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Hermione, the book worm by purple
Chapter 2 : Ron and Harry try to undo the curse.
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"What in the world are we going to do?" asked Ron. "I have no idea" said Harry."Go to the library and find a book about undoing cuses." said Hermione. "I'll go" said Ron "You stay here with her" "Fine with me" said Harry as Ron ran out of the room. "Harry, what Iam I going to do if we cant figure out a spell to reverse the curse?" "We will" said Harry. "What if we don't though" said Hermione "then we will get Madaam Houch, she'll know what to do" said Harry. "NO" yelled Hermione, "I dont want anyone to know about this, it is soo embarising!" "We will do our best Hermione, but if we have to what we have to do." "Ok" said Hermione, again on the verge of tears.


"Ron" said Proffeser Flitwick, "I don't think I have ever seen you in the library, what are you up to?" "Uh, well," Ron stammered,"I have 3 tests tommorow and I need a quiet place to study." "That sounds pretty suspicous Ron, but I think I can trust you" the Proffeser said and walked away.

Then Ron came in with a big book. THis is all I could find he said. "Here, we better look in the table of contents. "Here it is, the reading curse page 782." Harry said and turned the pages until he found page 782.

"OH NO" he said reading it, look the main ingrediant of this is the hind legs of a martle which is a rare spider found only in another country!!! "Well, we will have to get Maddam Houch." said Ron.

They got Madaam Houch and she took Hermione and did get her back into a human. "Thanks Madaam"Hermione said "but could you just keep this between you and me?" "sure thing Hermione" She said.


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Hermione, the book worm: Ron and Harry try to undo the curse.


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