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Purebloods Don't Cry by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 26 : Chapter 26-I Only Wanna Be With You
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I lay on my bed breathing heavy and covered in sweat and he was much the same. I had expected my mind to be racing trying to figure out a way of what I was sure I would perceive as a mistake. However for the first time in recent memory my mind was completely quiet. The only thing reverberating inside it was the sounds of our breathing, which despite being ragged were rather in rhythm. I wasn’t quite sure of the time or if I could even move but I felt hunger overcome me and when I used some strength to roll over and check my clock I was shocked to see it was a little after the start of dinner.

“Hungryyyy,” Draco half moaned causing me to chuckle.

“Me too but I don’t want to move.”

“Don’t want to or can’t?” he smirked at me.

I felt a hot blush creep into my cheeks and buried my face into his chest. He let out a laugh but wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. I listened to his heart as it slowed back to a normal beat and that’s exactly what I felt like as if my life was back to how it should be. Now I am sure you were not supposed to feel such a sense of calm and relief after unexpectedly ending up in bed with your ex who cheated on your but by this point in my life I already knew I was anything but normal. If this was where I was happy and content then this was where I needed to be. This time this would have to work or I wasn’t sure I could even keep going. Suddenly my stomach growled loudly breaking the moment.

“Guess we should go to dinner,” I giggled.

Draco had this lopsided grin on his face and it was contagious. I was grinning like a child with a lollipop as I sat up and leaned over the edge of the bed trying to find my clothes. What I found was both the sheet and comforter for my bed. I quickly glanced back and sure enough only thing left on my bed was the fitted sheet and one of my two pillows. I looked around and my clothes well there was a trail of them leading from directly behind the door. Draco’s clothes were mixed in with them and I just shook my head guess we had been really caught up. I went over to my trunk rummaging through my clothes until I found some black sweats and the t-shirt Draco had given me for Christmas.

“You are seriously going to wear that?” he laughed picking up his pants from behind the door.

I just nodded as I pulled it on over my white and lavender satin bra. I pulled on matching panties and then rummaged in my trunk for some socks before pulling on my sweats.

“Does that mean….” He trailed off as he found his boxers and shirt surprisingly in close proximity to each other.

I again just nodded as I slipped into my sheepskin clogs.

His grin became possibly the biggest smile I had ever seen on another humans face.

“But,” I said sternly, “If you screw up again I will Avada Kedvra you so I don’t go through this vicious cycle again.”

That was a lie I would never hurt him but one more go around like our last two may well just cause my heart to explode.

His eyes got wide, “I won’t.”

He had everything but his shirt on so I walked to the door. The shirt was a size too big for me so I was tucking it the front into my sweats as I made my way down the stairs. Draco pulled on his shirt as we walked through the empty common room. We picked up our pace a little and got to the Great Hall quickly slipping in and over to the Slytherin Table. Jade sniggered as we took our seats and piled food onto our plates.

“Look who decided to show up,” Blaise announced eyeing me, “Seriously with the shirt Lina?”

I shrugged and smiled as I sat down.

Jade seemed to suddenly take notice of my attire and just shook her head, “It’s cute in a creepy kind of way.”

“Exactly kind of like Draco,” I teased and kissed his cheek before going back to my food.

Draco’s POV

I wasn’t sure if this was reality or a dream to be honest. The fact she was wearing the shirt made me ecstatic because anyone who looked at her would know we were back together. But it just all seemed too perfect like if I could have picked how my day would have gone this is the day I would have picked every day since the day she left me. I ate quickly stealing glances at her the entire time. She slowly leaned over until she was resting on me, only half her plate was gone but she seemed content.

“I think I ate too fast,” she groaned.

“Must have been all the exercise you got,” Jade raised her eyebrow causing Lina to turn and bury he face into my shoulder.

Blaise laughed, “If you want something to be a secret you probably shouldn’t scream Draco’s name loud enough for Gryffindork tower to hear.”

Lina turned back to our friends he face redder than a cardinal and her eyes the size of the dinner plates on the table. She looked beyond mortified.

“I did not,” was all she could mutter.

“Hate to tell you hun but you did,” Jade replied.

If possible her eyes got bigger before she buried her face again causing me to chuckle.

Blaise shook his head, “I wouldn’t Draco considering ‘oh Lina that feels so good,’ is probably the new mantra for our house.”

I just smirked no way was he going to embarrass me.

“Blaise he has no shame,” Jade reminded him and I just nodded.

“At least everyone knows what they’re missing out on,” I winked down at Lina who had looked up at me.

She playfully hit my arm, “You were supposed to put a silencing charm on.”

