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The Year of Tears by Jupi
Chapter 2 : Death is upon the Weasley\'s
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Disclaimer: JK Rowling is an amazing writer and I of course can’t and don’t any of her characters and such, however the plot is so mine.

Summary: In general a lot more tears and emotions. Wish I could say more, but you’ll find out soon, just read!

Chapter 2: Death is upon the Weasley’s

Harry’s mind was racing with different ideas and thoughts. All of them made his head swim and blurred his vision, until everything went black.

When Harry awoke he had half of the Weasley clan surrounding him bickering back and fourth in urgent whispers. Mrs. Weasley was patting his head with a cold damp washcloth and urging him to remain lying down. But there was no way he was going to stay lying there when so much had happened.

“Hermione! Ron!” His voice cracked and was raspy.

“Please dear… Fred and George are out searching for Ron.” Mrs. Weasley said still looking at him concernedly.

“What about Hermione, she’s not – she can’t be – “

“We’re so sorry dear, there is little hope that she is alive.” Mrs. Weasley couldn’t bare it anymore; she broke down into tears and leaned her head on Ginny’s shoulder. Harry looked to Ginny to confirm if what her mother said was true, but Ginny just turned her tear stained face down to the floor – avoiding Harry’s eyes. So it was true. He needed to find Ron and fast. Ron had to be taking this harder than him. Harry got to his feet despite Mrs. Weasley’s fussing and bawling and went in search of Ron.

Harry wounded his way through the trees, looking in every direction for his best friend, but after thirty minutes there was still no trace of him. He was about to give up when he heard a sniffle from behind a rather large tree. Frozen to the ground, Harry listened for anything else and was rewarded when he heard a dry sob. Harry approached the tree carefully and poked his head around to see a shuddering Ron.

“Ron… can we talk?” Harry asked trying not to startle him.

It didn’t work however because Ron jumped a couple inches off of the ground in surprise and stared back at Harry, his eyes watering and red.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to Harry.” Ron said in a very hoarse voice.

“I’ll understand, but I think we’re going to have to help each other through this. We need to still hope for Hermione. The day we lose hope is the day she dies.” Seeing Ron like this hurt a lot and Harry’s eyes welled up with tears dying to escape.

Ron still had anger and sadness coursing through every part of his body. In truth, Ron didn’t know what he wanted right now. Take that back – he wanted Hermione to be by his side, alive and with him. After what seemed like an eternity Ron nodded and Harry joined him on the soft and cold grass.

“Why her Harry?” Ron managed to say after and awkward pause.

“I don’t know, but it has to stop. All of the killing needs to end.” Harry said still determined not to let his tears fall.

“I haven’t been this scared since she was petrified. And even then, she was still alive – “

“And she still might be Ron!” Harry stared at the stubborn redhead. “I, for one, refuse to give up on her. Hermione was always a fighter, and a damn smart one too. She’s a Gryffindor and she’s alive!” Harry stormed off in the direction of the house. Let him be his stubborn self. Let him be alone for a while – he needs it.

The walk back was uneventful and long. When he reached a clearing he looked up into the night sky only to have his stomach drop to his feet. Hovering in the air in the distance was the dark mark. With out thinking Harry ran at the house with all of his strength and might. Ahead of him he saw that the burrow was on fire and he could hear screams coming from the house.

They’re being tortured.

Harry pulled out his wand and racked his brain for spells or charms.

“Accio Firebolt!” Harry pressed his mind to concentrate when his broom came zooming towards him. He leapt on top of it and flew in the direction of a window that didn’t have flames pouring through it, breaking the glass and creating cuts on his arms and face. He got off of his broom and began to fight his way through the flames and around the house, trying to find the owner of the screaming. In the living room he found Ginny passed out from smoke inhalation and a definitely dead Percy. Harry scooped Ginny into his arms and ran at the nearest window breaking yet another one. It turns out that this one was out in front of the house because he saw a very distraught Mr. Weasley running at the house.

“What happened Harry?!” He asked looking down at Ginny.

“I don’t know – I don’t know who still in there.” Harry managed to get out before Mr. Weasley was running into the burning house, casting spells left and right to put out some of the fire. Harry had no idea what to do. Should he leave Ginny here by herself and go back in to help, but what if someone came back, and they weren’t on our side she would be defenseless.

He would stay and that was that.

Ginny needed him right now.

He set her down on the grass and approached the house and kept shooting water out of his wand to help put out the fire from the outside. A couple of minutes later Mr. Weasley came out dragging Fred and Mrs. Weasley. There was also a levitating Percy behind him. Mr. Weasley dropped to the ground and covered his face obviously crying. Harry had never felt so bad for one person in his life. Harry bent down to him and gave him a hug that needed no words, only tears.

“I have feared for this ever since the he-who-must-not-be-named returned to power. I thought we were safe though. My being naďve led to the death’s of Percy, George, and Ron!” He began sobbing again, quaking with sadness. “If only I’d been here…”

Harry hated seeing him like this. And to think that this was his fault. “Wait – Ron is not dead!”

“I couldn’t find him anywhere in the house – he must be-“

“Exactly, he wasn’t in the house. He’s in the back yard, some ways a way.”

Mr. Weasley looked up with hope, “then maybe George is with him.”

Harry nodded and then remembered Ginny. He scooted over to her side and began clearing the stray hairs off of her face to get a better look at her. She was extremely pale and looked lifeless. Harry pointed his wand at her, “enervate.” Her eyes batted open and she began looking around with her brown eyes, searching for familiarity. After a moment she saw the burrow, falling amongst flames and she let out a gasp.

“Harry!” She screamed backing away from the house. “HARRY!”

Harry leaned in closer to her and took her into his arms to keep her from running. “I’m here Gin, stay calm… please.”

She began crying into his chest. “Harry they were looking for you – they were rogue death eaters – Percy stood in front of me – and Fred tried to get Mom out – they killed Percy – oh poor Percy! Where’s Ron? RON!”

Harry just squeezed her tighter. “He’s alright.” But Harry was only half right. Running around the corner of the burning house, were Ron and George. It was so dark that he couldn’t tell which was who, but one of them yelled out.

“Where is everyone? Is everyone alright?”

It was George. When the two men were closer they took in the death toll and devastation with great sadness. They all sat in a circle for a few minute when at least a dozen aurors apparated on site and ran to their aid. One of them took a hold of Harry and Ginny’s arms and apparated with them. Only seconds later they arrived in a medi-hospital. Harry had never seen a real wizard’s hospital before and was amazed to see that it was not what he had expected at all.

~~~Sorry to end there, but I need to get back to homework. I’m sure you know how that is. Please rate and review! Thanks so much Erika for taking the time out to review, this chapter was for you! J ~~~

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