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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 36 : Chaos
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“So, I’ve been thinking a lot recently guys – “




Amelia cut me off with a snort, “Oh, well great! We all know what happens when Brielle starts thinking. We end up underneath food tables stealing shoes and being attacked by Slytherins.”




Hey! My ideas are great, mind you.




“Shut up, you shouldn’t even be here.” I stuck my tongue out before ignoring Amelia.




I had reserved the common room for a well needed meeting with my quidditch team plus Leslie. Amelia wasn’t cleared to play yet but she was tagging along because she wouldn’t be excluded from something like this.




Hunter let out a long sigh as he threw a mini quidditch ball up in the air and caught in, “What has our oh-so-brilliant quidditch captain been thinking about, then?”




“Well, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to tell you that I’ve been thinking a lot and mainly about our big up and coming match. It’s really important to get us on the board and not only that but it’s against Slytherin, as well.”




There was a sharp inhale of breath all around.








We don’t like Slytherins.




“Yes, I know.” I commented blankly, pulling at my ponytail as I kept on talking. “But besides the obvious point that we want to win we are in a slight disadvantage currently considering we are out a chaser and seeker.”




Amelia cringed, “Sorry, mates. I suck.”




“Yeah, you do.” Malcolm muttered under his breath, earning a pillow to his head.




Connor McClagan flicked some of his messy hair out of his face, furrowing his eyebrows. “Don’t we have like, I don’t know, reserves or something?”




I stared at him.




I blinked a few times.




Wow. You’d think having reserves would be a smart idea but…y’know…I’m not the smartest.




“Erm, well, I think I may have missed that memo when I held tryouts.”




There was a collection of snorts.




I hate my team.




“Whatever,” I waved my hand, shrugging. “I was thinking that the best way to put us in a good place to beat the Slytherins is to get some fill inns, obviously. Amelia’s replacement would be temporary and Whoregrass’s would be permanent.”




“Do you mean Greengrass, Brielle?” Hunter asked innocently.




I blinked at him, “That’s what I said. Whoregrass.”




Don’t question me, Longbottom. Your logic sucks, my logic rocks.




End of discussion.




“Well, perfect, then you guys can hold tryouts!” Leslie broke into the conversation grinning.




“Yeah but we have to do it soon…”I trailed off.




“Oh, okay, easy. Let’s have it tomorrow during lunch then.” Leslie shrugged.




Was she high?




What in her right mind things that we can just hold quidditch tryouts on the whim for the next day in less than twenty-four hours?




“Uh, I don’t think it’s actually that easy Leslie and it would probably be better if we – “




“Nonsense!” Leslie interrupted me with a wide smile on her face, standing up. “We’re having tryouts tomorrow and its official.  Everyone should go get the word out and make as big of a buzz as possible. We’ll regroup after breakfast to assess where we are. Quidditch team, commence!”




Leslie finished off her loud speech by throwing a pillow in the air and walking right out of the common room, hollering at the top of her lungs about getting colorful construction paper so we could make a pretty poster.




“Since when did Leslie become our captain?” I snorted.








“I heard you’re having tryouts for your quidditch team.”




“Yep,” I popped the ‘p’ casually as I watered the soil of my screaming blue bell plant.




“Have a spot open for me?” Louis tried a sad attempt at joking, giving a forced laugh.




I looked over my shoulder at him to see him giving me a crazy eyed, tight lipped smile while holding the stem of his screaming plant. Merlin, he’s a scary dude,




I grimaced, “You’re already on the Slytherin team, Louis. And y’know…we’re going against you guys in a week.”




He looked at me for a second before nodding his head thoughtfully, “Yes…well…that makes sense but, if it’ll make you happy, I can be on your team instead.”




He’s crazy.




I swear he is.




Out of all the Wotter family members I’d have to say I’ve been the most…er…friendliest with Louis. The would mostly have to do with the fact that since making up with Amelia he’s been ever attached to her hip “tutoring” her.








That’s just his manly excuse because he’s too much of a sissy bitch to admit that he likes her.












Behind Louis with my most friendliest Wotters would be Fred and James…kind of. We hadn’t talked since yesterday when we had a row in detention and then hugged it out but I did smile at Fred in the hallway.




What? It takes a lot of muscles to smile. I put forth some effort y’know.




“I don’t think that’s how everything works…” I awkwardly shrugged, trailing off. “I mean, after all, you’re in a different house and – “




“I’ll switch houses.”




I deadpanned, trying to ignore the shrill screams from Louis’s plant.




Was this child being serious?




I have a serious lack of hope for Amelia if Louis is the person tutoring her.




“That’s very sweet of you, Louis, but I’m fine.” I grimaced at him, my ears aching from the screaming. After he smiled at me for a full three minutes without doing anything I finally gave in and reached over, untangling the plants roots from his fingers and smoothing it into the pot soil.




