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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 37 : Puppy Dog Eyes
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Puppy Dog Eyes

Just when I finally thought that I was getting my life back together Dominique Weasley had sprung out of nowhere and mucks it all up. It must be in the Weasley’s nature to just screw up all my well-thought out and devised plans.

I had it all thought out – let me tell you!

I knew rebuilding my quidditch team with two weeks before our big season game wasn’t going to be easy but I also didn’t think it was gonna be this damn hard. I figured I’d get some rando to fill in for Amelia which is where good old Joshua Flint comes into play.

He’s a right pain in the arse but I can deal with him for a couple weeks. Amelia just found out she’s cleared to play in our match against Hufflepuff which is shortly after out Slytherin one. That is, of course, as long as she keeps her grades up to par.

Flint doesn’t give a damn about only playing in one game because he’s just gonna go straight to our reserve so he can go on being a stupid prefect or whatever he is. For a younger lad he sure has a big ego.

I knew with filling Whoregrass’s spot it would be a lot more difficult but I didn’t think I’d have to give the spot to Dominique of all people. I had finally felt like I was cleansing myself of them in an odd way. Keeping the good and tossing the bad, y’know?

Louis was the one I rekindled with the best since the incident, mainly because of Amelia and their new obsession with each other. Actually rather gross to be honest but at least she has a man in her life now. I hadn’t actually spoken with Scorpius since the incident outside of my classroom however I didn’t exactly hate him either. I was indifferent about him, I suppose.

Fred and James were iffy. We had a moment in detention and I’ve been the friendliest that I can be to them considering the circumstances and who they are related too. Dominique, Rose, and Albus have been the only ones that I haven’t actually talked to since what happened.

I considered the fact that I hadn’t talked to Rose mainly because we weren’t exactly that close. We had become friendlier but she still wasn’t my cup of tea. Dominique and Albus were a completely different story.

“Are you okay, Brielle? You’ve been staring at the wall for the past twenty minutes.”

I could hear the general concern in Leslie’s voice as I looked away from the common room wall to glance at her. Leslie looked like her usual self with her sleek black hair pushed away in a messy bun, tied with a last ribbon, and dressed in her school uniform.

I had always found Leslie beautiful but most boys didn’t care to give her much attention and she was too fixated on Fred anyways to seek one out. I felt kind of bad sometimes. Out of anyone I knew, Leslie deserved someone in her life to care about her romantically.

I suppose if the whole incident at the party didn’t happen she could have been having something with Fred right now but…you know.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just really like the color of the wall.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“But…the wall is blue. Just like everything else in our common room.” Leslie arched an eyebrow.

I huffed, “Well, it’s a beautiful shade of blue. Don’t discriminate against colors.”


I hate myself.

Amelia snorted from her spot on the couch as she flipped through a magazine. “Yeah, Leslie, you heard her. Don’t discriminate against colors.” The sarcasm was evident in her voice. “But seriously, what are you even doing, B? It’s bloody Friday and all we’ve done today besides classes is fly around the pitch like lunatics.”

It was true.

As soon as classes had finished I had an emergency team practice. Considering I was being eaten up alive about my new replacements I had the team run laps while I tried to catch a hold of myself. Dominique just so happened to be the fastest runner. It pissed me off.

Then I had them fly around the pitch. She also happened to be in the front of the pack – that pissed me off even more. And to make matters even worse (better?), we played a mock game against each other and Dominique got the snitch within the first fifteen minutes of the game.


I stood up abruptly, knocking down some books on the coffee table as I did so. “I don’t know about you girls but I am going to see a friend.”

“What? You have friends besides us?” Amelia gasped.

I scoffed and threw a pillow at her face. “Sod off, you cow.”

Psssht! I have friends besides those two oafs on the couch. I’m a very social person, y’know. So very, very sociable! Most well known lady on the street if ya get what I mean. Holla!

Ok, I’ll just stop now.


“Haaallllloooooo.” I threw myself on the floor beside the semi-sleeping form of Louis Weasley leaned up against the big oak tree. “Having a nice nap?” I smiled at him, lightly.

Louis jumped from his sleep, pealing one eye open to peer at me before grumbling and sitting up. “I was sleeping before your crazy arse decided to create a Brielle earthquake and wake me up.”

I scoffed, “Uhm, is that your way of telling me I’m fat?”

Louis snorted loudly, “Quite the opposite, actually. I don’t think I’ve seen you looking any skinnier. You’re gonna go flying out of the air if one of the Scamander twins hits a ball your way.” He said, talking about the two beaters on his Slytherin quidditch team.

