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The Last Raven by SerafinaAzar
Chapter 3 : Chapter 1.
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A/N: Some of the new characters in the chapter - I imagine Sahar to look like Ellaria Sand from GoT; and Delphina and Alexander as Alexandra and Matthew Daddario. Enjoy!

I don't own anything but the original characters and the plotline.

Everything past that moment was a blur. Sabine apparated to the entrance of Beauxbatons, where the patrolling staff sent out to watch the grounds after the attack, walked her to the headmistress’ office. There she met Albus Dumbledore who confirmed that her parents and little brother were murdered in their home by Voldemort’s followers. He told her for her protection she would spend the rest of the summertime with her mother’s parents and sister in Italy and then if she wished, to resume her studies under his protection at Hogwarts. By then Sabine was an emotionless statue, listening with no reply, and the headmaster decided to wait with further discussions.

As promised, Sabine spent the summer months in the Shafiq villa. After a small family funeral, she spent her days in quiet solitude, much to the growing worry of her loved ones. She got hundreds of letters from Alexander and Delphina but did not open one, as she knew what they’d say. Summer was dwindling down, and Sabine was dying out with it. Her mother’s parents, Salomon and Alia, urged their granddaughter not to return to school as they worried for her safety. Her aunt Sahar, her mother’s little sister, and her husband in turn disagreed with her parents but never voiced their opinion until summer came to an end. In time, Sahar watched her sister’s lively traits that she used to recognise in her niece disappear behind Sabine’s growing defences and it worried her immensely. One day at the end of the summer Sahar found her niece in the library, a book tossed by her side, staring out of the window with a faraway look in her eyes. As Sahar sat down beside her, Sabine gave no reaction.

“My heart, you cannot go on like this” She began in her softly accented english. “You must not do this to yourself”

Sabine continued to stare far away, as Sahar took a pause and stared at the crumbling young woman in front of her. She reached out and took Sabine’s hand with two of her own.

“You know, you remind me so much of her. Such stubbornness. Such emotion and strength”

Sabine sharply turned her head and looked at Sahar with anger dancing in her wet eyes.

“I am not strong, I could not save them. I could not. I was helpless, and I am helpless against all of this. My father was strong. My mother was too. And that did not stop the Death Eaters from coming to our house and killing them in the night.”

Sahar raised her finger to wipe away the silent tears that were now streaming down Sabine’s face.

“My child, you cannot stop living your life. Darkness is and will always be part of our world, but we must not let it ruin who we are and who we may become”

As she took the sobbing girl into her arms, Sabine finally let herself come undone.


In the middle of August, Dumbledore came to visit her once more. They took a walk in the gardens. He studied her to see how she was dealing with her new reality. He was quite close with Sabine’s late father and has seen her many times as a child. That young girl has now matured into a beautiful young woman. The apparent bags under her eyes and her distant gaze, however, were not signs of carefree existence that her peers were used to in the summertime. She did look more alive than the descriptions from Salomon’s letters, so Albus was sure she would grow to be okay in time. As okay as one may be under the circumstances.

“Professor, may I ask you something?” She suddenly looked at him with curious eyes.

“Yes, of course. You want to ask me how you survived that spell?” Dumbledore replied with a twinkle in his eyes. She looked at him in surprise. “I have spent quite some time thinking about that. Am I correct in that your animagus form has changed?”

“Yes, the feathers turned white. But how...”

“Well, in fact you’ve shed your skin, as they say” Dumbledore interrupted her in the same playful tone. “Sabine, you have powerful ancient magic running through your blood. For the same reason that you have been an animagus from a young age, is why the spell rebounded into the Death Eater’s wand and killed him. Quite curious case.”

His face suddenly turned serious.

“I would advise you, however, to be cautious with divulging this information. As I am afraid, you are now one of Voldemort’s most desired targets”

Sabine pondered on Dumbledore’s words as they kept walking through the leafy greens. A while later he asked her to sit with him on the terrace.

“I have quite a bit to discuss with you, Sabine” As she gestured for him to continue, Dumbledore took out a scroll and a beautiful mother of pearl encrusted box with the Ravenclaw seal on the top.

