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Blush by crimson quill
Chapter 3 : captain potter
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5th Year – October

It was two weeks until the first Hogsmeade weekend of the year, near Halloween. We were eating breakfast with the boys. The couple of weeks before Hogsmeade, it would be usual to see Al, Louis and Tommy to invite girls for breakfast, these girls were their Hogsmeade dates or girls they needed opinions on. Tommy had already bagged last week’s breakfast’s date, Sophia Gillians as his date. It seemed today was Louis’ turn.

Hey guys, this is Lilah Smith, she’s joining us for breakfast today” Louis introduced her to the table. We all looked up at different degrees of interest. I looked up from my cornflakes to see a leggy blonde in a Hufflepuff tie.

Hi everyone!” she said cheerily, she was totally Louis’ type. It is a bit odd that his type seems to be slightly less attractive versions of Dominique?! Whatever, I could totally get on board with smiley Lilah mainly for the gorgeous blonde babies they would have together. “So this is exciting! Is everyone excited about Hogsmeade?”

O-M-G! We are just like so totally excited! it’s going to be like so amazing right?” Cash said with her fake overexcited American cheerleader voice mainly reserved for people she hated the most, Cash was not a fan of ‘breakfast date’ routine. Tommy and Scorpius were snickering at Cash.

Lilah had not noticed Cash’s sarcastic tone and was beaming at her. Hufflepuffs are so nice, Lilah was not the sharpest tool in the box obviously.

Cash has probably had too much coffee today already!” I said announced loudly. I elbowed Cash under the table and gave her a very clear ‘be nice’ look. I turned back to Lilah and Louis “I’m Lettie Draxler”

"Oh so you're Lettie then? you're Louis' stalk-"

She is not a stalker, she’s a damn nice person!” Mia butted in, eyeing her distastefully. This was pretty awkward, well no more awkward than any other Louis’ girlfriends come to visit. I chose not to say anything because denying it seem to make people believe you less.

Don’t worry about Lettie, she’s cool” He stated, catching my eye and give me a little smile, I relaxed a little after he did that. I was always horridly embarrassed by what Louis thought of my crazy outbursts. “Any way, Lilah, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me?”

Oh wow Louis! I love to!” she cried happily, throwing her arms around his neck and snuggling into him.

I got a funny feeling all of a sudden, my mind was in a frenzy....What a bitch, trying to steal my Louis. Everyone knows he is mine, she is just jealous of what we have. What a slutty cow trying to get her hands on my man. I’m not having this, I’m going to have to teach her a lesson. No-one tries to get with my man and in front of me?!

that’s not happening!” I finding myself yelling as I dumped the whole of my breakfast over Lilah Smith, cornflakes, milk and summer fruits yogurt. She screamed blue murder as she was now soaking wet with stray cornflakes in her hair, wiping yogurt off her face.

Everyone is looking at us and laughing. She is basically crying, screaming at me. I don’t know what came over me. I just sit there in horror for a moment at what I had done, I didn’t know what made me do it. Everyone at our table was laughing, some people more so than others, Cash had tears of laughter in her eyes, Mia had settled for a smirk then Albus and Scorpius was looking at me like I was mental.

you freak!”

i-i-I don’t know what came over me! I’m so so sorry! Let me help you!”


Present - Lettie

Since the party, I had found out that Mia had disappeared to have a huge row with Ryan. She was devastated by this. It had been a couple of days since the party, she looked worse than I had seen her in ages. Scorpius and I have just been pretending we didn’t kiss at the party, it was working out well so far. His words about Louis weren’t wasted on me though, I had been thinking about it a lot. Since finding out about Louis’ power, I’ve spent more time thinking about him now than before I knew.

“We have to get them back together, she looks so sad all the time” Cash said, as we sat at the Gryffindor table at lunch. It was just Cash, Tommy and I. Mia was probably hiding out at the Library as she had been doing since the party. I had no idea about the rest though.

“Ryan looks like shit too, he’s not talking to anyone about it though. We barely see Lou and Ryan at the moment. it’s just awkward” stated Tommy. “no-one is really talking to each other at the moment”

“I’ll think of something to get them back together! Promise! I always do!” I said, I didn’t know how I was going to do that, yet but I was going to do it. I was going to make Mia smile again if it killed me. “Oh no! I’ve left my bloody Charm book in the dormitory!”