Uhh, rude!!

“That’s rude as shit.” I put my nose in the air, rolling my eyes. “The Scamander twins are always in their own head – their aim is shit, anyways.”

“That’s pretty confident talk for someone who just replaced two quidditch team members three days ago.”

“I only replaced one team member, the other is just a reserve.” I corrected him, frowning at the thought of my two new team members.

“Yes,” He said before hesitating. “And the official new team member would be my lovely sister, correct?”

I glared over at him, punishing him with my evil, death glare. Stupid Louis Weasley. “Please don’t remind me of her.”

“I’m assuming you two haven’t talked yet?”

“Does it look like we’ve talked?” I rolled my eyes at his question.

Bitch if we’ve talked you would have seen us skipping around holding each other’s hands and shit and Albus and I would be swapping saliva too but y’know…we don’t always get our ways so bye!!!

Louis threw his arms up in surrender, chuckling. “Hey now – no need to get down my throat.”

“Yes, my bad, we all know that’s reserved for Amelia.” I shot back at him, rolling my eyes. I couldn’t help but do a little mind victory dance when I saw the faint blush creep to Louis’s cheeks.

Hazzah! I was on to him, I just knew it.

“You’re mighty feisty today. I’m glad to see you’ve been feeling more like yourself.” He pulled his knees closer to his chest, dusting the dirt off certain parts of the khaki colored pants.

Louis was always one of the Wotters that took care of himself and his personal appearance. He was always dressed in proper robes, matched perfectly, and somehow managed to roll out of bed with perfectly combed hair. I suppose that’s why most girls swooned for him easily, not to mention the whole veela shit too.

“I can’t let you Wotters kill my spirit, now can I?” I asked carefully, arching an eyebrow.

Louis looked at me for a moment in silence, my heart skipping before he gave me a half smile. “I wish you didn’t think of my family like that.”

I nibbled on my bottom lip, “Not your family, more just…him.” I shrugged my shoulders and looked away.

Louis patted my knee lightly, smiling. “I figured. It’s ok. Y’know, if it makes you feel any better, he’s beating himself pretty bad about it. Won’t really talk much about it to me because he knows I talk to you but him and Dominique are always off eating meals together and whispering about it. They both really miss you.”

“Yeah, well, that’s nice.” Was my weak response.

Bollocks. I hate feelings.


After spending the afternoon laying in the grass with Louis I ventured off to the one place that every stereotypical Ravenclaw could be found. The good old library. Granted, it wasn’t much my thing because I preferred to wing every test and exam I took but it was peaceful and most people didn’t tend to bother me there.

Most is the key word.

“Ok, Patil, we need to talk.”

I jumped from my seat, sinking my face deeper into the pages of my book as I attempted to hide from the person that just launched into the seat in front of me. Perhaps if I just kept on reading they would run off and leave me alone out of pity?

“Like, now.”

Okay, so I suppose they aren’t leaving any time soon.

Any guesses on my intruder? You’ll never get it, I bet.

I lowered my book with a sigh, cringing when I saw the fiery red hair tied back in a sleek ponytail. “Hi Lily,” I smiled weakly at the fifth year that honestly scared the living shit out of me. She was the most violent girl I’d ever met that wore braids and flower printed dresses. “How can I help you this fine day?”

“You can help me by getting your arse up to my brother’s room and dragging him out of his bloody bed. The dumbass won’t leave his sheets and he’s starting to reek like a dead body. Scorpius can barely sleep next to him anymore without choking on his stench.”

Eugh. Yuck!

“Actually, James looked pretty fine to me today…” I trailed off, diverting my eyes away from her.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake! We both know I’m talking about Albus.” Lily rolled her eyes.

Uhm, excuse me!

I don’t need this Potter sass right now. Goodbye!!

I fidgeted with the cover of my book, picking at the leather binding. “No offense Lily, but Albus really isn’t any of my concern right now. Whatever type of relationship we had before, we don’t have now and I just don’t feel comfortable seeing him right now.”

Cue the pregnant pause were Lily Potter stares me down with her evil glare.

Wait – she’s not glaring at me anymore!!!

This is new for me. She seems to have gotten something stuck in her eye because she’s wiping at it and – oh shit, Lily is crying. Lily bloody Potter is sitting in front of me in the library crying.