“The time has come for me to give you your parents will.” With a look at the now tense girl, Dumbledore continued. “As the contents of this will were to be split between you and your late brother, Salomon”

Sabine felt the knot that has not disappeared all summer tighten in her chest at the mention of her dead baby brother

“and as you are of age 17, you are now the sole heiress to your parent’s legacy. In this will are included, the contents of your family vault at Gringotts, the Ravenclaw estate and a few other details that I will leave you to look through on your own.”

“Now Sabine, there is something I must give to you upon the instruction of your parents” Sabine looked up at Dumbledore in surprise. “Your mother asked for me to give this to you in case anything… well.”

As he opened the encrusted box, Sabine saw a simple golden chain with a round disc charm which had a petite sapphire inlaid “S”. Her heart swelled with emotion as she pressed the necklace to her chest before putting it with care around her neck.

“Thank you” She looked so deep into Dumbledore’s eyes that for a second he could almost touch all that was masked behind them.

“Now. I am here to discuss another matter as well. As you know, a new school year is coming up and I would like to once more extend to you an invitation to join Hogwarts. With respect to Madame Maxime, I believe we will be able to guard your safety more carefully there.”

He took a slight pause studying her face.

“If you do agree to come, I will ask you to introduce yourself by your mother’s last name. It may, I hope, bring to you less unneeded attention” Suddenly the twinkle was back in his eyes and he continued in a more light-hearted tone. “I do also believe, having a certain pair of twins by your side will provide you with the necessary comfort”

She sat in silence for a while, pondering Dumbledore’s words. She remembered what her aunt said about moving her life forward. With a deep inhale, Sabine knew what her answer would be.

“I accept.”


A day before the start of the school year, Sabine faced another hard decision. She was to visit her ancestral home in England. She sent the Ares twins an owl two weeks previous to apologise for her lack of communication, as the three of them have never stopped talking for longer than a week. And that only happened once when they were all 10 and their parents thought separating them would help their mischievousness to stop. She has made plans to meet up with them to travel to Diagon Alley for school supplies and sleep over at their house on the last night before school started. They were ecstatic to finally hear from her, even though Sahar has been secretly sending them notes on her niece’s condition throughout the summer.

But before Sabine would get to see her best friends, she needed to finally see her home. And she needed to do it on her own. Since that night in May, she could not go back. Not after what happened there. The only people who have been there since were aurors and some house elves who kept the estate clean.

Now it was time for her to travel and she knew she would somehow have to bare it. Of course, leaving the safety of her grandparents home terrified her. But she knew it had to be done. Taking time to say goodbye to Salomon, Alia and Sahar and with a promise to write, she walked out of the house with her bags and smiled one last time at her loved ones. As per instruction, Sabine would travel to the familial estate by herself. There she would meet the aurors who were now to escort her everywhere outside of the Hogwarts territory.

“Oh, how the world has changed” was her last thought before she disapparated with a pop in the rising rays of the morning sun.


The morning air was much crisper in England but she didn’t feel the usual frosty burn. Sabine looked out across the grounds at the morning mist that was covering the hills, listening to the familiar chirp of the birds until her gaze landed on the hauntingly beautiful red brick mansion that stood before her.

Two of the ministry aurors stood behind her waiting by the gate and quietly discussing something in between themselves. The estate, now charmed against unwanted visitors, was not the home Sabine had remembered. Everything was familiar but not the same. All of the house’s liveliness, that was breathed into it by Raedon and Serafina, has now disappeared.

As Sabine walked through the lane of winding beech trees that lined the walkway to the house, she felt the knot in her stomach tightening. Her leather ankle boots clad legs elegantly ran up the stairs to the entrance of the home. Opening the front door of the house, she walked into the grand entrance hall, a place they used to welcome guests into their warm house. Now the place was eerie, a carcass shell of the home it used to be.

Sabine padded up the stairs into her room staring out of the big window that looked onto the vast grounds. She smiled thinking of how many times she would sneak out of that window with Alexander and Delphina. She turned and looked around the room. The beige walls used to give off a warm and comforting glow but now were as cold as the rest of the house. She caught her reflection in the large vanity mirror. Though she looked almost the same as usual, she could not recognise herself anymore.

