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I'm Sorry, But I'm Beginning to Hate Your Face by marauderslover15
Chapter 5 : How to Easily Fall In Love with James Potter
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“I have never seen you so…so mad,” Harley said, examining Aries’ rosy face. “What happened?”

“I really can’t stand their faces!” She waved her wand and the pillow exploded, its feather thrown into the air, gliding back down gently on the carpet of their dorm and on the beds.

“I don’t think Nora is going to be too happy about that…” muttered Harley. “But are you talking about the Potters? What did they do?”

“I was just a hook-up to both of them,” Aries said sternly.

“Wow!” exclaimed Harley. “I understand why you’re mad about James, but why Albus? Does it matter if you were a one night-stand to Albus?”

Aries sighed, taking a seat at the edge of the bed, facing Harley. She looked down at her feet. “It’s just…It’s just…” she muttered, “I thought for once someone can like me. It was obvious when James left, he didn’t… He didn’t want nothing more…” She felt the tears swimming in her eyes. “And then Albus came, I thought maybe he actually liked me. I never had someone like me… No one ever confessed to me or anything like that… So…it felt nice.” She looked up at Harley with a sad smile that was slowly faltering. 

“There’ll be a guy one day, Aries.” Harley lay on her bed, looking up at the ceiling with fingers laced behind her bed. “One day there will be a prince charming for both of us.” She turned her attention to Aries. “To sweep us off our feet. One prince who isn’t just interested in sex for me. And an innocent prince for you.”

“I thought James was my prince…” muttered Aries sadly.

“I don’t know how you even fell in love with him,” mumbled Harley angrily.

Aries knew why.

----- ----- -----

Throws you into a timewrap

“Oops,” sniggered a pimply Slytherin.

Aries scrambled for the parchments that scattered on the marble floor of the corridor. Midnight blue thick ink spilled like a puddle, slowly creeping further out from its bottle. The Slytherin bully made his way past her, still snigger with a smug look on his face. She sighed and touched her forehead to rub her temples, but the wet stickiness of ink was painted on the pads of her fingers. She felt a drop of ink slowly run down from her forehead. She sighed again.

“Do you need any help?”

She looked up to find a young man towering over her. His hair was untidy and his eyes sparkled mischievously, yet trusting. She couldn’t understand his eyes. Her mouth was agape, just staring into his eyes.

“I’m not sure what your silence means…”

“Oh!” she exclaimed lowly. “No, it’s okay. I don’t want to trouble you.”

“It’s not troubling at all, actually.” He crouched down, scooping the textbooks of fine leather.

“No, no,” she muttered, snatching the books from his hands. “It’s fine really. You can’t be late for class.”

He smirked and she gazed at his lips, lost in his face. What an intriguing person, she thought, but was even more lost in her examination of him when his lips moved, “I’m already late…” Still he smirked like it was nothing. “You have ink all over you... Maybe I can help? Do you mind?”

She shook her head timidly.

He pointed his wand at her, a rich dark mahogany and with a short wave, he clearly said, “Tergeo.”

She felt nothing, but rubbed her pads of her fingers together. The ink was gone. She touched her forehead. It was gone as well. She gave him a shy smile and muttered her thanks.

“Yeah, no problem,” he grinned, going onto his feet. He held out his hands for her and she coyly laid her hands in his. It felt big and comforting like a man’s hand, but yet soft. Her eyes averted up into his as he helped her onto her feet like a true gentleman. He continued to talk, “So, who did this to you?”

Aries held the books close to her chest, still examining him. “You…you don’t have to worry.”

“Come on, tell me.”

“I don’t know his name… Sorry.”

“Come on! Don’t lie!”

“I really don’t,” she muttered.

He sighed and looked at the stained windows colored with beautiful reds and blues with a hint of burnt yellow. “They’re are beautiful you know…”

“The windows.”

His eyes rested on her, now finally examining her. He cocked his head to the side interestedly.

“I agree,” she whispered as she gazed at the window. “A lot of times, I think people just look at the beauty of the colors. They never look into the story that the windows tell. Sometimes, it’s not as beautiful as the painting of the window itself… oh!” She looked at him, flustered. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to talk so much,” she muttered.

“Who…who did this to you? What did he look like?”

“It was a Slytherin boy. He has pimples…”

“Alright. I’ll walk you to class.”

Aries never understood the simplicity of his answer that day. There was such an indifference to his look and his tone. It was like it was completely pointless to ask. He didn’t know her so he shouldn’t have cared. Although his façade was one of just plain curiosity and no true caring for her, he showed a kindness she couldn’t comprehend. She truly noticed him on that day…

“Come on!” called Harley, holding onto Aries’ wrist tightly as she pushed through the crowd. “Move it! HEY! I said move!” She rammed her side into a male student who gave her a look of alarm.

