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Blush by crimson quill
Chapter 4 : team cupid
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I remember the first time I did magic, the event had led me to be standing here. Well, perhaps not the only event that led me to be here but it was an important one. I was seven years old, I had been invited to Jessica Taylor’s birthday party, she was so popular, queen bee of our seven year old lives. I was so excited to be invited, it was my greatest achievement at that point in my life.

This party was everything and I made my mum buy me the most amazing dress ever for it. It was so sparkly. Unfortunately Jessica Taylor also thought the dress was pretty because she was wearing the same one. She demanded that I changed my outfit or she would make my life hell, I was so upset. My mum had left so I had no way of changing, she locked me in a cupboard and said I could only come out if I was wearing something else. Suddenly, I made the dress change before my eyes, the material changed colour and the sleeves came off.

Since finding out about my magic mum has claimed pretty much everything I did as a child was a sign of magic. I guess she’s just proud, she tells these annoying stories, like Mia and Cash have heard like million times. I was not that special but try telling my mum that, it’s quite cute how obsessed they got with magic, on our first trip to Diagon Alley they brought basically all history books in Flourish and Blotts. I’ve never mentioned to them that I know anyone called Weasley or Potter, they might die of excitement if they knew.

“When I was seven, I magically changed my dress because a girl was mean to me. it’s the first time I remember using magic” I said, Louis looked at me and raised his eyebrows, but smiled at me anyway.

I didn’t know what to say so I did the natural thing by saying the first thing that came into my head. It was the first time I had seen him properly in at least 3 weeks, I had seen him around and in lessons but it wasn’t the same as one to one interaction. He looked amazing as ever but he looked unsettled, I think his eyes didn’t have their normal twinkle. He looked pleased to see me, I didn’t think I was as angry as I thought I might be. I felt that knot in my stomach loosen ever so slightly.

“I think that I was four when I remember doing magic for the first time. Mum and dad had just brought Victorie a cat for her first year at Hogwarts and it tried to attack me and I stuck it to the wall” he told me with a small smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth. “It gave me bragging rights as I showed signs of magic before Dom even though she’s older!”

“I imagine Dom hated you for that!” I laughed, it was an odd nervous laugh not my normal loony laugh that people around seem to stare at me for. I must remember why I came, I had broken the ice but I must stay on message.

“She did rather, she was always going on about being older, it always annoys me when she refers to me as her little brother” he commented, looking at me, he was doing that cute thing again when he talks about his family. “I figured you didn’t come chat to me about that though?”

“Before I say anything else, I have to make it clear that I’m not here to forgive you and I don’t want to talk about what happened” I said firmly, I’ve made a step forward by talking to him but no-one said it had to be about his power.

I only had space in my head for a set amount of things, you know? I wasn’t ready to talk about how he betrayed my trust. I had a stronger need to help Mia right now though.

“OK, I understand...” he said slowly

“You must promise that you won’t use your power on me again” I said, he got this odd look in his eye that I couldn’t really place when I mentioned his power.


I can’t believe that he has seriously just paused, what on earth could he possibly need to think about right now? I’m here with the bloody olive branch in my damn hand and he doesn’t know?! I’ll never understand him, I’m so confused to what’s going on in his mind. I wish I knew to somehow understand why this is happening.


“I’m sorry! I won’t, I promise, please stay” he said rather desperately reaching to grab my hand, I just stared at it. He let go almost instantly.

“I need your help, I need to get Mia and Ryan back together” I announced. He bit his lip in a weird uncomfortable way, look briefly at his feet before answering me.

“I don’t know..” he began.

“Look Weasley, we killed love and now I’ve got to put it right so I’m on a crusade for love, so are you with me or not?” I snapped, I’m giving him a chance to do some good and he is throwing in my face now. You think he might want to do something helpful wouldn’t you?!

“I forgot how crazy you can be” he said quietly after looking at me for a moment, the shadow of smile etched on his face, he looked at me almost fondly “of course I’ll help”

“I’m not crazy, I’m determined to right wrongs so I’m more like a superhero” I boldly after all, the more I think about about it, it makes sense. I could be a superhero, I need an awesome super hero name, hmm….