Ok, Merlin, honestly, what did I do to deserve all the stuff you’ve been throwing my way lately? Did I kick a child in the face or something?

“Uhm – er – are you ok?” I asked awkwardly, because really when is anything I do not awkward?

Lily sniffed, “I’m just so upset, y’know? Like, everything was going bloody brilliant and then we had to have this huge stupid shit fest at our party and now everything in the gutter! Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill couldn’t believe Dominique finally found friends – I mean, Merlin, it took her seven bloody years. And – and don’t get me starting on my parents. My mom was already planning the freaking wedding for you and Albus, and she was convinced that both your little friends would all marry someone in our family and we’d be this one, huge, awkward family. But then Greengrass had to just come and open her legs and ruin everything!”

“Uh, Lily, not that I don’t mind hearing you rant because I don’t but you’re kind of loud and we’re in the library…” I trailed off after I noticed the harsh stare from the librarian.

Excuse me, Miss Librarian!! I’m trying my best, gosh.

“Oh, Brielle!” Lily had tears flowing down her cheeks as she flung her body over the table and hugged me, squeezing tight. “I know I can’t ask you to forgive him but can you at least talk to him, please? For me?”

And now I know why Lily Potter always gets her way. You wanna know why? It’s her damn stinking puppy dog eyes. The girl has the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen and now they’re a watery blue just staring up at me. If you say no to a crying Lily Potter then you’re the next Voldemort, honestly.

“Sure, I can do that. Whatever makes you happy Lily.”

You see what I mean?

I just agreed to something I didn’t want to do all because of those damn eyes.

And suddenly like a sky clearing up from a storm Lily’s tears stopped flowing and she unlatched herself from me, “You’re the best, B.” Lily smiled brightly at me before collecting her books and nearly skipping off before I could even get a word in.

I swear to Merlin it’s those damn eyes!!

Eh…or maybe I’m just a sucker for Lily Potter.


I think I should go on a Lily Potter strike. Yes, that sounds like a brilliant idea!

After having that – erm – heartwarming convo with the brilliant red head I felt practically obligated to go talk to him. I mean, I obviously missed the bloke but my heart still did a funny dance whenever I thought of him and not the good type of dance. Instead of breaking out into the tango or some smooth dance-y stuff like that my heart does its own mini harlem shake just at the mention of his name.

I just feel like my chest is constricting and that all the events from that night are just coming back to me. Definitely not the best feeling but stupid Lily Potter and her even stupider puppy dog eyes have now roped me in to seeing the bloke so here goes nothing.

Literally though – here goes nothing considering I have no way into their freakin common room.

It took me long enough to find their bloody common room because it’s at the darkest point of all of Hogwarts – the beautiful and high class dungeons!! Now I look like a right tool just standing in front of a stone wall.

Now, I swear I’m not crazy. I’ve been to the Slytherin Dungeon before a few times with both Scorpius and him before so I know where it is. Their stupid common room is located behind a wall that only slides open when you say a password but considering I’m a Ravenclaw I clearly don’t know the password.

I’ve been waiting in front of the wall for a good ten minutes for someone to come around and help me out but it seems my luck is a bit dry today. Go figure, right?

I suppose I should pass the time by but considering there is nothing interesting to do here since I’m in a black dungeon I guess I’ll just sit here by myself and…sing…yeah that sounds good.

“I’m briiiinnggging sexy backkkkkkkkk, oh yeah!”

What? It’s my favorite muggle song! Don’t judge!

“Yeah? You are?”

Okay, that’s a bit embarrassing but whatever.

I looked up from my knees to see Lysander Scamander staring at me with a perplexed expression on his face even though there was evidence of a small smile. Lysander was one of the Scamander twins that were in my grade. Both he and his brother were on the quidditch team and both also very interesting characters.

The Scamander twins are known for being a bit off their rocker to be honest, if ya catch my drift. They definitely have a lot more Looney Lovegood in them then some people would hope but apparently they’re interesting to have around and I’ve only heard good things about them.

Still haven’t figured out why they’re in Slytherin though…I was thinking for sure they’d be Hufflepuffs…Eh, I guess my radar is off.

“Uhm, obviously. I’m clearly the sexiest Ravenclaw to have stepped into Hogwarts so who else is going to bring sexy back but myself?? That’s not even a question.” I smiled up at him, picking at my knee high socks.

Lysander chuckled softly, shifting his weight in between both his feet. “You waiting for someone or do you usually just hangout by random walls in the dungeon?” He asked casually.

