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Harry of Potter Hall by Broadway Lion
Chapter 16 : Fleamont Potter
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Fleamont Potter

    Harry had been examining his pensive and it was indeed a treasure trove of Potter history and much more as well, the problem was, he could not discern whose thoughts he was looking at nor what time frame they were located in. They were just a bowl full of thoughts. He augmented this with his readings. Then he came across an old book. The book was old, but it looked deep, deep, deeply into the past to what may very well have been the very beginning of magic.

    In the beginning there was nothing other than the One. And the One Created Heaven and Earth, the seas and the mountains, and he populated the land with people and animals, plants and minerals. And it happened that Lucifer, a ranking spirit of the One defied him saying that he would not serve these people on earth, for they were so far inferior to him. And the One cast him out of the Blessed Realm, and gave him the name of Satan. {Quran 2:34]

And it came to be that Satan caused the people to fight with each other, they killed each other, they divided into one people and another people, and some were good and others were evil.

    In order to repair the rifts on the earth the One sent four spirits from his own realm to work with the people and to bring order out of chaos and peace out of war. These sprits took the form of men and worked magic to try to repair the rends. Their names were Saruman the White, Gandalf the Gray, Radagast the Brown and Elrond the Blue. These defeated Satan and constricted him to the nether regions of the world where he could influence the weak, but never again attack or force his will upon men.

    Their time on earth completed, they returned to the One spirit that created them, but they left in their wake followers who had acquired their spirits and their strengths. And over the time of three thousand years their spirits, their wills and their magic was distilled into four of the greatest wizards of all time. Of Saruman the White arose Salazar Slytherin; of Gandalf the Gray arose Godric Gryffindor; of Radagast the Brown arose Helga Hufflepuff; and of Elrond the Blue arose Ravenna Ravenclaw. These four great wizards combined to establish Hogwarts School of Whichcraft and Wizardry in the year 1000 AD.

    Now in the year in the year 1210 Hardwin of Linfred, sixth great grandson of Godric Gryffindor was an accomplished potioner who had great healing abilities. He grew his special herbs and magical plants in pots and was always puttering around with them. He became wealthy making potions and healing people and they called him ‘The Potterer’. It is from Hardwin of Linfred that the surname ‘Potter’ arose and was applied to all of his descendants.

In the year 1240 (or there about) he had a son whom he named Halsted and in time Halsted married Iolanthe Peverell the only daughter of Ignotus Peverell, and heir to the Invisibility Cloak. Ignotus was the youngest of three brothers.

Antiochus Peverell, was the first son of Fortamas Peverell who was himself a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Antiochus possessed the Elder Wand, and was killed in the night losing the wand and his life and was without issue. The wand passed out of knowledge for a time.

Cadmus Peverell, second son of Fortamas Peverell, and was possessed of the Resurrection Stone. His only offspring, a daughter married into the Gaunt family. The Resurrection Stone went with her and to her heirs.

In the year 1280 (or there about) Halsted erected a great tower on his land, and called it ‘Potter’s Keep,’ and this became the family estate for the next three hundred and forty years.

In the year 1580 Ralston Potter, the 11th generation grandson of Halsted Potter was born of Maximus Potter. It was Ralston who erected Potter Hall as it is seen today.

In 1870 Henry ‘Harry’ Potter, the 10th generation grandson of Ralston Potter, 21st generation grandson of Halsted Potter, and 27th generation grandson of Godric Gryffindor was born of Caradoc Potter. In 1895 he married Carly Fleamont, the 31st generation descendant of Ravenna Ravenclaw. Because Carly was the last descendent of the Fleamont line, they named their son Fleamont Potter in her family’s honor. Thus Fleamont was born in 1900, the 28th generation Grandson of Godric Gryffindor.

In 1920 Fleamont married Euphemia Hufflepuff, the 33rd generation from Helga Hufflepuff. They were bereft of children until the birth of James Potter in 1950. James was the joy of Fleamont and Euphemia, and had the run of Potter Hall. He was steeped in learning under his parents loving instruction. In 1961 James entered Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

James was especially close friends with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Known as the ‘Marauders’ they wracked their own brand of havoc across the campus. Not least of all the fact that Remus Lupin was a werewolf, and had to be protected from the school and society during the days of the full moon. Eventually Sirius and James learned of this, and how could they not what with living with him in the same dormitory. The three, James, Sirius and Peter on their own became unregistered Animagi.

During this time Severus Snape and Lily Evans both from Spinner’s End also entered Hogwarts in 1961. Severus had always had a crush on Lily Evans, and for a while she on him. But he was in Slytherin House, and she in Gryffindor. Severus bent to the dark side and became a Death Eater under the tutelage of Lord Voldemort. Lily stopped seeing him at this time and eventually went to school in 1969 to become an Auror.

James and the Marauders graduated from Hogwarts in 1969, and then James spent three years studying to be an Auror. In 1972 both James and Lily graduated from the Auror academy and went on various assignments, sometimes together. In 1977 they were married in the church at Godric’s Hollow and continued to live in Potter Hall.

On July 31st 1980 they had a son whom they named Harry James Potter, and he was the 30th generation grandson of Godric Gryffindor. These were dark times, Lord Voldemort: The Dark Lord, and He-Whom We-Do-Not-Name, was reaching his height of power. Many Aurors and members of the Order of the Phoenix were killed in this time. And on October 31st 1981 Voldemort killed James and Lily Potter in their home at Godric Cottage. Harry Potter too what struck by Voldemort’s AVADA-KEDAVRA curse, but Harry was not killed. He lived. It was Voldemort himself who was struck down by his own curse. Voldemort became a spirit without a body. He was doomed to suffer without a body for sixteen more years before he could again put forth enough power to appear in bodily form.

Harry read through what he had written several times. It was mind numbing, but it was sinking in. He was heir to Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. This was an astounding revelation to him. He could hardly take it all in.

The next afternoon he floo to Hogwarts to see Minerva McGonagall. He showed her the genealogy as he had reconstructed it. She said that it looked about right, but then after looking at the dates that Harry used she saw that he had used a 30-year pattern. Harry admitted that he could not pin down the dates and had assumed 30 years for each generation. He knew that it was a rough draft, and he thought he got everybody on there, but maybe not in the right order. Maybe he marked one as a son when he was really a brother. It was just a place to begin. But what was bothering him was the lineage from the four founders to himself.

McGonagall replied, “Yes, Harry, that was known to Dumbledore and to myself. Kingsley also knows, but if anyone else knows, I do not know of it. That more than the mark on your forehead told us very much. We knew James was a four-heir, and knew therefore that you were too. And now you have amassed magic that James had never dreamed of, that I have never dreamed of, and if the truth be told, I expect you to grow more and more powerful still. To what end, I know not. I know that you will not be another Dark Lord, but beyond that I cannot see.”

And Harry replied, “All I want to be is a husband and a father, and to raise a family. Just that and nothing more. But I expect, as you do too, or so it would seem, that there is much more in store for me. I will stay the course for now but every day puts new magic, new possibilities and new problems in front of me. I do not want to be the Minister of Magic; I hardly want to be the head of the Aurors. I do not want to be the head of anything.”

“Well welcome to the club, I did not want to be head of the school, Dumbledore did not want to be head of the Ministry, but of course did well as head of the school. Life isn’t about what we want, it is about what we do and what happens to us. But you, Harry will do all things well, and would even do well as the Muggle Prime Minister, and that, Harry, has happened before. Run along now, and raise your family, it will not be too long before you will be sending little Potters here to the school.”

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Harry of Potter Hall: Fleamont Potter


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