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Being Alone by caapotter
Chapter 5 : Old Friends
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A/N: Happy new year, everyone! Yet another year for us here at HPFF! I wish you all a very sucessful 2016 and hope to have tons of reviews haha! Enjoy!


The fall was rapidly coming to the British Isles and, with its chilly weather, the Potter's (and Lupin's) still had no idea of how to move on. James had lost his first game in the season, Albus had completely ruined an important meeting (thankfully, Evan went to the rescue), Lily was the least joyful pregnant woman ever known, Teddy felt more and more frustrated and Ginny just felt like she had no reason to go. 

But Ginny couldn't think like that, she often reminded herself. Her kids needed her, her grandchildren needed her. She just couldn't shut down. And it was at a lovely Thursday afternoon, while she sat at her desk in the Daily Prophet, that she realised she didn't need to go through grief alone. She knew someone that had gone through losing their loved one. Dean. 

Ginny suddenly opened her upper drawer and took a parchment and an envelop out, making Tobias jump from the chair next to her. Teddy was with Ben for the day, going out to talk with the Muggle authorities about their investigation. 

"What's wrong?" Asked Tobias, now in complete alert, looking to his sides with his hand on his inside pocket.

"Easy, darling!" Ginny laughed, placing a calming hand on his arm. "I'm just writing a letter." She carried on. 


Ginny giggled and proceeded to write her letter, inviting Dean for a cup of tea on Friday afternoon. She had a good feeling about this. And it had been way too many years that they all (except Luna) had neglected Dean. He surely didn't deserve it. Satisfied with her letter, Ginny placed it inside an envelop and addressed it properly, before handing out to an intern to mail it for her. 

"Tell me, Toby," Ginny started, deciding that she was finished for the day. "What do you say about an ice cream?" She looked at her watch and smiled. "We could go pick up Neal and Remus at school later?" 

"Are you done for the day?" Tobias wondered and she only nodded. "I could eat ice cream." He agreed, getting up in one movement. Ginny giggled, thinking how deep down he was still that little boy she met all those years ago when he and Teddy became friends. 

Ginny said her goodbyes to her fellow coworkers, forcing Molly II to acknowledge her on the way, while Tobias went along right next to her. Once they were out on the street, they both closed their jackets tight with the chilly wind that went through Diagon Alley. They walked side-by-side, quietly for a bit. Ginny thought about the last time she walked up the street with Harry, going to mail the invitations to Maya's birthday. She remembered all that had already happened on the busiest commercial street in wizarding London. 

"Why are you grinning?" Asked Tobias, entertained. 

"Oh, I was thinking about the time Harry had a screaming match with Cho Chang." 

"What, Healer Wong?" He repeated, with his mouth opened. "You love her. At least she delivered most of the kids and my own." 

"Weeeell..." She started. "It wasn't always like that." Tobias looked at her with his 'please tell' eyes. They had reached Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and Ginny insisted on buying before she told the tale. Once they were sat down, she began. "You know that Cho is your uncle Harry's ex-girlfriend, right?" 

"What?" Screamed Tobias. "No, I can't believe that."

"She was. And things didn't end very well between them when we were younger. Something about she wanting to talk about Cedric Diggory and being jealous of aunt Mione." She continued. Tobias did a face when she mentioned Hermione, but didn't interrupted even so. "One day, Ron, Mione and Harry came to Diagon Alley so Ron could pick up George and Angelina's wedding gift and Hermione and Harry waited for him outside, with their arms locked. They normally do that. Hm- did..." Ginny corrected herself. She exchanged a look with Tobias, who gave her a reassuring smile. The redhead took a deep breath before carrying on. "They ran into Cho and she saw them and well, simply assumed Harry was cheating on his pregnant wife. Which he obviously wasn’t. She went by our house some days later to apologise and Hermione was there. It was quite entertaining actually." 

"Wow." Tobias only said.

"Yeah, wow." Ginny agreed with a laugh. "After she delivered James and then Rosie, Lily and treated Al's dragon pox, she became the official family Healer." 

"I remember Al's pox." Tobias nodded. "We had to take that awful medicine.” The young Auror kept his attention on Ginny’s fading smile and he sighed. “Sometimes I forget how much you guys have gone through together. I mean, I can’t even imagine uncle Harry without you, you were like so meant to be.”