I could only chuckle, “Mhmm and I remembered to do that when I was putting my clothes in a neat pile next to the bed.”

She shook her head and hid her face again. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her as close as I could. If this was a dream I would enjoy every moment of it. I finished eating just as Jade and Blaise did and we all went back to the common room. I pulled her down on the couch with me as Blaise and Jade went over to an armchair and made themselves comfortable. Lina stretched out placing her head in my lap and letting her eyes close. Within five minutes I could tell she was asleep as her breathing became rhythmic and I just smiled. Jade and Blaise were talking but I assume not to me because no one yelled at me for not paying attention. I felt myself kind of drifting back and forth between consciousness and sleep as I listened to Lina breathe.

Normal POV

I rolled over and fell then hit the ground hard.

“Bloody hell!” I cursed seeing stars for a moment.

I sat up my vision still kind of white lighted as tears fell from my eyes from hitting my nose. I looked around realizing I was in the common room. I looked up and there was Draco on the couch.

“Lina come back to bed,” he mumbled in a familiar manner.

“I would if there was a bed anywhere in sight,” I replied gingerly touching my nose.

His eyes snapped open and darted about the room then down to me on the floor.

“What are you doing down there?” he asked.

“I fell,” I snapped.

He slipped his hands under my arms and easily pulled me back into his lap.

“Do you want to go see Madam Pomfrey?” he asked inspecting my face.

“Merlin no, I hate the hospital wing,” I said touching my nose again, “Is it broken?”

He touched my nose causing me to wince, “I don’t think so you just bumped it good.”

“Why are we even still down here?”

“I guess we just fell asleep.” He shrugged.

I wanted to scrunch my nose at him but knew that was a bad idea.

“What time is it?” I asked mostly to myself scanning for the large grandfather clock.

When I finally found it the hands indicated it was nearly 4am.

“Want to go up to my dorm?” he asked yawning.

“Nah let’s go to mine I bet Jade is in yours.” I replied.

He didn’t argue just waited until I got up and followed me. Once in my dorm I collapsed on to the bed getting comfortable and he slipped in next to me. I felt his arms slide over me and the feelings of love and security he always brought enveloped me as well. Despite the fact my nose still hurt and I felt a small lump form on my forehead I was quickly back asleep.

I woke up the next morning and he was still asleep so deeply he was lightly snoring. I slipped off to the shower and immediately regretted it I wanted to be in the warmth of my bed next to him. I turned the water on and as I was waiting for it to warm up I felt arms slip around my naked waist.

“Good morning,” he said clearly groggy.

“Morning,” I replied before pulling away and stepping into the shower.

He slipped his clothes off and followed me in. I turned to face him and just leaned into him burying my face into his collarbone. He wrapped his arms around me again and we stood there letting the water run over us as if frozen in time. Finally he kissed my forehead which violently snapped me out of the moment.


He looked perplexed then saw the lump in the center of my forehead, “Oh merlin I am so sorry!”

Even in pain I couldn’t help but laugh because this was perfect this is what I wanted with him. We were being cute and in love and he was apologizing for a silly thing, this was perfect. I jumped up and locked my lips to his shocking him for a moment but he quickly regained himself grabbing my thighs and picking me up as I wrapped my legs around him. We obviously had some time to make up for.

After our shower we made our way down to breakfast hands tightly entwined. I watched a bunch of girls glare as we walked in but tried to push it to the back of my mind. We could make this work this time we had to. There was no way my heart could take that again. Blaise and Jade were already seated and chatting aimlessly over their breakfasts. Draco slipped into a seat next to Blaise and I sat down next to him and piled sausage, biscuits, and gravy onto my plate. I was starved.

“Busy night?” Jade joke raising her eyebrow at me.

I wanted to make a smart retort but I decided stuffing my face was more important which just caused her to burst out laughing.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said.

I swallowed, “Take it however you want.”

“That’s what HE said,” Blaise interjected and we all burst out laughing even though it was corny.

Just then Jade took notice of my face, "What the hell happened?"

"Draco I told you that you have to make sure you are far enough back from the headboard, wall, or other objects," Blaise chastised.

"You are awful Blaise," I joked, "I rolled off the couch."

Jade hit Blaise, "I told you we shouldn't have left them like that!"

He shrugged, "You have never tried to wake up Draco before, it's not pretty."

We all laughed again. I smiled, wide and lopsided, this is where I belonged. This is where I was happy, with my best friend, Draco’s arm over my shoulders, and laughing over stupid things. I didn’t want this to ever end.


A/N: Hope you enjoy this kinda feel good fluff chapter :)

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