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Event Three: Dragon Taming by ohmymerlin
Chapter 1 : Dragon Taming
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Charlie ran, dodging the fire spurting from the Norwegian Ridgeback. He laughed and aiming his wand over his shoulder, he shot red sparks to the left to try to distract it.

His mate shouted, “Use those legs, you nugget!”

“A little help would be nice!” Charlie shouted back, jumping when he felt his calves burn from Norberta’s breath.

He heard Sam laugh before shouting, “Let me get a few more people! We’ll need to Stun her!” He ran in the opposite direction. Norberta had somehow managed to escape again and began chasing Charlie.

His legs burned from the exertion. Finally finding a large rock to hide behind, he placed his hands on his knees, mopping his sweaty brow with a handkerchief his father bought him before shoving it back in his pocket.

He swallowed, wincing at the dryness of his throat. He lent his head back on to the rock and smiled. Although his work could be tiring, Charlie loved it.

Norberta’s footsteps thudded loudly as she walked closer to the rock he was hiding behind.

Charlie hoped Sam would hurry up.

He held his breath and turned around slowly. He peeked over the rock and saw Norberta looking away so he quickly hit her on the tail with a spell he knew wouldn’t hurt her. She looked behind her and snarled, fire shooting from her mouth.

Sam was standing to the side with new workers who looked terrified.


He held up three fingers and Sam saluted in understanding. Charlie saw his mouth moving and assumed he was explaining what Charlie meant. Charlie held up one finger and Sam nodded. He lifted another. Sam nodded again. He lifted a third and all at once they ran at the dragon, shouting, “Stupefy!”

Norberta froze and Charlie ran, conjuring the manacles. “Someone has to clamp her mouth! We’re going to move her and then we’ll release her!” he shouted at the small group behind him. He flicked his wand at her feet and the two chains tightened. He always felt guilty about this but he knew it was the only way.

A small girl with a thick Romanian accent said, “I’ll do it!” A boy also offered and they scurried forward, magicking a huge muzzle.

They used to charm the dragons’ jaws together with a spell but it made the dragons much more dangerous when released. The muzzle was a good alternative.

“We’ve got her clamped up,” Sam said, turning to the group behind him. Charlie noticed one of them had a clipboard and resisted the urge to laugh. There was always one. He shot Sam a look who grinned, indicating that he’d seen the clipboard too. “Now what?” he asked.

“We take her to her pen?” a rather gruff woman asked with a foreign accent. She had a big scar down her face and looked like she wasn’t to be messed with.

She’d be perfect for this job.

“Do we take her Stunned?” Sam asked.

“Nah,” one wizard replied. “You’ll un-stun her—”

Rennervate,” Charlie corrected.

“Yeah that,” he said. “And then you lead her by holding meat in front of her.”

“That’s correct,” Charlie said, clapping his hands together. “Any questions?”

Sam glanced behind him, checking that Norberta was still stunned. The small girl from before asked, “Why do we keep them locked up? Do they not want to be — er… how do you say… free?”

Sam exchanged a look with Charlie. “They do, but the ones that are locked up, like Norberta here, have to be locked away—” Charlie struggled to hide his scowl. No one liked locking the dragons up. “—because they’ve hurt people before. The others are allowed to roam free but we have to keep an eye on them because if Muggles see them it could start a whole thing but that’s for another time. We need to get Norberta back!”

“On the count of three, you guys will use Rennervate on her,” Charlie said, walking up to Norberta’s mouth and summoning the slab of meat. “And I’ll lead the way.”

The group hurried to the back of Norberta. Sam shouted, “One… two… three… RENNERVATE!”

Slowly Norberta woke up and she spotted Charlie in front of her. Her yellow eyes narrowed. “Hey, Norberta,” Charlie said, soothingly. “Look at this.” He hovered the meat slab in front of her eyes. She tried to bite at it but discovered she had her jaw clamped. She whined. “I’m sorry,” he said. “But l’ll let you go when you start walking. There we go!” She started walking and Charlie smiled at her. “Good girl! Just a little further now!”

