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'Till Death Do Us Part by marauderslover15
Chapter 42 : Fairfield
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The cold water ran down her hands, chilling her as she rubbed the carrots between her hands, washing away any dirt. She stared absent-minded at the carrots, wondering. Draco had not yet asked why she left and it has been a couple of days.

A slam behind her made her jump and turned with her wand, aiming. Draco looked up tiredly from the table and she tucked the wand in the apron she was wearing. His eyes were a dull, lifeless gray and his hair was ruffled. He even now had blonde whiskers, slowly forming into goatee. Hermione’s eyes moved down from Draco to a dead dear on the table with its eyes wide open.

He coughed ever so slightly, clearing his throat. “I killed another, but I traded it in the village…” He swung a brown sack from his back, putting it on the table. The bag’s hole was opened, revealing rice and potatoes along with salt, sugar and butter and a few vegetables and garlic. “They were suspicious on why there wasn’t a bullet hole… Whatever that is…” he said softly.

“A bullet comes from a gun. That’s how muggles kill,” Hermione replied, staring at the lifeless deer. “What did you say?”

“I just asked them if they wanted it or not and they quickly took it. Anyway, I’ll go cut it up.”

She nodded as she moved toward the sack and Draco swung the deer over his shoulder. The sack was nestled in her folded arms as she watched Draco walked out. She turned back to her counter, washing the potatoes and peeling them. She sighed sadly and looked out the small window to the side of the cabin. She could Draco, rugged and not the Draco she was accustomed to seeing. The Draco she once knew was snobby and lived in riches. The man out there was tough and masculine and adapting. She could see the deer’s head on a stub of a tree as he brought an axe up high and brought its blade down right on the deer’s neck. She jerked at the sound, but continued to watch his exposed muscles flex every time he brought the axe down to some part of the deer’s body. She could hear him huff. Quickly, she gazed back down at the peeled potatoes and carrots.

With every swing of the axe was a relief for Draco. It was a relief from the hurt that squeezed his heart. With every swing of the axe, Draco felt like he could breathe. It was a breath of freedom from the suffocation that choked his heart. He swung the axe into the stub of the tree trunk and rested his foot on its edge. He looked up at Hermione, following her with his gaze through the window. Her head was bowed and her beautiful golden waves fell around her face. He breathed in the fresh and crisp dying winter air, watching her carefully. His heart pounded wildly of her. His eyes casted downward and he continued to cut the meat for dinner.

The hard labor of tearing the deer apart was well-worth it as he enjoyed the gamey taste of venison, its juice trickling and the tenderness in his mouth. Hermione sat across from him, fairly quiet and taking small bites of her mash potatoes.

“You did great, love,” he whispered.

Hermione’s eyes shot up and the smell of masculinity hit her. He smelled like the outdoors and the forest. She shyly pushed around her carrots, wanting him. She wanted to comfort she gave him and the bond of love. She cleared her throat nervously. “Thank you,” she whispered back.

Draco licked his lips before deciding to set his fork down and lean back into his chair, staring at her. “Hermione, why’d you leave?”

Hermione went stiff, staring guilty at him.

He sighed. “I don’t want to upset you more than what you already are… But it’s been killing me. Why’d you leave? I need to know. It’s been twisting my heart.”

“Draco…” She gulped. “I wasn’t upset with you… Just know that. I love you.”

“And I love you, darling,” he said with somber eyes.

“It’s like—remember when I told you I was pregnant? You were shock and ran?”


“It was the same.”

“Hermione, but you need to understand we had to leave. I know I shocked you with the letter, but I warned you to be prepared for it. We could have ran away together so I feel like it has to be me. What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing,” she breathed. “It wasn’t even that, Draco. I—I—” Tears sprung into her eyes as he looked at her worriedly. “I—sniff—I had a miscarriage.”

Everything came screeching into a halt for Draco. All that was heard was the clock ticking away, but surely everything else had stopped for Draco. The devastation dawned on him slowly like a lonely dark sunset on the horizon turning to black. He shakily stood from his seat and went towards Hermione. Hermione shot out of her seat, sending her chair back with a rasping sound. She stared somberly at Draco. She could the glassiness of his eyes as a tear broke free from the pool in his eyes. It ran down the pale cheek and he fell to his knees. Draco wrapped his arms around Hermione’s knees, burying his face into her and all she could hear is him sobbing and she feel his shoulders shaking violently.


Another few days past, Draco hadn’t mentioned the miscarriage, but there was a severe hurt in his eyes. They were always glassy and sometimes he would absently stare off, drowning in thought. Hermione was always there, touching his shoulder with a relieving comfort. His fingers would slither up to her hand, feeling the softness as he breathed away the hurt with a low sigh. He tried to keep himself occupied by hunting, fishing and trading in the village, but it was no use. His eyes always wandered back to her. Every time he would part with her, the pain squeezed harder on his heart.

“Hermione,” he called with a whisper.

“Hm?” She came around the corner with a book in her hands, a finger tucked in its pages like a bookmark.

“Go fishing with me?”

“Fish—fishing? Why?”

“I want company… You don’t have to fish, just sit there with me.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Of course.”

She set the book down opened as Draco headed for the door. Hermione quickly was at his heel as they jogged down the house’s stone steps and walked in the long ticklish grass. They walked to the right of cabin, the hill steeping down slowly and a little stream flowed at the bottom. Draco looked back at her, smiling and his eyes glistening for once. He jogged down the steep hill as Hermione had trouble, tripping and luckily landed in the muscular arms. He held her close to his body, looking down at her. Her face was so close to his, he could feel the heat of her hard, red blush. He cleared his throat awkwardly, stepping back.

