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Immune by elliement
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3
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Chapter 3:
Lessons had started, and by the way students had been behaving, the Professors, but most importantly, Davis, had thought his attempt to minimise disturbances to learning was successful. Whilst we let Davis believe we had put our pranking days behind, Albus had gone to rally up the rest of the houses to proceed with his idea.

A week. A whole week of nothing but innocent looks and homework turned in on time. Somehow, Albus had managed to actually coax his cousin Rose into doing his homework while he and the other pranksters developed their plans. By no means was she pleased, by I think she would just rather see a bit of fun happen round the halls of Hogwarts once more.

While some Professors became rightly paranoid, always turning their heads over their shoulders in class, just to make sure students weren’t ready to through paper balls round the classroom. Poor Professor Annex, who was always a little too paranoid, became jittery around students in class, in the halls, failing to speak most times without stuttering his words. It was almost as if someone had put a babbling curse on him! Yet, all the while, Headmaster Davis seemed pleased without antics. We had lead Davis into a false sense of control. His grin at breakfast, lunch and dinner as he ate with satisfaction, is what would make our rebellion so much sweeter.

On Monday, the following week, students sat with anticipation all day. During lessons, students were hanging off the edge of their seats, some looking as though they might pee their pants. It worried a few Professors. More than once Professor Alter had to ask during charms if we’d all eaten the beans for breakfast, going on to lecture us to “Never eat the beans. Never. The toilets will thank me one day.” We knew something was to happen today, but when? Only Albus knew.

It was lunch time and no could have suspected it was Albus, Neil or James or any of his seventh years friends. They had walked the doors of the Great Hall with the majority of people and sat down. No quite whispers, no side glances, nothing. It was only when Davis had finished chatting to Professor Lemkins about how classes had been going, when he’d finally picked up his fork. Duplicats, everywhere, and they just kept on coming. The gemino curse. More and more forks appeared, each identical to another, trying to mask the original. Every time Davis picked up the wrong fork another ten would appear. Students sat in silence. Surprised by the ordeal, no one knew whether to laugh or cry for help, because the look of Davis face would have been one to scare Voldemort shitless. The satisfied smirk that rested on Davis face had sharply turned to grim anger.

By this time the forks were getting way out of hand, no longer just resting at the front of the hall in a huge pile, but reaching the tables of students. Careless first and second years confusing their own cutlery for the fake. The repercussions lead to an immediate evacuation of the great hall. Many students screaming for escape, worried they would run out of air, others ensuring they had stashed the rest of their lunch making sure not to leave a crumb behind.

Davis had Professor Alter put the curse to rest. The last of the cutlery fell to the floor. Davis, in pure outrage, turned to the congregation of students. “Who did this.” His voice was composed, but rage was clearly evident. When no one answered he repeated more forcefully, “WHO DID THIS!”

Again, no response.

Davis, well aware of Albus’ idea of fun -being more than once on the receiving end of a practical joke- spotted Albus in the crowd. Storming over in his direction he grabbed him by his collar, dragging him to his office. Students and staff became horrified. Not a single headmaster had displayed such harsh approach to discipline, nearly classified as a form of abuse. Everyone could hear Albus’ pleas for help, “Hey! What are you doing! Stop! Get off me Davis!” But they were out the corridor before anyone to protest.

When dinner had come round word had got out that Albus never made it to any of his remaining lessons. His friends and family sat anxiously at dinner for his return. When he walked through the great hall well into dinner every eye turned to Albus. No cuts or bruises, thankfully. Everyone was worried whether we’d gotten really over our head with this whole act of rebellion. Albus sat quietly, whispered to his friends and family but not another word was said. Davis, kept his eyes on Albus for the entire meal. One question had remained, what they hell had gone on in that office?

After dinner, there was another Gryffindor meeting in the common room. Questions flying, left and right, for Albus. “Al, you okay mate?” “Hey Albus, did he try to get you spill the beans?” “He didn’t use veritaserum on you, did he?!” “Legilimency?”

Everyone went quiet when one of the first years asked, “Spill the beans? Why would Davis want beans all over his floor?” We became slightly less worried about Albus, and more worried about the brain capacity for this child.

