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Moving On by Panda Weasley
Chapter 1 : Moving On
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Cho’s life was forever changed by Cedric’s death. He was not the first boy she dated, nor was he the last. Even though she had only been dating him for about seven months when he was murdered, her life had forever been changed by him. She was a fifth year Ravenclaw, he was a sixth year Hufflepuff. He showed her happiness that she had not known from any other boy. When he died, her heart was never the same.

Our story starts in early December with the arrival of the Yule Ball. As snow gently swirls around, our characters take their places - Cho with her Ravenclaw friends, Cedric surrounded by fellow Hufflepuffs in the Common Room.


Part 1: The Yule Ball
It all started with the Yule Ball. As girls giggled in clumps, comparing notes on who was going with who, and who so and so liked, Cho only joined in half-heartedly. Who cares about some stupid ball, she thought, it’s not like anyone's going to ask me. She walked slowly through the halls with her friends, watching as more and more people were asked out. She waited for someone to ask her and then, on the day she had given up hope that anyone would, Cedric tapped her gently on the shoulder.

Some say love gradually grows over time, others believe in love at first sight. For Cho it was the latter. As he blushed and asked her quickly if she would go to the ball with him, she knew instantly the answer was yes. She would stay with him as long as she could.

As couples lined up in the entrance hall for the ball, she stood next to Cedric and wondered how much he liked her. As they waltzed through the magical night they laughed at each other’s jokes and realized how much they had in common. They loved each other, that was for certain, but how much?

When the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament rolled around, Professor McGonagall summoned her to her office. There sat Professor Dumbledore, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and a young girl with long blonde hair that she didn’t know. She waved to Hermione and sat in the remaining chair next to the girl. As Dumbledore explained why they were all there, she blushed. She was the thing Cedric would miss the most?

After she was put in the enchanted sleep, the first thing she saw was Cedric’s face. His eyes were full of concern as he asked her if she was all right. From that moment on they were in love. Fully in love. They spent hours walking around the castle grounds, stayed up late talking in unused classrooms. Their love grew to a bursting point and they thought that nothing could stop it.

When the night of the 3rd task rolled around, Cho was confident that Cedric would win. He was obviously the best one, right? When it was time for the task to start, she gave him a long passionate kiss and told him good luck. He seemed uneasy, but she brushed it off as nerves. They loved each other, and she loved him more than any other boy in the world. She kissed him again, and turned to find a seat in the stands. That was the last time she saw him.

As the task wore on she watched the hedges nervously. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for Cedric to walk out victorious, holding the Tri-Wizard cup high over his head. The minutes slowly dragged by, then a jet of red light shot into the air, and Fleur Delacour was taken out of the maze. She kept watching anxiously looking for a sign that Cedric was the victor, but none was coming. She kept watching hoping, but Cedric didn’t come.

Then there were the loud voices of people shouting inside the maze, after a few seconds it was calm. What was going on? Another streak of red, this time Victor Krum. Two left. Two competitors vying for the cup. Cedric and Harry, but which one would it be? The crowd went silent for what felt like hours, waiting on tenterhooks for one of the boys to walk out victorious.

Then there was a loud sound and Harry suddenly appeared in the grass near the edge of the maze lying down and clutching something. Nobody could tell what it was in the darkness but the band started up again and the crowd started cheering knowing he had won. Professors swarmed him to help him up and see what was wrong, for he had still not moved.

Cho screamed. She was the first one to see what Harry was clutching and as others realized what it was the screaming got louder. She ran through the packed stands, tears pouring down her face, but couldn’t reach him. The crowd was holding her back. She couldn’t reach his body. She lay curled in defeat by the feet of the crowd. Her sobs turned from shrieks to howls as her body felt the pain.

No. He can’t be dead. He can’t be. He was supposed to win.

The summer after Cedric’s death was hard for Cho. She had loved him so much and he was taken, cruelly, away from her. She was dreading returning to school; she had so many memories of him that were sure to be triggered by walking through the halls. She didn’t think she would get much attention, though. Harry Potter would be the main focus point.

Harry Potter. What a small, insignificant-sounding name for someone who tore her heart apart. He was there when Cedric died. He was there, but he didn’t die by the hand of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. He had asked her to the Yule Ball as well, but too late. She was already Cedric’s. Now, after he was gone, Harry was someone she could turn to. Not romantically, of course, but he was there when it happened. He had to be traumatized by it as well, surely he would want to talk about it?

That started Cho’s mission. She would find out the details of Cedric’s death and hopefully she and Harry could push through it together. That’s why, on September 1st, she found herself looking for him. After going to his compartment on the train and finding him covered in stinksap, she realized this would be harder than it looked.

Part Two: Moving on
Cho was now 25, and ten years older than she was when he had died. Looking back at their love, she still missed it but she had finally moved on. She now dated other guys, and had a successful career path. She had moved on, but there was still a place in her heart for Cedric. There would always be a place for Cedric.


Now, she is 50, sitting in her armchair by the fire and reading her favourite book. Her muggle husband sits near her reading the paper, while their dog rests at her feet. She is no longer a little girl heart-broken about him; she is a grown woman smiling at it all, but they are wet smiles.

This was written for red_headed_juliet’s Peter and Wendy Quote Challenge. My quote was “She was not a little girl heart-broken about him; she was a grown woman smiling at it all, but they were wet smiles.” from the book Peter and Wendy by J.M. Bairre. 

Thanks to awesomepotter for beta editing this story for me.  

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