Louis sighed, “You’re so talented with plants, Brielle.”




I gave him a sideways look, “I am barely passing this class.”




“So very talented.” He gushed again.




“Louis, I’m literally failing. You have an O in this class and I can barely get my plants to stay alive for more than a few hours.”




“They only die because they can’t live with the fact that they can’t be as perfect as you.”











I opened my mouth to response back but instead I laughed, shaking my head at him. “You’re so freaking weird, Louis Weasley.”




“You love it.” He said coyly.




I rolled my eyes, “I suppose I do.”




Louis stared at me with wide eyes before breaking out in a grin. Without even thinking about it he threw his pot plant along with mine onto the ground before throwing his arms around my shoulders and squeezing me tightly, screaming at the top of his lung.








“Mr. Weasley! Stop shouting!” Professor Longbottom jumped to the floor to try to save the plants.








“You’ve killed the plants!”








I cleared my throat, my ears ringing from his screaming in my face. “Louis, they were only alive for two hours.”




Louis stopped screaming and looked at me before shrugging. “Eh, whateves, I didn’t like them anyways.”




Why did I decide to talk to him again?








“I’m sorry for killing your plant, Brielle.”




Louis and I were just now making our way back from Herbology class. Professor Longbottom was having a hard time getting over that Louis was now a murder after committing a double homicide so he made the two of us stay after to clean up the mess and hold a proper funeral for Mr. and Mrs. Screamy.




There is never a dull moment at Hogwarts, I can promise you that.




I shrugged my shoulders, “I guess it’s ok. It would have been dead by the end of the period, anyways.”




Louis cracked a weary smile before nodding his head. He shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his trousers as we walked on the snowy path up to the school. It had snowed during break while we were gone and Hogwarts looked like a winter wonderland. Despite the area being a beautiful sight the weather was horrid, especially for quidditch.




“Where are you heading to now?” He asked as he opened the door for me, holding it just long enough for the two of us to enter before letting it close behind us with a loud thud.




“Defense Against the Dark Arts,” I mumbled underneath my breath, slightly cursing myself for taking the damn class.




Louis must have saw the discomfort on my face and put two and two together. “Oh,” He made a noise underneath his breath before continuing to speak. “You have that class with Albus, don’t you?”




I hesitated a second before nodding.




The two of us stayed silent for a few moments as we took the path to our classes, just listening to the sound of our feet against the floor. Just the thought of going to that class with him put me in a foul mood. I had only had that class twice since returning back to school and I had managed to get out of going both times.




The first time was the day we returned from break and I had skipped all my classes all together and the second time I had faked a stomach ache. I was out of the classroom before Albus had even stepped in but this time I couldn’t get out of class.




What had happened at the New Year’s Eve party was all that my bloody school could gossip about which also meant that Professors had caught wind of the news by now too. Professor Gindleman may be oblivious to certain things but there was no way he’d let me skip his class a third time just because a Potter is in it.




“Do you think you’ll talk to him soon?”




I didn’t have to ask Louis to know who he was talking about. It was pretty obvious.




“I don’t know. Do you think he was ever going to tell me about Greengrass?” I asked, looking over at him with an indifferent expression.




Louis opened his mouth to say something before faltering and instead giving me a sympathetic look. “Honestly, I don’t think he ever planned to tell any of us about what happened with her.”




I gave him a grimace look, “Then that answers your question for me.” I stopped walking when I neared the stairs to the dungeon. “I have to get to class. It was nice talking to you, Louis.”




He smiled at me, his white teeth contrasting deeply against his tan skin. “I’m glad to have you back or, well, at least more than I did before. I’ll see you later.”




I gave him a small nod as I began to make my way down the stairs, taking two at a time.








I turned my head to look at him after hearing my name, “Yeah?”




He looked at me for a few minutes before giving me a tight lipped smile. “Just don’t let him get to you. He may be my cousin but you’re my friend and you deserve to be happy.”




I forced a smile on my face for him. “Love you too, Louis.” I decided to say before continuing my way to class.










I could feel him staring at me the whole entire class. Literally, though. From the second I walked into the classroom I could feel his hot stare and it didn’t help that my bloody professor made such a big deal when I walked in two minutes late.




“Oh, Miss. Patil! It’s so very nice of you to finally come to class – of course, it would be better if you came on time.”




What a wanker.








“You’re boyfriend won’t stop staring at you.” Marcus Parkinson sneered at me for nearly the third time since class started.




Now, trust me, Marcus Parkinson was not my first choice to sit next to but considering Albus was the only other person with a spare seat next to him I figured I would pass on that.




