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Life According to Demeter by xoxo_jpotter
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25
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Hermes- 24, Hufflepuff
Aphrodite- 22, Slytherin
Dionysus- 21, Gryffindor
Hera- 19, Ravenclaw
Demeter- 18, Gryffindor (7th year)
Zeus- 17, Hufflepuff (7th year)
Poseidon- 17, Ravenclaw (7th year)
Hades- 17, Slytherin (7th year)
Athena- 15, Ravenclaw (5th year)
Apollo- 14, Hufflepuff (4th year)
Artemis- 14, Ravenclaw (4th year)
Ares- 13, Gryffindor (3rd year)
Hephaestus- 12, Hufflepuff (2nd year)
Hestia- 11, Slytherin (1st year)

Dom, can you pass the mashed potatoes?"

"James, they're right next to Dem. Why don't you ask her?" Dom suggested, nodding towards me. I glared at her. She knew we weren't speaking, but she kept sticking her nose in our business.

I took the bowl of mashed potatoes and dumped the remainder onto my plate. Dom put her head in her head; meanwhile, Kyle was looking very uncomfortable. Probably because he knew he was about to have to choose sides.

"Really Dem?" James muttered, reaching over to grab a different bowl.

"Did you hear that, Dom?" I asked, cupping a hand to my ear. "It sounded like an annoying buzzing sound."

"You're so immature," James stated and rolled his eyes.

"You're the only one being immature," I said hotly, forgetting that I was supposed to be ignoring him.

He rolled his eyes without replying, but I didn't feel like I'd won. I swirled my fork around my plate of mashed potatoes, frowning. We'd been having the same fight for a week. I still refused to talk to him, and he refused to... well, I don't know. Normally when I fought with my boyfriend, they would apologize after an hour or so. James had done nothing of the sort. In fact, I think he was expecting me to apologize. I've never apologized for anything in my life.

All week, everyone had been tiptoeing around us. Except for Zeus and Poseidon, as they had taken James's side immediately. The fact that I was their sister obviously meant nothing to them.

Dinner continued like that. I talked to Dom and occasionally Kyle, and they talked to both of us, but sperately. James and I sat next to each other, but it felt like we were miles apart.

Tired of watching all of our friends struggle to pick sides, I chose to hang out with Tia. Sure she was eleven, but I hadn't really talked to her in a while, and she was wise beyond her years. Was it sad that I'd resorted to talking to a first year about my problems? Probably.

"Demi as much as you don't want to hear it, I think you're wrong in this situation," she told me. We were in the kitchens drinking hot chocolate, which I almost spit out at her words. Even little Tia thought I was wrong! What is wrong with the world?

"What?" I sputtered.

"I know you would never cheat on anyone, but think about how it looks. You were basically flirting with another guy. Right in front of James no less." She said this all calmly and wisely, taking a mild sip from her cup. Honestly, she was like a thirty year old in an eleven year old's body.

"Well, he should know that I don't mean anything by it," I declared hotly. I'd put in a lot of work into this relationship, surely he knew that. Also, I'd never cheated on anyone. That was just wrong, and he should know I wouldn't dare.

"Should he?" She raised an eyebrow.

"What does that mean?" This was beginning to feel like a therapy session, and our sisterly roles were definitely being reversed.

"I mean, have you done anything that assures him that you only want to be with him?" I avoided her gaze by lowering my head.

"Well... he should just know!" Just because I didn't say it all of the time didn't mean it wasn't true. I checked my watch and sighed. " I have to go to practice," I said, standing up. This one would probably go as well as the last one we'd had. Meaning not well at all.

"If you want him to feel like he can trust you, you need to do something to show him he's different," she told me as I was leaving.

I ruffled her hair with a smile before I left. What a cute little kid. What did she know? She was only eleven.

"Dem, this is getting out of hand," Dom complained later that night. James and I had fought during our quidditch practice, again, and we ended it early.

"Well, if he would just say sorry, we wouldn't be having this problem," I stated, flopping down into bed. Okay, so I didn't exactly believe my words, but she could humour me.

