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Little Angel by greenbubble
Chapter 1 : Losing Albus
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 “You don’t have to come and watch me – I’m not a baby in case you haven’t noticed,” snapped Albus feeling irritated. He didn’t want his mum and dad to come anymore than he wanted his eyeballs taken out.


“We just like to see how you’re getting on, that’s all. Albus Potter – the best Seeker in England,” his father, Harry said. “We’re so proud of you. Quidditch runs in the family.” Harry beamed at Albus, resting is hand on his shoulder. Albus squirmed away, unwilling to be touched by Harry.




“You don’t have to see me play – I’ll just tell you the score if you want. I’m a professional Quidditch player now, dad. I haven’t got time for this sort of thing. You can come if you want but I’m going alone. Plus, I doubt you’ll be able to find seats – Gideon is taking his whole family,” said Albus snootily. “Adios!”




Albus clicked his fingers and Disapparated from Godric’s Hollow, leaving Harry and Ginny looking too stunned for words.




“I don’t know what has changed in him,” said Ginny sadly, “He used to be such a shy boy, always obeying the rules. It is almost as if he and James have switched roles. James used to be the cheeky one – always answering back. He’s been a lot calmer lately whereas Albus is turning into such a snob. I’m worried about what his Quidditch team mates will think of him. I certainly wouldn’t be likely to approach a boy with an attitude like that. Do you think we should speak to him?”




“I reckon that that would just make it a whole lot worse. If we say something that gets him annoyed, he’d most likely go into hiding and not speak to us forever. Saying that, I wouldn’t particularly miss Albus’ snobby attitude,” said Harry. “After all, he is an adult now. He can make his own choices to be snobby or kind or whatever. I think we’d better leave him. If he ignores us, then we can just ignore him.”




“But he’s our little baby boy,” whispered Ginny sadly, “I don’t want to leave him. Even if he is a horrible stuck up brat.”




“Well he clearly wants to leave you,” said Harry. “He’s ‘too old’ for us now. He’s not a baby anymore. He’s an adult.”




Ginny’s brown eyes shone with hurt. She couldn’t bear it to see her son turn into the monster he was today. She wished that Albus was still the shy boy he once was, the loving, kind boy who was willing to anything for his dear parents. Those were the days were Albus loved her. The days were long gone.




Harry picked up on Ginny’s broken heart. He had to admit, he was disappointed as well as Ginny but he wasn’t going to show it in front of her.




“Shall we go and grab some lunch,” he asked her brightly, “We can go to Diagon Alley if you want – they always have the nicest Butterbeer.”




Ginny nodded without a word and silently followed Harry upstairs to get her cloak and shoes. Harry was right. Albus would soon find out that being the shy, kind boy was always the better option. It was strange how her whole mind had suddenly been cleared of the sadness it held just a few seconds earlier. Taking her cloak off the rail, she trotted down the stairs and pulled on her shoes, Harry following quickly behind.




“We haven’t got all day, Harry,” Ginny laughed at Harry fumbling with his shoe laces. “I don’t want to wait for my enormous glass of Butterbeer.”




Harry stood up.




“Are we going by Floo Powder or ...?”




“Let’s go by Floo,” said Ginny, “I don’t feel in the mood for Disapparating right now.”


Harry walked into the kitchen, hunting for their small pouch of Floo Powder. He was sure that he’d seen it earlier yet even when he racked his brains of where it could be, he couldn’t remember. He looked inside the bread bin but there was only a lonely loaf of bread and a clump of ancient baguette. The narrow gap between the toasters was empty. His Quidditch Kit held no Floo Powder. It was nowhere to be seen.




“Gin, I can’t find the Floo Powder! I’ve looked everywhere and believe me, we’ve got none! I think someone’s taken it,” said Harry gloomily.




“What would anyone want with a tiny pouch Floo Powder? You can get a tin for one Knut!” exclaimed Ginny, “Unless ... Albus.”




“Albus can Apparate though – what would he need Floo Powder for?” pointed out Harry. “If you ask me, I think that we have just run out without us realising. There’s no need to go into it even if Albus has taken it, he can’t cause any harm can he?”




Ginny shrugged. “I suppose we’ll have to Apparate then won’t we?”




“Yes. Flying would take too long. Just get it over and done with – It’ll only take a few seconds. I’ll hold your hand.”




Ginny grabbed Harry’s arm tightly and spun round three times, repeating Diagon Alley constantly. It was harder to Apparate with two people so they had to use more concentration. Ginny particularly hated Apparating. It was always something she struggled with. She tried to breathe calmly – in, out, in, out however, it did not prevent the ill feelings caused by Apparation.




When at last they appeared in Diagon Alley, Ginny gulped in the fresh air frantically.




“W – Why does it do this to me?” she breathed, clutching her neck tightly.




The sun beamed down on Ginny’s flaming red hair. It was a beautiful day for playing Quidditch; the sky was a gorgeous blue colour, clear and sunny. Harry gazed up into the sky wistfully. Albus was somewhere out there playing his Quidditch match. He longed to be watching him; supporting him, helping him achieve all his future goals but Albus had already dumped him. Strangely, this gave Harry confidence. This gave Harry confidence to prove to Albus that ignoring him and Ginny was not a good idea.



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Little Angel: Losing Albus


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