“Oh, honey.” Ginny grinned and patted the man’s arm. “You are right. A lifetime has gone by.” 

While Ginny took her last bite on her ice cream, an owl landed right on her chair's arm with an envelop on her foot. It hooted happily and extended its paw. Ginny took the letter and petted the little owl before opening the correspondence. She was surprised to see it was Dean's reply, accepting her invitation. 

"That was quick." Laughed Ginny, putting the parchment into her bag. Tobias looked like he wanted to ask what it was about, but refrained from it and instead he checked his watch. 

"I guess we should go pick up the kids." Tobias suggested. 

"Yes, we should. I'll call Teddy and Vicky, telling them not to worry about Remus." 




Bernard Bennett and Teddy Lupin stood awkwardly at the Police Department, waiting for the investigator in charge to have them inside. Teddy had had enough contact with Ellie's muggle family to know how to act and what to expect, unlike Ben who just looked like he wanted to die.

"Uncle Ben, relax." Teddy asked of him. "The secretary is starting to wonder." 

"I'm sorry." He apologised. "I'm nervous, that's all." 

"I understand." 

At that time, a really tall and handsome young man turned up at the door and called them out. He led the two Aurors through a large room with lots of working desks and its owners analysing paperwork or researching on the Internet, just doing their job, very much like the Auror Office back at the Ministry. Finally, they arrived at a large office where an older and shorter man sat behind his desk, filled with files and pictures. He rapidly stood on his feet and offered a handshake to each Auror and told the young man to go. 

"So, you two are the reason why the freaking Prime Minister came to see me?" The chief of the Police started, waving them both to sit. 

"Well, yes." Ben started. "I'm Head Auror Bennett and this is Auror Lupin, and as the Prime Minister may have told you, the victim is quite the person of interest." 

"A pleasure. I'm detective James." He presented himself. "And yes, he told me that this..." James took the biggest file on his desk and opened it. "Harry Potter was very important."

"Is very important." Teddy corrected him. "He'll always be." 

"I can see." James nodded while Ben exchanged a look with Teddy. "Well, we did the best we could without a body. I believe your people took it before we got to the scene." The both Aurors only nodded. "We basically only had one bullet which we could trace back to a buyer who obviously bought the gun with a fake name. Although he did use a credit card. So my agents followed the lead to the bank and got to the manager. Hm," he interrupted himself. "Do you have any suspects?" 

"We know that it is a wizard." Teddy explained. "And we suspect that it was someone minimally close to our family." 

"Wait, your family?" James inquired, with a furrowed brow. 

"Harry was his godfather and raised him." Ben interviewed. "Teddy's parents died on the war." He concluded. 

"And you let him in the investigation?" 

"Teddy is one of our best agents." Ben defended. "And if that was a criteria, I had no agent to investigate. I was his best friend, and most everyone in the Force was his close friend. You can't imagine who was Harry Potter." 

"Oh." James only said. "Anyways, we found out that the bank had subsidiaries in America and it was there where the owner of the account is from. We have a fake name and some pictures of surveillance cameras from the bank. But we don't have this person on the data base, neither does the FBI and the CIA. We checked." Detective James handled the whole file to Ben before carrying on. "That is all we know. I'm really sorry for your lost, I truly am. He seemed like a good man." 

"He was." Teddy agreed. "You have no idea." 

"Well, thank you very much, detective James." Ben had risen to his feet and extended a hand to the man in front of him. Teddy followed his lead. 

"I hope you find who did it. Good luck!" 




Dominique Bonnet sat alone at a little restaurant in Chudley. She was a nervous wreck, eating her own nails while she waited for her date. The waiter had already brought her two baskets of bread and yet she still needed more. She had to keep herself busy until he got there. And after what seemed forever, he entered through the front door and immediately located her fierce red hair, on a booth by the window. 

"Finally!!" Yelled Dom, getting on her feet and hugging one of her favourite people in the whole world. "Why are you so late, Potter?" 

James looked at his watch and gasped. "I'm like 5 minutes late, Dommie." He defended himself, while he sat down in front of her. "Leo threw juice on my shirt just as I was about to leave the house, so I had to go back and change it." 

"You know, I still find it weird you are a parent." Dom confessed, eating the final bit of her bread. "And I'll find it even more entertaining once they go to Hogwarts." 

