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The Last Raven by SerafinaAzar
Chapter 1 : Introduction.
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A/N: J.K.Rowling owns everything in this story apart from the original characters. Enjoy!


You could tell from one look at her, that ancient blood ran through her veins. She was born with hair the color of a dark night sky. One could almost see constellations of stars hidden in between the long silky strands. Her eyes were a deep blue, with the storming roar of the oceans and the striking light of sapphires. And as other descendants of the Ravenclaw blood, from a young age Sabine was an animagi. A secret gift passed on through generations of the family. She could turn into a black raven, the bird that lived on as the symbol of Ravenclaw House.

Her father, Raedon, was the only heir to the Ravenclaw fortune. He was brought up by his family to be an intelligent and strong leader of the house. His wife in turn, was a gracefully aging witch who brought light and warmth into the family home. Raedon met Sabine’s mother, Serafina, on the Mediterranean coast the summer after his last year at Hogwarts. Serafina Azar Shafiq came from an ancient arabic pureblood dynasty, one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight families. Her family left England during the rise of Gellert Grindelwald, having rejected the pureblood mania that veiled over Britain and seeking a peaceful future for their descendants away from the troubles of the war to come. Growing up in Italy, Serafina was far from the pureblood extremities of the English wizarding families. From the moment she met Sabine’s father, Serafina captivated him with her charm and elegance, as she did with anyone who had the chance to encounter her. Raedon often told his kids of the first time he met her. He was spending the summer with his mates from school, residing at his uncle’s house on Amalfi coast. They were at the beach like any other day laying around ranking the muggle girls who walked by as teenage boys do, when a beauty caught Raedon’s eye. Serafina was at the beach with her little sister Sahar when she heard the boys making crude remarks. She got so mad at their childish antics, that she accidentally set their towels on fire. Raedon watching her from afar found her anger endearing. It took weeks to convince Serafina of his good intentions, until finally she let her stubbornness go and let him into her heart.

The couple settled in England, in the familial Ravenclaw estate. And soon after, Serafina gave birth to a girl who they named Sabine, and later a boy named Salomon. Their children grew up in pureblood traditions, but were never taught to hate muggles or anyone beneath their social standing. And so, the family lived happily for many years.

Sabine grew up along other wizarding families of the area. She had quickly found friendship with their neighbour’s children, the twins Alexander Calidan and Delphina Demeter Ares. The Ares twins came from an old Greek wizarding dynasty. They were rumoured to be the descendants of Artemis and Apollo, the mischievous twin Gods. On their 11th birthday, they all received a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts. Sabine’s parents, however, have been hearing whispers of Voldemort’s rise in the British wizarding community. And thus wanting to protect her, they sent their daughter to Beauxbatons School in the South of France. Year by year Sabine grew into a striking beauty and an intelligent young woman, combining her mother’s natural elegance and her father’s strong character.

And all was good until the day that changed everything.



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The Last Raven: Introduction.


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