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Not entirely true by horcruxxx
Chapter 3 : “I hope you don’t support Bulgaria”
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After eating dinner (Josh cooked pasta with tomato sauce, Maddie just sat at the table and watched him as he kept pulling out ingredients out of a box filled with ice - their magical fridge) Maddie decided it was time to call her parents to let them know she was ok.

"What did you tell them anyway? About skipping work for three weeks," asked Josh when they finished eating dinner.

"I just told them I was going to the cost with some friends to rest. But I really need to call them, my mom is probably going crazy," Maddie got up and went looking for her phone. She finally found it after turning her purse upside down and throwing out everything what was in it.

"Hey, Josh? I have no reception here," she sat on her bed.

"Oh, right... You won't have reception here in the camp, it is protected with anti-Muggle spells. But we can take a walk to the lake, there's a spot where enchantments don't work. We will just have to get a map".

Maddie and Josh got up and left their tent. "Shouldn't we um... lock it?" asked Maddie, looking hesitantly at Josh.

"It is locked with spells. Only people who rent it can get in. Unless you invite someone in of course," Maddie still did not look convinced, but knowing better she followed Josh as he walked towards a wooden stand. There were people lining up to it. Funny she didn't notice anyone wearing robes, even though there were so many of them yesterday when she first got here with the Portkey and looked down the hill. Now she could easily mistake wizards for Muggles. She also heard a lot of languages, but wasn't able to name them.

Maddie and Josh lined up after the last pair of Wizards, a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a man with red hair, who was holding a small girl’s hand. Josh looked at them and held his breath, but put his finger on the mouth and shook his head when he saw Maddie opening her mouth to ask who were they. Maddie and Josh stood in silence for another couple of minutes until they finally got to the stand. A witch wearing a very bright pink robe smiled at them.

"Welcome to the 424th Quidditch World Cup! My name is Mathilda Guetta and I'm Junior Customer Assistant here on Camp "West". How can I help you?" The witch was still smiling and Maddie looked behind to see that the line had gotten so long she couldn't spot the end of it. "That witch is up for many hours of fake smiling," she thought to herself.

"Could we please get a map? The one that shows spots where Muggle stuff works,” Josh said to Mathilda and Maddie noticed the witch’s smiled faded out a little, but she didn't let them see anything bothered her. Mathilda gave them the map and asked if they needed anything else.

"I think we should also get a schedule, right Josh? I mean, I don't even know what teams are playing in the Tournament..." Maddie said out loud and noticed that Mathilda wasn't even pretending to smile anymore. Thinking it was kind of weird, Maddie took schedule from her and immediately dropped it when she saw that the pictures on it were moving. Josh picked it up quickly for her, paid the witch and they walked away from the stand.

"Four years after defeating You-Know-Who you would think all wizards at least accepted the new order..." Josh said so quietly that Maddie could barely hear him. But not quiet enough.

"So... This witch, she wasn't happy to see me, because I'm a Muggle, right? Was she this bad wizard's supporter?"

"She could be, it's not like you will hear You-Know-Who’s former supporters cheer for him. But four years is not enough to change the way people think if entire generations were raised to hate Muggles,” Josh sighed, “whatever, it's their problem, not ours. And you should get used to moving images and flyers and posters, it's..."

"Magic, I know. I was surprised, that's all. Now give me the schedule, I need to pick my team," Maddie took the flyer out of Josh's hand and began studying it with attention. Josh looked at the map and by holding Maddie’s elbow he led her to where he thought should be the magic free spot.

"So… I was thinking after we call your parents we could go to the Recreation Center. We could get something to drink and pick games we would like to see. I really don't feel like watching all of them so let's just say we each pick two games we want to see the most."

"Sounds good, I know I wanna see Poland vs. Uruguay because, you know, my parents had Polish grandparents," Maddie said without lifting her head, she was still stunned by the flyer. Her newest discovery was that she could touch a team’s name and more information on it would appear.

She was finishing reading on the Croatian team, where four out of seven player were brothers and sisters, when Josh stopped her by pulling her elbow and said they had reached the enchantment free spot. Maddie lifted her head and stood straight surprised. She could not see nor hear anyone except for Josh, even though she knew there was a stadium on the right and the entire camp around her.

"Where did everyone go?" Maddie asked confused.