"I just hope neither Alfie or Maya goes mad once they get there and start hating each other." James said, giving a meaningful glare to Dom. 

"Seriously? Still bringing that up?" She rolled her eyes, but deep down she was hurt. More than she should, now that she thought about it. 

"Hey," James called out, bringing her back to the present. "I was kidding, Dom. Don't cry." 

"What? I'm not-" But suddenly she felt a tear drop from her eye. "Oh." 

"Is everything ok?" James asked, with his concerned face that only few people in the world have ever seen. And Dom felt like the luckiest person to be one of who had been on the receiving end of it. 

"I- I don't know, actually." Dom confessed. 

The waiter came by their table and wrote their order down in a minute before leaving them be. James waited until they were alone again to extend his arm on the table and grab his cousin's hand. 

"Tell me. Is it Tristian?" 

"He's part of it." She admitted. "It's a package of things actually." James only nodded and waited for her to go own. "I ran into Erika the other day in Hogsmeade." 

"Wow." James pronounced. 

Erika was Dominique's former best friend and Tristian's, her husband, twin sister. Together with Sean Corner, the foursome had once been inseparable (while Dom, James and Fred lived in war). That was so until Dom began to date Sean who she found out that cheated on her with Erika. Tristian had been outraged and took Dom's side, never again speaking with his sister. It had been years since Dom had news about her now sister-in-law. 

"She was there to see Professor Higgs. Her son was in trouble apparently. That was what uncle Nev told me later on." Dom explained.

"Her kid is already in Hogwarts? And Sean is the father, I can assume?" James wanted to know. 

"Yes, she was pregnant before 7th year was over, uncle Nev told me. Do you believe it? All the teachers knew but they weren't allowed to talk about it. And yeah, it was Sean's. But they aren't together now. He's in Ireland." Dominique continued. 

"And did you talk?" James inquired. 

"We bumped into each other, so it was just an 'oh, sorry' before we realised who was it." She answered. "We stared in disbelief for a second before carrying on with what we were doing. I was going to see uncle George."

"Wow." James repeated. "What did Tristian say?" 

"He was surprised to know he had a nephew, in Slytherin." She laughed. "But then he called his parents and they though Erika had lost the baby. She lied to them." 

"No, she didn't?" 

"Yeah, she did. And who lies about losing a baby..." Dom carried on but soon lost her voice and blinked a few tears. James immediately jumped to her side of the booth and brought her to a big bear hug. 

"Dommie, shh." He tried to comfort. "It's over." 

"I don't want to go through it again." Dom cried on his chest. "I can't go though it again. 

"Sweetie, you're not making any sense." James said on her ear. He grabbed a glass of water from the table and handled to her. She calmly accepted, swallowing hard.

"I'm pregnant, Jimmy." She finally confessed. "I'm old and pregnant. What if I lose it again?" 

"Dommie!" James begged. "Firstly, you're 32, you're not old. And secondly, everything will be fine. Remember that aunt Hermione too lost a baby before Rosie? Oh, Dom, I'm so happy for you!" 

"Are you really?" 

"Of course I am. I'll love to see you change diapers and wake up at 3 am with a screaming baby. It's so lovely!" James laughed, after kissing her head and going back to his side of the booth, but not skipping from being kicked under the table.

"Idiot." Dom insulted, with a smile on the side of the lips nevertheless. 

"You'll be an amazing mother." James guaranteed. "And Tristian will be a great father." 

"It's not his." Dom suddenly said with a serious voice and face, making James completely lose his grin. Dom stared at him for a few seconds before breaking into a large laugh. "I'm kidding!! I'm joking!! Of course it's his." 

"I knew that." James swore.

"No, you didn't. I got you there." 

"No, you didn't!" He wined.

"Yeah, I did." 

And that went on for a little while until the food came. Because as true Weasleys, there was nothing more important than food. 

James felt like he was a little more lighter. Call him crazy, but Dom's pregnancy seemed like it was there to ease down a little his pain from his lost. He remembered his own pregnant wife and suddenly felt like he couldn't wait for his daughter. And most importantly, his daughter and Dom's kid would be the same age, and hopefully, best friends just like their parents. Yes, James was, for that moment, happy.



