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Trapped by loveatfirstview
Chapter 1 : Trapped
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She watched the hand move across the clock face relentlessly, never speeding up, never slowing down. The constant movement was beginning to make her feel dizzy.
Her head was resting in her hand, ellbow propped up on the kitchen table. There was nothing to be heard apart from the sound of the ticking clock. It had been hours since she sat down in the kitchen and she could feel her eyelids growing heavier by the minute, albeit knowing she wouldn't be able to get any sleep.


Just a single word that had popped up in her mind out of nowhere, perfectly describing her emotional state and leaving her restless. She had thought figuring out what was wrong with her lately would bring a little peace and certainty, but after all this time sitting in the kitchen, watching as the square of reflected sunlight on the clock grew smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared, she realized that it just might have made it all worse.

Once again an irrational fear of being a disappointment to everyone around her set in.
She felt like spelling these feelings out in her head would somehow make people see through her charade and figure out what they never would've expected, not from her, the perfect daughter and role model.
Rose Weasley was unhappy.

She was desperately hoping for the word to disappear, but the thought only seemed to grow bigger and burn itself into her mind, never to be forgotten.
She knew what people would be thinking. How could she not be happy? She had everything anyone could wish for. It came so easy to her.
And they would be right. She had a job many people dreamt of, an engagement ring on her left hand that was given to her by a loving and caring man, chased after by countless girls in their Hogwarts days. On top of that a beautiful apartment in the city.

But somehow it felt like it didn't belong to her, like she was living the life of another person. It felt unfamiliar and she was on the egde of drowning.
She could hear him start snoring in the bedroom. Somehow it drove her crazy beyond any reason and she could feel a light throbbing starting in her head. She felt like smashing the clock from the light blue wall, as if somehow it would blend out the voices inside her head.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Her life had been perfectly planned from the day she sat foot onto the ground of Hogwarts - an unmeasured talent just like her mother, an invincible stubbornness just like her father. Her future was mapped out and supposed to be carefree with parents like hers. Ron and Hermione, the perfect couple, saviors of the Wizarding World.
Somewhere along the line she strayed from the path. Maybe because it wasn't hers to begin with.

Nothing about any of this felt right. But who was she to speak those thoughts out loud? She didn't have any right to complain, her life was perfect in every aspect. If only she could see it that way.
The whole world was looking at her and here she was, sitting at the kitchen table in the middle of the night, staring at a clock. Just wondering how she came to feel so trapped.

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Trapped: Trapped


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