"Don't worry, it's how the protection spells work. They make it impossible for Muggles to see or hear anything. We are in a magic free spot, but if you take three steps, you will be back in the camp. Of course, if you were just an ordinary Muggle and came so close, you would remember you had something to do at home and just turn around."

Maddie just nodded her head and made a call. She told her parents she was in a place where there was no reception (not entirely a lie) and she would call them when she gets back home. After she was done, she switched off her phone and took a couple steps to her right, just like Josh said, and she was back in the camp. She blinked her eyes, shook her head and turned to her friend.

"Should we check out the Recreation Center now? Maybe grab something to eat? Fresh air always makes me so hungry," said Maddie and rubbed her belly. "And something to drink, I could really use a drink!

Josh agreed and took out his wand. "Wow!" Maddie screamed, "I've never seen this before! Can I touch it? Does it have a name?" She moved her face to take closer look at Josh's wand, but kept her hands behind her back.

"Umm... No, it doesn’t have a name," answered Josh not entirely sure if Maddie wasn't making fun of him. "It's just a wand, why would I name it?"

"I don’t know, I wouldn’t be surprised if you people did that. Show me magic!" she asked and Josh gently touched the map with his wand and said "show me the way to the Recreation Center!" After he finished saying the last word, a blue line appeared on the map, drawing their way to their destination.

Maddie raised her eyebrows and took the map from Josh's hand. She brought it very close to her face and turned it around as if she was expecting to spot a fraud. Then, without saying a word, she started walking in the direction map was showing them. Josh followed her.

"I'm expecting to meet some friends at the Recreation Center. I know Luna is going to be there, she works for her father at the Quibbler and they have a stand there. Quibbler is one of the two newspapers in the Wizarding World. It's rather bizarre, but I never say that in front of Luna."

"Cool, I wonder what journalism in your world is like. I would love to talk to her about it!"

"Not sure if it would give you an objective idea of journalism, Luna and her father do nothing by the books. Their newspaper is as unique as they are," Josh never would say anything bad about Luna, but he felt that it was fair to give Maddie the general idea of the Lovegoods.

On their way to the Center Maddie and Josh passed by many tents. Some of them looked like theirs, but there were some that seemed very big on the outside, and Maddie wondered what they looked like inside. In front of one of those huge tents stood a young man with extremely light hair and pale face. He was talking to a pretty girl, but Maddie thought they both looked very unhappy.

"Malfoy and his girlfriend Astoria," whispered Josh. "His father was a Death Eater once, but during the final battle at Hogwarts they didn't take You-Know-Who’s side and just fled the battlefield. This way the Malfoy family avoided Azkaban, kept their fortune and can live happily ever after."

"I wouldn't say they looked happy at all," Maddie turned her head to Malfoy's tent just to see Draco was also looking at her above his girlfriend's head. The way he looked at Maddie gave her chills. She quickly turned her head back and looked at the map. Josh didn't seem to notice what just happened, because he was too busy waving at some boy.

"Patrick!" he screamed and ran to him. "It's so good to see you, mate! Meet Maddie, my best friend I told you about," Maddie shook Patrick's hand and greeted him. She felt somewhat stupid, because Josh never told her about any of his friends, except for Luna and the famous Trio. She made a note to speak to him about it later. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Applebaum!" Josh waved at a couple of wizards who must have been Patrick's parents.

"What are you up to? Where are you going?" asked Patrick.

"We are heading to the Recreation Center, wanna join us?"

"I will probably go there later, right now mom and dad want to go check out the stadium. Did you hear the capacity of it is 150,000 people? Amazing, isn't it?" After talking to Patrick about his favorite team and their chances in the Tournament, Maddie and Josh said goodbye and left him with his equally excited parents who were now trying on hats that scream name of each team in the Tournament when you put them on.

"Buy me one!" laughed Maddie, but she thought she would actually really like to take one of those hats with her back to London. "I'm rooting for Poland and Croatia, by the way" she announced, "if you like me, you will too!"

"And Ireland. I have to."

"Deal!" Maddie held out her hand and Josh shook it. "Whose team goes the furthest in the tournament, wins," they smiled at each other.

"Someone likes to gamble!" a boy with red hair approached them with a bright smile. "I like you already," he said and put his arms around Maddie and Josh. “My name is George Weasley and I can offer you the bet of your life. Bet on anything, which game will last the longest, which player will break his nose, arm, leg… Or, if you dare, who will die first." he finished the sentence with a creepy low voice.