Albus spoke, “Look guys, calm down. Everything’s fine. The plan goes ahead as normal. Don’t worry what happened just then. We’d all suspected it would happen so everyone needs to calm the fuck down and not look so damn in the know of things! Because if Davis catches on to what we’re doing, we’re all in deep shit. Got it?”

Everyone was slightly stunned, but nodded in acceptance. When everyone had dispersed to resume their own activities, Rose had gone up to Albus, but he was clearly shoving her off. It was no lie, that Davis had done -or said- something, and it had really gotten to Albus.

Over the next couple of days plans had resumed as planned. By the next day, everyone had wised up, put on their best poker faces, so good, I even started believing no one knew anything. Everyday a single prank was set off. Nothing more, nothing less, just one. Each was executed so perfectly, no could have know it was Albus. He was smart, no doubt using Deletrius, to remove any evidence of his previous spell casting.

Tuesday, Albus and the others had somehow used Langlock, on EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Every single one of them, including themselves. The whole day no one could speak a word, each with their tongue glued to the root of their mouth. No matter how hard Madame Bostik had tried to reverse the spell, it remained on every student until classes had ended. No doubt it was a silent day.

Wednesday provided much more giggles with bubbles obligated to pop out everytime a spell was cast. Whilst for the whole day our wands were pretty much useless, everyone got a kick out of seeing Davis face when he first saw bubbles fly out the end of his wand.

But Thursday was when trouble hit. It was completely unexpected, Albus for once was not in the know. His shocked face proved his innocence that day when a huge bang was heard out in the second corridor. As it turned out, some second year had tried to have his go at being the prank master, but foolishly was never as subtle as Albus. Students piled out of classroom, followed by Professors to see what the hell had made a noise THAT loud. What had everyone’s jaws hanging was the little second year still at the scene of the crime, frozen by fear, as Davis found his way to the vicinity. His furrowed eyebrows turned up, the gleam that had been lost over the last few days returning. Davis had finally caught his first culprit, and everyone was worried shitless for this poor kid.

The second year, a boy, who not to pinpoint any house, was a Hufflepuff. As Davis dragged him off all could hear the poor child screaming his head off, pleading with tears down his eyes to “Let me go! Please! Please! Please! I’ll do anything! I’m sorry! Let me go!” But Davis would hear none of it, looking very pleased with a big grin plastered over his face, the gleam which had definitely returned to his eyes.

Everyone spent the rest of the day treading carefully, each waiting to see what would happen knowing that Davis had full evidence that this kid had set out the dung bomb in the second corridor-although thanks to the little twerp, crashing into the armour suits amplified the sound about ten times louder.

I myself had been terrified at the thought of what Davis would do. The wicked gleam that glistened in his eyes told me that whatever Davis was planning, it would not be good. Wanting to get away from the lot of inquisitive people I made my way towards the storage room. Having been empty for years, the large space of the storage room had become my sort of sanctuary when all I wanted was to be alone. Quickening my pace to get away from it all, I twisted the doorknob, eager to get inside, but to my surprising dismay, the door failed to open. No matter how many times I tried Alohomora the wooden doors failed to open. For the first time in years, and coincidently since Davis reign of Headmaster, the storage room was locked.

Dinner went by very much in silence, everyone still very much in shock and afraid.

Walking back to the common room from dinner, I was the last one, and at this hour, with darkness pervading the halls, it created an eerie, foreboding atmosphere. As I turned round the corner on the fifth floor, I spotted the very same Hufflepuff boy that got in trouble today. There stood with him was another Hufflepuff, equally aged, it was most probably a friend of his. What disturbed me was not the fact that they were completely nowhere near the Hufflepuff common room, but more of dazed look, plastered on the Hufflepuff from this morning.

His friend continued waving his hands frantically in front of his face, “Harry! Harry! What’s gotten into you! What’s happened to you!”

I approached the two Hufflepuffs, obviously intrigued with whatever Davis had managed to do to the poor kid, now who I know is Harry. “What’s wrong with him?” I asked.