That’s just what I needed another trek up to Gryffindor Tower, I thought I had put them in my bag. Oh how annoying, I guess it’ll give me some more exercise though work off that big lunch of mine.

“I’ll have to go grab them!” I said blowing kisses at them as I exited the Great Hall. “Big love, see you in Charms!”

“Love ya too Draxy!” Tommy called after me. Idiot, cute one though.



I watched Lettie leave the hall, Lettie had been doing well since finding out about Louis’ power. I can’t help but I want more information like the guy hadn’t even tried to defence himself properly. I guess he had tried once or twice but Lettie wasn’t ready to hear it yet, she was never going to forgive him if he acted too soon. I was helping him in a way not that he would realise that, Tommy and I were bystanders in this whole situation as Mia and Ryan had wade into the conflict instantly and now both miserable.

“She doesn’t know does she?” Tommy asked me, he is talking about the fact that Louis is pretty much crazy in love with Lettie since forever. Mia and Ryan got to know each other because Louis was trying to get closer to Lettie back in 4th year. Why the stupid idiot didn’t just tell her I’ll never know.

“Well, she won’t talk to him will she?” I said matter of factly. She hadn’t said much about Louis since it happened but I knew Lettie well enough to know a lot was going on in her head.

That’s why I stopped Louis from talking to her because she needs to figure out how she feels about it then confront it in her own time. I couldn’t believe that he had done that to Lettie though, I knew he probably had done it because he wanted her to like him back and not because he was a total arsehole, just a very very misguided one.

“Whatever happened with that power, he’s only doing this dumb shit because he’s so in love with her!” Tommy explained, preaching to the converted mate.

“it’s not my place to tell her, she probably wouldn’t believe me. My job is to be a good friend to her” I said carefully, I’m not sure that I liked where this conversation was going. It seemed Tommy wanted to get involved.

“well, we should do something!” Tommy urged me like we should be planning a rebellion or something.

“Look, Lettie loves her friends more than anything but she puts them on pedestals and I don’t fancy falling off mine!” I said pretty grumpily now, I thought Tommy and I were on the same page, be good friends but stay the hell out of it. It just so happened that punching Louis fell under the being a good friend category. “She cut Louis out because he feel an awful long way off his!”

“I don’t know, I’m just trying to help! I respect Lettie too much to say she has to forgive him instantly but I can’t put up with much more of Louis and Ryan looking like kicked puppies”

“She trusts people easily and gives them everything she’s got so when people hurt her, she’s really hurting.”

“Do you think she ever liked him? She might have felt the same way?” Tommy asked thoughtfully.

“I thought may be sometimes she might have but she’s never going to be able to separate her real feelings from the stuff that Louis was making her feel” I said tiredly, that was the truth in the matter. Would Lettie ever be able to get over that?

“I guess I understand but he is my friend and I feel for him. I can’t help thinking there's more to the story. He’s so moppy at the moment. He is on the Quidditch pitch with James and Ryan because they’re so off their game that James called an extra training session for them. He’s going mental!”



Stupid James, stupid Quidditch. I didn’t want to do extra training, James was worried about the sudden dip in performance so now I got to spend my lunch time with James. I love James but he is a total nutcase about Quidditch, He is such a slave driver since he became captain. He told Ryan and I that we were the worse pair of beaters ever and if we didn’t up our game that he is kicking us off the team. Just what I needed, the Ravenclaw game isn’t for another month any way. I could pretend that I didn’t know what’s wrong with me but I do, she’s a cute bow wearing girl that goes by the name Lettie Draxler. I had royally fucked up and my body was punishing me by making sure that I couldn’t play Quidditch properly. I just hadn't get my body and brain to link up at the moment.

“Louis! Wait!” called a familiar voice coupled with the click clacking of her high heels on the stone floor.

“Go away Dom” I said flatly, I carried on walking towards the Quidditch pitch, James was very clear that I must be there on time. The last thing I wanted was to talk to Dom. I hadn’t spoken to her properly in days which was unusual for us.

“Come on Lou! Stop ignoring me!”