Teddy wasn't on his best days, he had to admit. For the first time ever since he and Tobias had been assigned to watch Ginny, he didn't want to be there. There was a whole lot of new information and data to be analysed and processed at the Office and there he was, at the Three Broomsticks, with Ginny, waiting for Dean. 

"Do I really bore you that much?" Ginny broke the silence. "You know you can go, right?" 

"What? No!" Teddy immediately protested. "I won't go, I would never leave you, Mum." 

"Well, I have been telling you about nails for 15 minutes and you haven't protested one minute. What's on your mind?" Ginny asked. She knew her godson too well. She knew whenever something was bothering him. 

"Oh, it's that we have new data to go through from the Muggle investigation." Teddy explained although he wasn't supposed to discuss the case with anyone outside the Office.

"And you'd rather be there going through it than babysitting me?" 

"Yea- No! I like being here." Teddy rapidly answered, sighing deeply. 

"Look, there's Dean." Ginny pointed out to the wizard coming through the door. "I should be safe with him, don't you think?" Dean got closer to the table and Ginny rose to give him a proper hug. "Dean! Hi!" 

"Good afternoon, Gin!" Dean greeted with a huge smile. "I can't tell you how pleased I was with your invitation."

"Oh, it's my pleasure. I'm sure you remember Teddy, right?" 

"Of course!" Dean said, exchanging a handshake with the Auror. "You are very much like your father, have they told you that?" He carried on, while he sat down and ordered a cup of tea. 

"Dad used to tell me that often." Teddy confirmed. 

“Professor Lupin surely was the best DADA teacher we ever had." Dean remembered with dreamy eyes. "Wasn't he, Gin?" 

"Indeed." She agreed, but decided it was a good time to change subject. Teddy didn't need to be reminded about the two Dads he had already lost. "So, Dean, you work with Brooms, don't you?" 

"Yeah, I did." Dean told her. "I retired last year." 

"Retired?" Gin repeated, surprised. "You're so young. Only 55!" 

"I know, but, I was so tired," he explained. "I just wanted to have some time to myself, work on some hobbies, you know?" 

"I understand." Ginny nodded. 

"Don't you ever think about retiring as well?" Dean wondered.

"Hm-" Ginny thought with a sip on her tea. "I was thinking about it before- hm, well, you know." She looked over at Teddy who reached for her hand under the table and squeezed it. "But now, I think I would lose it if I stayed home. I have nowhere to be."

"You could always take care of the grandkids." Teddy suggested with a smile. 

"Thanks, love, for suggesting I become my mother." She joked.

"I for one love Nana Weasley." Teddy defended. "And I know my children love Nana Potter!" 

Dean spilled his tea a little. 

"What?" Ginny demanded. 

"It's weird to hear someone call you Nana." Dean admitted with a grin. "For me, you'll always be Ginny Weasley, the fiercest chaser I’ll ever know." 

"I quite like being a grandmother, if you must know." Gin informed him with a mocking tone. "Because I'm the coolest one who plays Quidditch with my grandkids." 

"You do?" 

"She was the one to coach my daughter this summer, so she could get into the team." Teddy told him. 

"Wow. That's impressive." Dean complimented. "And do you miss the Harpies much?" 

"I do, of course." Ginny admitted. "But I got to live all that again with Victoire once she was playing, not until a few years ago. Unlike me, Vic carried on after maternity leave." 

"Wait!" Dean asked of her. "Vic is?" 

"My wife." Teddy answered. "She's Mum's niece." 

"Got it! I remembered that." Dean laughed. "I'm sure Luna or Peter have already told me that at some point. But y'all are just too many!" 

"We understand." Ginny assured him. "It's hard indeed. And now, with the 4th Generation it's even harder." 

"Wait until the younger kids start having children." Teddy pointed it out. "Rumours say that Lie and Roxanne may be pregnant. And Lucy is just a matter of time once she and John get married. I only think Alice is the one who is going to take more time to have a baby. And Molly is pregnant too. I wish I knew who the father is."

"Roxanne is George's daughter and is married to Brian, Lee's son." Ginny started to explain to Dean. "Alice is engaged to Carter Wood while Lie is Cho Chang's daughter who is dating Louis, Vic's brother, therefore, Teddy's brother-in-law. Molly is Percy's eldest."

"I actually knew that, Gin." Dean laughed. "You explained it to me at Maya's birthday, remember?"