The other Hufflepuff turned to me, “I don’t know! I came out from dinner and I was going to the bathroom and I saw Harry and he was just standing there. He didn’t even look at me when I yelled out to him, he just stood there, not moving, not doing anything.” The other boy had obviously been frightened by the whole ordeal, deeply concerned for his friend, and more importantly, what Davis could do to him.

I stared at Harry, searching his body from any signs of spell casting. As my eyes travelled up to his face, I noticed something very different about his eyes. I turned to the other Hufflepuff, “Look at his eyes. His pupils are dilated.”

Nervously he asked, ”What does that mean?”

Unsure I answered, “I don’t know, but when you pupils dilate, your system shuts down. He’s losing his ability to control himself.”

It became very surreal to me, the extent of what’s happened to this boy, and I became very uncomfortable in the dark atmosphere present at Hogwarts.


I returned to Gryffindor common room after making sure the little Hufflepuff boy and Harry arrived safely to their common room. Harry needed a lot of help moving in a straight line, it was very doubtful the young Hufflepuff could help his friend by himself.

As I walked through the portrait of the Fat Lady, disregarding her lecture about “Staying out past curfew! What would your mother do if she knew! Oh! Tell me, were you out with a boy! Oh, how romantic! I remember-“ She just wouldn’t stop talking.

I noticed Albus, hunched in the corner, scribbling furiously on a piece of paper. After what I witnessed tonight, it was too dangerous to not let Albus know the consequences of his pranks if he got caught like Harry did.

I walked over towards Albus, “Hey, Albus. Albus!” The boy was too engrossed into whatever plan he was developing.

“Milly! How’s it going Milly! I see today it wasn’t just a ‘lucky guess’” He smirked, quoting our little meeting on the train.

While any other time I would have been up to playing with his little tricks, tonight was not the night. Not when Davis was messing with people’s minds. “Albus, listen, are you sure these pranks are a good idea? I mean, shit Albus! You saw how he acted with that first year today, what the hell’s going to happen if this goes on!”

“Milly, quit worrying. It’s me! C’mon, I’ve got this in the bag.” He responded, his playful smile showing through.

“Albu-“ before I could finish he interjected.


I continued, “Okay, Al, I’m really worried.”

Al, looking slightly confused, I went on to explain.

“You know that Hufflepuff boy, the one this morning?” He nodded in recognition.

“I just saw him, on the fifth corridor, and he just stood there, like nothing. He was nothing. And his eyes! His eyes! They were dead... He was dead. But he wasn’t dead! But he-“

Al cut me off looking concerned by my tumultuous behaviour. “Hey! Hey! What the hell happened out there?” He looked towards the exit, and then turned his attention back towards me.

 He continued speaking, “Look, I know what I’m dealing with. I know Davis, sort of. I can do this.” His eyes bore into my own.

After a moments silence I spoke, “What did he do to you?” I whispered, so quietly, he barely just heard me.

Albus’ stare faltered, looking down briefly, before staring right back at me. “He- I don’t know what he did- but I felt weird. He just kept looking at me, waiting for something, and when nothing happened he just yelled at me to go to dinner. That’s it. Now let it go, Emelia. Everything will work out fine.”

“But if you get caught-“ I warned.

 “I guess I just won’t have to get caught, won’t I Milly?” Al smirked.

“Somehow I just don’t see you running free from all this.” I reasoned, knowing that no matter how well Al was at pulling of a prank, knowing that if he didn’t want to get caught he wouldn’t, that at some point things would crash and burn.

“Trust me. How could this NOT work in my favour?” He tried to joke.

“Maybe because all he Professors know you’re the one behind this all?” It was true. The Professors, and Davis, knew full well that these pranks were the work of Albus. It had his name written all over it.

He smiled, somewhat pleased that they’d think of him instantly when a prank would occur. As he picked up the pieces of paper had had been working on he walked right past me up the staircase to his dormitory. Whispering as he walked by, right into my ear, that I could clearly hear his words, “Yes, but without proof, I’m home free, baby.”

A/N: Soooooooooo... super sorry how late this really is. Like really really REALLY late. Don’t hex me guys! Blame uni and the fact I have no time. But in all honesty, thanks for reading guys! Keep letting me know what you think, your help really means a lot. :)


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