Shaking off her thoughts, she walked out and into the long hallway. Walking past doors upon doors, she finally came to her destination, her parents bedroom. The knot in her stomach kept tightening up. Walking into her mother’s garderobe, she ran her hands through the silks and velvets of her clothes. Picking up a few of her mother’s favorite items to take with her, she walked to the vanity. Along the small table there were scattered various boxes and bottles, but Sabine was looking for a particular one -- her mother’s perfume. Finding the desired bottle, she lifted it up to her thin wrist and sprayed a tiny bit suddenly enveloping herself in the familiar scents of sandalwood, Italian cypress and jasmine. The smell took her home to her mother’s warm hugs and unforgettable smiles.

Sabine was on her way out of the house when she noticed something in the corner of her eye. It was the half-opened door to her brother’s little room. With a heavy breath, Sabine walked into the room.

With one look at the discarded toys of muggle automobiles and books about the faraway stars, she collapsed on the floor in tears.

“Oh Sal… I’m so sorry” She whispered between rugged breaths, clutching to her chest her brother’s favorite toy hippogriff.

Feeling rage and grief build up in her chest, Sabine threw the window open. In the matter of seconds a large white raven was flying through the estate grounds. Feeling the burning of the cold morning air between her feathered wings, she flew faster and higher. Anything to rid her of the heaviness in her chest.

The ministry aurors stood watching from afar as a white bird soared through the morning sky letting out a single blood-chilling screech .


Sabine made it approximately five steps into the Ares’ estate, when she had been tackled by her two best friends. As the three layed in a pile and she screamed in laughter for them to get off, her two accompanying aurors chuckled walking by them in the direction of the house where the twins’ parents stood on the steps. Alexander and Delphina’s father was a handsome European man in his 50s, he was the Head of the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry. His wife and him were like second parents to Sabine. As they stood watching the reunion of their teenaged children, Karina Ares turned to her husband with worry etched onto her beautiful face.

“How long will they be able to enjoy this innocence, Ambrus? The poor girl has already suffered incomprehensible loss.”

“They will grow up stronger and wiser than us, my love. And Merlin knows the battles to come will not be easy” Ambrus said looking at his smiling children as he squeezed his wife’s hand.


Alexander Ares was a handsome young man. Like his father, he had broad shoulders and a tall muscular build. He shared, like his twin sister Delphina, their mother’s dark brunette hair. Though the two seemed much alike, Alexander’s eyes were a warm brown after his father, while Delphina’s were a piercing light blue. The never-still Alexander grew up instigating all kinds of pranks, while Delphina’s sharp and witty mind helped execute them perfectly. Sabine adored the two. And they loved her like a sibling in return.

After their reunion, the three walked into the Ares’ house to the sound of Alex’s remarks on how bony Sabine got.

“You’re lucky I didn’t break you Sab” He commented with a chuckle.

“You know you’re lucky I didn’t strangle you after you dropped me to the ground before” Sabine replied in angry tone but with a smile on her face. In return, Alex stuck his tongue out at his best friend. The three teenagers began poking each other with laughter, when Karina interrupted.

“Now you three, come eat breakfast before you go off to Diagon Alley. Sabine, sweetheart, we put you up in Delphina’s room as I know that’s where you’ll end up tonight anyways” She said with a smile as Sabine thanked her in return.

After breakfast the three of them flood from the family room fireplace to the Leaky Cauldron. Before shopping, however, Sabine needed to get money out of her family vault.

The three have only been to Gringotts as children and didn’t pay much attention then. It was strange for them to go as adults. But for Sabine, that was her new reality. After the trip to the vaults and back, the trio walked through diagon alley getting school supplies according to the provided list. Alex went to get new quidditch equipment, as the girls bought new robes. They came back home exhausted after walking around for the whole day. So after having a long dinner on the back terrace of the twins home, they went to bed to wake up early for the train.

Though sleep came fast, Delphina was soon woken up by Sabine’s screams. As she shook her awake, Sabine turned to hug her friend.

“I keep seeing it Del. Over and over again. I keep seeing them die and I can’t do anything about it.” She said with tears running down her face. She was sick of it. The nightmares that lasted the summer, the constant tears and breakdowns.

“Shhh. It’s alright. Time heals everything. It’s okay to be hurting for a while. You’re doing so much better already”

As Delphina calmed her friend down, Sabine finally fell asleep in the arms of the Sleeping Draught.


A/N: Please let me know what you think, what works and what doesn't. I would love to hear any criticism. Thank you for reading. x


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