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Harry Potter and a Second Chance by Panacea
Chapter 8 : Going to the Chapel
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“Harry!” Hermione knocked on his door not bothering to wait for answer to enter.

“You need to get ready for your date!”

Face down in his pillow he could hear Hermione smiling, “I’m up,” Harry yawned stretching his arms.

Taking extra care in showering and dressing Harry was almost ready when Hermione and Ron knocked on his door once again.

Finally looking like a couple dressed up neatly, Ron in a muggle suit and Hermione in a pretty mint green long dress. She’d pulled her hair up and looked strangely gown up.

“You look like a pair of muggles,” Harry grinned pulling his socks on.

“You’re taking your time getting ready,” Ron asked raising his eyebrows.

“I’m in no rush.”

“Well I wish you would get a move on, Elana text me she had to go up early to help the bride with her dress,” Hermione was putting her mobile phone in her little beaded bad.

“Right, well I’ll get a move on,” Harry pushed his feet into his muggle dress shoes.

“Have a great time today,” Hermione stretched her arms out smiling, “Dudley must be so happy to have you there.”

“Keep your wands on you,” Harry warned, “I’ll meet you after the reception.”

With a wave and a smile, hand in hand, the pair disappeared with a faint pop. And Harry was alone with his reflection, his hair still as unruly and untidy as always. Aunt Petunia would be pleased to comment on his constantly irritating appearance.

Or would she?

With a final nervous glance in the mirror Harry turned on the spot and went to one place he never thought he would ever be.

Dudley’s wedding.


Harry jolted, had someone seen him appear suddenly?

“Harry! Up here,” Elana’s voice sounded from the reception hall stairs and Harry felt his jaw swing open.

Elana was wearing what looked like liquid silk, a midnight blue silk gown shone off her body, glittering jewels shone from her ears and throat. Her coppery hair was a tousled mess of curls, she stepped towards Harry and a flash of her slender leg appeared from a secret slit in her dress.

“You scrub up well,” she grinned a red lipped smile, her teeth flashing with her jewels.

All Harry could do was grin sheepishly at the elegant figure that was his girl next door, friendly face he’d come to hope he’d see each day.

“Sorry we couldn’t go to the ceremony, my ex Crado was there and it’s still very tense between us,” she smiled apologetically.

“No problems,” Harry was quite sure she could have stabbed him in his eyeball and he wouldn’t have minded.
The pair entered the function room, white satin draped elegantly along the ceiling with small fairy light twinkling from the fabric. The room was dappled in golden and purple lights, people stood chatting, holding glasses of champagne.

The bridal table was draped in purple satin and tulle,
Alicia looked like a frothy drink but a very happy frothy drink. She beamed beside the incredibly grown up and dapper
looking Dudley. Beside lavender dressed bridesmaids were two people Harry never thought he’d see again.

Aunt Petunia, her hair lighter, her cheekbones still high and her neck still long, beside her looking exactly the same except for a lot less hair Uncle Vernon.

“Excuse me, for a moment,” Harry said.

“Aunt Petunia, it’s good to see you,” Harry said nervously.

A full ten seconds passed until his Aunt and Uncle registered that their nephew, their wizard of a nephew was standing in front of them. The boy who (they were last told), defeated the most evil wizard of their time and have saved the wizardry world and possibly the entire world.

Their scrawny, untidy nephew who they had shut under the stairs, was here, all grown up.

Aunt Petunia burst into tears.

“Dudley said there was a special relative attending,” Vernon said awkwardly patting his wife’s shoulder, “we had no idea…well you’re all the way in Sydney.”

“Stranger things have happened,” Harry said glancing at his blubbering Aunt.

“We have to get a picture of the two of you,” Petunia said digging through her tiny purse for tissues.

“We heard all about what happened to you,” she continued gossiping, “Harry, we were…we are very proud of you. We wanted to write but we weren’t sure you would want to hear from us.”

As Harry was about to respond the wedding host’s voice boomed over the function room asking people to head to their seats as Mr and Mrs Dursley were about to take the first dance as husband and wife.

Elana grabbed his hand, “show time” she grinned, “come and watch this.”

A slow, romantic melody filled the room and standing up taller than Harry had ever seen him Dudley stepped onto the dance floor, his hand leading Alicia across him.

“This is your work?” Harry asked.

“Yes it is,” Elana grinned proudly at the couple twirling gracefully, “Dudley will be too scared to miss a step, Alicia will throttle him.”

“She seems a little bit….”

“Bridezilla?” Elana laughed, “do you dance Harry?”

“Uh no…,” he replied, remembering a very awkward partner dance with Pavarti in his fourth year.

