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In Another Life by LivyBlack
Chapter 2 : Letters From Hogwarts
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A/N:  This next part happens nine years later and
also introduces two of my own characters, Sirius’ niece and nephew, Liviana and


            “I’ll get
you yet, Talon,” Liviana yelled, raising her broom after her brother, letting
her long, blond hair trail behind her.


            “Not if you
can’t catch me, Livy,” Talon yelled back. 
He pushed his Nimbus 2000, top of the line racing broom that uncle
Sirius had just given him, his sister and Harry, a week ago, as fast as it
would take him.  It wasn’t enough though
as Harry zoomed up and cut him off.


            “Good job,
Harry,” Liviana smiled.  Harry smiled and
did a backwards loop witch made his glasses slide up his nose.


            “You two
planned this, didn’t you?” Talon asked.


course,” Harry and Liviana replied at the same time.


            “No fair,”
Talon said.  “Harry, boys are suppose to
stick together.


            “So should
twins, right Talon,” Liviana said.


Talon said before thinking.  “I mean…”


            “You walked
right into that one Tal,” Harry said.


Talon said, putting the emphasis on the “on”. 
“You can shorten Liviana’s name, but please don’t try to shorten mine.”


            “Guys I
thing we should get down,” Liviana said suddenly.


            “Why?” the
boys asked.


just pointed to a muggle town on the horizon. 
Imminently, all three of them went into their own dive.  Liviana did a graceful dive with her signature
loop on the end.  Talon did a corkscrew
dive, skimming off at the bottom, and Harry did an oh-my-
God-you-are-going-to-die-if-you-don’t-pull-up-right-now dive.


            “Livy, why
don’t you change into your leopard form and lead us back?  I don’t exactly know where we are,” Talon
said.  To normal people, this may sound
like a strange request, but Livy was use to it. 
Livy was the youngest animagis ever. 
She had completed the potion for the transformation on her own when she
was three, marking her name as a magical prodigy.  Even though she was only eleven, she had been
invited to Hogwarts for the past three years now, but declined to wait for her
brother and Harry.


all three children were special.  Harry
had defeated the greatest dark wizard of their time when he was only one, and
Talon had an encyclopedic knowledge of almost anything he deemed worth knowing
about.  Some people might think that the
fact that the three of them had grown up together might have something to do
with this, in reality it was in their blood. 
Harry was the heir of Godric Gryfindor, and Liviana and Talon were
related to Rowan Ravenclaw.


trance formed and Talon picked up her broom and the three of them began walking
back towards the Potter mansion were they lived with Harry’s godfather of Talon
and Livy’s uncle, Sirius Black.  They
could have lived at the Black mansion, but that place was crossed with a lot of
dark curses left by Sirius’s father.


Black was perhaps the coolest adult any child, let alone three, could have
grown up with.  Sirius owned a broom
testing facility and often brought home a new type of broom for the three of
them.  Sirius was not the best cook
though, so lucky for them, Remus Lupin and Sophia Smalls also lived there and
when they were not making kissy faces at each other, would help out with things
like that so Sirius doesn’t accidentally burn the house down like he almost did
once (I should say in his defense here that that was when he had first gotten
Harry, Liviana and Talon back and dealing with three confused toddlers and
cooking isn’t a good idea.)


            As the
three of them neared the house, three owls swooped down and gave each of them a


            “Do you
think?” Talon asked.


            “Green hand
writing on the address.  You do the
math,” Liviana said, already opening hers.


            “Don’t you
think we should wait till we get back?” Harry asked.  “Sirius, Remus and Sophia will probably want
to see us open them.”


            “I don’t
think they would mind me opening mine a little early.  They’ve already seen me with three of them,”
Liviana said.  “But you two probably
should wait.  Sophia will want a


            The three
of them took their letters and walked into the back kitchen of the house.  “Uncle Sirius, Remus, Sophia,” Liviana
called, “we’re back and the boys have Hogwarts letters.”


Sirius asked, “I think they come earlier every year.”


            “No they
don’t, Sirius,” Remus said, “you just have a bad sense of timing.  And speaking of sense of timing, I hope you
have a better one than your uncle does, Livy and have the Wolfsbane potion
ready for this month.”


ready,” Liviana said.  I should mention
Liviana hadn’t stopped at animagis potions. 
She had gone on to make three more of those, giving her a grand total,
at the moment of four animals she could turn into, she also made more complex
potions such as Veritaserum and Wolfsbane. 
“I even tried something new to make it taste better.”


            “Will it still
work?” Sirius asked.  He never liked his niece
experimenting with such stuff.  The out come
could not only endanger Remus, but everyone in the house.


            “It should,
but I’ll stay up with Remus in my leopard form for a while to make sure,”
Liviana replied.  “But this can wait till
tomorrow; Harry and Talon have their Hogwarts letters.”


            “What about
you?” Remus asked.


            “I already
opened mine.  I didn’t think you would
mind seeing I already have three others up stairs,” Liviana replied.


            “They still
waste paper sending you those?” Sophia asked coming down stairs, camera in
hand.  “They should just send you your
graduation certificate.”


             “Why don’t you two open those?” Sirius asked
the boys.  Talon and Harry dug into their


            “I got in,”
Talon said.


            “Me too!”
Harry yelled.


            “Was there
a doubt?” Liviana asked. The boys looked a little sheepish at their own


            “Livy, let
them have their fun.  I think this calls
for a celebration,” Sirius announced.  “Diagon
Ally to get your school supplies and while we’re there, you should each get a
pet for Hogwarts.”  This got a resounding
cheer form each of the kids.  “I think
that’s a yes.  Go get ready, we’ll leave
in a half hour.”  The three of them ran
up stairs to get ready.


            “The usual
groups, Sirius?” Remus asked.  When ever
they took the kids up they would split into three groups, each adult paired up
with one kid.  Sophia would go with
Liviana so Sophia could go to jewelry shops without hurting Remus and Liviana
could pick up stuff for potions without Sirius breaking anything of hurting
Remus with the ingredients.  Harry would
go with Sirius because the two of them would check out quidditch supplies and
joke stuff.  Remus and Talon would usually
go to the book store and meet up with Sirius and Harry at the joke shop.


            “Not this
time.  They all need the same things, so
it shouldn’t be too big of a problem for them to go together,” Sirius replied.


            “In that
case do you mind if Sophia and I slip off?” Remus asked.


            “Does Remus
have something romantic planned?” Sirius asked.


Remus replied, slipping his arm around Sophia.


            “Sure then,
I don’t mind.  I get to spend sometime a
lone with the kids,” Sirius said.


            “Thanks, I owe
you one,” Remus said.


remind you next time I have a hot date,” Sirius replied.


Harry and Talon are playing keep away with my shoe,” Liviana’s voice could be
heard coming from up stairs.


calls,” Sirius said, rushing up stairs.  “Harry,
Talon, if you don’t stop with Livy’s shoes, I’ll keep away your brooms.”


            “So what do
you have planned, Mr. Romantic?” Sophia asked once Sirius had cleared out of
the kitchen.


            “Just a
little surprise for you, my dear” Remus replied with a sly smile at Sophia.  He moved in closer to kiss Sophia but right
before he totally closed in the trampling of elephants could be herd coming
down stairs.


            “You two ready?”
Sirius asked looking in to the kitchen. 
He was carrying Harry and Talon under each arm with Liviana smiling
smugly behind them.


            Remus got a
dear in the head lights look on his face and replied with a week “yeah.”

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