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In Another Life by LivyBlack
Chapter 3 : Diagon Alley
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A/N:  Important: I forgot to explain a couple
things in the last chapter and they are going to be important later, if not in
this story, in the follow up year two version. 
So first off, Livy’s leopard animagis is a snow leopard with dark silver
spots.  The leopard was not the first
animal she was able to change into, first was a dolphin, next was a merlin
(type of hawk), after that a blue phoenix, then the leopard.

Not as important:  A quick description of Liviana and
Talon.  Liviana and Talon both have golden
blond hair and green, gray, and brown swirled together eyes.  Liviana is slightly taller just because she’s
a girl and already had her growth spurt. 
That’s all for now. 



“How do you do that?” Talon asked
as Liviana came out of the fire, seemingly unfazed by the floo travel.


“Do what?” Liviana asked, brushing
her self off.


“Not totally end up sprawled flat
on the floor after coming out of the floo network,” Harry filled in.


“Feminine grace,” Liviana
suggested.  Then Sophia fell out of the
fire place.


“Stupid floo powder.”


“Uh, my animal side instincts?”
Liviana tried again.


“Stupid floo powder,” Remus
growled, landing on top of Sophia.


“I’ll be quite now.”


Sirius, who was already there,
laughed as Remus and Sophia tried to get up. 
Remus glared at him.  “You know
you can help us.”


“Oh but you look so comfortable,”
Sirius said, giving Remus a hand.


Tom, the bar keeper came up to
them.  “Can I get you anything?”


“No thanks Tom,” Sirius
replied.  “Just getting the kids’ school


“They’re starting this year
already.  I remember when you took the
tykes here after you had just adopted them,” Tom turned to the kids.  “DO you see that man in the corner?” He asked


“The one with the funny hat?” Talon


“Talon,” Sophia scolded, “don’t be


“That’s the one,” Tom said. “He’s
your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”


“He seems kind of shaky to be a
DADA teacher,” Liviana commented.


“Aye, he is.  You see, he spent a couple of years in Transylvania.  They say he encountered some bad things
there.  Scared him good, it did.  They say he keeps cloves of garlic in that
turban to scare away vampires,” Tom said. “Well, I better move on.  There are others to help.  You know your way into Diagon Ally, right.”


“I think we can manage,” Sirius
said.  Tom nodded and walked off.


“Some DADA teacher,” Remus
sneered.  “If he was any good at it he
should know that garlic doesn’t scare Vampires any more.  They’ve grown immune.”


“He doesn’t seem quite right,”
Sophia commented.  “Keep an eye on him


The six retreated to the back yard
where Sirius took out his wand.  He
counted the right amount of bricks to allow them into Diagon Ally.


“Where are we going first?” Harry


“I need to go to the apothecary to get
some more potions ingredients,” Liviana said.


“I think we need to go to Gringots
to get money first,” Sirius said.


“Sirius, why don’t you take the
boys to Gringots while Remus and I take Livy to the apothecary.  Livy has her own checking account to buy what
ever she needs and you don’t want her going down in the carts, do you?” Sophia


“I don’t get how you can fly on a
broom, remain totally unfazed by floo travel, and take in potion fumes, but one
little cart ride at Gringots makes you sick for a week,” Talon commented.


“Mystery of life,” Liviana replied.


“We’ll meet you at the apothecary
in twenty minutes,” Sirius said.  “Here’s
some money. Please buy the boys’ Hogwarts starter kits too.”


“Sure,” Liviana said.  Sirius Harry and Talon headed towards


Once they were out of sight,
Liviana turned to Remus and Sophia.  “You
two can go do what ever you were planning on doing.”


“What do you mean?” Remus asked.


“Don’t play dumb with me,” Liviana
said.  “Remus, you can’t go into a
potions store because of your ‘allergies’, but you still agree to stay here
with Sophia.”


“Let no one say you aren’t
observant, Livy,” Sophia said.  “I think
we should do what she says, Remus.”


“You’ll be okay, right?” Remus
asked Liviana.


“Leave the dotting mother act to
Sophia, Remus.  Of course I’ll be
okay.  I know the apothecary like the
back of my hand and the owner knows me. 
Don’t worry,” Liviana assured.


“We’ll be at Florean’s if you need
us,” Remus said putting his arm around Sophia. 
Liviana watched them walk away.


“Thank God,” she said to her self.
“I thought they’d never leave.” Liviana turned and walked into the
apothecary.  A bell ran as she entered,
announcing her presence.


“Who’s there?” asked an old woman,
coming from the back of the shop.  She
noticed Liviana.  “Livy, dear, what are
you doing back here so soon?  I though
you said last time should tide you over for a year on Wolfsbane.”


“Hi Mrs. Bunaqua,” Liviana said,
putting on her best smile.  She had
learned a long time ago the power a little girl’s smile had on adults. 