"Oh, right." Ginny laughed. "Well, I bet I didn't tell you how Teddy and Vic are like the gossip central."

"How come?" Dean wondered.

"The kids, they just come and tell us everything!" Teddy shrugged with a grin, like that was no big deal. 

The conversation went on until dinner time and the three of them ended up having dinner at the pub they were. Ginny couldn't remember the last time she actually had a pleasant conversation that didn't involve death or grief and that she could actually laugh and not politely smile. And what most mattered to her was that Teddy could also participate on something not murderer associated. 

At the end of the night, the whole meeting with Dean had done great things for both Ginny and Teddy. But also for Dean, who didn't remember the last time he had so much fun. 




"Ron!" Bernard called out with surprise, once he got to the elevator. Ron looked disappointed with a flower bouquet in hands. "What are you doing here?" He carried on, going to hug the redhead. 

"I came to surprise Hermione." He looked down at the flowers for a second. "She was too busy at a meeting with Australia, apparently." 

"Oh." Ben only said. "She's being extra busy with the X. O.'s capture." He further explained. "We need to question him about- hm, you know, Harry's murderer. And Australia doesn't want to give him to us back." 

"Well, in that case..." Ron smiled. "I don't mind the late hours." 

"Hm, I was just about to go home," Ben started. "But Heather is having a girls' night with some of her old Hogwarts' friends. Would you like to get some drinks?" 

Ron took a moment before answering. "I would love that." 

And the two men walked out the Ministry and went to the Leaky Caldron to have a few drinks and a bite. What started it off as only a couple of drinks, ended up as two drunken middle aged men, laughing at anything and everything. 

"And then, Harry says 'oh, shit!' and starts running from the Office like a mad man, with me running after him." Ron finished the story of when he arrived at work after he had found out Ginny coming in at the Burrow with a guilty expression and George accusing her of losing her virginity. 

"Come on, Ron," Ben tried to get his breath back from so much laughing. "You were bond to know that they would eventually shag. They had been dating forever. I'm surprised it hadn't been earlier." 

"I actually felt bad that I hadn't believed Harry that nothing had happened the night they spent in the Requirement Room." Ron confessed. 

"He would have never lied to you, mate." Ben assured him. 

"Yeah, he wouldn't have." Ron suddenly felt the alcohol go away and the grief come back. He suddenly realised the bar was empty and only he and Ben were left. Tears started to form around his eyes, but he held them put. "Merlin, it's so late!" 

"Yeah." Agreed Ben. "I guess we should go." 

They slowly rose from the table they were in and paid their last drink before heading to the fireplace so they could Floo home. Neither one had any condition of Apparating home. Ron was the first one to grab the extra powder that he always carried around, before he turned to the Head Auror to give him a hug. 

"Thanks for the company, Ben. It was really nice." 

"Thank you. We should do this again, sometime." Ben smiled, too searching for him own Floo powder. 

Ron nodded. "Yeah, we should. Well, good night." 

"Good night."




Bernard had the strongest of headaches that Saturday morning. All he wanted was some peace and quiet for the whole morning. But that was certainly not his lucky day. Heather was soon waking him up, demanding he would be downstairs. He wined for a bit, but once he saw his wife's burning eyes, he knew he should just obey. 

Within a few minutes, Ben was walking down the steps and into the living room where he was surprised to find his daughter, sitting on the couch, next to some stranger, while Heather sat on the opposite armchair, extremely serious. 

"Sweetheart!" Ben enchanted, going to hug his daughter tight. "What are you doing here? And who is this?" Ben pointed at the strange man next to her. 

"Yeah, Robbie, why don't you tell your father who is that?" 

"Daddy, this is Yorker! I met him in Ukraine and- we are getting married." She announced, grabbing the man's hand and placing it on her thigh. 

"I - what?" Bernard gasped, blinking his eyes. "What about Will? Your three-year-long boyfriend?” 

"We broke up." She only said. 

"We can see that." Her mother coldly replied. 

"Roberta, what the hell is going on?" Bernard simply exploded. "Do you live on the same world me, your mother and brother live? Because I don't think so!" 

"Daddy!" She cried like a thirteen year old. "I thought you of all people would be happy for me." 

"Happy?" He sarcastically laughed. "Happy that you want to marry a complete stranger, while we are living one of the toughest times ever?" 