“Well, there’s no time like the present,” Elana grinned as the newlyweds finished their dance and more couples began taking the floor.

Elana gently took Harry’s hand and led him onto the dance floor, “now keep your weight forward, knees soft, hold my waist here,” she placed his arm on her silky waist, Harry’s stomach dropped, “your other hand holds mine.”

They stood holding each other, “stand up straight,” she ordered, “this is dance position.”

Elana began to slowly step in a square, gently pressing her hand on his shoulder blade leading him, “look at you, you’re a natural!”

“I have a good teacher,” he smiled, enjoying the feeling of her hand in his.

“Now keep your legs shoulder width apart and have your right arm out like a cradle,” she gently twirled herself out and back into Harry’s right arm. He caught the small of her back and she arched her back gracefully. He pulled her back up, their faces inches apart, Harry could see her individual eyelashes.

“Rachel, will be very impressed, next time you go out somewhere nice,” with a crashing thud Harry was brought out of his trance. Rachel, of course, he had a girlfriend in this life.

“Yeah…I sure will,” still holding each other but looking away they continued dancing, the song felt like it would never end. Harry’s embarrassment mounted by the second, he’d literally gotten lost in her eyes. How could this happen with a muggle?

A loud firecracker noise sounded, “wow I didn’t know they had a fireworks display,” Elana said breaking away from Harry.

But they weren’t firecrackers, it was fire, something had exploded, something Harry had seen before. He hand clutched his wand from inside his jacket, he grabbed Elana’s arm, “get Dudley’s parents,” he shouted over the screaming guests, “get Dudley and Alicia and stay with them outside, stay in your car.”

Elana’s eyes widened, “what about you?”

“Just go, I’ll be down soon.”

He saw her rush through a swarm of guests, to Petunia and Vernon, Dudley was rushing towards them as well. Dudley caught sight of Harry and rushed to him.

“What is this?”

“Not sure, get everyone out and I’ll put the fire out. Go!”

The room emptied quickly and Harry took one last glance around, pulling his wand he began to shoots jets of water at the fire.

It was a magic fire, water didn’t work.

Trying another counter curse, Harry whipped his wand behind his head, when a familiar voice sounded.

“I knew I’d smoke you out Potter.”

Draco Malfoy.

“Malfoy!” Harry yelled, the counter curse had worked, the flames vanished but the smoke remained.

Harry heard a shout from outside the doors, putting his wand away Harry threw open the doors.

“What are you doing here?” Elana was standing in front of Draco, her eyes blazing.

“Looking for you,” Draco sneered, “ah but I see you’ve already moved on.”

“Shut up Crado,” Elana replied.

“Crado?” Harry said.

“Harry this is my ex Crado, he was just leaving,” Elana stepped towards Harry, Draco flung his wand out.

“Not just yet baby,” Draco pointed his wand at Elana, she looked at it curiously.

In no time Harry had his wand pointed at Draco, “we all know who will win this battle Malfoy!”

“What?” Elana stepped backwards.

“Elana stay back,” Harry called, “Malfoy leave now.”

“Potter, I have something to give you first,” Malfoy raised his wand.

A jet of purple light hit Malfoy in the back of the head, he keeled flat on his face. Behind him stood Elana pointing a wand at him.

“Expelliarmus!” She yelled, Harry’s wand flew out of his hand and neatly into hers.

“Elana?” Harry made no effort to retrieve his wand.

“Who are you?” She demanded, “who are you and how do you know Crado?”

“His name is Draco Malfoy, we went to school together,” Harry said calmly.

“School? Right the Smelting’s school, or the one where you met Rachel, I asked Dudley Smelting’s was a boys only private school. You never met Rachel there.”

Harry grinned at her cleverness, “that’s just what I said to muggles, I didn’t know you were a witch. My name is Harry Potter, I’m here with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley on special investigation by your Minister of Magic, we went to Hogwarts together.”

“You’re Harry Potter?” She laughed, “they sent Harry Potter to help us?”

“They did,” Harry said earnestly, he lifted his fringe revealing his scar.

She looked to Draco’s unconscious body, to Harry’s wand in her hand back to Harry’s, honest face.

Realization dawned on her face, “so you’re not with Rachel..I mean Hermione?”

“No I’m not,” Harry said perplexed that, that was the first question she had.

Without another word she strode towards him, put both her hands on his shoulders and pulled him in, kissing him fiercely.
During the kiss Harry felt heat course through his body, Elana ripped away from him.

“Dammit,” she shouted, Harry was slightly out of focus, unsure where he was, following Elana's eyeline he saw what had ruined their moment.

Draco had gotten away, “we have his wand,” Elana said angrily throwing it to the floor, “how did he get away?”

“He’s got help.”

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