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Tied Together With A Smile by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 16 : The Cora-Slash-Sirius Dilemma
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Disclaimer: The OCís and parts of the plot are all that belong to me. Everything else belongs to J.K Rowling, I do not claim ownership to it. Thank you for reading.

Since that embarrassing moment in the corridor, Coralie had successfully avoided Sirius for the rest of the week. He'd been trying hard to corner her between classes, at meals and in the Common Room but so far she had managed to slip past him every time. She knew he was annoyed with her, but she continued to ignore him anyway. The girls thought it was hilarious- they'd (meaning Kiki) had taken to teasing Sirius about it everytime they saw him. Remus told her that James had been doing the same all week. She kind of felt bad for him, but then she'd remember some arrogant thing he said and suddenly she didn't feel so bad anymore.

Other people had begun to notice. A few smartass fourth year boys had bought it up to Coralie the previous day, but then Lily had threatened to hex them and they'd quickly disappeared. People beginning to notice meant that Angus had noticed which meant that Coralie now sat in front of her brother as he paced back and forth.

"I mean, I saw it with him but I never thought-" Angus trailed off, dragging his fingers through his hair, "He's not really your type, is he? I thought, maybe, Remus or a nice Ravenclaw or something."

Coralie stared at him blankly, "What are you even talking about?"

"Haven't you been listening to me for the past half an hour?" Angus asked with an exasperated sigh.

"No, not particularly." Coralie replied dryly.

"Sirius. We're talking about Sirius," Angus began to pace around his dormitory again, "We're talking about the Cora-slash-Sirius dilemma"

Coralie's eyebrows furrowed, "Where did you get that name?"

"Oh, it's been going all around the school for the past week," Angus replied plainly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Have you really not been listening to me at all?" Coralie shook her head, "Cora, I was saying important things," He groaned.

Coralie rolled her eyes, "You've been lecturing me, and then you muttered to yourself a bit. You realise you are my younger brother, right? I'm supposed to be the one lecturing you."

Angus brushed off her comment with a wave of his hands, "I'll repeat my message for you then," Coralie opened her mouth to cut in, but Angus continued on, "We need to keep you safe, which means no boys. Especially not Sirius Black. Everyone in the entire school knows who you are now and we can't have that. He'll find us way too easily like this."

"Are you telling me that I need to become a hermit? Or a nun?" Angus ignored her.

"Besides, Sirius is hardly good news and can you imagine how much of a bad boyfriend he'd be?" Coralie continued to stare at her younger brother, "I know you like him, God knows why, but just. Cora, you need to be careful." He ran his fingers through his hair again, "Not just because of him, but I don't want to see you get hurt."

"You're a good brother, you know? But, I can take care of myself, Angus. I'm not going to get hurt," Coralie replied.

"Just, be careful Cora." Angus stated with a sigh.

Coralie smiled, wrapping her arms around Angus and pulling him into a tight hug, "I promise," She kissed the top of his forehead.

Considering she'd come to expect this feeling of anxiety, of panic, whenever letters arrived, she was surprised to not how this one made her laugh. It wasn't from 'him', if it had been then she'd hardly be laughing about it. Instead, it was from Jacob who sounded rather like one of those agony aunts you find in those gossip magazines written for elderly women. It was all about Sirius 'not being good enough for her' and being 'one of those bad boys', which was funny considering how alike Sirius and Jacob could be at times. 'He'd only break her heart', he said and he was 'only using her'. When the letter had arrived, she'd shown Marlene who was sitting next to her at breakfast. She'd almost fallen backwards off her chair laughing.

Maybe what her brother had written was true, maybe Sirius would only break her heart, maybe he didn't really like her and maybe she didn't even really like him but there was something about the letter that made Coralie want to prove her brother wrong. It was probably a bad idea on her part, besides she'd never exactly been the rule breaking type. Maybe that's what made it sound like such a good idea. When was the last time she'd ever gone against something her brother said? She'd always listened to Jacob, she'd always listened to all of her family actually but was that always such a great idea?

