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Purebloods Don't Cry by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25-Heat of the Moment
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“Thanks,” I muttered to Draco as we got to the kitchens.

“Not a problem,” he replied smiling, “Uh if you don’t mind I think I’ll stay so I can walk you back no doubt he’s not gone.”

I just nodded before turning to the house elf that had come to greet us.

“Can I get some toast, jam, bacon, and tea?” I asked.

“Yes miss,” the elf squeaked, “And for Master Malfoy?”

I cocked at eyebrow at the elf knowing his name and he just chuckled.

“Eggs, sausage, and pumpkin juice,” he answered.

The little elf came back a little while later with two Styrofoam cartons and handed one to each of us.

“Good day,” the elf gave a little curtsy and returned to the kitchen.

I simply nodded and turned to leave the kitchens with Draco close behind. I was glad to have him close for a second time when we passed Tristan still in the same spot but he said nothing just glared. It sent a shiver down my spine but I knew Tristan was just angry and jealous not actually dangerous.

Once back in the common room I sat at a table and Draco sat on the couch across the common room both of us eating in silence. It was kind of awkward and it made me kind of want to say something to him but I held my tongue. I felt him glance over at me several times and I was cracking slowly but surely….again.

“Did you want to sit with me?” I finally asked after about ten minutes of silence in which I could tell we had both only picked at the food despite my hunger.

He smiled and nodded coming over and sitting across from me. I finally felt a little more comfortable and began to actually eat. We were both still silent and at least he was respecting my wishes. I finished my breakfast while he was still eating and went to my dorm to grab my messenger bag the letter to my parents was on my bedside table and I went over picking it up. I turned it back and forth in my hands before ripping it in half once, twice, three times and putting it in the waste basket. I then returned to the common room to see Draco had left but I went back to my seat and pulled out my Charms and Transfiguration essays to work on. I had written about three words when Draco returned with his own bag and took out his homework and began working. He glanced up at me several times before he couldn’t contain himself any longer.

“What are you working on?” he asked nonchalantly.

“Charms and Transfiguration,” I replied.

“Me too,” he said.

Then we both got quiet again as we worked on our homework. Another half hour passed and then he spoke again.

“Are you having trouble with the Charms essay?” he suddenly asked.

I shook my head, “No I think I have a good idea about the Arresto Momentum charm what are you having trouble with?”

“When it is most useful in my everyday life,” he sighed.

“Come on Draco you’re a Quidditch player just think for a moment.”

He got a pondering look on his face then smiled and began scribbling as he enthusiastically said thanks. I went back to work finishing up my Charms essay and putting it and my Charms book back into my bed before beginning on my Transfiguration essay. I heard Draco rustling around in his bag about five minutes later signifying he too had finished his first homework assignment of the day. He pulled a fresh piece of parchment out before opening his Transfiguration book and I watched his lips move as he read the section to himself. The urge to feel his lips on mine began to overwhelm me as I stared and he was completely oblivious to me and my rising desire.

Draco’s POV

I was trying hard to concentrate on my Transfiguration work rather than on her. I had tried to stop glancing up at her and just be grateful she wanted to share a table with me much less occasionally say a few words to me. In order to concentrate I was not only reading in my head but mouthing the words to try and block everything else out except the Piscifors transfiguration spell. I could feel her eyes on me suddenly and resisted the urge to look up and meet her gaze. I continued to read to myself but had yet to start actually writing my essay. My concentration was wavering though I bit down on my lip for a second as I came to the end of a page but before I could move on and turn the page I looked up.

I caught Lina’s gaze and was mesmerized for a second. She was looking at me in a way she hadn’t in I don’t know how long. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could in one swift movement Lina had moved to crash her lips to mine. The feel of her supple lips and the heat of her mouth immediately made me forget everything else. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her into my lap kissing her hungrily holding her as closely as could. She could change her mind at any moment and I wanted to savor this. My body was reacting without me even thinking and I began pulling her shirt off. She gave no resistance so I continued breaking the kiss for only a second to get her shirt over her head. She grabbed me pulling me back into the kiss forcefully. I clung to her for dear life quickly removing my own shirt so I could feel the warmth of her body pressed against mine. I pulled myself from her and began to kiss down her neck eliciting a quiet moan from her. I smirked a little in satisfaction.