"Really?" She raised her eyebrows, and I felt like I was having a conversation with my mother. "Are you saying you have nothing to say sorry for?"

"Not a thing," I sniffed. She sighed and got into bed as well, giving up on trying to reason with me.

I'd told her what happened, but she-like everyone else- seemed to be taking James's side over mine. Looking at it now, I had been starting to feel a bit guilty about the whole thing, but I've never been one to admit that I'm wrong.

As I tried to fall asleep, I realized how cold it was in my dorm. I reached into my trunk to find a jacket, pulling out the one James had lent me at the game a few months ago. Smiling, I put it on, breathing his scent and drifting off.

James POV

I sighed and flopped on my bed. Dem was still refusing to talk to me, and I was completely at a loss. I hated fighting with her, and I was on the verge of just apologizing so we could move on. At the same time, I really didn't feel as though I'd done anything wrong.

"Still upset about the whole Dem thing?" Kyle asked, his hair wet from the shower. He closed his hangings as he got dressed.

"I guess," I sighed. "What do you usually do when you fight with Dom?"

"Apologize," he said simply.

"What if you didn't do anything wrong?"

"Apologize," he repeated. "Trust me, girls are crazy, unreasonable creatures. They are always right, accept that." I just shook my head, sighing again. "Plus, the make up sex is always great."

"All right." I stood up, not wanting to hear anymore about him having sex with my cousin. "I'm going for a walk."

"At this time?" I ignored him, shutting the door behind me.

I walked through the castle, not really having a direction. It wasn't until I was directly in front of the person I wanted to talk to, that I knew where I was going. Maybe I was subconsciously heading there the whole time.

"Hades," I called. He turned around, seemingly surpirised that I was here. I was a little surprised at myself, but he was probably the only one who could help me with Dem. Zeus and Poseidon had just told me to dump her.

"James? It's way past curfew," he said, his inner Head Boy coming out.

"What, are you going to give me a detention?" I half joked. The other half of me really hoped he wasn't considering giving me a detention.

He half laughed. "No, I'm not going to give you a detention."

"Thank Merlin," I sighed in relief. He continued making his rounds and I followed.

"Is there a particular reason why you're following me around?" he asked. He stopped to check a broom cupboard before continuing on.

"Well..." I trailed off, unsure how to explain.

"Let me guess, Dem." He stated it more than asked it, leaving me wondering how he always did that.

"Maybe," I mumbled, embarrassed. The fact that I had to run to her brother with everything probably wasn't the best sign. "She's just being so... frustrating. Sorry," I added, remembering I was talking about his sister.

"Trust me, I know," he replied. "I live with her. Why don't you tell me what happened, and I'l give you my wise advice."

"Don't you already know what happened?"

"I'm not a bloody mind reader." Well, you sure seem like it, I thought. "I may seem like it, but that's just because I can read you and Dem so well."

Ignoring the fact that he just read my mind again, I explained to him everything that had happened. He nodded, not interupting throughout the whole story. "-and she still won't talk to me! I just don't know what to do anymore."

"No offense, but you need to man up," he said bluntly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"Look, as much as Dem would like you to think she is- hell, as much as she would like to think she is- she is not perfect," he explianed and shook his head. "Those idiots that she's been with treat her like she is, so she walks all over them- without meaning to- until she gets bored. Clearly, you're doing the same thing."

"I do not treat her like she's perfect," I protested, but it wasn't that convincing. He arched an eyebrow at me. "Okay, well what do I need to do, boss her around? That won't do anything."

"Don't let her walk all over you," he stated simply. I opened my mouth to protest again, but he cut me off, "Admit it, you were thinking of caving just so she would forgive you."

"Maybe," I mumbled, bowing my head.

"I get it, you want to do anything you can to make her happy, trust me I get it." Pain briefly flashed in his eyes, but it was gone as soon as it came. "But you've got to think of yourself as well. She won't respect you if you let her do anything she pleases. The only thing I can tell you is to tell her how you feel, and don't back down if you think you're in the right. She'll get bored if you don't challenge her."