"Die? What do you mean die? Isn’t it against the rules?" Maddie turned her head from George to Josh, looking very confused. George's smile was now devilish and moved his face very closer to Maddie's.

"I know who you are… Miss Muggle! Do you know that you made Harry Potter fight with our Minister of Magic over you, because the Minister soooo didn't want you to come here? But Harry said it was what he fought for. That our world would become a little more open to Muggleborns. The speech was so touching that the Minister had to say yes," George pretended to wipe away a tear. "Don't worry about it though, there will be more like you sooner or later. Just have fun and don't forget to bet on something, anything! You can make lots of money with George Weasley!" yelled George after them, because he was already approaching a group of young Hogwarts students who were definitely underage.

Maddie felt stupid that the famous Harry Potter had to fight with someone over her but decided she wouldn’t say anything about Josh's apparent pushy way to get permission for her to come to the Quidditch Cup. She was having so much fun she felt it would be unfair to yell at her friend. Josh waited for her to start screaming and was very surprised to see her smile at him, considering her bad temper and how unpredictable in yelling she was sometimes.

They continued to walk and after another 10 minutes they reached the Recreation Center. Josh immediately spotted the Quibbler stand. To tell the truth it was hard to miss. The stand was surrounded by enormous bees, which were flying with ropes tied to them on one end, and to the stand on the other. Bees reminded Maddie of Muggle balloons filled with helium, only those bees were real. Next to the stand Maddie spotted a girl with very long, light hair and dreamy look on her face. "That's got to be..."

"Luna!" shouted Josh and ran to hug the girl. Maddie quickly caught up with them.

"This is Maddie,” Josh introduced her to Luna.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Luna gave Maddie warm smile. "I'm so happy they let you come. Josh was so excited when he owled me with the good news," She turned to him, "Dreams come true, don't they Josh?"

Maddie's cheeks still felt hot when they left Luna two minutes later. She had no idea what Luna meant about Josh's dream coming true. She thought they were both more than sure how they feel about each other. Luna suggested Maddie might be more to Josh than just a friend. She shook her head and looked at Josh. His ears were red, but she could see a smile on his face. He was the first one to speak out.

"Listen, Maddie, you know I love you, but I love you as a friend. What Luna said... I don't know what she meant by that. She must have misunderstood me when I said about dreams coming true. All I meant is that I really, really wanted you to know the truth about me. And for you to understand everything. But you're just my friend. I hope you're not mad at me?" he added and looked at Maddie, afraid she would start crying or something. Instead she started laughing.

"I'm perfectly fine with you not loving me, Josh. God, it's a relief, for a few minutes I thought were going to have a serious problem," she put her arm around Josh's waist and hugged him. "Wanna know a secret?” She climbed on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to have the time of my life here," she let go of him and smiled flirtatiously.

Josh after a moment of hesitation followed Maddie, who sat at the nearest picnic table. The entire Recreation Area was just a huge park with picnic tables everywhere and small booths that served all kinds of alcohol and snacks. There were some restaurants and cafes as well, more elegant buildings with tables inside. Josh sat opposite to Maddie and stared at the girl. She pretended she didn’t notice that and kept studying the menu card.

“I saw children here…” Maddie mumbled.

“Excuse me?” said Josh.

“I’m talking to myself, let me think. If there are children here, they don’t have wands. But they should be able to order food. So what if I say,” she paused for a second. Then said loudly, “Elf-made wine!”

To her and Josh’s surprise wine appeared in front of her.

“Holy shit, how did that happen?!” Maddie shouted.

“I don’t know,” said Josh looking rather puzzled.

“What if I am a witch, just never got my letter?”

“It’s impossible, but still very strange. Beer,” Josh muttered.

They drank in silence (Maddie finished her drink very quickly and yelled “Firewhiskey!”).

“You don’t have to have to do it so loudly, you will get your booze even if you whisper what you want.”

“You are not in the mood, what’s wrong?” asked Maddie being in a great mood herself and didn’t want her friend to ruin the evening for her.

“I just didn’t like what you said about having the summer of your life here. I start work tomorrow and you will be on your own. I feel responsible for you, what if something happens to you?”

“Just stop now, Josh. I appreciate you being so protective of me, I’m older than you and I can take care of myself. I’ve been doing that for the last 7 years,” said Maddie sharply, but then added in a nicer tone, “let’s just have fun, Josh.”

