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Harry's Pain by Emma3
Chapter 1 : 1
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Harry despised his job. Who wouldn’t? It wasn’t that anything was really horrible about his role…he was the lowest of the low. No one cared about him, and he meant to keep it that way. All he had to do was paper work…what he detested was the fact that it gave him too much time to brood, and usually he thought soully of one thing, or person. It was the most terrible memory…the one he wanted to forget, and the thing he would remember forever…

“Gin,” he said, tears threatening to spill down is cheeks. “Gin, wake up. He’s gone now Gin, you can get up.”

Harry had just defeated Lord Voldemort, but there was no joy in this victory. None at all, how could there be with Ginny- Harry shook himself mentally. No, she’s not!

“Wake up Ginny. Come on this is no joke. Up you get…come on, we’re getting married, we’re going to have babies and grow old together!” He couldn’t believe it. Wouldn’t. Ron Weasley put his hand on his best friend and soon to be brother-in-law’s shoulder.

“Come on mate. He’s gone. You win. Let’s go home.” Harry looked into his eyes. There was loss in those deep pools of brown, but somehow happiness. How could anyone be happy without Ginny?

“No Ron. She’s gone. I lose. There is no home without Ginny.” He had accepted it, and with acceptation, came loss, sadness and grief. The tears that had once been threatening to spill were now making clean trails through the dirt on Harry’s face. He bent and kissed his late fiancé on the lips, leaving his tears on her frozen cheek. He stood still for a moment, feeling the frigid December wind on his skin and turned toward the wizarding world. A split second later he was gone. Running against the howling wind, running from all that he knew…running from all that he wanted to forget.

That was over two years ago. No one in the wizarding world knew where he was and he wanted to keep it that way. It’s what Remus had done after Sirius had gone to jail, the day Lily and James died. Now Remus was dead too. Harry felt stomach sick and he forced himself to think of work. Harry didn’t have any friends. That was again the way he liked it…no one to lose. Harry was distraught when just as he was back to his beloved paperwork his boss came in.

“Potter.” The man never hated Harry, as he had beleived. In all truth, he was a bit frightened of him. He was so young, only 19, but his eyes held so much loss, and too much sadness. It must’ve been more than his parents…they died when he was an infant.

“There’s a client coming at 5:30, and my wife-” Harry’s eyes lost all feeling at the word wife and the man stumbled. “-is sick…everyone’s gone but you and I’d really like to get home to her.” Harry smiled, a haunting action. His mouth was turned up, but his eyes were screaming in pain.

“Of course sir. Who am I to stand in the way of love?” Only Voldemort can do that, he thought to himself.

“Thanks, I owe you one.” Harry looked at his watch. Great, 5: 25, just enough time to clean up. He went to straightening his desk and thinking about what he had to do with this client. He worked at a jeweller’s, so it was probably someone looking for a diamond for his wife, an engagement ring for a potential fiancé…great, just what I need, more reminders of what could have been, he reflected bitterly. He heard the door open. Well, it’s time to deal with the inevitable.

He went out to greet the person with a smile that didn’t reach the eyes that Ginny had loved so much, but instead of seeing a love struck young man, he saw a person dressed in all black, wearing a ski mask. After a second he realized the person also had a gun pointing straight between his eyes. Harry didn’t blink, long ago he had started looking for reasons to die.

“Give me the jewel!” It sounded like a man’s voice.

“Which jewel? We are a jeweller, we have many.” The man was obviously panicky and wanted this done fast, and Harry was not going to succumb to a useless scumbag’s will.

“The biggest one you have! Give it to me! Hurry up man!!” Harry shook his head.

“I’m terribly sorry, but first we must discuss the ways that you plan to pay for this extremely expensive item, if you’ll please take a seat we can discuss it and you can fill out the proper paperwork.” Harry loved messing with this man’s mind, the man, obviously, did not enjoy it.

“Look dude, I’m armed…and if you don’t give me that jewel this second I will blow your brains out!!!” Harry went to the phone and quickly dialled 911 as the man hunted through an empty cash register.

“Hello, emergency help line, how may I help you?” asked the operator’s serious voice.

“Emergency, there’s a masked man at Tim’s Jeweller’s 1674 Wesscott Avenue, with a gun. He’s currently trying to find a jewel. I’ve got it under control at the moment, but he could shoot me at any time…you should send some people down.”

“Okay sir, we’re sending them right away…just stay calm…you sound extraordinarily calm, due to the fact you’re being held at gun point.”

“A long time ago I stopped caring about dying. I just hope he does it soon, so I can see my Ginny again.” The operator had no idea what to say. She heard the rest of the conversation between the robber and the brave man on the phone.

“Hey! Why do you have the phone??” cried the other man. The brave employee answered calmly.

“To telephone the police. It’s what people generally do when a fellow human being breaks the law.” She could here sirens, then a gun shot, and the phone was cut off.

Ten police officers ran in and the man put his hands on his head as if he knew the procedure. Two paramedics rushed in and bee-lined straight to Harry.

“Just hold on sir, you’ll make it.” They said calmingly.

“No, no. Please, I want Ginny. I want to die. Leave me to die.” The paramedics looked at each other and a second later they knew that Harry Potter was no longer with them. Harry sighed with happiness, far, far above them. He grasped the hand of his long awaited fiancé, Virginia Weasley and went to begin eternity.

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