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If You Asked Me Now by LightLeviosa5443
Chapter 1 : Who Is It?
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When I was really little if you had asked me who my best friend was, I probably would've said my father. When I was in Hogwarts if you had asked me who my best friend was, I probably would've said Rose. When I was graduating Hogwarts and moving on in the real world and you had asked me who my best friend was, I probably would've answered James' girlfriend, Evalin. But now that I'm an adult, in the real world, with all of these wonderful people in my life, I have a different answer for my best friend. My mother.

When I was really little and I fell down who picked me up and made it better? Mum. When I was arguing with James or Albus, Mum would always settle it, or bring me off on my own and play with me because the boys didn't like my 'girl toys'. But I could never see her as my best friend because my dad was the one who called me his little girl and spun me around in circles and snuck me candy when Mum wasn't looking. He took me into the office and let me run around his office knocking books off shelves in my attempts to 'read' them all. He just seemed more fun.

When I was in Hogwarts, Mum sent me more letters than I could even put into words. She was always offering me advice, buying me little sweets and items for while I was away. And when I came home she spoiled me rotten. But while I was at Hogwarts, Rose was my crutch, and I was hers. Everytime she had a problem she couldn't tell her friends she came to me. Everytime I had a problem I couldn't tell my friends I went to her. When I had a 'brilliant' idea she was always there to talk some sense into me. And when I was crying because a silly boy had broken my heart she was the one to sooth me. She seemed like the only person I could talk to.

When I getting ready to graduate Hogwarts and had no idea what I wanted to do, Mum was the one that gave me the idea of being a Healer. Mum was the one who helped me apply and even bought me my robes. However, Evalin was the one that encouraged me when Mum wasn't there. She was there to help me study, and rub my shoulders after working 12 hours under the senile Healer-in-charge. And when I finally graduated the program and began to climb the ranks at Mungo's, she came to visit me at lunch and tell me all about what my brilliant brother had done that day. She seemed like the only person that cared.

I've been Healer-in-charge for a few years now, living on my own in a flat, visiting every Sunday for dinner with my parents. Dad still sneaks me sweets and lets me sit in his office and read whenever I want to hide. Rose still confides in me when she can't tell Scorpius or Jacqueline something, or when she's sick of her kids. Evalin and I still get together and have lunch, but Mum, Mum is the glue.

She writes me letters every day, floos me lunch when I forget to make mine or don't have time to make it. She takes me shopping when she thinks I need to clothes, and much to my chagrin, encourages me to date. Mum is the one I go to when I have a problem, she's the one I go to when I need advice, or when something breaks. In all of the situations where I'm not sure whether or not my friendships with Rose and Evalin are unconditional, I know the one I have with Mum is.

If you asked me now, who my best friend was when I was little, I'd say my Mum. If you asked me now, who my best friend was when I was in Hogwarts, I'd say my Mum. If you asked me now, who my best friend was when I was graduating Hogwarts and in the Healer program, I'd say my Mum. And if you asked me now, who has always been my best friend, I wouldn't hesitate to answer my Mum.

a/n: Hey guys! My third and final entry for the house cup! This one was to Prompt 3 which was "Write about a friendship to remember that fraternal bonds can last an eternity." I figured there isn't much more eternal than the friendship between a mother and daughter! Plus, who doesn't love some Lily and Ginny love! Anyway, I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

xoxo Sarah

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If You Asked Me Now: Who Is It?


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