They finally reached the pen and Charlie released her and she ran inside, breathing fire on the meat. Charlie had already stepped aside so he didn’t get burned alive.

He walked out and someone asked, “Where’s the pen?”

“It’s not visible to humans,” Charlie replied. “But it’s very big and they have more than enough room. Sometimes when the dragons get lonely we expand their areas and join it with another so they can have a mate. However, Norberta here doesn’t like being around other dragons,” Charlie said with a grin. “She just misses the guy that bred her first even though it’s been two and a half years.”

Sam then said he was going to take the group on a tour but Charlie didn’t join. They walked off and Sam was boasting about something in his British accent. It was why he and Charlie were such good friends. They’d bonded over being the only two Brits.

Charlie waved his wand over the pen and hoped that it was properly locked this time. He walked into the office to write up some paperwork and saw Alina sitting at the front desk, her mud-caked boots resting on it. “Charlie, your legs are burnt. You’ll need some potion,” she said cheerfully.

He looked at the back of his legs. “Oh yeah, Norberta burnt them. She got out again. Who keeps leaving the pen unlocked?!” She shrugged, pushing parchment, and a quill and ink pot towards him. He thanked her before dabbing his quill in the ink and writing.

“Dunno. I was with the Chinese Fireball today. Did you hear she’s going to Scotland?”

“What?” He looked at her. She was filing her nails. “Why?”

“The Triwizard tournament,” she said, raising an eyebrow. “They want the Horntail and the Welsh Green. Didn’t you know?”

“Wasn’t the tournament banned years ago?” Charlie asked, recalling an old History of Magic lesson. He handed the parchment back to her.

She nodded, taking the parchment. “Yeah, it was but they decided to bring it back. Only witches and wizards of age can enter.”

“Blimey it’s going to be difficult transporting them,” he said, thinking of flying the dragons to Scotland.

“We can’t fly them if that’s what you’re thinking about,” she warned him. Charlie’s heart sunk. He loved riding dragons but unfortunately they were hardly ever allowed to do it as they weren’t able to control them.

“What if we made harnesses that could help direc—” he began suggesting.

“No, Charlie,” Alina cut him off sharply.

“You’re no fun,” he said with a grin. “What could happen?”

She looked exasperated. “Muggles could see us. We’d have to keep stopping. Feeding them would be a pain. The dragons might refuse to move and set fire to things. Carrying first—”

“Okay, I get it,” Charlie interrupted. He sighed. “I guess we’ll have to work out something else.” She nodded and he said, “I’m going to go see the Welsh Green. I’ll see you later.”

“You still need potion on your legs,” Alina reminded him.

“I’ll do it later. I’ll just get burnt again.”

“Don’t come crying to me when your legs are in unbearable pain,” she said and Charlie pulled a face at her before walking out. He jogged to where they kept Tiamat. She was curled up but her eyes were wide open. He walked slowly towards her, keeping his hands out to show that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

She lifted her head up and Charlie lowered his hands. “Hey, Tia,” he cooed, giving her snout a rub. “You’re going to go on an adventure soon. Are you excited?”

She howled happily and Charlie laughed. He couldn’t understand how people were so terrified of dragons. When trained correctly, they were just like very large puppies that breathed fire.

“Want to play a game of fetch?!” She stood up and spread her wings, roaring excitedly.

“Okay, go!” He aimed his wand at a big bone they kept for fetch and sent it soaring. Tiamat flew up and grabbed it as quickly as she could. She dropped it at Charlie’s feet and waited. He laughed and sent the bone flying again. She let out another happy grunt before flying away.

Charlie beamed. He loved being around dragons, even though he got burnt time and time again. But what was fun without a little danger?

Final word count: 1,497

Woo! This is my last entry for the House Cup! It's prompt 1: 'Write about an experience with a magical creature to remember that not all creatures are ones of darkness and decay.'

Hopefully you all enjoyed! I love dragons (THEY'RE REAL AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE) so hopefully I wasn't awful at it, haha! But woo, I did all three House Cup entries! (Exam? What exam? :P)

Anywho, please leave a review of your thoughts!

- Kayla :)

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Event Three: Dragon Taming: Dragon Taming


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