“Why did you have to tell her? Seriously, why?” I said angrily, I had been wondering this since the train why she just had to get involved. She never shown any interest in Lettie before. It was my fault but I had to be angry at someone.

“don’t turn this around on me, you know you’re not suppose to be using your powers! I was trying to do the right thing. Why did you do it?” she asked, getting angry herself. It doesn’t really take a lot to get Dom angry, she has a very short fuse.

“I didn’t do it! Not like you think..” I said finally, I stopped walking to face her. We looked rather similar like male and female versions of each other. We were alike in personality too, that’s why this conversation was such a struggle.

“Then explain, I might be able to help you!” Dom urged me, I wanted to talk. It might good to talk to someone. Ryan was the only person that knew that I hadn’t meant to use my power and he was supporting me all the way.

I felt like a dick that he broke up with Mia over it, he hadn’t mentioned it since it happened, he has been a lot quieter than normal though.

“unless you can make Lettie trust me again then you can’t” I said flatly, after all, she would never trust me again. I would never get that second chance to make it up to her, that really hurt. I need to play quidditch, get my Mojo back. I’m turning into such an emotional git, I need to do something active.

“I can’t do that, the only person who can do that is you!” Dom argued back fiercely.

“Look, I said it wasn’t how it looked and it’s not. I don’t know what to do Dom”

I was struggling to tell her because I didn’t know how to say it. I would have to finally admit that I couldn’t control my power properly. When we were little, we couldn’t control our powers that well. We would often use our powers on our parents or cousins to get things that we wanted. By the time we were about 10, we were able to control them and we were given strict instructions not to use them. It happened for the first time in 4th year, I started to notice Lettie. It was awful that one of our first conversations she lit her own hair on fire as she told me how attractive I was. I knew it was my power at once, I only ever seemed to lose total control when I was thinking about how much I liked her. I didn’t really know how to react after that, it was easier to play it off as a joke.

“Let me in then, I want to help Lou” she said softly, I could tell she wanted to help. Like really wanted to. She is so annoying and has one hell of a temper but she’s got a big heart.

“look, erm-right-I like her, a lot. I don’t know when I’m with her, it just feels like I can’t control the power. Every time I start thinking how much I like her then she throws herself at me or does something crazy”

“You can’t control it? Why didn’t you say anything before?” she asked her voice soft and caring, that was the million pound question, why didn’t I say anything? “If you explained that to her she would listen, she’s lovely, she would understand”

“I’ve been thinking about that and I can’t, it’s better than she thinks I’m an arsehole than a freak! She would never feel the same way any way and I don’t want to be rejected either...”

“that’s the stupidest thing! You can’t give up on her, I think you need to talk to Maman about this. It’s serious if you’re having trouble controlling it then she’ll know what to do...”

“I don’t know Dom...” I said trailed off, playing the hem of my quidditch robes, James is going to be so pissed, I was suppose to be there like 10 minutes ago.

“This is only going to get better if you confront the issue otherwise it’ll control your whole life plus if you don’t tell Maman then I am because I don’t want to see you give up on everything because our stupid power” she said passionately, I was going to have to write to Maman now, if there is one thing about Dom. She sticks to her word and doesn’t give up, it’s both endearing and annoying.

“OK, I’ll write to her, promise...” I said in defeat, I don’t know what Maman could have to say that’ll make me feel any better though.



I was on my way back to the dormitory to collect my Charms books before next period when I saw a swish of blonde hair near a suit of armour. Dominique was not doing a good job at following me, since the train ride, I had noticed on more than one occasion that she had been following me. I don’t know what she was trying to gain by doing this apart wasting her time.

“Dominique, I can see you! Why do you keep following me?” I said loudly as I turned around to face the suit of armour. “I hope you don’t want a career as an Auror!”

“I wasn’t following you as such, you happen to be a lot of places I am is all!” Dominique said defensively as she slides out from the suit of armour. Oh so sly.

“Really? that’ll be a lot more convincing if you weren’t hiding behind a suit of armour near the Gryffindor common room!” I grumbled. “So what do you want?”

“Nothing! I just want to tell you that my brother is a good person and you shouldn’t forget that” she said earnestly.

