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Hogwarts Reclaimed by HPFF United
Chapter 240 : Ravenclaw - newgenerationlover
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You know what was the best thing that ever happened to me?  Dieing.


You would think that it would be the worst thing ever.  Who wants to either blink from existence or go live some boring life in heaven.  Not me for sure.  However, when you have the choice to become a ghost, that is the best thing in the whole entire world.


I’m gonna be like Peeves, but better!  I be the best poltergeist the halls of this school has ever seen, and there will be no Bloody Baron to stop me.  I can throw dungbombs and water balloons and no one can do a thing about it.  I can expand one of my portable swaps (patent pending) and have the teachers have to figure out how to get rid of it after the small tweaks I will do to it.


Never before have I felt so free in my life.  Sure, it sucks not having my brother by my side, but honestly, now I get to play pranks without having to pay the bills to fix the damage.  That sounds like a win win to me.  


I see a little first year Gryffindor (the only firsties that stayed behind during the battle), skipping to the bathroom.  Really, skipping?  I float through the walls after her (really though, isn’t that the neatest thing ever?!  How many people do you know that can float through walls?  Huh?  Huh?) and hide behind in one of the stalls.  Sure, no one can see me right now as I am invisible, but old habits die hard.


I peek out from behind the door and see the little boy going into a stall.  I wait five seconds before flying straight into the toilet, making it explode.  The little kid screams and flees in terror.


Ok, now I feel bad.  Maybe I shouldn’t start with scaring the littlest kids right after a huge battle.  Let’s move onto a larger target.


I move into the Great Hall.  My family is still grieving over my body.  Sure, it means a lot that they are still there and everything, but I don’t want them to grieve forever.  


With a solution in my mind I fly out of the hall.  I fly all the way back to George’s and my apartment in Diagon Alley.  Thankfully the flight didn’t take long.  I guess ghosts can go very fast, they just don’t chose to.  

I grab all the supplies my ghostly pale arms (Get it?  Get it?  Ghostly pale?  He he he he he he!  I need to stop making such bad puns.) and fly all the way back to Hogwarts (the whole trip taking about ten minutes) and begin to set things up.


After I finish my handy work (Or ghostly work. Hardy har har har.  I need to go to pun rehab.), I stand back, light a match, and watch.


Fireworks, some of George’s and my best work, lite up the sky, forming all these different shapes and patterns.  Some form animals, some are just random shapes.  Once the whole room is looking up and watching the fireworks, they begin to change to form this message:


Hi there!  Not dead!


... Well actually I am...


Just a ghost here!


Now come and give me a hug.


I thought this would be a lot more dramatic than just becoming un-invisible in front of my family, and let’s be honest, I have a flare for the dramatics.  George, knowing who did the fireworks right away is already looking around the room as I show myself to everyone.  His face lights up as if he hasn’t been crying for the past three hours.


He runs up to me and tries to hug me, but his arms go right through me.  “Fred,” he breathes, unable to believe his eyes.  “Why’d you come back?”


“To get you to stop crying, Holey,” I reply, smirking.  “Also, who could pass up the opportunity to prank students for the rest of their existence.”


He smiles at me.  “I missed you, mate.”


“I missed you too.”

A/N: This is AU.

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