"What do you mean?" Roberta innocently asked. 

"Tell me you're joking!" Heather begged of her. She simply looked at her mother confused. "Your father just lost his best friend and you didn't even care to show up at the funeral! Your uncle Harry passed away and you didn't even care! Do you know how incredibly selfish that was?" 

"I- I-" Roberta tried to say. "But I love Yorker."

Ben laughed. "Come on, you know him for what? A month?" The young couple stared at each other and nodded. "What do you know about love? You have no idea what is love." 

"And tell me, Robbie, what was your plan? Get married? Have some kids? Be a stay at home mother? Abandon your Healing Training?" Heather carried on, making Roberta cry. 

"I knew I should have gone to Toby!" She wined. 

"Gone to me for what?" Tobias suddenly asked, coming through the front door and soon walking into the living room. "Robbie! What are you doing here?" 

"Toby, this is Yorker. We're getting married." Roberta told him. 

He started to laugh. "Yeah, right. Seriously, where's Will? I miss that guy!" 

"We broke up, Toby!" She cried.

Tobias looked to his mother and stepfather in confusion, only to find them nodding to the information. The young Auror analysed the man next to his sister, staring him from up to down. The Yorker guy didn't seem all that bad, except that he was a complete stranger who may just want to harm his little baby sister. 

"What the hell is going on with you, Robbie?" Tobias snapped, making the girl lose her breath. "Marrying a guy you barely met? What's wrong with you? Have you lost your mind?"

"Oh, please!" Robbie suddenly said. "Not everyone needs to spend years wasting around before they realise who they wanna be with. Not everyone is you and Ellie, Tobias. Or you and Dad, Mum. You needed to lose your husband to be with the one you love." 

The silence was installed. Roberta had her eyes wide open and regret for her words, written all over her face. Tobias looked as angry as he ever looked before. Bernard had the saddest eyes one could ever have. And Heather just looked hurt and walked out of the room. 

"Mum loved them both, Roberta. Don't talk of things you don't understand." Tobias yelled. "And if you think we will ever 'approve' of this so-called marriage, you are very wrong. Now, Ben." He added, turning around to his step/godfather. "I need you at the Office. I think I have a lead." 

"Yes, go off to work, you two." Roberta screamed. "That's all you do."

"Roberta! That's enough." Ben ordered. "I'll deal with you later." 

And off they went to try to get closer to Harry’s murderer. Not that the lead Tobias thought he had helped in anyway. For both of their disappointment.




Ginny Potter smiled unconsciously once she reached the Hogwarts Gates, that Saturday morning. It was little Dora Lupin’s first game for Hufflepuff and everyone couldn't be more excited. Teddy and Victoire Lupin were not far ahead of her, with Remus jumping up and down from excitement, while Bill and Fleur were not far behind, talking secretly with Lie and Louis. Lily was by her mother’s side with Evan while James and Dom walked side-by-side with their arms locked (Tristian was on a shift in St. Mungo’s while Elizabeth was with her mother, Bridget, Alfie and Leo). As a proud Hufflepuff, Lily insisted she wasn't going to miss her niece’s (actually second degree cousin) games at all. 

Neville and Hannah were already waiting for them in the Entrance Hall with a very nervous Dora. The girl was already on her Quidditch uniform, walking to her sides, while Hannah tried to assure her she would be fine. But once Dora saw her parents coming, she didn't hesitate to run in their direction. 

"Mummy!" She yelled, being immediately hugged by Victoire. "How did you do this? I'm so scared. I had a dream I would drop the quaffle every time someone tried to pass it to me." 

"Oh, darling." Vic sighed, kneeling on the grass together with Teddy so they could be on the same eye level. "You will be wonderful out there. I watched you this summer, you're a terrific chaser."

"And being nervous is quite normal." Teddy added. "I literally threw up all my breakfast on my first game and uncle Toby fainted when he heard the Team Captain saying it was time. The game got delayed half an hour."

"Really?" Dora asked, with a tiny smile forming on her lips. "What about you, Nana?" She wondered once Ginny got closer to her.

"Me? Oh, Dora, my love, I had to take three stomach potions before my first game in the Harpies. But aren't you more worried about ending up in the hospital wing? It is a game against Slytherin, after all." Louis rolled his eyes at his aunt, although he had to admit, Slytherin did have a past of violent teams, his included. 

