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Ro, Ro, Row Your Boat by Kindlemesilly
Chapter 1 : Introducing The Begining Of The Begining.
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‘Hey Roxy, do you have a minute’


I groaned. My brother rolled his eyes impatiently and smirked.


‘Sorry Ro, I forgot how much you hate Roxy’ he said

‘You would too if your name sounded like a Crup’ I snapped.

He shrugged and laughed.


‘Anyhow, I was wondering if you could take some notes in History today for me and I’ll catch up with you later’


‘What in Merlin’s name for? It’s literally the first day week back from break and you’re already cutting class?’


‘Yep James said he found something interesting. Please Ro can you?


‘So I’m assuming these notes are also going to be passed onto Al, and probably Scorpius? Why can’t you ask someone else? I always take down notes for you guys’ I huffed.


‘Because Rose slams a book in my face every time I ask, Dom doesn’t write anything down for herself let alone us, Molly purposely writes the wrong things for us and all the other girls keep scribbling their numbers and love hearts on them’


‘Well what about the guys in our year level who are intending on graduating from seventh year and not skipping class because Jimmy found a frog?’


‘Ro please I would not skip class for a frog’ said Fred with a smirk again. He held up his hand and started counting down the reasons as to why he could not trust the rest of the boys in our history class to take notes. ‘…and the Scamander twins write jibberish in their notes that only they can understand, Chang tried to curse me for even asking, and Zabini has messy handwriting’.


‘Fine but you owe me. I mean it Fred II Arthur Weasley’


I didn’t get to hear his reply because he ran away happily shouting nonsense as he went.


I closed my eyes and tried to picture what Jimmy and Fred could have possibly found so interesting that it was worth skipping class for. Then I figured- No it’s better if I didn’t know. I shrugged and walked to class.


I was walking down the corridor when a first year rudely pushed into me. I know it was a first year because I remember seeing this particular first year at the sorting hat ceremony. She looked like a Veela. But like a baby Veela. What would you even call that? A Veel? This was just at first glance mind you. She was selected into Slytherin. I got to see her closer as she walked past our table. She was no Veel I can tell you that much.


Sad isn’t it- that this generation of young ones are so eager to grow up. I blame the muggle world. Her name was Imogen and she had blonde hair with full contoured face. She was 12??!!! Not even I can contour my face with both hands and a wand. Lily told me she transferred from Beauxbatons (American Campus) and apparently well lets just say she grew up way to fast and has seen way too many things that I know I have only just seen.


‘Excuse you’ I said.


‘Yeah ok’ she said as she rolled her eyes and flipped her hair backwards. I noticed her fingers were perfectly manicured with acrylics.


‘Was that guy your boyfriend?’ she asked.


‘Who?’ I asked. I checked around me. There was nobody here except for her and a few first year girls. Her posse I’m assuming. Oh no little Lucy was one of them. She’s our youngest cousin to enter Hogwarts.


‘The boy who asked you to take notes for him. He was hot. And if he is your boyfriend I’m ready to fight you for him. You don’t look like any competition’. She said whilst pursing her matte uneven lip. Yeah stupid little girl just because I can’t do my make up as good as you don’t mean I don’t know a bad lip line when I see it. Wait is she asking about Fred?

‘What Fred? What the ? He is my twin brother you disturbed little brat’ I said whilst walking off. I really don’t have time for first year bullshit. Unless is involves my cousins I really don’t care about the affairs of pupils at Hogwarts.


I walked/ran/walked/jogged/walked to history of magic. It was on the other side of the castle. Professor Bins didn’t even notice when I slipped in.

I sat in between my cousins Rose and Dominque as they point blank refuse to sit near each other anymore.


If the symbol of Ying and Yang could have faces it would be my cousins Red and Dom. Rose had been called Red from the day she walked through Hogwarts in our first year. It kind of just stuck with her.  She is the rebellious redhead in our big family. She’s a really good Quidditch beater, wears ripped jeans and drinks Butterbeers in the same league as Jimmy. She speaks her mind and is the definition of not giving a toss about what anyone thinks. She is the type of girl that loves to have fun and guys are either falling inlove with her or are best friends with her. She really does get along with everyone.


Dominique is the rebellious blonde in our family. She too does not care what anyone thinks and speaks her mind in her very Dominique way. She however is more prissy than Red. She has time and energy to do her hair, and make up and even create new outfits. She loves playing hairdresser in the common rooms and loves helping others to feel beautiful. She is also a really good dualer. Both wizarding and muggle duals. She is a strong girl let me tell you. Knocked Fred’s jaw out of place once. Fun times.



See what I mean how Dom and Red are the opposites but exactly alike.


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Ro, Ro, Row Your Boat: Introducing The Begining Of The Begining.


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