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Mixed love by Rose
Chapter 3 : A painful separation
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Four months later Neville sat in front of the fire place in the Gryffindor common room, face expressionless, eyes red and dry. No more tears remained. Harry and Ron were at his side.
‘Forget about it man, it happens to all of us!’ Ron said, patting Neville on the back.
Neville continued to stare blankly into the fading fire…it was close to midnight and yet he had not moved from his chair.
‘I don’t understand…’ he said, his voice trailing away.
‘Neville, it’s history. It’s been two weeks and you’re still going on about it as if it only just happened.’ Said Harry.
‘Everything was so perfect…I did everything…I was everything…why doesn’t she love me?’
‘Neville!’ Said Ron, giving him a sharp bang on the head, ‘she does love you, she just doesn’t want to be your girlfriend anymore!’ Neville sniffed, then arose from his chair and left for his dormitory.
‘Ugh!’ Ron yelled quietly in frustration before stating to follow Neville. Harry grabbed him by the arm. ‘What? I’m going to bed!’
‘Leave him be for a moment eh? Just stay for 10 minutes until he’s asleep.’
‘He won’t be asleep Harry, the guy’s mad! Absolutely bonkers! It’s been TWO WEEKS since that Hermione dumped him you think he’d get over it!’
‘I don’t know why she did it.’ Said Harry.
‘What! You’ve got to be kidding me you’re taking his side!’ Harry looked at Ron, sighed, then went to sit on one of the cosy arm chairs, head on one side waiting for Neville to go sleep.

Two weeks earlier:
‘Why the hell would you do something like that!!! How could you hurt Neville like that you KNOW he loves you more than anyone else ever could!!’ Lavender shrieked at Hermione.
‘Lavender, it’s not the same, I still like Draco.’
‘Malfoy! I told you you’d get over that! And stop calling him by his first name, we hate him remember!’
‘I don’t…I’m pretty sure no crushes by you or any other girl went on for 3 and a ½ months!’
‘Hermione, you don’t even know him he’-
‘Exactly! I don’t! And he seems like a really sweet guy!’
‘Are you kidding me?’ Lavender kicked the side of her bed, ‘this is Draco Malfoy we’re talking about! Of all people you should hate him more than anyone!’
‘Why? Because he calls me a mud blood? Well, that’s what I am isn’t it? He’s honest and he’s not so…so…sickly sweet like Neville god I can’t believe I ever fell for that!’
‘Fell for it!’ Lavenders stared at Hermione, ‘every girl dreams of a guy like Neville!’
‘Then every girl can have him! Just not me!’ Hermione turned her head back to her homework, writing too hard, her quill snapped and ripped through the parchment. Hermione cursed and pulled out her wand. With one quick spell her quill snapped back into one piece, pulling out another piece of parchment she set to work again, more lightly this time. Lavender sat down on her bed.
‘So what are you going to do about it eh? At least with Neville you had him, what makes you think Malfoy will ever want to be with you?’ Hermione flinched, but continued writing. Showing she didn’t care. She felt like crying. She’d known this all along but still had wanted to give it a chance. She felt like crying, but not in front of Lavender. She knew she’d hurt Neville…badly, but she saved her own tears until she went to bed.

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