“You okay?” he asked timidly.

She nodded lightly.

He forced a small smile at her and turned to the stream. He rolled up his pants up to his knees and removed his socks and shoes. He stepped into the water, hopping around rocks as Hermione settled herself at the edge, tightening the knitted white poncho with a loose neck around her.

She saw Draco splashing his feet in the water as she said lightheartedly, “Are you playing or fishing?” 

He turned slightly to her and shot her a vague smirk. “Fishing like a wizard…”

“And how do wizards fish, Mr. Malfoy?”

“Well, Mrs. Malfoy, like this.” He pointed his wand at the water. “Accio fish!” A fish soared out of the light current of the stream and Draco caught it in his hand, but it was flailing its body. Its skin was scaly, but slippery and it slid right out of Draco’s hand.  “Fuck!” he muttered.

Hermione giggled, “I think you are better off hunting.”

He sighed with a little grin. “I guess rabbit tomorrow, again?”

She nodded with a small smile. “Yes, I think so.”

“I like to see you smiling again…”

“I like to see you smiling again too…”

“Come in,” he invited. “The water is cold, but we can do a heating charm.”

She nodded shyly and did exactly what he asked. The heating charm was easy, but entering the stream was not as she was stumbling on rocks.

“You wouldn’t have such trouble if you would just let you dress go.”

Hermione shook her head, the bottom of her lower-than-knee dress scooped into her fist. He held out his hand for her and she took it with her free hand. She stumbled forward right into his arms. Again their bodies pressed against each other and all time stopped. This time Draco was leaning forward, his whiskers brushing lightly on her face until his lips met hers. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. He hadn’t kissed her in almost two weeks. Kissing her now, the world seem to melt away. Hermione was left breathless at the comfort of his lips. She was breathless from how much could his lips just relivie all the pain. They pulled back from each other, his eyes piercing hers.

“You don’t understand how long I was waiting to do that… You know I love you…despite everything…”

“I know,” she whispered. “And I love you too.”

He leaned forward into her neck, burying his face and smelling her sweet scent. “I want you,” he whispered. “I want you so bad.”

“So, have me,” she whispered back. She stepped back, still staring up at him, but then turned to climb out of the stream. He followed right after her without another word. They trekked back up the hill and into the cabin, Draco slowly behind her. She made for the stairs to the right, pulling off her poncho and her dress, leaving it at the stairs. When Draco finally entered, he glanced up to the indoor balcony and saw her the through the railing. She was perched at the bed, naked. He blushed profusely and despite his shyness, he began up the stairs and taking notice of her clothes on the steps. He bent his head to enter the balcony part and crawled onto the soft bed.  She leaned forward and before he devoured her, she noticed the desire burning in his eyes. And that’s what they needed. They both needed the comfort of a touch so loving to move on.


Hermione focused excessively on the light rush of the stream. It white waters swept over the dark rocks. She threw a pebble into the water and it splashed with a plop.


“Hm?” she hummed as she threw another pebble.

“I was thinking… We been having sex again and again we aren’t using protection or any effective method for that matter especially since the method we are using is risky… So I guess it really doesn’t matter about this conversion, but I really actually want to try to have children…”

Hermione who was fiddling with a rock in the soft dirt, stopped immediately, looking up from it to Draco. “Wan—want to try for children? More than one?”

“Yeah. You know shortly right after the other.”

“I’m not having children, Draco,” Hermione replied sharply.

Draco sighed. “I guess it is insensitive to ask of this so quickly after…with what happened. But I don’t want to dwell on this forever, Hermione. I want to move on. We both looked forward to the baby, why not have one? Why not try again?  We could raise them here…”

“No,” she snapped. “I’m not bringing children into this world! Not with your father practically ruling Britain! It’s his bloody fault with what happened to me!”

Draco’s eyes flashed deadly and she bit down on her bottom lips with regret from her rambling. “Hermione… what do you mean it’s my father’s fault?”

She looked away guilty with no answer.

“With the miscarriage?”

Still no answer.

“What did he do?” asked Draco angrily through gritted teeth.

“Draco…” sighed Hermione. “He—he used the Cruciatus Curse on me… I released Dean and Minister Shacklebolt and even Farrow. I couldn’t leave them there!” she cried shrilly. “We were leaving and I couldn’t leave them there. I was caught, Draco! He punished me…” Now, she was sobbing and her body aggressively shook. “It’s—it’s my fault too! I can’t have children. Not if they are going to live in fear of their own grandfather!”

Draco swiftly stood to his feet, glaring down at Hermione. He muttered something, she could not hear over her loud sniffing and walked off. She watched him walk into the distance so far, he eventually disappeared. He really did disappear. He didn’t return in a few hours. He didn’t return in a day. He didn’t even return in a couple of days. It was reaching a week as she sat on the stone steps of the cabin, looking out in the distance and just patiently waiting for him. Hopelessness began to dawn on her as the sudden thoughts of him never returning popped into her head more often with each passing day. As she struggled to her feet, she gave one last glance in the distance when the dying sun gleamed on snow blond hair. She could see him from a distance. He was jogging to her. She took each step slowly until the last step, he caught up to her. He looked up at her, heaving with a tired breath.

“You—you left…” she whispered.

“I told you I would be back…”

She glanced down at a beige folder tucked neatly under his arm. “What is that?”

“This?” he grinned. “This is what is going to bring down the Death Eaters reign.”  

A/N: Hey, sorry for the long update guys, but the queue was close Aug. 10-16 then I had to post challenges. Please, forgive me! After this is validated, I will put another, I promise XOXO 

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