“So I’m your sidekick or something?” he asked with a hint of familiar smirk

“Dream on, we’re team Cupid!” I announced. Every special mission needs a name, they just do. Louis would know if he had ever been a mission with me before. The name Cupid was perfect for a mission of love.

“Team Cupid?!”

“Yes! We have to get them back together at Hogsmeade so they can wear cute matching Halloween costumes” I said stubbornly, I’m going to make their costumes by the time I’m finished they’ll be back together, everything will be lovely. I’ve decided that’s what needs to happen.

“you don’t leave much room for failure you do?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“I guess not, lets get planning then pumpkin!” I said

Pumpkin after his favourite type of pie and sadly not his physique. If he ate enough pie then he might turn into a pumpkin then he wouldn’t able to get on a broom so angry Quidditch captains wouldn’t seek me out to yell at me. It wouldn’t be my fault ‘sorry, he turned into a pumpkin!’, that’ll be awesome. Maybe, I really could turn him into a pumpkin for hallowen for a prank, yes, must remember that one.


“Yes, it’s your codename obviously” I said matter of factly, you always need a codename. Again something he would know if he had been a special mission with me before.

“So does that make you Cherry?”

That made me stop for a moment, stop to remember that memory. it was the first thing that popped into my head. I was still in disbelief, who chooses pumpkin (maybe apple but pumpkin?!). The way he said Cherry made me stop, something about that suddenly made me feel shy. His blue eyed stare focused on me like looking into two pools of crystal. Before I knew it, I was unable to look at him and focused my eyes on the ground, feeling a familiar heat rising my cheeks. Louis Weasley was making me blush without using his powers.

“I guess it does...”



She’s a whirlwind, I can’t believe that I promised not to use my power. I have no control over that but I couldn’t miss my chance to make it up to her. She doesn’t give second chances but it feels like I’m getting one though she was very clear that wasn’t the case. I don’t know but I have to try to make this work. I’m not even sure that getting Ryan and Mia back together is a good idea, they broke up for a reason and I don’t believe it was all about Lettie and I.

So if I only lose control when I think about how much I like her so logically if I just think about everything I hate about her while I’m with her so I don’t lose control. I had to think about stuff I hate about Lettie now, what did I hate about her?

Those bows she always wears? She is a bit obsessive about getting them straight and she always wore a pink one on Wednesdays, I remember I asked once why, she laughed and told me I needed to watch more films. No, I didn’t hate that about her, they suited her and it was quite cute when she fiddled with them to get them perfect.

I guess I don’t like it that she always think she’s right and she always had to do things her way. It was difficult to talk her out of anything once she got the idea in her head, she was a bit of a steamroller. I liked my women headstrong though. She was a total idealist which was both endearing but obnoxious, she doesn’t deal with failure well or other people’s. I had some material to work with, it was going to be alright. I had to keep believing that I could fix this.

I had been thinking about what Dom said about writing to Maman, I don’t think I have much choice if I want to keep Lettie in my life. I had no idea how to say it though. Even worse, what if there was a simple way to fix this but I had been too pigheaded to ask for help and now everything was ruined.


I felt really excited for the first time in ages, I had just finished the designs for our Halloween costumes. I’ve been designing and making our Halloween costumes since 3rd year, I was really proud of these ones, I’ve been challenging myself to design more bigger and bolder costumes each year. Perhaps unfortunately I had designed Mia and Ryan to be a joint costume so maybe I would have save the designs until after Louis and I have got them back together at Hogsmeade just in time for the party.

I was feeling quite good because my plan with Louis is in motion. Maybe James was right after all, talking to Louis was the best thing to do. His power was so ridiculous that I couldn’t even process it, being with Louis was quite awkward but somehow I really enjoyed his company still. It was enraging that I was unable to keep my feelings straight when I was with him. I was going to be angry but somehow it melt away when he was standing there.

