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Mixed love by Rose
Chapter 12 : A change of character
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‘Hermione, I’- Malfoy stepped forwards, he had not meant to kill him. He had only been trying to save himself, why had this happened?
‘You stay away from me!!!’ Hermione pointed a finger dangerously at him, her arm shook, rain mingled with the tears on her face, he had never realized how beautiful she truly was. Here was a perfect girl. Smart, beautiful, someone who really cared for her friends. She had cared for him, really, truly cared, no one else would ever feel the same way. And she would never love him now, not now that he had killed the man she once loved. He had betrayed her, used her and hurt her. Who could ever love someone who did that?
Now she detested him, there was no chance of them ever being together. Her heart belonged to the one man she could never have, the one man he had just…murdered.
‘I’m…sorry,’ he tried to say, he turned around to find Ron and Harry standing, wands poised towards him. Malfoy closed his eyes, he deserved what he was to get.
‘No!’ Hermione said steadily, ‘don’t kill him, he deserves much worse.’ There was an emptiness in her voice, dark and foreboding. She would never be the same after this.
‘Protrificus Totalus.’ Hermione chanted the full body bind curse, Malfoy fell to the ground, his eyes still clenched tight. They were going to have him sent to Azkaban. They were going to let the dementors kill him, instead of letting him die a quick, painless death.
He could still hear their voices, Hermione’s sobs as she and the other two boys held each other and cried for the loss of their friends. It was a sad night for Hogwarts.
The three turned and left Malfoy to lie there, his clothes were waterlogged and his mind was blank. He loved Hermione. He really did, more than he had ever loved anyone ever before. His chest ached, his back ached. Every muscle shrieked with internal pain.
It was so messed up…life would never be the same.

After what seemed forever, the dull gasps of teachers and other students approached him, he was unable to make sense of their words. The rain had stopped, a chilly breeze swept over him, he felt for sure every molecule in his body was frozen.
He felt his body being lifted onto a stretcher, then his arms and legs were released from his side, he tilted his head to see Harry, Ron and Hermione standing statue-like beside him. He stared imploringly into Hermione’s beautiful, chocolate-brown eyes. Ron’s arm was around her, she seemed unaware of it. Her face was so glassy it was hard to believe it was still her.
Breathing deeply, he tried to tell her how he felt, but he was cut off by her monotonous voice piercing his heart, tearing his soul to shreds.
‘Goodbye, Malfoy. I’m sorry you ever met me.’ He collapsed mentally, she thought it was her fault, that he was just a problem of her own. With these thoughts, he died. The shock of reality was impossible to bare.
Hermione stared down at the cold, lifeless body, she felt nothing. Blackness had engulfed her. She loved no one. Ron’s arm was merely something she could take advantage of in a hundred different ways. She was darkness, nothing but evil. She would never let anyone be aware of this change, but she would use it only to put others through pain, she craved power, longed for attention. She was going to get it.

The school stands outside in the rain, weeping for the loss of two souls gone in one fateful night all for the problem of one girls mixed emotions.
Never mix love for desire.
Pain is the only outcome.

There it is!!! hahaha I am eeevil!!! the problem is..I dont think it should have been in draco/hermione. I mean, they were never in love at the same time were they?? oh well, i am a HUGE fan of draco/hermione and even if my story doesn't fit the category its staying there!!
Plz R/R. should I continue? this is really where i want to end it..i dont no where 2 go from here if i continue. tell me what you think!
Jen ^_^

PS. that waz shocking 2 me aswell...I never intended on killing draco. hell i luv draco!!! but well, surprise the author even more so surprise the audience :P thnx 4 reading!!!

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