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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 18 : & Sound
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AN: I am so sorry for not updating!! I hope you enjoy this new, albeit short chapter. I'm hoping to have another one out this week as well! This story will not be abandoned I promise! Please read and review! :):)

“How are the two of you doing?” Harry asked as he poked his head around the hospital room door, hair askew as always. 

Draco was sitting in a chair pulled as close as possible to Hermione’s hospital bed, both of his hands holding onto one of hers. Hermione smiled weakly at her friend from across the room, motioning for him to come forward “fairly well, can’t wait to get home though!”

Harry chuckled slightly, coming forward give Hermione a gentle hug. “Yes I can imagine! I told everyone waiting that you were okay, and when you feel better we can all get together. Figured it might be a bit much to have all those people in and out!”

Hermione sighed in relief, “Thank them for me please Harry, though I do think your plan is a good one. I’m just not up to it right now.  Also, Draco was telling me that he suspected they may have put some memory charms on me, apparently that’s one of the ways that they enjoy wreaking havoc with people. However I certainly remember everything, can you ask a healer to come in so I can ask them about it?”

Harry’s smile dropped as he heard Hermione’s words “Well I hope that’s not the case, but yes of course I’ll ask someone right away.” Harry then gave Hermione another quick hug, nodded to Draco and left the room.

Hermione struggled to sit up as straight as possible, stopping for a moment to catch her breath as the pain overtook her for a moment. Finally with Draco’s steadying hand, she was in an upright position. Her skin still looked akin to the pale bed sheets and the cuts and bruises that covered her body contrasted against the cheerful flowers, cards and gifts from friends.

Draco then said Hermione “I’m fairly certain that if you had one of the hexes put on you, your memories would be gone already.”

Hermione shrugged "Well I will be very happy if that’s true, but I want to ask to be doubly sure.”

Draco nodded, leaning forward and kissing Hermione’s hands, “whatever will make you feel better darling.” Hermione nodded, squeezing his hand in thanks, then closing her eyes to rest for a moment.

Within minutes a knock on the door came, Hermione was still dozing so Draco called “Come in!” to the person outside the door. A young male healer came through the door, he was quite tall with tousled brown curly hair that looked almost similar to Hermione’s. “Hello, my name is Healer Patrick and I’m here to answer your questions about memory charms. I’m a healer on the fourth floor and memory spell damage is my speciality.”

Draco rose from Hermione’s side to shake the man’s hand and replied “Thank you for coming to quickly, I’ll let Hermine ask you the questions.” Hermione then felt a hand on her shoulder gently shaking her “c’mon love, wake up now. The healer is here to see you”.

Hermione opened her eyes, blinking blearily as the room came into focus. As the white walls, chairs and vases of flowers came into view, Hermione focused on a tall man wearing lime green robes. “Oh! Hello there!” Hermione squeaked, trying to get her hair out of her face as fast as possible.  “Thank you so much for coming, basically I just wanted to ask you if there is any chance that I’ve had a memory charm put on me, but it didn’t work correctly or is taking time to come into effect?”

Healer Patrick frowned slightly, his dark eyebrows pulling together in concentration as he thought. “Hmm… I’ll do an spell test on you if you don’t mind to ascertain whether one was put on you or not, but I have never seen a memory spell that took longer than a few seconds to effect the person.”

Hermione nodded her ascent and the healer then came over, pulling out his wand. He waved it slowly back and forth in front of Hermione’s forehead, murmuring unintelligible words. The air around the wand began to glow purple and Healer Patrick smiled. “Mrs. Malfoy I’m happy to tell you that no memory charms have been placed on you recently!”

Hermione beamed at the healer and then at Draco. Draco then leant forward, kissing her forehead softly. “Thank you very much Healer Patrick” they both said in unison. The healer smiled at the couple and then left the room quietly.

Hermione sighed gratefully as she sank deeper into the blankets of her hospital bed. After giving Draco a quick kiss, she then pulled her blankets up onto her shoulders and closed her eyes to sleep.

Draco sat quietly in a small plastic chair beside the bed. As he sat, he looked at his beautiful, small and strong wife lying so close to him. Taking a deep breath, he leant forward to move a lock of her hair away from her face. That was when he saw it. A small mark, difficult to see and for many, unremarkable. However Draco knew what this tiny mark located just under Hermione’s ear lobe meant, and he was immediately afraid. 

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Bound to You: & Sound


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