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Harry and Hermione fall in love by purple
Chapter 2 : Ron\'s admirer
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"So who are you going to the Valentines ball with Hermione. "It's a surprise" ansewed Hermione. "Same for me" said Harry before Ron could even ask. Ron was too excited about his secret admirer to notice from what Harry and Hermione just said that they were going together.

That night at the Valentines ball was a real blast. Harry and Hermione danced every dance together and Ron was very surprised to see Hermione walk in beside Harry. "When did this happen?" Ron asked. "Well" said Harry. "Just today" "Wow" said Ron. "Hey you better be over at the refreshmints table" said Harry. Ron smiled and stood by the punch bowl.

"Hermione, Iam kinda worried that Ron is going to get his heart broke today." "Why" asked Hermione. "because just look at him, he is so happy that he has a secret admirer. What if his secret admirer is just playing a trick with him." "Oh," said Hermione "your right."

Later that night. Harry and Hermione was in the middle of a dance when Ron and a girl came up. "Hey guys, meet Hailey. SHe is in Ravenclaw" said Ron. "Hi" said Hermione and Harry at the same time. Then Hailey, who was kinda shy whispered something in Ron's ear. "Oh, well, see ya soon guys" he said to Harry and Hermione. Hailey wants to go dance." They found a empty spot on the dance floor.

"Would it be going to fast if I sugested we start going steady? asked Hermione. "I think that's a good idea." said Harry.

"OK, everyone gather round for the picture" screamed Albus Dumbledore over all the noise. Somehow, Harry and Hermione got to be in the front row. snap, click and the picture came out of the camera. "Perfect" he said looking at the picture, all right you can go back to what you were doing now he said.

"There is only 7 more minutesand one more song untill we have to go back to our common rooms" said Harry. "Lets dance for the last seven minutes" said Hermione "Ok" said Harry.

Then, 7 minutes later the clock struck 12 and it was offically not valentines day any more. But right on the first dong of the big grandfather clock, Harry, who had been waiting for the perfect time to do this, reached over, and kissed Hermione on the cheek. Hermione grinned at him (which was a releif to Harry, he was afraid that he might have been moving to fast)

Harry and Hermione have been considered boyfreind and girlfreind ever since. It didn't go so well with Ron and Hailey though. About a month later they broke up. Ron did, however eventually find a new girlfreind, her name is Amy and she is in Hufflepuff. So far Ron and Amy have been considered boyfreind and girlfreind for many months now and their realatsoinship is going more than good.

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Harry and Hermione fall in love: Ron\'s admirer


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