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And You Were There by SexyMarine
Chapter 6 : Gryffindor Vs. Ravenclaw
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Chapter 6. Gryffindor v.s. Ravenclaw
After Hermione stormed out of her room she decided to go outside to get some fresh air when she saw Harry, from what she can tell he looked angry.
‘Wonder what his problem is.’ Thought Hermione.
She walked to the Quidditch field and sat on the bleachers, mesmerized by Harry doing what he is best at.
She was sitting there for ten minutes when Harry noticed her sitting in the bleachers, so he landed his broom and walked over to Hermione.
“How long have you been sitting here?” asked Harry.
“About ten minutes.”Answered Hermione.
“Why didn’t you stop me?”
“Because it looks like you are angry and letting it out.” answered Hermione.
“I do, but that isn’t any reason for you not to stop me.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No, its just that. . . No I don’t, its really something I need to do on my own.”
“Ok, but remember that Im here if you need me.”
“I know. Lets go in side its starting to get chilly.”
“Yeah it is, and I forgot my jumper.”
They took their time getting back to the common room, talking about the Quidditch game against Ravenclaw that was going to take place tomorrow. When they got to the common room the went their separate was into their dormitories.
When Harry got into his dormitory he couldn’t help but think about Hermione, ‘maybe Ron’s right.’ thought Harry.
Meanwhile in Hermione’s dormitory she sat on her bed combing her hair when she started thinking. ‘I don’t understand Ginny, Harry doesn’t like me that way or he would have told me what’s wrong, Oh-no He still likes Cho! That’s why he wouldn’t tell me, he didn’t want to make me mad.’
The next day at the Quidditch match, the tension was high between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw unlike no other match between the two.
At 10 minutes to eleven the bleachers started filling up.
“Good luck Harry.”Whispered Hermione in his ear as she gave him a hug. “Try not to bloody your self to much.”
“I’ll try but I’m not promising you anything.” said Harry returning the hug. “And you try not to bite your finger nails off.”
“I promise.” said Hermione walking off to find a seat. Which she found one next to Ron.
“Welcome to today’s Quidditch Match and we have the Ravenclaw team. Randall, Williams, Sparks, Watson, Rodgers, Carter and the seeker Cho Chang.” said Lee Jordan, there were cheers from the Ravenclaw’s and the Slytheran. “And introducing the Gryffindor team. Bell, Johnson, Weasley, Weasley, Rabb, and introducing our new Keeper Sarah Mackenzie and last but surely not least Potter.” the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff cheered.
“I wanna clean game from both of you. Captains shake hands.” so Harry and Cho Chang shook hands. “Let the Game begin.” said Madam Hooch.
“The Quaffel is thrown up into the air and Randall has it. He dives around Fred Weasley and its knocked out of his hands bu a bludger.” there was a loud cheer from the Gryffindor’s. “And its taken by Rabb, tossed to Bell and SCORE Gryffindor up by ten.”
Meanwhile harry was flying around the posts looking for that little glimmer of gold from the snitch. Cho was doing the same thing.
“Watson has the Quaffel . . . no one seems to touch him. GET THAT SCUM! Watson passed it to sparks and passes to Williams and they score. Ten-Ten.”By then the Ravenclaw’s were getting excited. “Rabb-Bell-Johnson-Bell-and Rabb Scores!”
Twenty minutes of intense play, Harry saw it. The snitch was flying down toward the ground. So Harry pulled his broom into a steep dive. When he started to dive Cho saw it. And started to go after Harry.
“Great Scott! Harry sees the snitch. He’s diving. Come on Harry.”shouts Lee.
After what seemed like and eternity Harry was able to reach for the snitch. When he was about to reach it something ran into his arm. It was Cho, and her Cleansweep 13000. Harry leveled his broom and jumped off and grabbed the snitch before Cho knew what happened. After he caught it, he landed on his feet, then showed it to the crowd.
“He’s got it! After that stupid stunt he did it!” roared Lee. “170-30 Gryffindor wins the game.” Loud Cheers filled the stadium.

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