“He’s not my boyfriend.” I muttered through gritted teeth as I tried to focus on what my Professor was talking about. Sometime about how we were gonna have an assessment in a week with a partner or some bollocks like that.




“Oh, yeah, that’s right. I forgot. Don’t you two have an open relationship with Greengrass?”




I focused on the chalkboard, trying my best to ignore Parkinson’s voice.




“I bet you sure do get jealous when Potter pays to much attention to her, right?” He kept on pushing my buttons, grinning more and more when I continued to ignore him. “Hey, Brielle, is it true that he shagged Greengrass and lied to you about it?”




I held onto my quill tighter as I felt my face get hot.




This is why I don’t show up to bloody DADA anymore.




I took a deep breath though I could feel my hands shaking from how hard I was gripping my quill. “Sod off, Parkinson.” I mumbled underneath my breath as I kept my line of sight away from him.




“Is that what you told Potter after you found out he lied to you?”




I swallowed even though there was nothing in my throat. I refused to let this asshole get to me. “Like I said before, Parkinson, sod off.”




“Aw, stop getting all emotional on my, Patil. It’s not my fault Potter used you and got rid of you. Maybe if you were an easier shag then he would have sticked around a bit longer and – “




Parkinson’s voice was stopped in a mid-insult when his body was thrusted violently backwards into the wall of the classroom. The whole classroom was silent for a few moments before chaos broke out. Certain people like our Professor ran to Parkinson to check to see if he was ok while others tried to figure out what had happened.




“Merlin, Brielle, did you hex Parkinson?” One of the Scamander twins asked me with a wide expression, his Slytherin tie barely on his neck.




I looked at him with a confused expression before standing up and swinging my bag over my shoulder. “Of course I didn’t.” I shot back at him, giving him a nasty look as I gathered my stuff together. Just as I was about to leave I spared a look behind my shoulder and I regretted it.




Amongst all the commotion I could see Albus just sitting in his seat, staring back at me. His left hand was curled up in a fist with a crushed quill in between it while his other hand was tightly grasping his wand that was half tucked underneath the sleeve of his robe.








Albus had hexed Parkinson which also means he had to have heard the conversation. Albus was…defending me in some odd way.




At least I think.




I made some disgruntled sound when our eyes met before fleeing the classroom. I don’t have time for any of this shit. I have a quidditch tryout to get to.








“Brielle, I’ve been hearing this crazy rumor going around that you hexed the shit out of Marcus Parkinson!” Hunter stumbled down the last flight of bleachers before making his way over to me with a lousy grin, some of his left-over lunch still apparent in his teeth. “Please tell me it’s true.”




I scrunched my nose up at him as I finished polishing my broom off; an activity I chose instead of attending lunch. “I didn’t hex Parkinson,” I began to say, putting heavy emphasis on the fact that I wasn’t the one that did it. “But someone did.”




Hunter’s face deflated as he came to the realization that I wasn’t the one that performed the dirty deed. “Aw, I was really hoping you finally put that knocker into place. Whatever.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Did you at least catch it on film or something like that?”




I arched an eyebrow, “Does it look like I had a recorder on hand to film Parkinson being hexed into a wall?”




He stared at me before shrugging. “I’m sure some rando in your class filmed it. I’ll just ask around.”




Seriously, the things that entertain this boy.




“I would have filmed it if I was there.” Amelia snorted as she came up from behind with Leslie in tow. Behind them I could see Connor and Malcolm making small talk as they made their way also back from lunch. Bentley Flack had returned early and set up everything for tryouts.




Ah, the advantages of having a little fifth year on the team.








But I love you.




“Can we please try to focus on our tryouts and not that fact that bloody Potter hexed Parkinson?!” I asked a little bit frustrated as I hastily looked over the signup sheet, not seeing anything that stood out to be at first glance.




“Woah, woah, woah – hold up! Albus is the one that cursed him?” Leslie peeked her head into our little quidditch huddle, her dark bangs fanning into her eyesight. “What happened? I want details – now!”




I snorted, “There isn’t any details to give you. I was talking with Parkinson one second and the next second he was gone. Nothing too special.” I shrugged my shoulders, trying my best to dismiss the topic.




Anything that had to do with him was something I didn’t want to discuss.




Leslie looked like she wanted to press for the details she so wished I had but Amelia grabbed her arm sharply and began to talk over her. “Oh, lookie! I think I see some people coming down, we should probably get all set up.”




And here comes good ole’ Amelia to the rescue. I knew there was a reason I took her back into my little friendship circle. It’s pretty elite, y’know. Only a few special people are in it…mainly because only a few special people talk to me.




Ha. The advantages of being a weirdo.




