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With or Without Magic by BellaLestrange87
Chapter 2 : Burned Sausages
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The sausages sizzled in the pan as Sirius Black poked them curiously with the flipper he held in his hand.

"Lupin!" he yelled suddenly, turning around in the tiny kitchen, "come help me with these blasted things."

From another room came another man. He was of average height with sandy hair and green eyes. "Well, Sirius," he said, feigning exasperation, "if you had learned to cook when I first offered to teach you, you wouldn't need my help to make you breakfast now." He took the flipper from Sirius as the other man stood there sputtering.

"That was in high school, Lupin! Besides, that would have involved going to your house!"

"What was wrong with my house?" Lupin questioned. He turned the sausages over, watched them for a second, and then grabbed a plate from the drying rack by the sink, put them in the middle, and handed it to Sirius.

Sirius took the plate with a thanks and said defensively, "Well, your father scared me. I didn't like him." He sat down at the kitchen table.

Lupin smirked. "Maybe that's because he knew that you had an enormous crush on his only son." He ruffled Sirius's hair, knowing full well that the other man hated it.

Sirius shook his head as he cut his sausage up. "Lupin! Leave my hair alone!" He pushed his hair out of his eyes and took a bite of the sausage. "Yes, well," he added, replying to Lupin's comment, "um..." He looked down at the sausage. "This is burned."

Lupin poured himself a bowl of cereal and added milk to it. He sat down opposite Sirius. "Well, it's not my fault." He took a sip of tea from a mug that was already on the table. "They were burned before I ever touched them. I merely prevented them from being burned futher."

Sirius finished his sausage and put the plate away in the sink. "Well, then, Lupin, perhaps we should have those cooking lessons after all." He wrapped his arms around Lupin's chest and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Although maybe we could do... other things first?"

Lupin stood up, leaving his bowl of cereal unfinished. "While I love the idea," he replied, "Lily and James are coming around in half an hour."

Sirius shrugged. "We can be done in half an hour."

"Yes, we could, but we need to clean up first. And considering what this apartment looks like it's going to take us at least all that time to make it look even somewhat presentable."

"After they leave," Sirius suggested. "I'll go clean up the living room."

Lupin said nothing and merely raised his eyebrows. "The living room is the messiest. I'd have expected you to want to do the bathroom, the one place here that is clean." He turned and walked down the hall. "I'll clean the bedroom."

Sirius walked into the living room and went straight to the television. He opened the middle drawer of the stand and pulled out a small box. Breathing a sigh of relief, he put it in his pocket. He was glad that Lupin hadn't noticed it or moved it at all. It would have ruined the surprise.

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With or Without Magic: Burned Sausages


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