Aries mouthed, “Sorry!” to him, obviously apologizing and feeling responsible for her friend’s careless behavior. Harley though was still rough, moving through the crowd with a fiery determination look on her face. In the front of the crowd, they stopped to take a look at the ongoing commotion.

“You know it isn’t nice to pick on girls. That’s why you’ll probably never be laid,” smirked James. He was pointing his wand at the…pimply Slytherin boy from the other day. The boy was upside-down floating in the air, only in his boxers as he did his best to cover his crotch to keep from anything falling out.

Hey,” exclaimed Harley to Aries. “That’s the boy that you said picked on you the other day.”


“I’m sorry! SORRY!” squeaked the boy. “Truly. Lesson learned.”

“Don’t say sorry to me!” said James with amusement.

Aries stepped forward and regretted it instantly. All eyes landed on her as she turned a deep shade of rose. She opened and closed her mouth in nervousness until she finally stuttered, “It’s okay! I accept you apology.”

James gave her a small smile, lowering his wand as the boy floated gently onto the floor. James winked at her then moved toward the boy, handing him clothes. He patted the boy’s back comfortingly. Despite the fact he did that to the boy, it was like no hard feeling, no grudges, nothing. Not a slightest feud between the two had spilled over. She even caught the two once or twice making small talk about Quidditch. Maybe it was because of his kindness?


Aries tapped her quill annoyed at the edge of the page of the textbook as she ran her hand through her hand and entangling her fingers in it, ready to pull out tuffs of hair. She huffed in frustration.


She jerked slightly shock as she looked up to find James towering over her and leaning slightly on the cubicle. 

“Hi,” she breathed.

“Not getting it, eh?” he asked with amusement.

“No,” she mumbled. “Not at all. Charms is my strong point. Definitely not Transguration… I’m trying to find some theories to help me understand it better.”

“Well, you’re looking at the wrong one. You might want to look at Tranguration Theories in Simple Words. It’s meant for younglings for light reading, but I think it’s actually useful… Does it matter about understanding the theories? As long as you know how to do it, that’s all that matters?”

“Not for our O.W.L.s. The written part requires to know this. And Professor Owen wants a short essay on these theories and its applications due in a couple of days. I’ll go get the book so thanks,” she muttered with a smile.

“O.W.L.s aren’t ‘till the end of the year. It’s still the beginning of the year, but yeah, no problem,” he grinned and he began to walk away.


He turned with a little pep to his step and cocked his eyebrow with amusement twinkling in his eyes.

“Thank you… For the last time with the Slytherin boy… You didn’t have to do that…”

He bit down on his bottom lip, thinking. For Aries, it was sexy and sent a slight blush to her cheeks. She was finally becoming aware of a boy… She examined him, not the way she examined other people, but actually checking him out in a shy, subtle way.

Yeah, no problem…” he smirked. “Anyway, good luck!”

“Thanks…” she muttered as he walked away.

 She watched him intently leave, his legs moving with incredible grace and his hands hitched in his pockets. His head was slightly cocked up. She was pretty sure he was looking up at the stained windows as the light bathe him gently, caressing his body. It had a serenity grace. It was at that moment, she didn’t want him to walk away. She didn’t want him to move. She wanted to pause life itself and enjoy the sight of him. She could only hope he would approach her again and he did when she least expected…

“Who did worse than me?” shouted Harley, waving her graded parchment into the air. In red taunting ink were the numbers, “17” in cursive-like font.

“What you got, Harley?” yelled Fred back from across the room.

“A seventeen. Don’t answer my question, Weasley. I know a log head like yourself got a big fat zero. Who did worse than me other than Mr. Log-head over there?”

Aries hunched over and giggled lightly into her hand. Harley turned to face her, leaning in toward her. “Hey, what did you get?”

“A ninety-six,” replied Aries in a happy whisper.  

Harley whistled impressed, leaning back. “Hey, Rosey. I didn’t call you Freddy so stop looking over this way. Got your gender mixed up? Rosey, Aries scored higher than you!”

Rose was next to Dominique and right behind Fred, turned as red as the famous Weasley hair. It wasn’t red from embarrassment, but mofitiftion from unable to attain the highest grade as she usually did. She looked more stressed than anything else as she pulled on the frizzy red hair. Dominique besides her snorted with laughter at her cousin’s mental breakdown.

Harley grinned at Aries sheepishly, “She looks like she is ready to combust like Fawn Longbottom’s mandrake from the other day. Merlin, only knows how that girl ended up in Hufflepuff. Anyway, how did you get such a good grade?”

Aries was cut off by Professor Owen’s frustrated voice. “Class is dismissed. Please, Merlin… Miss Valentine when do you graduate?”