“Well, you see, I was actually waiting for really just anyone.”

“Anyone? You’re not particular I see.” He rolled his eyes.

I blushed, shaking my head, “No, I mean like, I’m waiting for anyone to y’know…say the magical password so I can get into your common room and then I’m going to see someone particular.”

Lysander offered me a hand to stand up, easily lifting me off the ground and to my feet. “And what if no one was willing to say the so called magical password for you to get in?” He arched an eyebrow.

Hmph…didn’t really think this one through.

“Uh…er….then I would just….run through the wall.”

Yeah, sounds like a plan!!!

He looked at me for a few moments before snorting with laughter. “I would pay money to see that shindig. Ha! And people think I’m the crazy one at Hogwarts.”

UHHHH that’s RUDE!!! I mean, who even says shindig anymore??

No one is the answer. Bye bitch!! Brielle Patil is boss and Lysander Scamander is un-boss. Word.

“The password is Dumbledore.” Lysander said after a small pregnant pause.

I glanced over at him, “Y’know, you probably shouldn’t be going around telling people the password.” I said as I watched the dungeon walls slide open into a small passageway that I knew led to the dark and dreary common room.

I followed Lysander inside, listening to him hum before he abruptly stopped and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s not that big of a deal. They’re changing the password for tomorrow anyways so it doesn’t make much of a difference. See you later, Patil.” Lysander waved me off, making his way to a group of boys by the fireplace that consisted of his brother and two other sixth years I didn’t recognize.

Oh, bollocks, today probably wasn’t a good day for me to wear my full Ravenclaw uniform. It’s ok, I’m sure if I just act natural no one will notice. Yeah, no one will notice at all! Just smile and wave, oh yeah. I got this shit in the bag.

“A bit out of place, don’t you think, Patil?” Parkinson sneered at me from a leather chair.

See!! No one noticed besides Parkinson and he’s a nobody anyways so I win!!

“Nope!” I popped the ‘p’. “I’m feeling right at home.” I grinned at the boy before walking right past the chair and straight up the boys staircase. This is definitely going to look sketchy, I can already hear the gossip rumors starting.


Hey! I’m not that braindead, I’m a Ravenclaw after all. Claw proud and all that good stuff.

I knew from memory were the door was leading to the sixth year boy’s dorms. I made a silent prayer hoping that he wouldn’t be inside there before pushing the door open and taking a step in. The first thing that hit me was the overwhelming stench of the room and the disgusting amount of clothes on the floor. The second thing that hit me was the mini dance attack my heart did when my eyes landed right on Albus standing in the middle of his dorm room having a heated argument with Scorpius.

And you know what was awkward? The pair of them hadn’t noticed me walk in.

“You need to make things right, Albus! It’s your bloody fault – fix it!” Scorpius was yelling at him, obviously annoyed.

Albus made some spasm with his arms before yelling back at him. “It’s not just that easy! I can’t just go running up to her and be like – ‘ Oh hey Brielle! Sorry I fucked Jenna Greengrass but hopefully you can forgive me because I love you!’ – if everything was that freaking simple then everything would have already been fixed by now. Merlin, Scorpius you’re so irritating sometimes. You just don’t understand and – “

Albus kept on rambling but all I could focus on was what I had just heard him say.

I love you.

I feel like I’m actually going to have a heart attack now. Albus loves me – is that even possible? I mean, I just can’t imagine something like that being true. Why me? Why me of all people? I’m just Brielle Patil; I’m nothing special.

I connected eyes with Scorpius’s grey eyes as he finally noticed me in the room.

“ – and I mean, well shit! What are you even looking at Scorpius? You’re the one that started this stupid argument and now you’re not going to pay attention this is ridiculous.”Albus threw his arms up in the air and turned around abruptly to see what Scorpius was staring at.


I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Well bollocks! My life is just one big stinking mess and it’s all thanks to Lily Potter and her stupid puppy dog eyes.


A/N: Haaalllloooo! I'm back and back at it again, everyone jump for joy! This is a biggie chapter so hopefully you guys are happy about it! What do you guys think about it? Please let me know down bellow!!

How are your feelings about Louis and Lily? Annnndd of course the dramatic re-reveal of good ole' Albus. The big "L" word.

Feelings? Thoughts? Leave a little old review down bellow for me, I'd love to hear anything about ya!

CITATION: 'Sexy Back' is a song sung my Justin Timberlake and I do not own anything of the music or the lyrics used above. All credit is to him as a singer and his producers.

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