I had thought that he might be using his power on me to forgive him but I really don’t think he is. He had always been able to make me feel relaxed since I had met him. I never questioned why he always made an effort to spend time with me after I had humiliated myself in front of them but I guess it was guilt perhaps?

“Cash! My beautiful lady, I’ve got something to show you!” I said basically jumping towards her with the designs clutched in my hand waving them around rather wildly. I couldn’t help but be happy today. For the first time in a month, I knew that everything was going to be alright!

“People are looking at you Lettie! what’s got you going so crazy?” she asked, well she would be as excited as I was once she saw them. “I haven’t seen you looking quite this bouncy since Kirley Duke got that solo Witch Weekly spread last summer!”

“It was nice that he is getting more attention though, the man is beautiful!” I grinned happily and added “I’ve finished the designs for Halloween!”

“You utter babe, show me! I’ve been waiting to see these for ages! So secretive about those designs, I mean you charmed them so I couldn’t have a peek!”

“Well, I didn’t want you to see my masterpiece before it was ready. I’m an artist you know!” I said dramatically, fanning myself with the pieces of parchment while unable to hold in a giggle.

“Pft, you’re so pretentious sometimes Letts”

I handed over the designs to her, I could see her eyes widen as she took in the content of the page. I had designed Cash’s outfit to be a pirate. The dress was made up of a large tulle black skirt which would reach her knees so she could wear it with her favourite boots, little diamonds in the skirt for a bit of bling. The bodice on the top half would be a tight corset style with red ribbons with two straps linking up to make the top a halter neck. On one of the straps was a big parrot made up of sequins and beading so it would look like the parrot was sitting on her shoulder. The whole look was completed by red belt and black pirate hat with phoenix feather. It was so fabulous.

“this is amazing! You can really make this? Its going to look so cool! I love the colours!” Cash gushed as she staring down at the design. Cash loved Halloween, it’s her favourite holiday so she always more excitable around this time of the year.

“Cash, the main colour is black!” I giggled “I’ll be able to make them, no problem, I’ll probably need more supplies but I might be cutting a bit fine with the beading on parrot but I couldn’t resist”

“I’m so excited to see this in person! I wanna see the other designs too!” Cash said enthusiastically. Mia and Ryan were going to be Maid Marion and Robin Hood, something that was totally not going to work if they were not together, damn them, ruining my master stroke. Fingers crossed for Team Cupid.

“Let me tell you the best thing about your costume first, I’m going to charm the parrot so it says cutting insults to everyone who walks pass!”

“that’s insane, you know me so well!”

“you’ll only spend the whole party making comments so why not get your outfit to do it for you?”

Pancakes are my weekend treat, I have them every Saturday with strawberries and syrup, yummy. I have no interest in talking to anyone on breakfast on Saturdays, I have a date with breakfast food. I normally don’t eat with Cash or Mia on Saturdays as they prefer lie ins. I normally eat with the boys after they’ve done with early Quidditch practice though in the few weeks, it had only been Tommy that sat with me. I liked Tommy’s company on Saturday, he got it. We ate then we talked after. It was a treasured understanding.

“Hi Lettie”

“Oh! I didn’t see you there!” I coughed, I was so surprised that someone had said something to me that I was now mildly choking on my pancakes. I felt eyes start to water as tried to gulp down some water. I looked up at the speaker as he looked slightly alarmed at my sudden choking fit.

“Oh! Are you alright? I’m so sorry!”

“I’m just peachy!” I gasped after a moment as I regained my composure.

A guy that I vaguely recognised was standing in front of me but I guess you mildly knew everyone at Hogwarts, he wore a Hufflepuff tie loosely knotted around his neck and prefect badge. He was looking rather nervous, normally I would more annoyed that someone was talking to me during breakfast date but there was something about him that my lips had found a smile instantly. He had sandy coloured hair that was slightly too long that it was in his eyes and warm brown eyes. I think he relaxed a bit seeing my smile and his face split into a charming grin that lit up his handsome features.