There were shuffling and clattering of student collecting their belongings. Harley smirked at Professor Owen, “I’m going to get purposely left back over and over and over and over—”

“Miss Valentine…” mumbled the professor annoyed.

“So, you can have me in your classes forever!” she grinned happily.

Aries laced her arm with Harley’s, attempting to pull her out the room. “Bye, Professor Owen!” Aries said happily.

With one last grin, Harley allowed Aries to sweep her away out of the room, leaving a nerved professor, rubbing his temples. “Soooo,” Harley drawled, “what super-duper magic trick you used to get that grade?”

“I was suggested a book actually. It was simple to understand,” she replied.

“By who?” asked Harley suspiously, cocking her eyebrow. She knew all too Aries would never dare to speak to anyone else, but her, Rose and Dominique.

“Hey, Valentine!”

Harley grunted as she stop to slightly turn and face Fred with his usual grin and mischeiveous twinkle in his eye. “You really think I’m a log head?”

Without any hesitation, Harley replied, “Absolutely.”

Aries tried to suppress a smile, her lips moving up and down, but finally her amused smile showed through.

“You have a nice smile…”

Aries jerked up at the voice. In her head, it was distant. A distant voice she haven’t heard in a few days, which she craved.

“Freddy,” greeted James. “You should smile more often,” he told Aries.

Aries gave a shy nod as Harley’s mouth was twitching in a smirk filled with too much glee.

“So, how did you do?”

“Really good. Thank you so much for suggesting that book. It was really easy to understand.”

He nodded with a grin. His eyes twinkling and crinkles at the corners of his eyes. Her heart thumped, “ba-dump, ba-dump” and she gulped whatever feelings were pouring out. “Glad to hear… Hey, do you think you can meet up with me later at night. It’ll be after hours, but you know, if you want… I’ll like to show you something…”

She nodded with a wide smile and a blush tingling on her cheeks. She couldn’t wait. All day she was off in a daze, staring in the distance dreamily. She didn’t laugh at any of Harley’s insults to Fred or notice how Rose sneaked dreamy glances to Scorpius or pay any attention when Fred had the whole roasted chicken dance on the table, kicking mash potatoes into people’s faces. All she did was catch glimpse of James as she also squirmed in her seat with anticipation. By the nighttime, her heart was stuck in her throat and the butterflies in her stomach were beating their wings wildly. She took a deep breath, trying to relax her shoulders.

“Hey,” he grinned once he was in front her and the Gryffindor common room porthole. “Ready? We won’t be out for too long… You don’t seem like the one to be okay getting in trouble…”

He gave a last reassuring smile before clambering out the porthole. Her eyes were only on him. They looked nowhere else. She didn’t notice how the darkness danced tauntingly in the corridors or how the moonlight died that night. She didn’t notice the eerie silence that flooded the corridors.  She didn’t notice how the corridors’ walls were closing in on them slowly until it slowly started looking like alleyways. She just noticed him. He slipped into a small corridor, almost an alley of the castle which quickly opened up into a small half-circle hall with the passageway to continue. Aries immediately gasped. She now knew where the moonlight went. It caressed the semi-circle glass-stained windows gently, massaging its colors to reflect brightly with pride. There were colors of bright green deceipting a jungle of palm trees, towering trees and vines swinging low. There laid a lion with a wild golden man and a large snake draped over its neck. The two animals’ head were against each other affectionately.

“This tells of a story…” whispered James, looking up at the large window. “About a lion… He stepped on the poor snake, crippling it. He forever felt sorry and carried the snake on his back for the rest of his life. The snake was grateful and they soon became friends… It’s a sad story yet heart-felt…”

“It is sadder…” she whispered her reply.

His eyes settled on her, cocking his eyebrow questioningly.

“Because isn’t the lion supposed to represent Gryffindor and the snake Slytherin. It is sadder, but that’s not what it can be say in reality. For centuries, we’re were always fueling…”

“Maybe this was more like a prediction…”

“A goal…” she whispered.

“Yeah, a goal…” he agreed quietly.


It was like that every night for a couple of weeks. She would sneak off in the night, after hours with James. Every night it was a new stained-window. They didn’t always know the story and sometimes stared at it for hours, making up their own. Every night she fell in love with him more and more. The way he spoke so freely, the way his stories would tell of his own world… He was beautiful person… But she wished there was a warning. She wished someone would have told her how hard it would be to fall in love and then watch them distance themselves and see him holding someone else. She wished he would have been honest with her instead of completely stop talking to her. She was left thinking she had done something wrong. That he maybe was beginning to hate her face…

End of flashback because you went through a time wrap again

----- -----

“That’s how I easily fell in love with James Potter…despite everything…” she whispered to herself. 

A/N: One more flashback for Al then we move on. =) How did you like this chapter? Please review! =D

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