Great. I’m going to scream if anyone else talked to me about Louis, like go totally mental. This was all his fault, no-one else. He created this huge mess and had me questioning my sanity. I want to hide under my duvet with only my photo of Kirley Duke for company. He understands me and being a photo can’t talk back to me. He looks up at me like I’m the only girl in the world, I’m mildly obsessed but he's totally dreamy.

“Really? good people don’t normally use magical powers on their friends to humiliate them for no other reason than their own enjoyment” I said sharply. “I said I wasn’t going to say anything about your secret and I meant it but you can’t keep following me around!”

Dominique looked mad, she is his sister. She is on his side, how anyone can be on his side is beyond me but blood is thicker than logic.

“I appreciate that you’re not happy right now but don’t you miss his friendship? Even a bit?”


5th Year – October – Kitchens.

I had been hiding for the last two hours as it was totally embarrassing that I was afraid that Lilah Smith might kill me? I was also scared I might blush so much next time I saw Louis that I might pass out. Lilah was not going to Hogsmeade after he laughed himself silly about what happened at breakfast though. I cradled my mug of steaming hot chocolate in my hand, the house elves were ever so nice. I should probably be in lessons but I can’t face the world just yet.

Hello, I thought I might find you here” said a familiar voice, I looked up from my hot chocolate and nearly dropping it all over myself as a smiling Louis was standing in the door way.

you’ve found me then!” I said in a voice that was way too high pitched. “I’m so sorry Louis!”

It wasn’t that bad!” he laughed even I raised a smile. “you probably did me a favour in the long run anyway”

"I don't know what to say! I’m a walking disaster!” I said huffily as I took a sip of hot chocolate.

don’t mention it again! I’m here to cheer you up. I couldn’t get over your face after it happened, you looked so...worried I guess” he said softly as he took a chair next to me.

I wasn’t worried, that look was fear! She looked like she was going to explode!”

yeah, didn’t anyone tell her milk and cornflakes is good for the skin?” he joked, his big blue eyes focused only on me “some people pay a lot of money for beauty treatment like that!”

So you’re hiding out in the place with the best food ever so why have you only got a hot chocolate in front of you eh?”

I wasn’t sure how long I was planning to hide out you see, I didn’t want to get too emotional invested in a pie that I couldn’t finish” I explained with small smile.

I suggest we hide out here a bit longer and eat that pie then!” Louis announced. “So what’s your favourite favour? I’m thinking pumpkin!”

sounds like a plan but you have terrible taste in pie Weasley! it’s all about cherry pie!” I said, wrinkling my nose in disgust. Who prefers pumpkin?! I must prefer the super sweetness of the cherry.

my Nana does that most amazing pumpkin pie at Christmas, you’ll totally change your mind when you taste it! Promise!” he said so enthusiastically, I like it when he talked about his family because he looks so happy, like his family is super close. It’s really nice.

So you’re inviting me for Christmas are you?” I asked with a bit of a smirk as I noticed the faintest of pink blush rise in his cheeks at my words.


Present - Lettie

“Oi Draxler!”

The voice was not familiar and I got the feeling that I didn’t want to speak to them. The voice was also angry but the voice knew my name. If I kept walking then they might go away. I think I had enough of talking today.

“I’m talking to you Draxler, stop walking away!” the voice said again, the voice was close enough to put a strong hand on my shoulder.

“Me?!” I asked, turning around to see a pair of hazel eyes glaring at me. The boy was recognisable instantly, I still didn’t quite understand why James Potter was talking to me though. He looked really mad though, he was wearing a pair of scarlet Quidditch robes, almost artfully spattered with mud.

James Potter is not someone I would be expecting to talk to me. He was in the year above and I’m not sure if we’ve ever talked before. Albus is friendly and approachable, he is an open book, James is quite the opposite. He seems so aloof like a king sitting on his throne. He is very popular though, he is never short of friends or people to be around. They are the most popular family in the history of Hogwarts so it’s difficult not to notice things about them that you might not pick up on if they were someone different.

“Who else would I be talking to?” He asked impatiently, he had a good point, who else would he be talking to. He didn’t wait for a response from me though “Me and you need to have a chat..”