I let his words sink in. I'd been pining after Dem for too long for us to go down like this, especially after such a short time. But he was right, no matter how much I wanted to be with her, I couldn't let her walk all over me.

"You're right," I agreed after a moment.

There was a brief moment when I was just staring into his blue eyes. Then, with a nod, he was gone, seemingly disappearing into thin air. He didn't even say goodbye. I began walking back to the tower, checking the map to make sure I didn't walk by any patrolling teachers or Prefects.

As much as I hated to admit it, Hades was completely right. I've been so entranced by Dem, I've just let her do whatever she wanted. I knew she didn't do anything on purpose, and it was partially my fault for never speaking up. Now, though, I knew I needed to talk to her. Hopefully before my confidece depletes.

Demeter POV


I rolled over, pulling the blankets tighter around me. Someone was trying to take me away from my lovely dream.

"Dem, wake up."

"Hmgh," I mumbled groggily, barely peeking open an eye. James was standing over my bed, looking just as tired as I felt. The broomstick he flew into the dorms with was in his hand.

"Move over," he commanded softly. I wiggled over to give him some room, and he layed down next to me, pulling the covers over himself. There was still a gap between us as I was on the edge of the bed. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," I muttered, not look at him.

"Come here." He held his arms open, letting me pull myself into him. I immediately felt better, nuzzling myself into his warm body. He stroked my hair softly.

"What are you doing up here?" I asked after a few minutes.

"Do you want me to leave?" I snapped my head up to look at him.

"No! I just wanted to know. I thought we... well, I don't know," I finished lamely.

"I think we need to talk," he explained.

"About what?" I played dumb.

"Dem," he rolled his eyes, "we can't just not talk about it and expect it to go away on its own."

"That'd be a whole lot easier."

"Look, Dem, I know you haven't ever had a really serious relationship, but if we are going to stay together, I have to know you aren't flirting with other guys." Before I could reply, he continued. "How would you like it if I was flirting with some other girl?"

I thought back to when Ansley was all over him. Just thinking about him with anyone else made me sick, and I would definitely hate any girl who tried coming on to him. Bile rised in my throat because the fact that I made him feel anywhere near that was horrible.

"I would hate it," I admitted.

"Exactly. I just- I don't want to fight, but watching you flirt with that prat definitely made me mad," he said, and I could feel his muscles tense.

"James." I brushed my fingertips across his jaw. "I promise it will never happen again. It wasn't my intention to hurt you."

"I know."

And then we were kissing. It wasn't intense or rushed, we took our time, not having another place to be. After a few minutes, we broke apart, tired. I was wrapped in his arms, but I couldn't go to sleep just yet.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled lowly against his neck.


"I said I'm sorry," I repeated a bit louder. The words tasted foreign in my mouth, but I definitely meant them.

"I know, I heard you the first time," he told me with a cheeky grin. I lightly slapped him on the arm. "How do those words taste coming out of your mouth?"

"Like poison," I grumbled."But I really am sorry. You know I would never intentionally hurt you, right?"

"I know," he smiled. I smiled back and layed my head on his chest while he brushed his hand across my arm. "Are you wearing my jacket?"

"Maybe," I replied, pulling it tighter around me. "It's comfortable, and I was cold."

"Mhmm." He placed his hand on my hip and pulled me closer to him, my face in his shoulder, and one of my legs was hitched around his hip. "I should probably go, you need to sleep."

"No," I protested, wrapping my arm tighter around him. "Stay up here with me tonight." I kissed his shoulder, sucking lightly. "Please." I peeked up at him through my lashes.

"Okay, you've convinced me," he kissed my forehead, "but I think we actaully need to sleep."

"Why?" I asked, only half joking.

He chuckled lightly. "Night, Dem."

"'Night, James."

He whispered something else as I closed my eyes, but it was either too quiet or I was too far gone to hear it.

A/N: This chapter is also shorter than what I normally write, I know! I promise that I will make the next one longer!

But, on the bright side, Dem and James aren't fighting! Also, Hades is back, and I'll be adding him in more often!

Reviews are always welcome!


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