I guess it’s time to act professional and shit because nervous looking fifth years are making my way with a broom in hand. Just bloody great. I can already hear the Slytherins cheering in victory because if we win this up and coming match to them then it will be a Hogwarts miracle.








“You have got to be kidding me.” I deadpanned at my team while we sat in our little huddle. We had a dilemma at hand and a big one at that.




The tryouts were not hardly as bad as I expected but also nothing I’d jump for joy for. Amelia’s replacement was temporary so the person only had to be good enough to play one or two games. A well-built sixth year named Joshua Flint pervaded a perfect solution.




He was a prefect and there for didn’t have enough free time to dedicate himself for a full season but coming in as Amelia’s replacement and a reserve for future years was perfect and he agreed to it before I had even finished talking to him.




Stupid Ravenclaws.




Well…we are all Ravenclaws but whatever.




My issue was the main spot of the seeker.




We were in between two candidates currently – well, actually, my team was in between two candidates. I only had my eyes set on one. Jessica Stein was a scrawny sixth year that was decent enough at flying to put her above the other people trying out but her seeking skills were subpar.




To put it nicely, she was so bloody jumpy she barely managed to catch the switch twice.




Which, y’know, doesn’t sound that bad until I mention that she tried to catch the snitch twenty times. That doesn’t serve as such an excellent average – especially when we are going up against Slytherin but there isn’t much to chose from.




Except for – insert shudder – Dominique freaking Weasley.




The nerve these Wotters had.




I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice her name stand out on the sheet at first but she was a ‘last minute addition’ though when Malcolm mentioned her name to me in the lineup he didn’t nearly look as surprised as the rest of us.




That little sneak.




I remember Dominique telling me once that she wasn’t half that bad of a flyer but she was definitely being modest. The girl flew brilliantly and she managed to catch sixteen of the twenty snitches when is a whole lot better than Stein.




The only issue is the fact that she’s her.




“She’ll be a brilliant add on to the team!” Malcolm was huffing and puffing from his spot in the circle, obviously annoyed that I wouldn’t just give the spot to her already. “I know you two are in a rut and trust me, I barely even tolerate her on the daily, but she’s a brilliant seeker and you can’t deny that. Hell, with a little work she may be even better than Greengrass.”




I think I am about to throw up.




This day is turning into literal shit.




“She’s not that great,” I protested weekly though there wasn’t much for me to bash on.




“Really now?” Connor raised one of his bushy eyebrows as he looked over at me with an amused expression. “What about Weasley is so bad that you’d rather have Stein on the team than her? And remember – we’re only thinking game wise, not her bloody attitude and everything that comes along with it.”




I deadpanned for a second. “Well…her arm was a bit low on the catch and…er…the nose of her broom was a bit high on her dive and…uh..y’know what, wait! This is my bloody team, I can pick whoever I want to be on it.” I stomped my foot like a child, sticking my nose in the air.




Yeah. That’s how Brielle Patil handles situations. Like a child.








Those were the good ole’ days when I could just throw a tantrum and get what I want. The golden ages – y’know??




“Brielle, we can’t force you to pick who we want but we all know who the smarter choice is.”




Curse you Hunter Longbottom and your wise words.




I ignored him and fiddled with the edge of my quidditch robe. Picking her would be the smarter decision for the team but it would be the complete opposite for my own general health. Spending all the time with her would probably drive me towards insanity.







Eh, who are we kidding? We already know I’m insane.




“B,” Leslie’s soft voice broke from my quidditch team’s loud grumbles of protest. “I know how hard this is for you right now but don’t let what happened take over your life. This is your quidditch team and you promised when you became captain to do whatever was best for the team. Now do you want to win against Slytherin?”




“Of course I do!” I gasped as if it wasn’t obvious.




“Well then you know what to do.”




Blech! Curse Leslie Chang and her also wise words.




Curse everyone, really.




I turned on my heel with a huff of annoyance. A girls got to do what a girls got to do.




“Flint! Weasley! You have to positions. Thank you everyone for trying out.”




Oh bollocks what have I done?





A/N: Did you miss me or did you miss me?! Please before anyone trys to kill me let me apologize and explain! 



First off, I'm so so so sorry for having not updating in literally two months. I went of a traveling vacation for two months which meant I didn't have my laptop on my to update at all. I got back about a week ago or so but when I went online to post a chapter the que was closed so i've been waiting patiently to give you this beauty of a chappie! 



Hopefully you guys won't try to kill me when I tell you that I'm going away for another week but I have the next five chapters written in advance and I promise you guys that I will be finishing this story!! 



Back to this chappie though - what did you think? I'm sure the title fit perfectly because all chaos did occure. What are your thoughts on all the events?? Pretty please leave me a little review and let me know what you think, all reviews are appreciated!



Love you guys!








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The Invisible Thief : Chaos


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