary Ginny Weasley?’ she asked in return, but inside feeling that at last she had some hope to believe that he may at least be interested in her. She couldn’t stop smiling, she felt so happy, the happiest she had ever done. She groaned at the fact that she could have talked with him, that he had at last seemed to be paying attention to her but that she had just ran way.
‘I’m going downstairs, I’m gonna help your mum with dinner, you coming?’ Hermione asked, bringing Ginny back to earth.
She looked back at Hermione and replied ‘No, I’ll be down in a bit.’
As Hermione walked out the door, she let out a huge sigh, laying back on her bed, thinking about what had indeed happened outside. She thought about how she had liked Harry for over four years now, how he had saved her life in her first year and the fact he had actually stared at her for such a long time. This was all too much for her, and she decided to go for a walk to clear her mind and think rationally.

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Next Time: Chapter Four


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