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Event Three - Dependable by BookDinosaur
Chapter 1 : Two Beginnings
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It starts like this.

Parvati is sitting in a compartment, alone and slightly lonely, waving to her parents and sister as the train begins to pull away from the station, when another girl comes in dragging her truck along behind her so it makes an ugly scraping noise on the floor of the train. She trips over the small step at the entrance of the compartment and falls down, breaking her fall on Parvati’s leg. Her trunk jerks forward behind her and ends up barely missing Parvati’s other leg.

“Oh my God!” the girl cries, leaping up. “I am so so so so so so sorry! Are you sorry?”

“Uh, not rea–”

“I mean, am I sorry?”

“I think you just–”

“I mean, are you okay?!

There is a slight pause after this as Parvati tries to digest what just happened. “Yes,” she replies.

The other girl blushes brightly and puts her trunk away, but Parvati finds it impossible to hold her giggles back. The other girls looks at her and joins in a second later.

They spend the rest of the train ride talking and by the end of it they have promised to be best friends.

Their first year is one of excitement.

Parvati and Lavender spend all their time together in the grand school which leaves them breathless with wonder and take lessons which leave them wide-eyes and wondering.

The castle of Hogwarts is huge, and they spend all their time exploring and trying to avoid Peeves, who invariably picks on them whenever he sees them. They giggle together at the red-faced knight who yells archaic insults at them and expects them to be wounded.

The only other girl they share a dormitory with is Hermione Granger, but Lavender doesn’t like her very much.

“She’s so stuck up,” she whispers to Parvati in class as they watch Granger practically bounce in her seat with her hand in the air. Parvati shrugs and agrees.

Their second year is one of happiness.

Parvati has settled down into the busy school life quite easily. Sometimes Lavender still gets lost on her way to classes but she can always rely on her friend to keep her from wandering the halls forever and ever until she drops dead.

Peeves is less likely to throw water balloons and obscene words at them now that he has a fresh crop of ‘ickle firsties’ to bully, and so their expeditions of the castle are more peaceful.

The incidents of frozen students send them scurrying back to the cheerful security of the Common Room and, for a while, puts a stop to their explorations. Eventually somehow it stops and Harry Potter is called the hero and the saviour of the day because that’s who he is, and Lavender can see the way Parvati sighs over him.

Their third year is one of awe.

They both agree that meeting Professor Trelawney is the best thing which has ever ever ever happened to them (except perhaps being accepted into Hogwarts) because she can read the future and so they make the arduous journey to her tower more during lunchtimes more often than not and try their best to follow her example, straining their eyes to See, shuffling cards and drinking tea, helping each other back to the Common Room when they’re both exhausted from their efforts.

They begin to play games with each other as they sit in the corner of the Common Room, asking each other to pick three boys and deciding which they would kiss or marry or kill. (Almost invariably, they agree that they would kiss Ron Weasley, marry Harry Potter and kill Hermione Granger when it comes down to that group of three.)

Their fourth year is one of growing.

Lavender shoots up so that she is of a height with the boys in her year, and Parvati experiences cramps in her stomach and soon after the slick blood on the inside of her legs. Lavender pouts and waits impatiently for her own periods to begin, and Parvati assures her that she is missing out on nothing, that truly it’s an awful experience to have pains in your stomach and blood flowing out of your southern regions and a foreign unfamiliar pad in between your legs to catch the blood.

Parvati gets a date with Harry Potter to the Yule Ball and Lavender does a good job of pretending she doesn’t mind, but she doesn’t let it come between them in any way.

She knows Lavender has been aching to watch the Triwizard Tournament but on the day of the third and final challenge she is struck down with more of her stomach cramps and urges Lavender to go without her.

“You’re joking,” Lavender says simply as she leaves the room only to return some minutes later with a cup of tea made from Professor Trelawney’s tea leaves. She sits and puts her hands on Parvati’s stomach to ease the pain and refuses to leave her “for any silly Tournament”, and Parvati has never felt more lucky to have Lavender as her best friend.

Their fifth year is one of stress.

Their OWLs are approaching rapidly and so the pair venture into the darker recesses of the library to research desperately.

They learn the true meaning of the word headache and begin to depend more and more on Professor Trelawney’s soothing tea to get them through the night as they study.

Their first all-nighter is completely accidental, something which neither of them really intended, but it wreaks havoc on the following school day and they both pledge to keep better track of time during their next study party.

(They pull another accidental all-nighter during their next study party, too.)

Their sixth year is one of relaxation.

OWLs are over, NEWTs aren’t until next year (although from Hermione Granger’s attitude you would never have guessed that) and so the sixth year Hogwarts students are happy, carefree, untroubled. Parvati and Lavender spend most of their free time outdoors, revelling in the sunlight after a year of almost not seeing it at all.

Lavender becomes Ron Weasley’s girlfriend and Parvati rejoices for her. She watches them as they spend their time kissing each other in public places and wonders whether her Lavender will come back to her anytime soon. Saying anything is out of the question though, she wouldn’t drag her friend backwards.

When Ron drinks poison and is placed in the hospital it is the most worried Parvati has ever seen her friend. She visits her boyfriend most every day with worry in her eyes and small gifts in her hands, and even she can see that he is pretending to sleep to avoid her.

“It’s awful of him,” Parvati says with a hug to comfort her friend.

“No, no it’s not,” Lavender sniffs. “Maybe he just wants to rest. You know people have always said I talk too much.”

They break up soon afterwards and Parvati cannot help thinking that perhaps it’s for the best.

Their seventh year is one of fear.

The Carrows seem to bring darkness into Hogwarts with them. The corridors are quiet and no longer full of noisy, rowdy students as they’ve always been before. Whispered rumours spread like fire and lessons are quiet affairs now, each student striving to keep their heads down and stay unnoticed.

The Slytherins become more and more obnoxious by the day, revelling in the confidence that it is they who now rule the school, and Lavender and Parvati both attend the newly-reinstated Dumbledore’s Army for no other reason than the quiet thrill of knowing that they are defying a corrupt group of people in power.

Their year goes by almost unbearably slowly until one night when Lavender shakes Parvati awake.

“What is it?” she hisses, terrified that Lavender will be the bearer of bad news. But that’s not right, because her face is almost glowing in the dark from excitement.

“There’s going to be a Battle. It’s going to start soon, you need to come down!”

It starts like this.

Professor McGonagall is standing at the front of the Great Hall, evacuating students for the Battle to come when Voldemort’s voice finds its way into the Hall, demanding Potter. Nobody but the Slytherins are prepared to grant his request, and so as the echoes of the high, inhumane voice die down the Slytherins file out of the Great Hall, followed by the Ravenclaws, the Hufflepuffs and the Gryffindors.

Parvati and Lavender both decide to stay because isn’t this what they’ve been preparing for all year? Besides, the thought of the Carrows leaving Hogwarts is too exciting to resist.

With the battle about to begin, Parvati squeezes Lavender’s hand and Lavender rests her head on Parvati’s shoulder, unspoken words filling their minds.

A/N – I’m not sure what I feel about this. :/

This oneshot was written for the 2014 House Cup, Event Three, Prompt Three – Write about a friendship to remember that fraternal bonds can last an eternity. Without the A/N, this is 1477 words according to Word.

I’d love to hear what you guys thought of this because I think this is my least favourite out of all my House Cup entries. Even a line saying ‘this was okay’ would be amazing!

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Event Three - Dependable: Two Beginnings


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