“What can I get you?” Mrs. Bunaqua


“Let’s see,” Liviana said.  She dug a list out of one of her pockets.
“Here we are.  Hmm… Vampire
extract…unicorn hair…Erumpent horn...dragon tooth… and the rest I think I can
find up front.”


“Erumpent horn?” Mrs. Bunaqua
asked.  “Are you sure you need that?  Dragon’s horn has the same properties and
it’s not labeled a class B non-tradable.”


“I’m already using dragon tooth.”


“Yes, yes that’s right.  You do know I’ll have to report this to the
ministry, though,” said Mrs. Bunaqua.


“Wouldn’t expect anything less, but
I do have pretty much a blank check from them.”


“Okay then, I’ll go get that.   You just pick out what ever else you
need.  I’ll be back in a minute.”


“Thanks, can you also get two
potions starter kits?  Harry and Talon
are starting this year,” Liviana added.


“Of course,” Mrs. Bunaqua said as
she headed to the back again.


Liviana started around the shop,
picking up things she need as she went. 
As she was picking up the Diricawl feathers, the bell on the door rang
and another customer entered.  Liviana
was momentarily distracted and forgot her list.


“I’ll be out to help you in a
minute,” Mrs. Bunaqua said.


“I’m just here to pick up the order
for Hogwarts,” a gruff voice said. “But I also need to look around for a while.


“Of course, Mr. Snape,” Mrs.
Bunaqua said.  “Liviana, if you have
everything you need I’ll ring up your order now.”


“I’m ready, Mrs. Bunaqua,” Liviana
replied.  She walked to the front of the
store and deposited the rest of her supplies on the counter.


“Your total comes to twenty gallons
and seven sickles,” Mrs. Bunaqua said.


“Okay,” Liviana said.  She took the money Sirius had given her out and
gave it too Mrs. Bunaqua.  The door
opened again and Sirius Talon and Harry came in.


“Did you get everything you need,
Livy?” Sirius asked.


“Yes,” Liviana said.


“Your order is ready, Mr. Snape,”
Mrs. Bunaqua called.   A man with greasy hair
walked right into Sirius.


“Watch out,” Sirius called.


“I think you are the one who should
watch out,” the man said.  He turned
around.  When Sirius and the other man
saw each other’s faces, their looks hardened.


“You,” growled, greasy hair.


“You,” Sirius growled back.


“You’re still out of prison, I
see,” greasy hair commented.


“You still haven’t washed your
hair, I see,” Sirius commented back. 
“Come on kids.  Let’s go before
your uncle does something he doesn’t want to do in front of you.”


“Oh that’s it, run away,” greasy
hair said.


“You just be glad that I don’t want
to set a bad example for the kids, Servus,” Sirius growled, ushering the kids
out.  Once out side the, Sirius calmed
down a bit.  “Okay, where to next?”


“Let’s get our wands,” Harry


“Sounds good to me,” Sirius
said.  The four of them mad there way to
Olivander’s.  They entered and old, dusty
shop.  Old Olivander met them at the


“Ah, Mr. Potter, Ms. Black, and
young Mr. Black,” Mr. Olivander greeted them. 
“Here for wands I assume.”


“Yes sir,” Liviana replied.


“Well which one of you first?” Mr.
Olivander asked.  Liviana stepped
forward.  “Ah yes, hold out your wand
hand.”  Liviana held out her left
arm.  A tap measurer began taking
measurements all around her.  “Oh my,”
Mr. Olivander said once it was done.


“What sir?” Liviana asked.


“You don’t need a wand,” Mr.
Olivander said.


“I don’t?” Liviana asked.


“No, the measurements say that you
have wand less capabilities.”


“Wow,” Liviana said.


“Are you sure, Mr. Olivander?”
Sirius asked.


“Quite sure Mr. Black.  I thought that she might not need a wand
since she walked in, and the measurements don’t lie.  And if I’m right, the younger Mr. Black will
probably take to using staff magic,” Mr. Olivander said.  “Step up boy and let me measure you.”


Talon stepped up, and like Mr.
Olivander predicted, received a staff instead of a wand.  Then it was Harry’s turn.  Mr. Olivander seemed to have handed him half
the store before Harry found the right one.


“Curious, curious,” Mr. Olivander


“What’s curious?” Harry asked.


“Mr. Potter, I remember every wand
I ever made and every wand I ever sold. 
It just so happens that the phoenix who gave the core for this wand gave
one other feather, just one.  What is
curious is that that feather was in the wand that gave you that scar,” Mr.
Olivander said.  Harry looked
frightened.  “But like I always say, the
wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around.”


“How much do we owe you, Mr.
Olivander?” Sirius asked.  Sirius settled
up with Mr. Olivander, and they left the shop. 
The next couple where pretty uneventful as Sirius and the kids picked up
the rest of the stuff they would need for school.


They met up again with Remus and
Sophia at the Leaky Cauldron.


“Remus and I have the most
wonderful news,” Sophia squealed as a greeting.




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