“Sorry, I know that this is quite weird, I’m Jack Chester. I know you’ve had something going on with Weasley but I was just wondering if that was still going on...”

“No! No, I mean, I don’t have a thing with him, it was never a thing...” I said all too quickly. This is type of stuff that drives me crazy. A cute guy is trying to talk to me but all they see is Louis.

“Oh right, I just thought that-well- it doesn’t matter! I was wondering if you fancy going to hogsmeade next week?” he asked hopefully.

I didn’t quite know what to say, I haven’t been ask on many dates before. Louis and his stupid power made sure of that, what was worse is that this hogsmeade weekend I was seeing Louis. How could I claim that was nothing going on when I was spending my weekend with him, how would that look if anyone found out? I wanted to go on this date, I could go after I met Louis. It shouldn’t take all day.

“Oh! I’ve said I would go with some friends but-”

“it’s OK, you don’t have to say any more-”

“No! You misunderstand, I meant that we could go for a drink after if you don’t mind that?” I asked with a little laugh. He looked so flushed, it was so sweet that he asked me. It felt hopeful I guess.

“Sure, that’ll be amazing, I’ve been wanting to ask for ages but I guess I wasn’t feeling that brave, perhaps there is a reason I’m a Hufflepuff” he laughed, I smiled too. He was so charming in this humble way. I liked him already.

“Have you got your phone?” I asked, he went to his pocket and fished out his phone, I took it before putting my details in.

“Message me and I’ll find you Saturday” I said, we just smiled at each other for a little while longer before I said rather awkwardly “so good talk...yeah?”

“Oh, yeah- sure. See you then…” He flushed red, becoming aware that we just been staring at each other for the last few moments. He shot me another shy grin before walking off.

My poor cold pancakes.

I was enjoying feeling the October sunshine on my face, it was a bright mid-morning. I was taking advantage of the last of the nice weather with Scorpius on a free period before Transfiguration. We were taking all the same NEWTs so we had the identical timetables. We had spending a lot more time together this year. We had quickly moved passed the kissing incident, I think we had any way, it wasn’t something that we had discussed but I was pleased that Scorpius was giving me a chance to forget my embarrassing behaviour.

“Are you ever going to forgive Albus?” he asked me as I linked his arm through my mine as we walked leisurely around the edge of the lake.

“Oh, I don’t know.” I said huffily.

“Come on Lettie, you know their family is pretty intense, they are a lot of unwritten rules between them”

It was true from what I could tell being in their family seem to involve a lot of rules, they were all very protective over each other. They always had each other’s back, it was something that I liked in a sense. I was only child so I never got that bond they had, maybe, I had been too hard on Albus. I imagine Dominique was breaking code with her family for even telling me to start with.

“I guess I do need his help on my dark arts essay” I said grudgingly, Scorpius’ face split into a grin “totally worth it to see that smile of yours!” I laughed, ruffling his hair up with my free hand. I laughed even harder as he batted my arm away and quickly trying to smooth down his blonde hair.

“Hands off the hair!”

“you’re such a pretty boy Scor, what do you even put in it?” I grinned as he continued to check his hair, I wiped my hand on him. Some weird potion that he used to keep his hair so perfect. Yuck. “Can I ask you something?”

“Go on then..”

“If you don’t know about Louis’ power, what did you think of me? You must have thought I was crazy?”

“I-i don’t know, I guess I figured that you and Louis just had something going on, like a chemistry or pull but other people just didn’t get you know? One minute it felt like you would tear down the Great Wall of China with your bare hands for him then other times you couldn’t have cared less then sometimes you just acted like good friends.” he said thoughtfully “I knew you well enough to see how awesome you were so I didn’t think badly of you but yes, perhaps. I thought you were a little mad...”



hey guys - that's chapter 4. woo! next chapter, does team cupid's plan go smoothly?

thank you for reading/reviewing - I would love to know what you guys think of the characters so far? pop a comment in the box! :) xx

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