She squeezed his hand and smiled. Josh relaxed a little and when Maddie ordered him two shots of Firewhiskey he was in a better mood. They sat alone for about 20 minutes, when Josh almost choked on his fries.

“What is it?” Maddie stood up, “do you want me to hit you in the back or something?” Josh didn’t answer, but pointed his finger towards someone behind her. Maddie turned around and saw Luna with some other people. Maddie waved to her. Luna waved back and started walking towards Josh and Maddie.

“Hey Luna,” Maddie greeted the girl, “you almost had Josh killed”.

Josh was red on his face, but he stopped coughing. Still not able to say a word, he just smiled to the group.

“This is Josh, he was in Ravenclaw with me,” Luna introduced her friend to the. “And this is Maddie, his Muggle friend,” she pointed at Maddie, who now standing next to Josh.

“So, it is you! You do realize I had to stand up to the Minister of Magic himself to get you here?” said a young man with black hair and glasses.

“Don’t say that, you will make her feel unwelcome,” said a pretty girl with light brown hair. “I’m Hermione,” she introduced herself, “this is Harry, Ginny, George,” Maddie smiled at another familiar face, the man who tried to get her and Josh into betting, “Angelina, Neville, Seamus. Have I missed anyone?” asked Hermione.

“Your boyfriend maybe?” laughed Ginny.

“Right,” Hermione bit her lip, “well, I don’t know where he is. Can we join you?” she asked politely.

“Of course, sit down,” said Josh who got his voice back.

“I think we’re going to need a little more space,” said Ginny and waved her wand. The table, which could fit four people, stretched and the group could now sit comfortably. Maddie’s eyes widened, which made Seamus and George laugh.

“You’re so cute when you see us doing magic, like a child who saw its first broom,” they laughed.

Maddie didn’t say anything and stuck out her tongue, which made them laugh even harder. Finally everyone took their seats and ordered drinks and snacks. Hermione kept turning her head around looking for Ron. Their table was very loud, everyone was talking at once. Maddie didn’t say anything; she was ok with just listening to the conversations other people were having. They mostly discussed Quidditch teams participating in the World Cup. They were all rooting for Ireland, even though they thought the Irish team didn’t stand a chance against Bulgaria, this year’s front-runner. They were one of the first pairs in the 1/16 finals.

“Which team would you like to see win, Maddie?” asked Ginny, and everyone cut off their conversations and looked at her.

“Well, I saw Poland got in. I’m not sure if they’re good or not, but they’re my first choice. And Croatia is my second.”

“What about Bulgaria? I really hope you don’t support them,” said an unfamiliar voice. Maddie lifted her head up and saw a young man standing behind Harry and Hermione. He was rather tall, with very red hair and freckles on his face. He wasn’t handsome, but the way he smiled at Maddie made her heart stop for a few moments. The boy walked over to her and held out his hand, “I’m Ron,” he said, “it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too. I’m…”

“Maddie. I know, heard about you before,” he smiled at her again, let go of her hand and turned to Hermione. “Will you walk with me, please?”

Hermione got up. Maddie looked at her and felt sorry for her. Her face was the face of someone who knows will be getting bad news. She watched the couple as they walked away and eventually turned her head to Ginny, who looked really mad. Forgetting she didn’t know Josh and Maddie too well, Ginny said, “Ron saw Hermione talking to Krum today. He’s always been jealous of him, so he didn’t come up to them, just observed. Hermione went somewhere with Krum, they were headed towards the lake.”

“Players headquarters are located by the lake, maybe she just wanted to check them out,” suggested Harry, but Ginny just snorted.

“She doesn’t care about Quidditch, she never has and you all know it,” Ginny looked around as if she was expecting someone to say otherwise. “I always thought Ron was paranoid when it came to Krum, but now I don’t know anymore.”

Their little party was over. First to leave were Ginny and Harry, then Neville and Seamus. Maddie and Josh followed them a few minutes later. They said bye to Luna, Angelina and George who invited them over to his tent tomorrow.

“I’m having a small party, you should come. My small place is in the Camp “East”, just look for signs. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight,” said Josh and Maddie and told the map to show them way to their tent.

“Are you having fun?” asked Josh. Maddie took his hand, put her head on his shoulder and looked up at him with a smile that said it all.

Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling owns all familiar names, places, characters. 

I would like to thank fairytalelover3 for beta reading this chapter for me! :)

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Not entirely true: “I hope you don’t support Bulgaria”


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