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Mixed love by Rose
Chapter 2 : The dream
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Hermione ran past the dungeons…she had to hurry, she was late for potions, professor Snape would be furious! She saw a figure running before her and ran to catch up, she just caught a glimpse of a slick blonde head disappearing around the corner.
‘Malfoy!’ She called, ‘Where are you going! We have potions next!’ Hermione sprinted to the intersection between where Malfoy had turned and the right way to her potions class, sighing, she turned to follow Malfoy through the dark corriders, but things were changing, the walls were shrinking around her, looking about her wildly she ran faster, seeing the widened stretch ahead of her, but no sign of Malfoy.
Her potions class forgotten, Hermione’s goal rapidly changed from catching up to Malfoy to running from the walks closing behind her, she was running out of breath though she could see a garden ahead of her. Lush and green with a smooth brick wall framing the perfect square of land. She couldn’t run any further and collapsed onto the cold stone floor. ‘Malfoy!’ she cried desperately, ‘DRACO!’ She felt the wall on her left start to push her foot forward, before hands scooped her up and pulled her to safety. Breathing heavily she lifted her head and found herself with her back against a strong brick wall, the wall went around and around the square, never ending, the opening to the corridor behind her had disappeared. Even more surprising, she was staring straight into warm grey eyes, strands of blonde hair falling loosely across them. Relieved and shocked Hermione began to thank him,
‘Draco! Oh my god, I don’t know wha’- but before she could finish she found his lips hard pressed against hers, drawing her into a long, passionate kiss, everything swirled about her. Colours flashing, all of a sudden she saw Neville standing alone in a cold, dark room. His face was dark and solemn. Staring blankly at her.
Hermione woke up, sweating and breathing heavily. Looking over at her alarm clock she saw it was three in the morning, her roommates still fast asleep, dreaming peacefully.
Hermione grabbed her wand, in shock, and pointed it at her bedside-table. ‘Calsiarmus!’ she whispered. A glass of milk appeared out of thin air and she drank from it gratefully.
‘What the hell happened?’ she whispered under her breath. She loved Neville.
‘It was just a dream…just a dream.’
Lavender saw Hermione’s white face the next morning.
‘Hermione what’s wrong? Did u have a nightmare?’
‘Something like that, it’s alright though, can barely remember what it was about.’ Lavender looked at her unconvincingly. Hermione looked away, unable to hold the gaze.
‘I heard you last night.’
‘You what?’
‘Heard you screaming. You were asleep, but you screamed Draco’s name.’
‘Draco Malfoy? You’ve got to be joking!’
Lavender looked at the floor then went over to Hermione’s bed and sat herself on the end of it.
‘It’s okay Herm, if you like him that is. I’ve had a few crushes on him myself. What girl hasn’t! You’ll probably get over it soon. I did, just don’t let Neville catch on? You know he’s crazy about you.’ Hermione smiled at the last comment, but she couldn’t believe Lavender had just accused her of having a crush on Malfoy! And she’d had one too! And other girls…
She got dressed and went down to breakfast in the great hall. Neville, of course, was waiting expectantly. His face brightened when she entered.
“Hermione!’ He walked over and gave her a light kiss, Hermione grabbed him and pulled him in close, kissing him harder than ever before, feeling as though she had to prove her love to him. Neville pulled back, gasping for breath.
‘What was that for!’ he said, but with a surprised smile on his face.
‘Nothing, I love you silly.’ Neville’s eyes grew wide.
‘I love you too but…’ all of a sudden he smiled, back to his normal self, ‘let’s have some breakfast.’
Hermione smiled. See? She thought. I don’t like Malfoy, but then she saw him across the great hall having his own breakfast with Crabbe and Goyle. Something inside her chest felt heavy, a longing. This was all interrupted by a banging on the Gryffindor table next to her.
‘Hey, ‘Mione!’ Lavender gave her a look then motioned at Neville with her eyes. Hermione smiled nervously then went to sit down next to him. Lavender shook her head and smiled at Hermione.
‘What are you two on about?’ Said Harry, noticing the two girls exchanged glances.
‘Nothing, nothing,’ Said Lavender, ‘girls are entitled to secrets too aren’t they?’
Harry shrugged and took another bite of toast. Hermione took one last desperate glance at Malfoy as Neville wrapped an arm around her shoulder.
‘It will all be over soon,’ she whispered under her breath.

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