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Mixed love by Rose
Chapter 5 : Curing Hermione
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Hermione ran quickly in a hopes to lose whoever followed her, she didn’t go back to the Gryffindor common room, she knew that would be the first place anyone would look for her. She didn’t go to the bathroom either, that was another obvious place, instead, she rushed around the nearest corners, only wanting to get as far away from her friends as possible. Going down all of the stairways she came across until she reached the dungeons. It was darker there, how she felt. And she was closer to Slytherin. How she longed she had pure blooded parents, if she did maybe Malfoy would like her more. So what if she was in Gryffindor? She had broken rules before, cursed people and it wasn’t as if she chose to be smart, she just was. Malfoy was smart too. But against her he always came second-best.
Hermione didn’t return to Gryffindor until late, from then on she was always first up and last to return. She didn’t go to the library anymore, she went to the dungeons. She came late to every class and left first. It worked, she didn’t speak to or hear from anyone.
Down in the dungeons she plotted ways to get Malfoy to like her. She decided she would do badly in class, making sure she came near to the bottom rather than the top. It took a couple of weeks before she came across questions she didn’t already know the answer to. She was getting less and less sleep as people were waiting up in the common room later and later. And because she never went outside her skin became pale, making the bags under her eyes even blacker. Her hair was worse than before, she didn’t have time to bother with hair every morning. Harry, Ron and Lavender were noticing this change growing every day, it was worrying to know that all this was because of a crush…no…an obsession with Draco Malfoy.

Harry knew he had to do something, he approached Draco that afternoon in the corridors, Ron at his side. They cornered him at the back of the corridor.
‘What do you want, Potter?’ His voice wasn’t angry though, more worried than anything else.
‘Look Malfoy,’ Harry began, ‘we know you have a thing against mud bloods, we’re not asking a lot, but you could at least talk to Hermione and tell her how you really feel, nicely!’
‘Better yet,’ Ron pushed in front of Harry, squaring up with Malfoy, ‘why don’t you just go out with her, I mean, seriously there must be something about her you like. Even if it was just for a day. Put her out of her misery god dammit!’ Malfoy looked defensive, Harry sensed the danger.
‘Look, Malfoy,’ he said, as if he were almost pleading, ‘just one date, maybe then she’ll find out she doesn’t like you, then we can pretend it never happened,’ Malfoy looked him in the eye, ‘please Malfoy,’ Harry stared back, ‘we’ll do anything.’
Malfoy looked ready to deliver a sly remark and walk away, but then had second thoughts. Anything? He thought. This is my chance, I can finally show these two that I’m a nice guy.’
‘If I do this,’ said Malfoy, ‘if I go out with Hermione, just one date, could we stop being enemies?’
Ron and Harry stopped, shocked expressions on their faces.
‘Wait, you want to become friends with us to do something like date Hermione?’ Ron looked more confused than usual, ‘What the hell is wrong with you, Malfoy?’
Malfoy winced, ‘please Ron, don’t call me that. Why can’t we be on first name terms? It gets tiring having to be the bad guy all the time and I don’t want to always have to be. It’s only making life here a living hell.' Harry ad Ron paused, looking each other and then back at Malfoy, unable to process what they had just heard.
‘Look,’ Malfoy broke the awkward silence, ‘I’ll ask her out and I’ll take her on a date, even two. So long as this conflict can stop.’ With that he pushed through a statue-like Harry and Ron, he hoped what he said had worked. If it didn’t he’d drop that mud blood like a shot. But then they really would be enemies.
‘She can’t fancy me that much anyway,’ thought Malfoy, ‘and if I do something to stop her from liking me then we’ll probably be better off anyway. That’s what they want.’
It was decided, now he just needed to figure out a way to ask her out in a way that might start to throw her off, then organize an awful date to make her forget why she ever liked him. Maybe then Ron and Harry will want to be his friends.

ok i no this chapter is a bit soppy but i didn't really no how else 2 put it. plz R/R n i'll put up the nxt chapter this weekend ^_^

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Mixed love: Curing Hermione


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