Sirius was a bad boy, he was a troublemaker, he hardly did his homework, he was always in detention, he talked back to the teachers and he hexed other students. Coralie had never done anything like that. That being said, he seemed to have this other side to him that he hardly showed to anyone. He'd shown her and somehow that made her feel special, maybe that was stupid and his whole plan, but she liked feeling special. She'd liked how he made her feel, sure he drove her completely crazy sometimes but he could make her smile and laugh and it seemed like he actually listened to her and cared what she had to say.

The story of Sirius and Shelena was stuck on repeat in her head. She tried to imagine Shelena, first as this beautiful, warm girl who loved Sirius dearly and got her heart broken by him, and then as this cold, unfeeling, uncaring, horrible girl who tore not only Sirius' heart out but Lily's too. She figured the second image was probably more true to reality. It was the Sirius who came out of that second option that Coralie wanted to believe in- it was the one he'd shown her when the two of them were alone together. That was the one she liked, the one who would keep her safe. Even if it wasn't the one Jacob or Angus saw.

Admittedly, hours later she still sat staring at that later attempting to decide whether to believe Jacob's words and keep herself and her family safe or to disregard her brother for once and actually live her life. It was a hard choice. Would it be worth throwing away her family, her safety and everything they'd worked for just a boy? On the other hand, was it worth always being safe and never really living her life just to keep safe? She didn't know if she could ignore Sirius for the rest of her time at Hogwarts, even just ignoring him for the week had made her heart hurt.

Her need to talk to him was growing more and more out of control everyday. She'd never considered herself to be one of those pathetic girls who always needs a boy to survive, but she felt like she was turning into one of them and it was all Sirius' fault. Okay, so maybe she was being too tough on him but he definitely had a role to play in it.

A tap on the window bought her out of her thoughts. The family owl hovered just outside the window. She let him in and took the letter from his leg before he flew off again. She figured the letter would be another one from Jacob, probably repeating everything from the first letter and yelling at her for not answering back. Sometimes it was almost as if her brother knew her inner thoughts, but then agin others time he was the most clueless person she'd ever met. She ripped the letter open.

Mon cherie,

I saw Jacob writing a letter earlier and I can only assume it was for you. I found a letter he receieved from Angus the other day about that boy, Sirius. I don't know what Jacob wrote in his letter to you but I can imagine, which is why I'm writing to you right now. Don't listen to your brother. I know I've always told you otherwise and you still should listen to Jacob, just not about these matters. Your brother loves you dearly and he's always going to protect you which isn't a bad thing, but hardly neccessary in this situation. If you like Sirius, mon cherie, you should follow your own heart not your brother's.

Wherever your heart may lead you, remember I love you,


P.S. When you get the chance, please tell Angus to keep his nose out of other people's business.

Coralie smiled, practically throwing the letter onto her bed she headed out of her dormitory in search of Sirius.

The sun was just starting to set when Sirius finally touched down on the ground again. He'd decided to head out for a fly earlier that afternoon in an attempt to clear his head which had been confuse all week, perhaps even longer than that. He'd been out there for hours but still his thoughts weren't any clearer. She was still invading his mind and mo matter what he tried, she wouldn't leave. With a sigh, he made his way back towards the Quidditch changing rooms to pack his broom away. He'd made it halfway across the pitch when he noticed a figure coming out of the changing rooms. At first, he thought it was James or maybe Pete coming to check on him but as he got close he noticed it was a girl.


She'd noticed him now, though she stood still for a moment- looking rather out of breath. Suddenly, she started running again- straight towards him. All he could do was stand there and stare at her like an idiot. She came to a stop right in front of him.

"I've-" She paused to catch her breath, "I've been looking for you everywhere."

"I've been out here all afternoon," He replied, wanting to hit himself immediately after the words came out of his mouth.