“About what?” I said alarmed, maybe he wanted to know why I wasn’t talking to Albus. Would he be interested in that enough to seek me out? Probably not, Albus had Scorpius, nothing could hurt Albus that much while he has Scorpius.

“My Qudditch team” he said shortly, I should have guessed this. What else did James Potter care enough about to seek me out. I was still mildly baffled about why he wanted to talk to me about it.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard Potter but I’m far too busy helping the Falcons at the moment” I said airily.

“Has anyone ever told you how funny you are?” He sarcastically quipped at me. “But it might explain why they’re on such a bad run though..”

“Louis is so off his game, it’s unbearable! We are going to be flattened by Ravenclaw at this rate! The only thing that changed was your lovers tiff!” James said hotly, he toned had changed from mildly annoying to furious.

“it’s not as simple as that Potter” I answered shortly, what on earth was it today with everyone wanting me to talk to Louis. I thought people had been on my side generally but all I hear is how Louis is hurting. Maybe I am too.

I was not having this conversation again with someone I barely knew. All I’ve heard today about how Louis needs to talk to me or how I should be talking to him, it’s ridiculous that I should be expected to forgive and forget something so huge from someone I thought was my friend.

“Of course it’s simple as that, just forgive him, please.”

“Read my lips Potter, I’m not going to forgive him so you can win at quidditch! I don’t care about any of that!” I said fiercely, suddenly aware how much taller he was than me and how he was staring at me. “you’re his family right? Well, Louis has-i mean well-he’s been using his powers on me...”

The words came from my lips, everything seemed to fall away like I totally forgot I was standing here in the empty corridor with James Potter. I felt sad, it wasn’t an emotion that I felt that much but the whole situation had made me feel so unhappy. I was so mad that I couldn’t go near him, I didn’t know how cope with feeling that type of emotion so I blocked it all out. Ignored it as my only defence. The whole rhythm of my life had been thrown off course, like a ship in the ocean suddenly on the wrong path, sailing further away without hope of getting back.

“It’s going to be alright Draxler, I’m sorry that I shouted, I didn’t mean to upset you..” he said rather softly, it seemed like his whole personality had changed completely suddenly this aloof confident guy was gone. “maybe you should talk to him, for your piece of mind because you look like you’re falling apart right now”

“I don’t know, everyone wants me to talk to him but I don’t think I’m ready...”

“I’m not very good at this stuff, Draxler, don’t you have some friends you can ask?” he said, I think he looked visably awkward as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“I do but I can’t talk to them at the moment, it feels like, they know me too well. I don’t know...”

“Well, do you erm-er- you know, miss him?” he said as if struggling to get the words out. I think he was worried that I might cry, it seemed very clear that idea of a girl crying was not one that James Potter could handle.

“I guess so, it’s difficult not talking to him. We had fun together I think when I got to be myself, I thought he was a good guy but I’m not so sure on that one...”

“However Louis behaved with his power. It doesn’t really stop him being who he was before. Perhaps you could consider that the guy has made a huge error in judgement for some reason and maybe find out why?”

“I want to believe that, I do, I want everything to be back to normal, I want Mia and Ryan get back together, it was my fault they broke up. I can’t stand her being sad...”

“if you don’t want to talk to Louis for yourself then may be you should consider who knows Ryan better than anyone? Who could help you get them back together?”

“James, thank you for you know-listening, you’re not that bad at this stuff as you make out. I don’t want Gryffindor to lose either” I said with a small smile.

“Well, erm-don’t mention it. Just doing my job as captain, need to get them back on form” James said as if remembering himself now the moment was gone but added with a smile “Good luck Lettie, the fate of Gryffindor rests in your hands”


So after a day of listening to everyone I know talk about Louis. I’ve decided I’m going to talk to him for the good of the group. I promised that I would get Mia and Ryan back together, I will. James had got me thinking the most about Louis, he would be the best person to ask to help me. I was so nervous though, more nervous than I was before my OWLs or getting the results (straight Es across the board! Woo!). Come on Lettie, get a grip. he’s just a guy, that’s all.

“Lettie?” asked the surprised voice of Louis Weasley.


so that's chapter 3 folks.

let me know your thoughts. 

next chapter will be quite Lettie/Louis focused.


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