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I Can't Die Now by GraceWeasley
Chapter 1 : Hale
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I ran in the alleys behind the buildings, hearing the sounds grow louder. She was getting closer.

I ran faster, weaving through alleys, trying to not get lost, or wind up back where I had started.

A red beam shot the wall next to my head. I could hear my heart thundering in my ears.

I spoke into my radiocom.

“Houston! Send backup!” I cried. The radio crackled and the muffled answer came:

“Right away, Hale.” I could hear the screeching laughter approaching. I was at a dead end. I

whirled around and shot charms into the fog. Bursts of green lit up smoke.

“Avada Kadavra!” I cried more urgently. The laughter stopped.

Was she dead?

“You thought I was dead! Stupid mudblood!” The person cackled. I began firing more curses as

she began cackling again.

“Lumos!” I cried, sending the light through the fog, showing the figure of a woman. My heart

beat calmed as I approached her slowly. The woman stayed put, looking at me challengingly.

How dare she. My thoughts roared. Then stopped, replaced by a high-pitched sound. It

sounded like a teakettle boiling over—like the rage inside me was finally over-flowing.

“Avada Kadavra!” I screamed so forcefully my throat felt as if it was tearing apart. The green

beam shot straight forward and hit it’s mark—Delphini Riddle.

She let out a scream as the curse hit her, falling to the ground. I slid to the ground, panting,

and watching the Augury’s dead body suspiciously. I had killed her—Voldemort’s daughter.

She wouldn’t hurt anyone, ever again. I let out a gasp and stood, feeling a stabbing pain in my

side. I glanced down and froze. Blood, lots of blood was covering my side, spreading quickly

and dripping into small pools on the ground beneath me. My hands shook as I brushed my

fingers over my face, wincing as I felt numerous cuts. I dropped my hand and slowly began

walking towards Delphini.

Her black hair was matted and graying despite her young age. The years she had spent in

Azkaban had done that to her. She was only four years older than me. I touched her with my

foot. No reaction. I crouched down.

“Stay dead if you think that Delphini Riddle is a stupid bint.” I whispered. She didn’t start

breathing. I grinned goofily, cautiously touching her pale neck. No heartbeat. I stood up, my

heart still beat rapidly, just because of how eerie this was. I felt light-headed.

“Hale!” I heard my name being yelled. The backup. A bit late now.

“Here!” I yelled, my voice hoarse and my throat hurt terribly. My head spun. I sat down heavily.


“Here!” I called, my voice was considerably quieter. I pulled my fingers up inspecting the

scarlet liquid on them. Blood. I sleepily looked down, noticing a large pool of blood around me. I

let out a small whimper, my vision was beginning to have dark spots in it.

The spots grew larger. I couldn’t think, my thoughts were sluggish, but I remember one thing.

Words that seemed to burn on the horizon like a pillar of fire.

I can’t die now.

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I Can't Die Now: Hale


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