Suddenly the common room door opened and she jumped off me faster than if she had been hexed getting her shirt on in record time. I too scrambled for my dis guarded article of clothing which somehow was under the table while hers had been on top of it. She was back in her seat flushed the color of the most scarlet apple as students began milling in from Hogesmeade. Jade and Blaise meandered in holding hands and stopped dead when they spied us sitting at the table. Lina was a deeper shade of red than any natural color I had ever seen and Jade raised her eyebrows. I smirked and shrugged and went back to my essay.

“Hey you two,” Blaise said pulling a chair up next to Lina.

“Hey Blaise,” she tilted her head a little to look at her best friend, “Hey Jade how was Hogesmeade.”

“Much better besides the hour I spent in the Quidditch shop,” Jade addressed only Lina and rolled her eyes, “I beg of you to come next weekend.”

Lina giggled trying to hide her blush but glanced at me for just a second, “Maybe.”

I was trying to stare intently at my Transfiguration book now so I wouldn’t get my hope ups. Unfortunately it was too late because my hopes as well as other things were already up. I tried to focus on anything to calm myself so I looked Blaise straight in the face.

“You okay mate?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m uh I’m fine.” I made a quick eye motion down.

“Ohhhh,” Blaise said catching on.

“What?” Jade and Lina asked almost in unison.

“Oh nothing Draco just forgot that uh he was supposed to write a detailed letter to his father,” Blaise was trying to help me by saying completely unattractive things, “About how he is doing in school.”

Lina raised her eyebrow, “Blaise you are the absolute worst liar ever.”

“Fine,” Blaise paused getting a devilish grin on his face and I knew he was about to turn this on me, “Draco is aroused and trying to become not.”

Honestly despite already being an unnatural shade of red Lina darkened further, I swear people would have though her face was covered in blood or something. This caused me, Blaise, and Jade to laugh.

“Hope you two didn’t think this was going to be a secret,” Jade was still laughing and looked to Lina again, “Because when it comes to Draco you can never lie.”

Lina just stared at her partially written Transfiguration essay and muttered, “Shut up.”

I watched her lips move and was angry for a second that people had started coming back. The warmth I felt from having her so close was quickly fading and I was dying to have it back.

Normal POV

I don’t know what had come over me, well I do, but why my self-control just went out the window was a bit of a mystery. I could still feel his lips on mine, feel him against the back of my thigh, and I could feel the heat of my blush as stared at my essay on Piscifors. There was obviously no hiding what had happened Blaise and Jade seemed to know immediately when they came into the room. I was both grateful and disappointed at their arrival. While I wasn’t sure where we had been heading I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there with him however there was a part of me just begging to.

“Well we’re off to Blaise’s dorm,” Jade announced, “Won’t be back in our dorm for a while.”

She winked at me rather pointedly before taking Blaise’s hand and pulling him from the chair he had taken up residence in. Once they were gone Draco and I we in silence again but at least my cheeks were slowly feeling less hot meaning I was returning to a normal color.

“You are the guiltiest acting person I know,” Draco said with a chuckle.

“I can’t help it,” I protested involuntarily.

He chuckled for a second then stared at me getting a devilish grin and raising his eyebrow.

“So did you want to go to your room?” he asked eagerly.

My head, my heart, and my body suddenly seemed to go to war however in a two against one battle it is easy to see a winner so I just nodded at him. I shoved my Transfiguration work haphazardly into my bag as he did the same. It was if we were racing across the common room people coming in I’m sure were giving us weird looks but we didn’t even notice. Once at the bottom of the stairs he used a charm I knew that he knew well so he could walk up the stairs to the girls’ dorms without them becoming a slide.

The minute we entered my room both our bags hit the floor with a thud and we were pulling at each other’s clothes like wild animals in heat. I guess I had known it would come to this I couldn’t deny him forever. We somehow made it to my bed, and I say somehow because we were kissing and pulling at each other’s clothes without paying attention to anything around us. Also by saying we made it to the bed I mean my legs hit the bed and my knees buckled causing us to fall onto the bed. His lips barely brushed the skin of my collar bone and I quivered feeling him brush against my inner thigh. He continued to kiss my collar bone and my neck suddenly biting causing me to gasp. I felt every inch of his body felt heat radiating from him and it was familiar and new at the same time. I could see his hunger for me and I knew he could see mine for him. I dug my nails into his back causing him to bite his lip and let out a low growl. I grabbed the back of his head bringing his mouth to mine trying to elicit what I wanted, what I needed from him. He just smirked at me running his hand down my side he was teasing me on purpose. I nibbled from his collar bone to his jawline.

“I missed you Draco,” I whispered letting my breath tickle his ear lobe.

That was it whatever self-control he had to tease me with was gone.

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