"Yeah, Pete told me," The two of them fell back into an uncomfortable silence. Sirius turned his attention to his broom which he was passing between his two hands. Coralie watched him for a moment before she turned back to look at the Castle as if she was waiting for someone to appear. Sirius was about to open his mouth to say something, anything to break this silence, when Coralie blurted out, "I fancy you."

"What?" Sirius' mouth dropped open, he could feel his eyes widen and the broom drop from his hands. "What?" He repeated, suddenly finding himself unable to form a proper words.

"I fancy you," Coralie repeated more confidently than the first time. He stared at her blankly again,"Sirius?"


"Are you alright?" She half-whispered, taking a step forward before thinking better of it and shuffling backwards again. He wanted to reach out and grab her but he couldn't convince any of his muscles to move.

"Yeah," He somehow managed to answer after what felt like years. She looked incredibly uncomfortable, the confidence in her posture had almost completely disappeared. "I, um, could you repeat that for me again?"

She giggled, before covering it up with a cough, but Sirius couldn't help the grin that crossed his features, "I fancy you. Do you need me to say it again?"

"No, no, I'm good," Coralie chuckled at this, "I fancy you too, just for the record." Both of them grinned.

"Great," She replied, tucking some hair behind her ear. Sirius nodded in agreement, reaching down to pick up his broom.

"So," Sirius drawled as the two of them fell back into silence for a few minutes. "Do you want to go for a walk?" Coralie nodded and fell into step beside Sirius. The two of them continued around the pitch in silence, the sun almost set behind them.

"Can you tell me something?" Coralie asked, breaking the silence finally. "I know this probably isn't something you want to talk about, but can you tell me about Shelena?"

Sirius paled slightly, "Where did you hear about her?"

"The girls. Lily, mostly," She replied, watching Sirius who had diverted his eyes to the ground.

"Is that why you've been angry with me?" He asked, not looking up at her.

"I wasn't angry," She said softly, "Just confused. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for her or for you."

Sirius looked up from the ground, "I bet Evans tried to make you hate me, didn't she? Did she tell you about how much of a 'good person' Shelena was?" Sirius said angrily, practically spitting out his words.

Coralie shook her head, "No, not quite. She told me what Shelena did to you too."

"And?" Sirius asked.

"And, that's why I stared at you the other day. I couldn't decide what to think," Coralie replied, wrapping her cloak tighter around herself.

"Have you decided now?" He half-whispered.

"Yeah, I already told you I liked you, didn't I?" Sirius threw his head back in laughter. "Will you tell me anyway?"

"Yeah, I suppose so," Sirius answered, offering Coralie his arm which she took, "It was complicated between Shelena and I, that's the only way I can really describe it. I hated her in first year and probably all the way up to fourth year when we started dating. There were times when I definitely still hated her. She was completely crazy sometimes, you see. One day she'd be all loving and kind and the next day she'd be the biggest bitch you've ever met. We didn't really talk much, like really talk, usually we just screamed at each other. I was used to it, my family-" Sirius paused and Coralie squeezed his arm, "They aren't nice people to put it mildly. We never spoke about it, but there was something with her family too. We preferred to ignore everything about each other, it was easier that way."

"Lily doesn't speak about her like that," Coralie mused and Sirius shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Sometimes I think she was different with Evans and other times I think Evans just decided to ignore who Shelena really was. We tend to do that with the people we care about," Sirius stared off into the distance for a moment before he turned his attention back to Coralie, a grin passing over his lips. "Everyone likes you much better."

"Do they?" Coralie asked, raising her eyebrows at him. "You included?"

"Especially me," Sirius responded with a smirk, "I like you so much that I'm going to ask you to be my girlfriend. What do you say?"

Coralie chuckled, "Well, only since you asked so nicely."

Authors Note: Well, yeah...there you go! I don't really have much to say about this chapter, sorry it's so short, I promise the next chapter is longer! I'll see you next week with chapter 17, thanks for reading.

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