"Oh, I got auntie Hannah, I don't need to worry." Dora assured her before going to hug her other set of grandparents, her aunts and her uncles. Hannah almost shred a tear but excused herself before she did. 

Louis said he would do his best to cheer against his own house, but wished the best of lucks to his niece; Dominique and James shared a few insights that Dora could use during the game and Lily assured the little girl that she would make Hufflepuff very proud. 

Once Dora had a go with everyone there, she said a brief goodbye and went on her way to the stadium to meet up with her House Team to a last minute game planning. Bill and Fleur took the opportunity to walk a little by themselves, Lie and Louis went to have a talk with professor Higgs, while Neville and James headed up to the stadium, chatting about the Chudley Cannons. Ginny stayed behind with the Lupin's and Dom. 

"I can't believe my niece is already playing for her House." The latter sighed, looking at the stadium in the distance. "I miss my Quidditch days. I miss playing against you, sis." 

Vic looked at her sister and laughed. "Yes, good ol' days. Hey, Teddy, do you think there is still some breakfast left?" 

"Honey, we just ate at Mum's!" Teddy pointed out. 

"Teddy, you know better than to mess with a pregnant Weasley. Give your wife some food." Ginny ordered him, making Dom laugh. He rolled his eyes while Vic gave him a glowing smile and they went inside the castle. Ginny waited to be alone with Dom before she turned to her with a suspicious glare. 

"Is everything alright with you, aunt Gin?" 

"I should be the one asking you that. Does your mother know?" 

"What?" Dom asked in alarm. James couldn't have told his mother. 

"Does Tristian know?" Ginny shot at her again. 

"Aunt Gin, I have no idea what you are talking about." Dom insisted, deciding to start walking towards the stadium where some students were already going to. 

"Dom, you're pregnant. It's written all over your face." Ginny said, running after her. 

"Wha-what?" She repeated, stopping on her tracks. She was about to deny when she looked up at her aunt and closed her eyes with a deep breath. "Fuck!" She sighed more to herself. "Yes, I am."

"Merlin!" Ginny commemorated, bringing her niece to the tightest hug. "I'm so happy for you!" 

"Thanks, aunt Gin. But please don't mention this to anyone. It's Dora's day and also... My parents don't know yet. Actually, I haven't told Tristian too. Only James." 

"Wha-why?" Ginny asked in confusion, but only needed a moment before she understood everything and brought Dom to yet another hug. "It'll be ok, I promise you." 

After a reassuring smile and a warm kiss on the head, the two women headed to the stadium to meet up with the rest of the family. As they were getting to their seats, Ginny noticed a familiar face on the stands and smiled as she recognised who it was. 

"I should have known you'd be here." Dean laughed, as he offered Ginny a seat next to him. Dom had already gone back to James's side and we're both talking secretively (James was probably explaining that his Mum had a superhuman power to notice other's pregnancy). Lie and Louis were babbling away with some former colleagues, Bill and Fleur were sat next to Lily and Evan while the Lupin's got seats behind Ginny.

"It's my granddaughter's first game." Ginny justified, accepting the offer and sitting next to him. "What about you?" 

"Neville invited me. We're going out for lunch after it." Dean explained. "You should come too."

"I should. If my babysitter allows me too." Ginny accepted with a smile. 

Teddy rolled his eyes. "Well, if uncle Nev is going, I can let you go for a couple of hours."

"Why, thank you, Master." Ginny mocked but not after bringing Teddy to a forced hug with a kiss on the cheek. "Either way, after Hufflepuff's win, Dora will want to celebrate with her housemates, not her old grandma and her not-at-all cool parents." 

"I heard that, Mum." Teddy warned. 

"And we are very cool parents, if you must know, auntie Gin." Victoire said with a very strict tone. Ginny only exchanged a glance with Remus who was holding out a laugh.

“But the truth is, Nana," Remus started. "You're not old."

A/N: Oh, I just love Remus, don't you? And a lot going on, right? Ben has now a lot to wonder about concerning Harry's case, Dom is pregnant and that whole Erika thing is a ticking bomb, don't you think? 

You guys would like to know I have done a big planning on BA (I have tons of lists and calenders) and I hope to write a lot this month (it's summer break!). I can only hope to surprise you along the way! 

Caa xx

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